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4-16 7:30pm Sports Talk: Ole Miss Baseball

Apr 16, 2014|

Kristian and Bobby talk to Parrish Alford, who covers Ole Miss for the Daily Journal, about Ole Miss baseball.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Parrish Alford. Covering the Ole miss rebels for the daily journal we got him -- back -- -- now on -- charges. Don't miss go to. Just trying to point out paleness coming off a victory a season a series victory over. Mississippi State but those that don't know much about all this baseball this year just -- a -- on a team that the tires are facing Thursday Friday Saturday. Well it -- change his playing pretty well also tried Albert is an opt out three and collectively. Second and Lee exactly get a bit. It got mentioned it I want to change and dramatic fashion they've got a -- all wins great they typically shall become all look -- clutch yet. And not been not when Patrick wrote our ball or eight. Are the way that you get therapy and they've been much at all that you ain't gonna last. Now. Makers will for all this and how you mentioned they're hitting prowess or where do they stack up against L issues pitching that's been the strength for the Tigers. Well last seen that -- your ER they're airing no. And -- you know just that he's cyborg on the penalty humid. Can't tell you what if it comes to -- our pitching vs hitting question Italy. They're pretty good pitcher last Friday night in lost Mitchell should stage now they are. -- discipline against him they just are. Worked into account. Because they were disciplined against breaking calls going the other way it's not a good sport to look at some power. But got a lot of good guys it to that really -- a good job of just putting the ball and hitting back -- during are important to restrict pitchers are giving sort. It's more mature in -- play. Now -- just the change -- a little bit you know as we follow sports and SEC and players and NFL draft coming up in. His name has been mentioned a couple of times in a mock draft may be falling. On not falling that being taken about a New Orleans Saints as. As -- the second round that being Donte' amend my grief. Well very familiar would have considering their the -- gobbling gains the great games he had against Ellis shoot. What is your take and tell the fans about my creep in I you think he'll do in the pros. You like he's he's buried at receiver. And I think that a lot benefit him excellently you know he seems to -- Catch the ball track that we -- now. You know it was Federer has a small or -- wise as you explore. A lot of expectations for him obviously. In the 2013 season probably finished 2012. Such a chair and a regular complaint tightly -- drops. But I had to abstain. And they do well locked in with your trips -- the -- -- Like bat out leading up to distracting you know it's darkest literally real. -- slot role as well see our urgency here. They are physically ready and expect. Parrish Alford covering the Ole miss rebels for the daily journal and Parrish and he just describe and its obviously a big. Football rivalry between these two schools but compare the baseball rivalry between Ole miss fans and LSU fans eating is pretty pretty spirited. Do -- think spirited -- thank you are increased a little bit might be okay. You are Ole -- so obviously that are created interest there. It looked like a lot police. Go to -- level win one team improves and you know might be lifted just program. To another level or window and there they were right there on the -- of all -- didn't get through. I didn't didn't break through that at that point or match it's still a lot. You know is irritating or I -- but you know he's gotten -- came off to -- start right now he's put him in position to. I play their way into regional host and do things that you have to do choose to get all. Now Paris gone back to the football topic in looking at Ole miss. As far as the fan base you know everyone's in spring ball right now. As far as expectations. And all his fans and the expectations what you freeze has done there and and now seeing where you look at dark horses and how are Brendan -- Turn things around quickly that that Phil -- in the likes. They have Ole miss David Graham -- in an SEC US in Atlanta in the SEC championship. Well Bobby it's hard you are -- IRL. Call up and Allah is much. Much greater -- programs like -- But they're gonna have to rely on a lot of people really panic at this level defensively. Get better rush the passer and they are. Average -- at one point opt for sacks last year not stepped in yeah. You'd better or think they will. But away from him on the other -- you got a transfer from Florida international and Paul are out. -- they've got to prep schools -- in March I -- spring we're definitely. Quicker. And more physical in opposite Johnson. They've got Archie Leach now settled and they'll all -- and that year. I think there and support to -- being a better ask questions -- And that they need to take the next step -- -- -- they've got two more natural quarterback in the back field to disrupt a bit like what. -- offer covering the Ole miss rebels for the Davey daily journal thanks a -- great stuff from you on the football field and baseball done as well thanks a bunch. -- this is sports talk on WWL am FM and WWL doc.