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Apr 16, 2014|

Tonight on the SCOOT show with guest host Bob Mitchell: Are you for or against the Bible being the official state book of Louisiana? And if not the Bible what should it be? AND: Have you seen the KFC commercial that shows a teen giving his prom date a fried chicken corsage? Remember your prom? Did you do anything crazy for your date? Where did you take her to eat before? THEN: Organizers at the French Quarter Festival say they shattered records in attendance this year…many locals complain the crowd was just too big. Do you think the French Quarter Festival has grown too large to enjoy? What other festivals around the state did you enjoy more before they become so huge? Does anyone remember Jazzfest when it was just starting out?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And welcome I'm Bob Mitchell didn't force to -- got just a bunch of things to talk about to be a the goal of what we're going to have on our WWL talked table tonight in the -- Go back and fill in the blanks so to speak well tonight we're gonna have about brand spanking new. Big 870 pretty jaguar opinion poll question or you for. Or against the Bible -- in the official book of the state of Louisiana. Are you for or against the Bible being the official state book of Louisiana. And if not the Bible. What -- would you choose. You can call me at 260187. Or 8668890878. You can text me at age 7870. Really enjoy your text messages from would much prefer to talk to you in person. And then organizers at the French Quarter festivals say that they shattered records and attendance this year. I don't know if you there but I am global locals that complain that the crowd. Is just getting to bid. I don't know how to stop that French Quarter festival's great. I found that it was a kind of an option of going to the Jazz Fest of you know you go to the -- -- and you expect. Wall to wall people French Quarter festivals kind of liked. And many jazz festival food always so good talent of course not nearly as the level did you stuff but it was not so now. Do you think it's just getting too big and what if anything can we do about it plus almost every one knows what yesterday was of course. That's tax state tax day has come and gone and -- final hurdle the latest that. Some -- -- bushels are thinking about taxing job perks. In other words if you work while most companies I have a couple of friends that worked for the casinos. And they get free food -- have a nice selection. Of on a lunch or dinner or breakfast in which they work every day. IRS. Thinking about taxing them. The embodiment text things. Like companies that have child care because you would normally have to pay prevent. For the IRS is looking at stumbled -- basically saying well if you would have to pay for. Then you're getting that. And just maybe you're getting that in lieu of getting a little more money so guess what we want you to pay taxes -- Now what perks do you get at work. That would really affect you if you've got taxed. And now that you have filed your taxes what deduction would you like to use that you can use as a pet -- I have to look we think that I should be able claim by animals as dependence. I should easily be able to write off their medicine and vet bills and what about you what what deductions that you wish. You can take off. But you can't control me at 2601 point 78. 8668 at nine point seven he text me -- -- 7870. Got a whole bunch of -- lines open for you right now. In competitive markets like the Silicon Valley for instance. Companies are doing every thing they possibly can to would place the best. And the brightest offering three birdies. Employee perks like three food and it just great cafeterias. Some even actually look to bring your laundry and to do your laundry -- even some companies provide yoga classes some companies provide. But gyms at the building -- you can work out a little bit. But the taxman. Could be cracking down suit -- RS reportedly looking at these -- and seen if these companies need to start paying. For the three stuff -- offer employs -- and raising. Isn't that crazy. Now. To what extent. Is indeed a perk is really a form of compensation. For the benefit of the employee. Or to what extent is this another way the employer. It's the employees to work harder and longer and do things for. The benefit of the employer. It just seems to me common sense that if you make the work place better. Things like free parking. Things like three food make make the workplace better. Next the people happier and usually gets a workable but harder so if you work for a company that gives you any perks well two minute call me though. What the perks are 260187866889. OH seventy. And what about making the Bible be in the official book. Of the state of Louisiana. Legislation to make the Bible the state ball cleared the house committee. Min. With said the vote was eight defied the will now head to the full House of Representatives. For consideration. Is this. The right thing to do. I mean I'm a Christian salaam hauled in favor of making the Bible state vote but do we really need. A state vote I'm. And wouldn't wanna cook book they'd better. They -- a ton of marshals put votes in a Louisiana of course is known for jazz. Known through great food. Although I would not object at all. To using the Bible as the state boat may be the -- the state would -- blushed a little bit. Putt I don't know a cut -- portal -- is the only notre trying trying to think strictly. Outside of that I don't know I don't know for -- book would be better I'm I'm I'm I'm all for the Bible and -- clear. But what do you think are you for or against the Bible being the official state ball -- not the Bible than what book. Just the thought. Do we need to state. What's next the need -- state board game no -- that are unemployed but monopoly to figure of one point 78. 