WWL>Topics>>4-16-14 12:10pm Garland: on rising taxes

4-16-14 12:10pm Garland: on rising taxes

Apr 16, 2014|

Garland talks rising taxes with Dr. Jose Bautista of Xavier University and former UNO chancellor Dr. Tim Ryan.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Nerves grow during one of our mid term election wanna -- political analysts -- -- me alive. Aliens don't -- for a report. And I was exercise over something that was happening in congress and said your -- in the whole point you -- you're. Putting your attention in an error of the doesn't affect his nearest marchers want them and tell. And he basically says it. We have gridlock could the real story -- which party you belong to and Washington and a combination. Of Baghdad and the combination. Reluctance to raise taxes. There's going to be more -- attempts to push call August. Down to the states. And most states have constitutionally. Restricted his home which depth they can take on how much offs they can handle. Meg gonna push -- -- the cities in the -- or issues in the rural arose. And just wondered if if that's an indication what may be happening. Primitive reading web site and talked about Maryland group. Up in the legislature. Asking there and program he in the City Council. The capability are calling on November election -- three tax increases suddenly plugged increased. Seventy -- it's an increase in the pack cigarettes. Entries in the -- from killed -- -- and an increase in city. Property practice. Because. The mayor in the city has supply and mrs. reform and of the improvements through -- police spiral operations into the prison system. And we askew and via. Governor bill -- -- opinion -- for you live in Orleans parish in your unit via the paper more taxes or you ready. -- -- -- -- And so -- we have 65%. That Satan 040. 34% say. Understand if this is what I was warned about current shows all part of doing said the business. We Doctorow exhibit -- it joins us once again. Economics professor in the division of businesses Xavier University doctoral welcome back the show thank you for the tough. Thank you for having me terms pleasure to -- with it. So is this a harbinger all -- this -- city business. Well -- it's hard part and parcel via. The city definitely -- requires the revenues operate. By the game you know it's so it's basically it been natural road block of people. You know reluctant to reluctant to pay. What happens in a situation like this is that you know woody -- do. Do you look. You increase the you do you increase that tax rates or where would have better. -- -- would be to. Generate. Increase the sources of revenue for this city that would generate more where that tax revenue for the city. And it seemed that you know the mayor is going by the by the first fruit which is raising taxes because you know understandably. Get under attack constraint. And you know he has he's in his second term so therefore yet to see the other review coming from you know sooner than later. And it would save time concurrent. I think you're talking about the consent decree and explain to pollution what. I'm not I'm not that familiar Libya with a consent decree would. I think basic global alternatives. The federal government more and changes to. The police department to our prison system and we've got to pay for Motorola of the month. Year and so therefore that goes back to be you know goes back to the basic question you know he he you have to have your local -- -- to have your local. Revenue growth and you know in order to in order to finance. Arcade -- accommodate those. Those new types of expenditures. Is carrying these specific it's as self how we might make that groped local income growth. Well the first W -- the target. You know what the you know what here which hear what you're -- of -- -- of your tax policy is. And it's simply that to me you know here at the local level at the purpose is not to make for a more egalitarian. You know city is to generate more money for the you know for the for the local government. Over the past three years. According to the city's so narrow web site via. For the past three years since 2010. The tax revenue from sales taxes grew only by 1%. Over the past three years from 2010 that 2011. 1% growth rate in 2011 to 20121%. Growth rate. So that's definitely insufficient for the city that has the capability now to the second part of your question. Various. There -- you know a lot of things on tap that really should be expedited in terms of making you know providing for greater resources of the tax revenue -- -- I believe it's pretty soon to be open -- walks. Now that that's a significant. -- sorts of economic development because with a with a similar. Shopping area. Located. What twenty miles you know northwest of the city and ascension parish. -- that anger -- A lot of tax revenue was lost by people just driving a twenty miles northwest. That money can stay in the city. And you know be paid to local merchants and then there's the other merchants pay their taxes -- -- -- you know that's revenue that's not going to be loss. Another you know another source is you know it's kind of kind of a paradox that since you know we were all live in the in the -- the pre and post-Katrina. -- you know despite it being -- -- half years since that -- Since that -- catastrophic event. But -- that you you go into you went to saint Bernard parish and you see the rebuilding. -- pulpits. It all that most if not all of its retail establishments. But going -- queries you drive through. The eastern part of Orleans parish where there hasn't been much debate. A rebuilding of the of the retail establishments. So. Again there's you know there's much there's there's much. Capacity that's not being and seized upon and that part of the city where you would think they you know -- The game in saint Bernard