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4-16 7:45am Tommy, gun safety

Apr 16, 2014|

Tommy talks to Dave Newman with Concealed Carry NOLA about gun safety

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Newman joins us right now randomized concealed carry Nolan. That's -- these companies NRA certified pistol instructor registered with the Louisiana state police. Hey David you -- Good thanks to taking the time when this and I know you don't wanna get in specifics of this. Long line in his own needs and the political realm all but -- private -- your private citizen and as a company and I'm just wondering in general. Before you -- a weapon. If it sounds crazy I know but I I would think you should know what it is you get in -- maybe what's the best thing for -- And how to use -- and what comes in mine Davis you know if you buy a dog there -- a lot of advocacy advocacy groups Italians and every dog has for every fan. So you think generally speaking. Well armies on yourself acknowledge. -- well it -- I can't hurt can it. You know it definitely can't hurt com to -- some research before you go out on a particular -- Which you can use the force the most important saying that you deep technical or you pick one. A lot of people don't approach apparently they'd send to takeover more action statement -- -- technical school on the. Just security where -- and crime any -- Maybe seen dirty Harry movie that you want to compliment them away and. Yeah -- -- a lot of education comes from television. Start. That people think they're just keeping it on TV and they just to partner Brett you really -- up. Think about which -- purposes with the garbage and you really handle it. Is the first felt the transit for target shooting or you can get into shooting sports -- charm all -- as well Mullen took that I really look at as well. Yet now though is that Pollard should go notre doing. -- and just say this. There is nothing wrong with the size of my hands OK but one time at 357 Magnum. I had to get rid of because ago on this stock which is too big for me and like -- sand. Handle it and control and I couldn't do it has the gun was just too big and I guess in some cases you really need -- To figure that out and how the weapons gonna -- going to be able to handle at once again your hands before he -- by the biggest baddest thing you can. Yeah and also ergonomics is important December you -- -- That's too small. I have big hands and done with little tiny clips were -- AG and cannot be your night to. And again there's nothing wrong with the size of my hands of -- and clear. We're glad you have big giant hands good for you but there's nothing wrong with mine but seriously. It Agassi grip -- matters and even. Revolver in a lot of ways you have a different grip and a semiautomatic. That's very true that's very true. Early -- Mr. Annan he made a comment about an elderly gentleman that could manipulate. Your life magazine. And the slide and things like that. There -- techniques to make that happen -- at a woman in my class shall reach youth leaders said that these numbers aren't so we're it'll all. Because she could manipulate the slide on the on the semiautomatic. Within an hour or two US effort -- great with semiautomatic and had no problem loading. Slot. I would presume as part of the concealed. Carry out he also -- net. You're responsible for every round that you let go wherever it winds up. That's true yeah. Gotta make sure people understand move could be legal aspects to use should be at least horse and I understand that responsibility. That goes. I'm never trying to -- collectors response every round comes out of that car. So. Yes it is part of concealed carry just. Is there any staying. Such as the ideal home defense weapon or doesn't always depend on the circumstances where you live how closure neighbors art center. What it took questions. And the treatment they've is that they get that depend on the circumstances. One minute or one encounter one bit about -- you'd better or other -- Some people with serious shot all around the idea. But at the same time a lot of people have a misconception about -- that it cement the the shot as well -- spread out -- much faster than a unique digital clear. That that's. I always thought they'd just reckon around with that slide would pretty well cleared the room unless she had some kind of paid assassin and there. Well that that that that is that your statement I would think that would you know get a lot of people's attention -- you can't do it harder you know on any Egypt -- about it. So but I'll need to think about the fact it's just called attention to yourself. -- practical advantage. As always Ian -- Yang now. Well David people wanna find out more about you know and taking it in a concealed carry course sort or just a firearm instruction from you they do it. But it took a concealed carry -- dot com make your email me through there a look at our schedule pretty former -- classic awful variety classes on a regular basis as well department. Thank you -- appreciate your time are you targeting and like I'll be plants and loves that those massive hands. Let's give it. Radio. And its deal with concealed Gary Nolan an eraser of my pistol instructor register with Louisiana state police.

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