8668890870. And the French Quarter festival let me get that my numbers and and in front of me. For Panama also up like a pocket of Bobby Hebert and moved things around a French Quarter festival said they shattered. All the records this year. This year is attendance figures indicate that nearly. 733000. Festival goers enjoy the music food and special events and of course. -- In the historic French Quarter but this marks a significant increase over last year. -- about 560000. Fans attended the event. The number. This year was somewhere around -- 700. Files and and the number could actually be more than that because. It doesn't include attendance at the of the royal Durban -- of Decatur approached markets stages. I know we tried to -- -- doctor John. What not to close. The main. And immediate force India at at some point to try and remember where some were. Near the river I mean it was it was thicker than the jets that was absolutely to just you couldn't go. And we finally that we probably turned away and and and want some place else. So odd I don't know what they can do not only tickets brought it out anymore. But do you think the French Quarter fest has gotten cubic. Did you enjoy it more when it was smaller it is it's starting to resemble the -- okay. 2601878668890878. -- start taking your calls. Right after the break we -- little argue for or against the Bible be in the official -- book of Louisiana. Is the French Quarter festival getting a little bit too big in what do you think of the IRS. Possibly starting attacks the perks you get at work and does anyone have an IRS horror story. Where you had a run in with the I'm Bob Mitchell and -- booed him witty people told right now 260187866889. Point seven technique. And it 7870 blog about the show I'm Bob neutral point of dispute. I think tonight. Is the night where Mars makes the closest approach to earth in six years just ahead of the total eclipse of the moon. I think -- will be the closest to earth than 2008. When the red planet comes within 57 point four million. Miles to our plan now. I think to happen early display but Mars. Will arrive later in the south eastern sky. Tonight and I think go through world maybe early tomorrow morning should should should be interest -- all right let's go let's get to our folks talking about many things are big dates of the project where opinion poll question you for. -- the Bible be in the official state book. Of Louisiana we're talking about. On LSI RF horror stories and one of the -- that might becoming the virus is considering. Taxing certain perks. You get at work and what abduction would you like to use. The UK -- -- first of all go to to marry how are you Mary. -- Yeah I'm going to talk about the not idea -- in -- -- -- but two point don't want to make it. Okay what are battling inhumane in my. Have I'm my -- instead -- Bakken and the and so then the company gonna have to spend more money. Two. For the company gonna have to spend more money. Does a lot more bookkeeping. Like. You know haven't -- there would be the at the. Well what they would be required to do this if you used the gym -- you used the cafeteria they would have to put a dollar a mole on that. And either added to your salary while I guess at the end of the year did you attend the opening nine. Despite that the mobile England and -- -- you know that in the in the morning about ten and well I have been definitely think that's a horrible line. Do you have any deductions that you wish you could use that you can't. And no bite me and I can't think of an am I didn't think about that explore it I mean I thought about that about gaga might come up with. What -- about argue for or against the Bible being the official -- book of Louisiana well. The probable. That like the idea I think that the problem about that because you have different types of Bible I mean. You even be quick in Bible we have. Seven day and it. -- I think they wanna use the saint james' version. King king James but that's an odd that that want Obama felt he used to be okay that is maybe the same right Kingston -- left and right. I mean that thing May Day May Day. Are my age well but what about the people want that. Nevada state bank. Now. That's that's the debate academic debate it up. I would have no problem. Making the king James version deals of the official state vote. I'm I'm I'm not quite sure if that really reflects our state especially with some little politicians we've had so. I'm I think maybe we ought to make political book Tom it's marshals cookbook the official. -- of the state of Louisiana. -- yeah Atlanta makes a lot of sense of cooking up something like. Can make you make any the festivals and all -- Now what about the debate the French Quarter festival. No I don't like bank and the crowd light -- and that's not. No I enjoy I think when -- -- a bit mad men is not like crowds and ground. But. -- -- -- -- -- All right Mary -- I agree somewhat on. We gonna go to Joseph in Chicago to most bills and online a joke. Yes. Mine and that is quite up -- love your your show. Thank you so much and what Joseph view made it too humid it's the first quarter first. That French Quarter that that in Euro