parish which is more you know bared -- more. Closely located to you know and other potential storm surge. But nevertheless they've taken the initiative to rebuild their you know -- be via the foundations of their local economy. -- let -- a -- break year. And come back and and get maybe it may -- hi I'm pretty much all of these. Knew when it is that that the -- up tax -- that the oil revenue. Bring in more money to the city. If they can come up past and up to keep -- an escalation in taxes. Robin that would be we called adapting to an income -- Lincoln but Maryland group possibly you suggesting three new taxes. Cigarettes. -- to -- acts and city property taxes right up the office. All right very little double bill -- judge barred opinion -- we have skewed daily -- early this year do you maybe a saloon. To pay more taxes for improvements to the police -- shield keepers. Firefighters and shouldn't. And we have -- -- rated pay more liver and now it's up to seventy plus percent that say -- And we have but doctor Jose -- -- of -- this better understand this economic professor. In the division of business said Xavier University. Doctor for understand you correctly there may be under item producing -- -- procure. There maybe. Some economic. Role models and ideas that are being planned Horry in the stages moving towards operation. That could be implemented could minimize the taxes or maybe eliminate that the for taxes at this point what we've river walk whether it be fixing up the homes on the -- to say but no guards. Renovated business district. Or these within timeline and the biblical while. The mayor to meet. The federal requirements. Of this new money. Of that back comes back to the I can effective community issue. It has to be within the you know the -- to play. Of the community the local to me and then within a certain group of -- in certain parts of the city the community leaders to to insist that. These these infrastructure. Improvements or zero revitalization does take place. Because you know the 33. Areas. Which you mentioned that are proposed where you know -- Rip with a where their proposed. Text racist as some are better than the other. For them take the first when you mentioned cigarette increasing the cigarette tax. Well the cigarette tax is what's called the excise tax. A live in XXX is also -- a -- tax they'll give them that maybe. Many. Many localities in the city. Are putting up operate. Prohibitions on smoking with him there in their properties. In fact we have what we here at that its dangers of smoking -- out -- on the on the on the campus property. So if you wanna smoke. You have to leave the campus property world you go to somebody else's property what do they have a similar band. And so therefore you know the cigarette smoking is going from being a luxury to. Being made an inconvenience. Which -- make GO raising that tax relief. Very impractical. Villa on the hotel tax -- of this is that is one where there's great potential for the city to generate more revenue because. Tourists that come here people who staying in the same hotel -- because there they're there because that no other place to stay in most. Convenient place to -- In economic vernacular. We say that those those. Those facilities are in demand an elastic. Meaning that if you raise the price. The the in the revenue. -- increase. And so therefore the more review that's increased by the establishment in the more taxes they tea they wind up paying so in and so that's what that's workable. The property tax now that's that's that's. That if he won because property taxes come into forms there's attacks on the land there's -- text on the structure. Giving applicant must take New Orleans needs is a proposed hospital believes it's supposed to be built. In you know two bit and -- the economic driver ignored the Orleans east. Well OK you have the you have the hospital and the surrounding. Buildings that will house clinics and all of that will expose. V the owner of -- hospital. It's going to pay. That the attacks on the land there's no escaping that. But who occupies the hospitals -- places the you know the buildings in the clinics that surround the hospital. That's gonna have to be that can be paid by the they're renters and you know that has more than likely they're gonna be traditions and an -- that tax -- there to their patients. -- -- -- so much that. That that take place said that series of events take that takes place because the be the date the rental. But let's see. -- they've -- that tax and they they passed that text over to there. To their consumers which again in and in the case of health care. Is that patience. If that economic activity isn't there then. Again the idea of raising property tax kinds of -- also part. Help me -- -- -- collective efforts when suddenly clippers to a 1000075. Cent in respect cigarette. Everything cover do it in virtually almost every state cigarettes are still. A pretty large piece of the money that comes in revenues receipt. And we seem to be working very hard to make people. Quit smoking. Yeah credit or any of that money doesn't come here and how to we replace. That money. And the thing over his past. -- and economists is a -- life compared to where. You have reported no returned to where. People who go to the black market to get cigarettes rather that that the via convenient store. Oh sure I mean you know people who were -- -- and -- yeah. Who were were very clever very strong and intensity for a for tobacco. Okay here's to you that it. Is okay. People and people of you know that were in in that state. They're going to be the main sources of revenue. Now is that you know is that trio still significantly widespread. Throughout the country. If it becomes an empirical question name obviously. In the tobacco growing states I would doubt it's you know of