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Apr 16, 2014|

Tonight on the SCOOT show with guest host Bob Mitchell: Are you for or against the Bible being the official state book of Louisiana? And if not the Bible what should it be? AND: Have you seen the KFC commercial that shows a teen giving his prom date a fried chicken corsage? Remember your prom? Did you do anything crazy for your date? Where did you take her to eat before? PLUS: almost everyone has imagined what it would be like to find a message in a bottle, well it actually happened a few days ago to a National Honor student helping in the Great American cleanup. Knowing that it would not be found for 100 years or more, what message would you write and put in a bottle?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It's may Bob Mitchell in for us to tonight's -- has via -- proportion. And I will be with you to a midnight. Couple things on our WWL a lot of talk table we have of course our big 870 pretty jaguar opinion poll question RU four. Or against the Bible being the official state book club. Louisiana right now it's 30% or against the 70%. Our -- you can cast your vote at WW dot com was -- suggestions like football so one person called and said. Which basically a history of the state book. I just wonder quite frankly why do we need a state -- mean what else do we date. A state board game may be like monopoly alike played monopoly monopoly the state board game and I don't know if you've seen these commercials. While Kentucky fried chicken. I guess as open. To inspire romance in the heart of high school students. By selling a drumstick purse -- just in time for problems. I'm not making this -- -- and the KFC chicken curse it was a combination. Of drumstick and baby brought flowers. Sold for twenty bucks by a Louisville, Kentucky based florist -- and craft. -- -- how does that work don't you snuggle up to the girl and I don't I'm not nibbling your neck ambivalent on the stricken boat on the I configured. -- South Carolina floors is upping the ante. And they're making trick it. -- nugget -- -- -- the guys you actually get your please. But it comes with a coupon you can get used to the ticket get -- six meg nuggets. Nice fresh and hot right before the problem. Now what do you remember about your senior prom and where did you take your date to eat. Did you do anything quarry is deeper your date I tell you one thing that cost the prompt nowadays I -- with many. I mean that my dad gave me. What a box and said. Make sure you bring hope and change and we I -- remember where we want we went to influence. And you know that was that was really classic win when I was go to high school the the prom custom was just -- to stay out all night. John did you do anything. Crazy. For your date for years prom. And -- -- go to April didn't care about. You in camp this you're that macho that you couldn't go to your problem. I was in a much judges. Ideas that didn't have interest in doesn't pass close I was kind of on the quiet side you know I was a DJ -- all the parties instead yeah. And is didn't care about even had the only it and want me to really go but I just didn't wanna go. All right and I actually I don't regret it well I went I went to a senior prom and I remembered that. We had a fairly old car but. One of our neighbors had. A new car and they let me use and it was a station -- the -- at. An act good there was a station wagon okay. So el -- You know it wasn't cool driving a station wagon. To the prom but. It had a lot of rule. So you could. Stretch out when you went to. Watch -- submarine voices of the late sleep. Races submarine with android that was your excuse that was George you look at it looking -- to -- just keep looking -- -- look at that parents don't. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You'd -- you guys do anything crazy for your date to try to in processor and where'd -- go before the prime. 2601 -- 78668890870. Can text but he. At 870. 870. Plus we -- and you know everyone. Has imagine. What would be like define. A message. In a bottle while it actually happened a few days ago to a national honors student participating. In the great American clean open nationwide event honoring her. And this is so cool inside. The bottle was a prayer by a Cuban wife and mother. But the message was written in Spanish and when translated English that read. I ask -- this year for me my husband and all -- friendly to prosper in this country and adapter returned to Cuba the share with all the family the best. Of all the world to my mother my brother and his family to learn English have a car house children or so blessing. Good health and continue to love my husband and myself peace joy and love now last month. There's even more cool. A 101 year old message of the bottle. Finally made its way back -- hundred -- one years old and by the way is to give -- a record for the oldest message in the bottle -- And old beer bottle continue to postcard dated may seventeenth 1913. Was pulled out of the Baltic Sea by a -- the writer of the post card and twenty year old Richard plots requested them to be returned to his address in Burleigh and but I'm sure likely didn't expect the lead. Bottle with 801 years to get delivered most of the wedding in the post card could not be read two to water damage. Except request to have the bottles and home. The writer also included -- stamps. In