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4-16-14 3:45pm Angela: with Raymond Burkhart on the NOPD

Apr 16, 2014|

Angela gets Fraternal Order of Police attorney Raymond Burkhart's response to NOPD Chief Ronal Serpas's comments on recruitment.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Such an interesting time with that she thought Ronald surpass addressing all the issues that we've been talking about really for the last six months and I do appreciate his time. And now we're joined by -- Burkhardt who was the attorney for the fraternal order of police and hopefully you were listening -- he was very very complimentary of the apple big. Aren't -- due to import content with the superintendent. We do partner agreements and the Republican Barbara. That. Agreement -- -- in the courtroom from civil service. Are usually the option for both parties but we also believe the first approach. And site. Disagree about which countries it is to try on a compromise. And we are quiet and compromise your chat. On your thoughts on them in again the biggest issue is. Getting enough police and keeping enough. -- -- What we need to focus on what we do recruitment. And retention retention does not get the attention that it east. Because that a lot of experience there. That's who's teaching your officer. As well blow out are there other agencies but what about -- naturally. Those machines are so huge because. Recruitment -- you don't have a lot on the street. What retention you don't have experience to change in people. How to do proper investigative police -- concern all of but for too long we have been -- it finally it seems like it's clicking with the powers that be at City Hall. That they go on about everything be wrong. And refused. To hear the ball they all just -- -- -- Until now. But it bit rate of hiring what we can't start -- now. We'll look at. -- a year until -- officers. To get them all that the superintendent -- see which is about 575. Were nowhere near. Do you think so the -- residency issue. Now that that's resolved will help. I have no doubt that the child or police state that we have six album overstate. I hear -- or global struggle in battery. Katie. So much contaminate. First because no one. I don't what anyone want to the best -- her -- to get an education. And the best place to be it will be too critical insults at -- LPG. But not to upload their album and so much and changed jobs. And the -- certainly is not there so people aren't going to uproot their family and our actions and -- -- Just to be -- force from which they are all. Additionally. People generally. In the land of the forties don't want to feel like -- being hole what to do when they're on the ball implement the lawful. And one important aspect of being American. Is being able to -- Commercial paper or well. And that -- where you are a lot. We are with her boring game of the council to vote -- this. We understand. Ultimately agree disagree -- respect to the national. We just simply disagree and not -- of democracy and our government. The superintendent certainly help. We need to get. But it's not over because we are still. Averaging a power issue. We're still hiring. Not experienced officers still not getting enough new -- and also. And the well. Again with the residency issue may pick it up those numbers may pick up but also. Excuse me. That the comment not just today but earlier in the week. Talk in some of the council people of this holistic approach to getting people in and frankly keeping them. Will be the extra things beyond the residents. What are you trying to help with house and trying to help. In other areas because the lack of. Well exactly and that's why you -- Olympic break. They also police secondary deployment. Okay I'm telling you right now. That really strong now -- an element call. The way it went about it. The way it it would. Would be auction portion of it would not an auction -- the way whole trade and probably want. Or should not -- well. Officers. Animal outage drop. To -- at all levels. That they just don't -- -- we lost and -- a lieutenant. That's -- much ranking position. Jefferson are to be a road. Because it's start there than it is to be a lieutenant and a PD. -- we're gonna continue on having you on as well but. We'll just continue the good fight to make the police department everything that candy and for them to be happy and I truly appreciate you joining us as well today. Think -- remember -- attorney for the fraternal order -- we'll be right back.