these. Restrictions on places where you can smoke. -- that is in intensive as. You know states that don't have a it -- not tobacco growing states. Indy and like the city's hotel tax. I think eight. -- hotel just got to go voluntarily. And raised the taxes I read correctly. Is is there -- reported overturn thereto were. People coming in sit well with the its own -- ritual to. Or is that something when you -- -- can be expanded. Virtually to -- point. It depends and that the big variables there is you know in terms of the occupiers have the of the hotels. If we're talking about seasonal. You know seasonal visitors that the city. You know your typical. You know family from -- from the from minorities that want to get away from the cold weather comes down I think -- okay where can we escape the cold weather well. You know -- take a look at the price of amenities price you know accommodations. In a city like Portland and it is prohibitive they'll go somewhere else. But if you have you know a large group of them. You have bearable -- -- convention that's about occupy. Anywhere from fifty to a 100% of the convention center they're pretty much locked in. And in their case that there if you're an elastic demand. Where you -- you can -- there's no other place for them to go other than you know adhere to the contract to. To have their convention in the city. Doctor to do so always a pleasure to have you been and always in class and learn some preacher to have a great day. There. All right too and don't forget around 1240. -- the you've waited -- -- about three tickets to via the general's office. And division number to call it pure were caller number eight -- won't -- and prepared tickets stay with us this is used on the Buddha yeah. -- -- -- good to a Maryland drew is in the legislature. Perhaps trying to convince him to live here in the City Council put on the ballot in November. A proposal to raise some taxes. -- and -- grown ups. Hotel topics in an increase considered property. All of this because -- uses and millions of dollars for her partner's pension fund. And for a federal decree. Of this city to upgrade to please worsened and our prison system. -- understand that we call him when the topic columnist New Orleans -- -- is ever known doctor Tim and former chancellor of the human -- and of course in the car after welcomed the show good to commute that long and a. And has been allowed -- I'm glad to be here. Good broke before we get into the particulars. Hello relate that is I was with friends over the weekend that I hadn't seen and -- Delivered a very nice neighborhood and in the -- people in the neighborhood obviously people with -- money and to get a half block to his house. Took me about two or three minutes because. Not only did I not hit the accelerator I had to lift the courts shall lonely. Born to the pothole. For the actual theater in new and onto that it was like trying to drive on the moon. -- and I said don't want to get something done about those who said you know we've been news that in their work. Very understanding very nice with the said the just don't have the money. And it's well we don't want junior prince get together and finance it needs to give me a pig that was extraordinary. Promote that'd be paying for and and and it makes me wonder. Or are we going to be looking at a creeping. Up paying more if we want what we've got. Who is -- make innocent. -- bad -- if you look at that city. Are in the region at all and you look at the unmet needs that we at a government. You mentioned that police and fire. Well a bit. We -- make it in the police up tension but that also be bought it. -- I tension in the police tension the consent decree. -- but we all so yeah. And in a couple of years 75. Million dollars. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Streets -- -- -- -- in in -- horrible that there. The end you know backpack -- out by the late beatle. Didn't go on but trying to wrote to remember -- Katie Lee that we can't hear. Where you'd ever so many square I mean a Linear eat dog mistreat you hate so many dollars. I thought the street were built the first place so absolutely. The schools. That should it audible. I don't think anybody would be surprised you even. After the toppling the the C. That -- in what it would -- like it is now going to 10% the year for eight years. I think that's -- and water -- Danica is in becoming to vote that is a question. That they -- just tremendous pressures and and not enough money to take care. And are -- patrol and scientific poll that we do wherever there -- Perugia. We would tell people in the poll about the police force in the consent decree in the pensions and a firefighters and so forth and so on Nebraska are you ready to pay more than lived here. Just to leave here as you do now and it started out 60% down now it's 86%. Every. Excuse me every civic group that I had to appear. Better people they're motivated they're not being paid. They come appear and they weren't in their community to improve their communities. And they come appear with completes about streets about the police about the sewage -- over. And wanna say to them and an almost every one -- highly educated people. And when it's did them would you what would you pay more taxes to get a pitch. They say no I'd say why they say because what they already have been too much waste and fraud. And we can't trust him with the money. Now let's let them listen let's say who's right or wrong the politicians that say they need more or those that say that shouldn't happen. What happens. If we just don't paper and this. Well we just don't -- or are we going to see this area deterioration in the quality light. Any. May here are out so good common it was gonna call -- it and low standing by trimming the budget. They've been you remember. But blow up that -- the