and the I I got -- really -- on the crowd this year you know last year over -- her three or -- you could move or. Let you know shattered the English. Really numbers of last year but this year I'm certainly the first band -- Cutler tremendously bigger. And fighting at it who -- there -- eight for local or out of town my -- And we couldn't act like you wouldn't get anywhere near John and that was like the big event for recorder that. Now Ottawa and got out of curiosity what would make you come to the French Quarter fest instead of the jazz that's because the -- a Jazz Fest of course has. National publicity and no I mean my main artist almost flight to get on the stage. But you know we for two years. And you know the last time two years ago and now Springsteen's. What -- -- jetliners. And that being. -- including. -- like 530. You. About 4 o'clock you could not move it out. I mean if you -- in your little real estate. You know you couldn't move anywhere else at that point in. We really throw in the towel and -- because. You know it's like that that's different. You know stages and different and so you know group of -- art where. The crowd that would be too much it and what we like about French Quarter that we were you last year was you know we stay in the quarter. And you know we get tired of -- vote now relax. If -- get hot we go into one of the indoor venues like there -- deal with sort of ambulances couldn't quote the job. It. Being able to world order and at least several blocks there's another stage. But a variety. We -- court that app that year's crowd. Practically need to reconsider. -- Well I I think in. A few weeks of the made a festival that's -- that's -- to grab and -- that -- first quarter and you get a chance to sample. So great -- to -- so you came to the French Quarter as global leadership thought that the Jazz Fest was too crowded you want something smaller and more intimate right. -- Is New Orleans becoming one of those cities that the -- come here for you. The more you wanna come in in album ever ever think about just. -- up stakes and old old Chicago and coming living in nice warm New Orleans. Look you know. We let someone down there and it no matter how long we stay there these days that you can never -- now than. That we -- leave it yesterday. Not yesterday Monday. We went to our favorite place in the by waters -- -- -- -- at the airport. And three doors away there was house for sale and it was just. Perfect looking from the outside in a neighbor called the part that sounded great. I called the real -- that it is short notice. I understand you can't make it but you know. We're at the airport you could be your fifteen point minutes we'd love. And yeah because hospitality. It was an -- in a minute joke. Unfortunately we need to look to work on the inside but yeah answer your question yet the more we have -- to move there. Let me ask -- a question -- different subject the IRS is now considering. In the future. Taxing. Job or you know like many many big companies have cafeterias. Hospitals for instance have have cafeterias were. I think their employees -- and all the doctors get a chance to to eat three. To a question entered do you have an eight perks that you get that work. And and now that you have filed your income tax -- assuming you filed your income taxes. What deductions. Would you like to use. That you can't vote for me I think I should be able take my two dogs at least as dependence. -- Well I agree with you not have the opportunity that sort of you know a lot stay are being you know they do -- -- for the employees. Would you agree -- And you know I don't see you know why you'd have to -- every single thing in America. My office provides so does. -- -- -- Dial in the refrigerator and the other day in the little single serving. So what are they -- -- that chart -- the. And the equipment nine -- I mean you know -- you know there comes a point. Cheering got to throw line and I think that you know I think debt. Harder acting in these are caught that line -- book. Have you ever had a real -- nightmare. Can't -- And then bad experiences with them separate check. It. -- while I had won I was I was set to get. Well one year rather. Huge. Tax refund and I already hand of the money I mean I was I was that was published here but I mean it. Two big screen TVs no one of the day and 14 via bedroom. The only thing the only thing I did not know. Is that for about the three of four years. My wife. Did not pay any income tax at all. She's on the bravest people go -- get noticed from the virus and as possible the box wouldn't even open them. Well what happened to you she wound up owing around three of 4000 dollars today. So we've filed -- our tax returns that year and filed a joint returns. And you know what -- you know what happened they took every body shield. Out on the refund. David -- David David explain the latest -- and they said. Shield the money would take you know yours now what do you do about it you know I mean let's face I don't know about you but I I think most Americans. Fear the IRS branch of our government more than any other branch you don't wanna -- -- virus. I I agree 100%. That they are the most feared agency. You know. All angry. You know I'm sure you know by way -- -- the the EU. I'm sure your life. Oh lovely person but you like what you call. Should it -- your bill. I'm gonna do that Joseph don't give up on all of our fashionable to locate. I'll -- -- -- -- be backed by the way are the -- goes yeah. I think because the mood is there is no matter