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4-16 4:35pm Sports Talk: LSU Baseball, Paul Mainieri

Apr 16, 2014|

Kristian Garic and Bobby Hebert talk to LSU Baseball Coach Paul Mainieri about the team's 13-5 win over Southern Mississippi in the annual Wally Pontiff Classic and the remaining season.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome back to sports talk. A big SEC showdown on the baseball diamond starting tomorrow night in the Oxford as the -- -- Tigers take on the Ole miss rebels. For three games Thursday Friday and Saturday. For the LSU Tigers joining us now eligible football coach Paul and -- coach -- thinks it's time we appreciate it. -- Coach with this series coming up obviously you guys have hit a bit of a hot streak and off the win last night over southern miss thirteen to five and eight the last nine. Victories for you guys know what's been the difference others on this run you guys have been able revolved. Well I think it's true that true that. That balance complete team effort that the guys really played well. But for the most part -- they did you know that kept sending -- that an aberration in the last couple weeks. It's signal lead in the way it's it's it could. Grade -- firm you know I think it's best pitcher in the country didn't get to the ball in the opening game of the weekend series. It generally that your team off to a good start took charge and contest out of the bullpen. So at the beginning and at the end you know we get. You know. -- on now. We get a pitching can take it offensively we haven't been awe inspiring but we've done enough in the most of it Dayton. You know what that would mean by that is usually been. Terry four to that it had only taken advantage of our situation and I don't get a guy and they get a -- for it and. Don't keep score for five run to turn it to NAFTA -- barking and so. Turkey that's been pretty steady all year it's it's been that they -- you know about where teams play. You know -- you know. The game it's very humbling game can turn around in one day. You know in the wrong direction or in the right direction that you gotta -- it channel and keep positive and keep Portland. Yeah -- area along the lines of offensively. Last I believe what fifteen heads. It is there like that target. Look who we gained an X amount of hits are average and money that's per game. You know we get outstanding pitching -- great opportunity to win or is it more. When you break it down is it timely hitting in it would runners in scoring position ducks on the pond. So to speak a little what approaches there like when you break down gains in use numbers. Is it mostly. Like the timely hitting are. As a goal because saves like that you are gonna get timely hitting it if you averages fifteen hits a game obviously. Well in the coached speaking it's as if he didn't do it takes to win the big thing but it. In today's era of College Baseball -- -- not. You know enormous offense without such generally speaking -- we -- thought our guys that ethnical scoring five runs in the game. Because it's with -- with the kidney or do whatever art is about two point forward what the time you know we're we're given a well run games is vibrant is enough to win again until. In the old days which do you play for big inning. And then you know at the end of the game bottom over you had to try to get that -- run -- -- daughter that take the lead now. It's more like you -- early in the Netherlands -- another one then you get a little bit of the big and crooked number on the board. But if you strive to score five yeah I think he got a good chance to win it someday you'll be in last night's five wouldn't have been enough so it was great to keep our hitters responded. And then it would have to win that we needed big offensive outburst injuries due to have a big night for the Christian and Bard drove in four runs. Pregnant hit a couple of balls were part of a couple -- so that we wouldn't have a few guys clicking on the same -- -- usually rest can score more than tiger and. Now coach -- look going Oxford and how tough it is to went on the road in the SEC. When you start SEC play obviously. Emphasizing and outstanding pitching of Vanderbilt. That was the case against you know going to Arkansas series but what can you tell of the fence about Ole miss. No -- might be the best balance and in the league that are you look at the numbers and -- -- batting her around 300 there. And there are keep hearing is that Angelos is infected moved ahead of options and that's pitching standing so. You know they've got a veteran team that they had a pretty. Pretty balanced team I know much heat players have indicated that solid team and they're played with an attitude to you know that you would -- to start though and beat that the statewide. The state swept both home series that they -- in the SEC reports several games Alfredsson non conference -- and walk upstairs and so. There can play with a lot of confidence in their director here's some regards. You know the -- there. Are similar in a lot of weights in the series is that Oxford which are she gives them an advantage it's that type play. Apply. But -- hamburger one try to reach with that and six catcher in the past and there again we get the ball out of there and you know to start with and you know on my electric chance to get off to a good start -- -- those. Want it now LSU baseball coach called an area here on sports talk WWL am FM and a B to B well dot com coach I know. A lot of coaches don't like the word concern nerve pain like that -- try to phrases differently but. What what are you wanna seagate shored up on your baseball team before you guys get into the conference tournament and start winding down on the regular season what are you feel like. You wanna see. Keep improving. -- -- That -- there's a lot of things that you'd like to keep improving you know. It's great wouldn't start that -- -- -- haven't had anything negative that you're Kenya and if you ought to that's better thing -- -- -- -- games in the years there are out in the season that limitation you know it's of the year. That you need to sure obviously in the third starters positions and real. Achilles -- -- -- year. At times -- middle relief pitching has performed outstanding in that -- -- you know it's been a little bit concerned -- well. You're -- has been. Up and down you know we've had some -- options to outburst last night that it's hard to maintain on a consistent day in week. Yeah when you don't have a home run hitter big time home run -- your one -- it can slash year. You know it is you know -- hitters and so times. I had a lot built on eighteen you know that we don't have that this year and so. It worked right through at all you know -- you know there a couple of reports that about this in. You know sometimes I think in we can all these years that concerned -- And you look up your rank seventh in the country you know you're right in the thick of the race yet he would. And in that you know -- and the -- those coaches probably feel the same way that it would then look at burn it. -- baseball coach Paul and our thanks a bunch of time good luck against so miss Thursday Friday and Saturday and have a good Easter Sunday are well. And I end up Olin Kreutz Bobby's name that was. Yeah about an -- and you know you look at it when it's over it's over and tell Mike given of the goals he and he's not a quitter. You know last double digit season because of a quitter but he quit on the Saints -- it was September. Is guides are a football -- like -- Baltimore you know I was very humbling. There's only Kreutz is wanna. The best climate in Chicago Bears history and look how many times he's in the Pro Bowl he was dominant I mean and nasty as it yes I mean and nasty is very humbling. Well as I used to winning. And I think 100% of the time of the say 80% of the time it towards the back any -- getting all there is kind of 5050 yard deal and then all of a sign. You get to -- you all went in 2030%. Is very frustrating and at times embarrassing. So I think of flat out. He didn't have anymore duties with the saint. And -- a veteran guy who has played at the highest level tops in an NFL. And hopefully that's what would you roll the dice. And you know it came up snake eyes -- only -- but then you look at Darren Sharper that's why. The Saints are banking on Champ Bailey. And even a John they go and hey they got something left in the tank John you know it is going to be seven. John -- we're in for a visit. With the Saints today this is sports talk on WW well I am FM AW WL dot com.