bullets and state education bill. Swept the -- The reality is when they get off and they don't seem to be able to I don't think the city while. Got a lot that split it there are things we cut it all there are things we get -- we caught. But. Most money it comes into city it goes by police to. Wine -- the Amish don't spend money we don't spend money. On the typical bureaucracy so we have to make that decision. In. -- let the city. Do we want a local city. -- And and what do we want to not -- National tax. And limit the city that continues to deteriorate in terms that the quality its top shall. And -- no vote is not. I -- my opinion is that. Voters get their content that the money you'll be used. Other things they want it it will consider. Tax increase. And police. Right now it's it's one -- -- I think street. We get. Again voters trust that the elected officials spend money on the thing that pay eight. And and the problem is that now voted out -- it ought. But ware upscale high tax idiot idiot. -- property tax rate is almost 50% -- -- -- I -- actually a little -- it out by parachutes. The hotel motel -- -- that mayor's proposal at that. Well -- number two in the nation in New York City. -- you know it is at the end you end. We don't pay additional tax that will likely -- quality -- deteriorate. Which many they're not going to be at that spot. If we pay the actors were getting to the point where -- that this city then come to expect the pollutants so it's up. -- -- -- -- And at least a movie everything you're saying your grouping them. Leads to a very strange questions which I'm gonna ask you right at the bit stay with double a are welcome back were thinking about Maryland drew. Possibly. Try and get some tax increases on the November ballot 75 cent increase for arts regret. Increases to -- to OPEC and an increase in property taxes for a number of reasons. And we have Bush Doctrine -- with the reports former chancellor you know and our topic columnist. Doctor Strange question brought on by eight years on this show. When I have them in Europe here one of things we we all always -- -- update on. We're losing anywhere from 42%. Over drinking water into the ground because of broken pipes every day. The ticket on that is well -- book billion dollars we don't. You'd just mentioned I think seven to seventy million years. For our new flood protection system up we don't. The -- looking at all of these calls for prisons for fire fighters were pensions. Doesn't have them. And we're we're looking you know populous. I think like most of the country. Don't trust politicians would you at least talk to them and it would appear accurate. Our streets and come crumbling we've got all kind of concerns. In the show -- we've done lately we need fifty to 100 billion dollars. To adjust melanoma. The loss of will outline which will dictate whether or not we even have a city. Or four people that are planning for the future buying homes and putting their life savings in the almanac -- Money into business should it considerably. Well you know we have much that's that the big question. Not a question very many people I can understand that now. You know I like it but. I think in the next couple years about that question one -- I think it is. Question and we remember we sell those questions. Right -- retreat. Is -- what what happened yeah. And well or differently but late. But it differently anywhere -- the -- and you know. It is legitimate question. Children in the twenty. Oh who who would very much. One can expect to make there future hold -- wore it at eight. -- -- And so off I advised them that I think it'd be -- -- -- huge -- and great thing app that. In the lab that we use -- Katrina. But what we don't make them like that station in -- -- the like the law rehearsal. On. Up at these. That the that we we have. Makes and really court decision. In what an apt to. Fine elected officials we trust to implement what we want our -- the it to the question. Is their future you will would be. -- that by actual. -- -- But. But that putt my children at an economist -- situations it's not. It's not an. While not an -- bright future that we can still -- We we knew it was an eight or not like -- In in in line that is she needs to ration between. Attitude that the and elected official is is a series we're not going to we don't elect Pete. People we try and that we don't give money to the people at it's it's. Com a situation now. I think it is is. In we have to make that decision but staked its mayor and City Council where it struck a. Let's give them a reasonable. Issue. We have some problems in the way we collect money your. -- what a large amount of property tax base. Not a prop spit it stretched. The definition that we will property here. At stake. We're not prop it. That everybody. That everybody in them and and we want it probably money to fix straight in eight weeks I've. We -- just an -- to make some hard decisions and and and move on it we want city future. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- hugged the flat board to get a get a seventy year old atlas mobile Greg talking to you I appreciate Tom very much treatment. Any Al -- and these -- important issues. And congratulations. To Sheila Jordan who won the -- object of those tickets from -- -- via. Our -- -- where Angel -- subjects because she's gonna have -- we're really in chronic homelessness in New Orleans soon. Talk about you're going to court system is whether or not it's proven shoes going to be talking to me and PDT. On Serb. And forget -- -- and listened to podcasts of her interview one admiral Mullen. Where have governor Edwin Edwards is like pre and yesterday bright here and cute use him every battery enters the interview. Have a great day Arlen Robert over the would call of the thing governor bill Bill Gates WAM 05 Korea.