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4-16 5:45pm Sports Talk: New Orleans Pelicans

Apr 16, 2014|

Kristian and Bobby talk to the Voice of the Pelicans Sean Kelly about the New Orleans Pelicans season so far.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Back to sports talk Kristian -- in for the big chief Deke Bellavia cajun cannon Bobby there and how's the equally back tomorrow night. The New Orleans pelicans tonight at 7 o'clock. We have -- choice in continuous in the sports talk radio on the BA's seventy or catch the tells their final game of the season against the Houston Rockets on a flagship a 105. Point three WW LFM Shawn -- the voice of the laws pelicans. Joining us now Shawne how are gonna. What I mean I know this is season has been you know. A difficult one for the -- because of the injury factor and of course. -- the the ups and downs they've looked like world beaters at times and know at times than not so much so. Looking into next year what what is what are you optimistic about. Well I'm optimistic about probably true great number one of the bigger stages. Smaller. If you can bring back good help mystery you have now a legitimate corner and so -- -- all rounder and I think. You know and in my in the right teachers lees injury is a lot you do probably. Some guys in your roster more than that you expect the chart because I got a veto. I think money in their article the culture he'd been looking forward. In this franchise or kind of -- blue collar mentality and other outbreak at a cliche but under a lot -- electable he -- With the guys have been out I just I can't the other human leaving competitive and so I think it speaks to. So art -- -- -- -- that this group and I think it also group maybe equipment or the guy at Monte Williams and so and he has now established a culture rapidly put. A culture together and a legitimate or you can't help but be optimistic now British goalies and pretty short and -- You know you wonder. The electorate and denied the -- or Williams well yeah. Repeated the eight spot well 49 where are you seeing who -- better opening I think the big question mark shall. Yeah you can in them being like the Phoenix Suns and show on -- -- -- and it's a little off topic and you might think I'm way out of line here. But I still get frustrating when I think of the Saints. Eleven of five the Seahawks seven and nine and -- to go play at Seattle. I'm looking at like the weather is seasonal NC conference. I don't know disperse should be blamed Atlanta Hawks. -- I mean it is their facilities that are what is your take on that. There was this really has become quite under cabinet and the last now or all decade in the stronger conference. That social -- unbelievable on should be here. And -- in the -- Israel probable. I think obviously maybe they are all true but it debate for the opening -- -- winning your division so let's say. Well you'd think the six division winners. And then you take that next. And best record the league in literature peaking -- Way to go and every -- everybody LSU wins and losses I think I've been -- he should be reward your division record string. Used to your division and then I wanna see our best team in major -- He makes the most sense and so on weight weight on -- that. -- -- -- Looking at the starting lineup and and how you tweak things and how season progresses and on those hindsight now but. You look at Tyreke Evans coming on his best game of the season one of best of his career when he's able to -- career high 41 point -- that the London nine rebounds. It is this three steals. The reason I'm bringing it up when you look at the combination. Going to next year he got Holliday in the Tyreke Evans. What Eric guard be willing to come off the bench and and wood will would be -- attitude in. Because pretty much you look at what he's old thirty and a half million dollars basically the last two years of his contract. To me isn't feasible -- how can you trade him so how about that role a winner Garnett said. I don't know would be -- answer to that body doubles and I was pretty impressed by -- this year because. I think that you want to be and that -- argued eighteen Detroit organize to kind of maybe on the trip and for an almost two groat. And Anthony Davis Colonia but he could be the leader of the team franchise so I tip my cap room in that sense. The next year. I guess I like many -- you gonna have to at some point get past the number. And say okay all right so what do you think he's over creator not the best spot for him on this team and he has yet to join you in that spot so. Maybe animal experts six men in the league you know -- -- What I would like to see -- Backcourt that is becoming more popular in the NBA -- like Phoenix would drop -- Bledsoe. Or Los Angeles has Chris Paul and current culture and it's almost. We're giving away from the one guard in the true Garnett were almost all that well and if the true point guard we have our best guards that are popular 00. They've been actually your two guards are obvious haven't starting next to each other and then you know he -- Gordon and and actually have a 300 -- -- Get it it's a good problem to have and -- -- -- situation but probably a structural one or the -- about the so. Now Sean right quake what is this saying about the pelicans and the and their opponent the Rockets to a cal of the southwest division top to bottom. What in the details there were three and twelve against the -- as division this season. On the flip side the Rockets though were eleven and for an event that's pretty impressive considering. When you look at the thought was that. Well it isn't really stunk it up against a sub divisional actress -- -- and really turned around that was a big number for them. And -- -- -- -- and when and I because it is the first came out of the public provision that they'd be that's not name Memphis I mean so. Finished about all that idea went and I color and it does say something about the division. And it does say something about the jumpers usually because they went from couldn't beat anybody in the south west a year ago as he should have a much -- that your. Shawn -- the voice of the world's pelicans wrapping up their season tonight. -- the right here on WW LFM 105 point through the flagship station against the Houston Rockets at 7 o'clock Sean thanks about a appreciate it. You guys that you all natural -- that we have our games on your signal again this year I'm looking forward to a little break. Right so I'll make you up and tacked on another neighbor's son Adam we know C ahead of OTA's -- mini camp out of the other girl who I John have you call meant. By the sports talk on WW LI MF and and -- count.