who the world man. In the world I gained I gained four pounds. In or around. -- over the it -- I think the -- -- vehicle book and -- -- you know app that pain shot him in the Long Island and make that they. Don't have have you done a lot of international traveling. I have you know I love love the cozy and southern Italy. What I'm down on the well because what restaurant that -- -- -- Grant. -- little like almost. -- -- Say it was the right chord because France you know what yeah -- -- -- -- the prince scored. Bartlett gone the jazz club up the food there. You know we agreement literate Mexico. Couple winters ago and in the resort we grabbed the -- there was -- I consider myself. Someone with. You know good culinary yet hey let. There's nowhere in the world. And I grew up outside of new York and Chicago and both of those cities that are you know cleaned. World walker now. But there is no longer. Than -- it. Thank you Joseph. I appreciate -- -- -- They're not. A report -- yet. All right let's go to another Joseph Joseph in Maria -- Joseph are brigades -- pretty jaguar opinion poll -- argue for or against the Bible being the officials played book. Of Louisiana for at this point on line -- beacon -- voted WW dot com. 71 present a 449%. Against where do you stand Joseph. Well I'll have a -- question proposing that. Who's proposing that. Well. I don't have a right in front of me about YouTube talking a confined to four ERA. Well -- say -- okay you know. -- -- Representative. Thomas. -- commodity I think definitely health is the last thing. You know Bible you know well. And church annual -- -- -- extremely you know they get all quiet street beat up people from Donna you. -- in jail looking a little school marriage and they got the ultimately plants Jeremy. Obviously people from Africa from he's from all over the World. Bank picture. Book about the history. What down. Badly it's been. -- carry it all the visible. On the average that day you know -- more of -- history of reaching out. -- it became a melting -- where everybody. Comes and everybody got together. Everybody in the country got together. And that -- what we should be pretty jacked into the the stand and actually and well the oddly -- Did you like our last caller Joseph centrist and that comes. A cookbook a compilation of many of the top chefs. Well. Okay book is okay but basically actually -- down in neon to me. We need to know more about it should be on -- and actually the apple way back from 16100. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Saw a history book about the world -- -- like to see is a statement. Actually that's. That our financial group Arafat to vote and you have been to Spain so. Place. That or. -- eat. Any damage as. Well it did it in the Raleigh NC that would be the French Quarter festival French Quarter festival. Was designed to promote the French Quarter and get people into the water. Well -- need to expanded. Internet. Operate in Marrero -- handed battery. I think people of south -- or -- you can find -- please let -- -- if you know probably figured GPS. -- -- wanna -- to -- or artists you know. All right Joseph -- appreciate you calling to the signature of 178668890. It's Sunday or you for or against the Bible be in the official state book of Louisiana. In if you went to the French Quarter festival this past weekend. Is it getting too large when a complete our arrest or -- it about actually touching the -- sheet debt at work. Is this fair do you have an Irish horror story and what deduction that you wish you to take. That it's not legal right now. Commit caller -- 601786689. Point seven text me at age 7870. Bill and -- tell on Europe next on Bob Mitchell. Interest go to WWL I'm Bob Mitchell in the post due to but I'd love to talk to -- 260178668890870. You can text -- at -- seventy. 87 they -- WW all pro -- drug war opinion poll question or you for or against the Bible being the official. State -- of Louisiana right now 31%. Are against it. And the other 67%. Are in favor what about you to secure a one point 78. 8668890870. Text me at 878 disseminate. You can cast your vote on our opinion poll at WW well dot com let's remind you. Well so -- very important extremely important. Of course we're talking about the IRS and tax and everything. Well get ready to win 1000. Dollars in our nationwide one piles and dollar vacation cash contest. It's starts next Monday April 21 but you're Smart -- in the rest you'll join our WWO. -- club today by texting the word cash. 87887. That means you'll get alerts. And you'll be first to know what it's time to enter to win 1000. Dollars joined the WWL cash club now. Text the word cashed 87887. And what you're thinking. Well I have to put income tax amendment when it. Probably slow we never charged protects an individual plan text and data rates apply. Good luck from Smart radio intercom and WWL. All right let's go to bill in Perry tell how are you bill. -- Glad to hear that. Are you for or against the Bible being the official state book of Louisiana. Will make it 31 point 001%. Because I'll join that group. And in -- reason I'm against that is like the previous caller when the lady called. A boat to Jehovah -- by what Bible are we gonna use and the whole. Southern part of the state is just the -- Catholic and so many Jewish Catholic bibles right and so many of -- -- the king -- -- is the -- -- gonna use in like. You said if we use the -- changed. It's probably one of the worst by people that are out not because it's bad it's a great Bible. The problem is it only