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4-16 5:20pm Sports Talk: Saints Off Season

Apr 16, 2014|

Kristian and Bobby talk to Sports Illustrated Senior Writer Peter King about the New Orleans Saints off season.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome back to sports talk cajun cannon Bobby there and Kristian -- in Ford Deke Bellavia. We welcome in now Peter king of Sports Illustrated Canada to give some time. Peter thanks a bunch must try to get right into other conversation if you just give us your thoughts overall on the saints' all season a lot of people felt like coming into the off season. The Saints being right up against the salary cap. That they were good he'll make a splash and they may but obviously -- bird and and Aberdeen and Champ Bailey as well. Yeah I think. Can't really eager to thing about him that you have no idea. On November 1. What can they going to be great you know right now at the end of this year Champ Bailey was good football player. And that is going to really help. The -- at a position that everybody needs help that and so need. I -- saying I'd really like that obviously bird. I think that surprised everybody but give credit to Mickey Loomis give credit on Peyton because at this point. You have to meet your match in the in waves could meet your team better and they figure to imaginative ways to make your team better and nobody because it. Now Peter and number of moves the Saints had to make in in all of us and a lot of new faces in. Players that it held the Saints went a suitable. And bring -- Malcolm Jenkins. -- Roman Harper Will Smith also -- age injuries and Jonathan Vilma. But that really the only against question mark. And our fans. Kind of puzzled. From the fan base here is that it's kind of been a 5050 deal and Darren Sproles and you know to cliches Bennett maybe get rid of a player a year too soon than a year too late. But I thought maybe they gonna keep them a -- lawyer and is. Because I think Darren Sproles have success would Chip Kelly what did you Diego with him. I think they're -- level accept them but again. You know the Saints were very very tough position because bunch contractor proposition because of what they -- the KGB or. They're a -- position because of what they are paying Embree. So you know it's like. I was talked into. That John Schneider the GM of the Seahawks and you're talking about -- there -- a lot of people in Seattle up in arms. Because they weren't able to keep cool -- seat you know pretty good receivers don't count -- a good receiver by. The point is when you have really good scene when you have a really good franchise. That what happens a lot of times is that you know war secrets Burton guy. Which you also know that yeah do you wanna -- and take three million more -- year and then next year when you've seen they are common. You -- Earl Thomas because he -- Golden Tate -- he you have to make some very difficult decisions and I think that. The -- that part of the decision. About why they needed to -- in the -- me. -- parents the world then -- they made the decision that they made a couple of their current back because at this point. Especially if you're not convinced. They've got another two or three really good years in them then you have to make that decision when Europe against the cap. Sports Illustrated Peter King -- here on sports talk WW LI MF MW WL dot com and Peter talk about Jimmy Graham. On folks felt like the deadline was April 22 he could file a grievance he's actually got five years to file a grievance at least Mickey Loomis pointed that out -- we get Ellis you've grown a bit. Do you feel like this is gonna spill into a lot like Drew Brees is contract did a couple Summers ago ended July here. It might but you know let's face reality. Judy -- playing for the Saints this year whatever happens however it happens. You know he shouldn't get into your mind that. Well because he's not sign -- because eighteen it'd deal on a long term deal that they are going to be some residual. Is there in the Easter greens all. -- potential on a guy that is easily have you done at some point. It deal for our. You know -- deal for for Jimmy Graham is getting it done and I honestly you know it high in the -- And I am sure -- They're really good reason to hold the line. Okay and you saw the good reason -- the end of this year -- Graham now it could be because of the injury. But Jimmy Graham absolutely disappeared. In the playoffs. He was a total non factor in the biggest games of the year now. I believe that Jimmy Graham is right the very very good player. But they're so physical defense. That he doesn't handle well so why go -- and -- hey guys. Twelve million a year or whatever. You know whatever. You know ex army -- right. I think you have to even you know even in the city are taking some incredible public criticism which captures and take. You have to be able to say that we do with Patrick range with that for injured all the more than it. Now Peter looking at some NFL news. What should take on this in the passing of Ralph Ralph Wilson. And in Buffalo and and realistically in a probability of their bills staying at Buffalo or relocating to Toronto. I go way back with Donald Trump a municipalities in New Jersey generals. -- worst mistake when he tried to move you just have felt the -- kind of almost. Oh against hedges beds. To maybe make the NFL except him at that time. But he's in the news and and Jon Bon Jovi and his group. I'm maybe moving the team to a Toronto. I'm looking at when you look at how attractive the bills are that you look in at a billion dollar franchise -- all heard. Toronto's like in York city of Canada than you look at. Potential expansion and and assume we'll Bulls that -- be across the border and im gonna say they would pay a billion dollars for the franchise and and you built a billion dollar stadium. In Toronto. How could and not be attractive to be in that market. I think the -- Attractive but the one thing you have to realize. You know is he -- -- -- the team in Toronto. They hit code is it right now a year ago for a long part. And via -- really likes the idea. What they put it -- in Toronto all of a sudden power become. That a minor league free trade that it works though the two periods. I'd give it a lot of people in the NFL. Who do not want fire shot that the C it felt like putting it even cheer. And that's one of the reasons why that would appeal to schedule the game. You know when they schedule their games. In the in Toronto these schemes that they can't yet. They all we schedule games for actors agree. Your late November so that they're not. You know rub your noses in it in in in camp in in Toronto so. I repeat questions. You know whether. They would want to use that because the effect it would haven't yet though. Sports Illustrated's Peter King here on WWL. Peter out of folks follow you on Twitter and also course. -- Monday Morning Quarterback column. -- I don't -- -- it. That SI underscore Peter king and we've got. A new web site that I'm the editor of the Sports Illustrated called BM and QB. And so we -- expect every day football 24/7. We try to be. -- trying to keep up we're trying to -- bunch of news stuff and we've had a good the experience with the so -- since we came on line last July. Peter King always a pleasure brick we appreciate the insight thank I think they -- -- thought well. I've done names on the news headlines.