had one source and it came out in 1611. Prior to that yet but do we -- which was in the English and it came out about 16100. So that the policy. What bill that would book would you like to see in place of the Bible. I like the -- the idea about the cookbook but would have to come up one -- it and cook yeah it would cover everything from from mode combo. Good food cooking -- you know it was hit so many different things that we down here. It was great to hear someone through what lives in another study. And traveled all -- place to say that the best food in the world of right here in New Orleans. Mean I but troubled around and I won't disagree with. The -- make any of the first quarter festival. Unfortunately not. But for the they have some great weather and -- -- for the French Quarter. On whether the weather wasn't great it was a superb. I've I've found that if we don't we go every year. And we did find that this year the crowds were much heavier than last year in one of the reasons that we. Went to the French Quarter festival. Was because it wasn't as large as the -- although we go to the Jazz Fest also. And now I'm I'm not sure you know my wife was. Reading in the paper this morning saying that -- I think and I wanna say June under shooting ultra I think that's when the two Natal festival -- and that looks like a lot of good food there but you know. I think what happens is that here in this city things are so good our food is so go to festivals are so good. You can't -- you can't -- the menu you can't keep them from growing. No not not at all especially when the weather's good. Then and watching the people on TV from Canada than in -- -- -- and from around the world almost it was just fantastic. Bill do you have any deductions that you wish you to take a during complex that you can't. Well I'd like to go back to the old ways of being able to take the interest that you -- And since. They tax me but the interest that I are you know wide and I think that interest the -- like on callers or. Computers or whatever you. Oh you're right I've forgotten mother one time did it take you if you paid interest on anything -- -- -- your credit card to take off at one to. Exactly so that that would be the only one and -- We're never going to be -- -- -- the gonna do what they're gonna do it and you know back to the. Do you have any Irish harsh storage. No not really of I've got screwed up but he each time out screwed up it's been mindful. I had I had a friend who got into a debate with the virus a -- about income and how much the income tax he should play. And they had they had worked on a deal and I think that he owed them something like 75000. Dollars -- and it worked out a payment schedule. And one day we were having lunch. And gets a phone call. And the phone call is from his bank. Now remember he already met with the virus people that are running sat down and worked on a deal that a -- sent down and worked on late payment schedule. That that the local opposite he agreed and both he and the local IRS office signed awful. But somewhere else will be other IRS offices. Said while we don't know anything about that and he had 28000. Dollars in his checking account. In the Irish took -- everything except one dollar. Just wiped him out and there was nothing he can do they just that well. Sorry we didn't make that deal and we did -- -- putting up toward your taxes and too bad Sosa. Well you know that's kind of like when we start started talking about the Bible you know Jesus said. Don't that you left hand know which are right in doing when you mean you're giving money in the alms giving. Well allies are that the government -- know with the right hand in my opinion the most of the time. Thank you bill appreciate you calling. All right 2601 late 7866889. OH seventy -- -- at 87870. Uncle Matt Moore -- calls -- some text messages. I'm Bob Mitchell and for Stewart tonight in the big gates -- WWL AMF and and dot com I'm Bob Mitchell in Porsche took. Tonight now that taxpayers come and gone so lawyer -- commercials. Are thinking that job perks should be taxed as well so what perch to you -- work. And -- it affect you if they were tax. Can you imagine. Getting. Lunch and work for three. -- some of the benefit work may be. Some businesses have health clubs at -- old people can work over the lunch -- from the beginning at ten nanny nine Tibet at the end of the year. What would you think about that anyone -- -- horror stories let me read some text messages real quick like. -- all the benefits that our federal administration gets all the perks all the air fare. All the all the office furniture money and stuff like that idea a couple like that. The Irish should look into not taxing bonuses made by hard workers who earned the bonuses as if they just won the lottery. Which requires no work my husband's bonus earned. My husband's bonuses are taxed more than twice as much of his salary thankfully his company is more salary based. All right to secure 17866889. Point seven he would have a some lines are open now when we come back. After the news. Have you seen the Kentucky fried chicken commercial that shows -- teen. Giving is prom date a fried chicken -- -- A fried chicken -- such that do you remember your prom did you do anything racy. For your date and where -- -- -- to eat. Before the prime what some of the people and I during my time we're going to lend opens. The -- -- 260187866. And finally somebody text me. An 87870. I will be back -- your phone calls right after the news and WWL AMF have been dot com.