the beer bottles whoever -- would not occur cost Sunday that backed him. And as nosed -- -- -- put a stamp of beer bottle of put at the box. Step of the beer bottles and said the back felt. If you can put a note in a bottle. Against pelican competent. And you knew it wouldn't be found for a year. What would chew. On that note. We have a couple of lines -- loved your formula now to secure a one point 7886689. OH seventy you can text me. At 87870. -- wanna know if you were I don't know the bottle wouldn't say. Here but if you do anything special for your senior -- got a couple things to talk about tonight. I think I would put a little affordable this. I would put I want children though that. In this century. In this year. Most Americans believe that we live in the country. That the politicians. Give a rat's about us. And I'd be surprised if and a hundred years. Is anyone still around to read this note. What's gonna happen under your -- who knows I think also put in there that. We will be -- live in a generation. That truly believes. That our government probably watches. And listens. To every word -- The problem is that right now taking notes John didn't go to the senior prom we're gonna -- -- He didn't go to his senior -- because the all right. Let's go let's take some boat -- look to secure 17866. And nine knowledge of the problems. The -- of the fallen bull will talk about these things talent Cilic down a little bit. But I know I'm sure that people had fun at their problem did and a stayed all night. And the deal with the stale all night and then have practiced. Some place. In the morning so give me a call to secure 178668. At nine point 78. Bob Mitchell and -- go to WWL and if -- called -- show it to six year old -- 7203866890. Exhibit text -- an 8787. AM Bob Mitchell in for scoop tonight. A brigade seventy WWL project -- opinion poll question RU four. Or against the Bible be in the official state -- of Louisiana confessed to go to WW about comic -- -- called late. And I give me your opinion and obviously in the KFC commercial. -- team given his prom -- a fried chicken -- -- what the world is that do you remember your prom. Did you do anything crazy at all. For your date and -- taker to eat and did you follow the tradition of staying out all night. Both almost everyone has imagine what will be like a -- a real message in a bottle actually happened a few days ago. -- national honor student help in the great American cleanup. Frog I think it about this knowing that it wouldn't be found bullets -- -- hundred years. What would you want people don't know. A hundred years from now about what's going on in these current times what would you want people to know a hundred years ago. On what is going on in these current times 2601870. Told 3866. And nine point seven you can text me. In late 787 it got a few lines open till the weight should not be blown well we're gonna go to Dave and Arab power your day of. -- -- I had pretty in Europe -- as well about a plot. Long ago -- problematic of the year she didn't like he would serve much. So -- -- potent interrupting and -- to pictures that are close and then went back my parents thousand took pictures of them. I slipped away for a little while being proud people a thousand are they outside. Slipped on the back achieve our vehicles. -- I came out in everybody in our house. Then all dropped to actual. Except my girlfriend she didn't notice -- -- When you do what goes on Tuesday we do everybody -- -- yeah opens and you're out what's -- about. The fifth and at that it. Do you remember where you don't want to eat out. On. No you know corporal problem we don't want that Rosie went over the restaurant largest reserve reception hall. And and ultimately went -- -- low ball -- it stands one time. Right I know when Obama tomorrow -- lend funds which was I believe all -- canal boulevard was it was a big -- to go Oprah proms and did you adhered to be a tradition a lot of people do work prom night you gotta stay out all night. Absolutely and we try to do couple in -- -- at the wrong you have a trial sort of Lou we try to you know. -- don't want to twice and that it would try to be necessary rhetoric of this -- Yeah so what do you think about this deal where. I mean I guess -- I guess with working I guess it's so crazy. Making up fried chicken curse knowledge. Yeah I don't know what the priest -- I don't know -- Mean budget -- do you slow dance and munch on the chicken at the same time. Should you know it and -- make a book. -- -- Dave how are you on our -- somebody pretty jaguar opinion poll -- value for or against the Bible being the official state book of Louisiana. You know I don't think we need the state of Louisiana period. I don't know I'm I mean I would not be against it but it it it seems to me that you know especially with -- although. The problems we've had with our politicians. And again rather the football really good football or something about. You know the book the history of all of Louisiana. -- -- -- -- -- Able to believe that an area of each and the separation of church and me. You know and. Eloquent argument why the shouldn't. While they want to -- I believe this is for the king James version. That's on everybody's mind. Now. March it at -- it at all. What a bulk a message in the bottle what would you. First of law I don't know what you vote when you look at our society right now when you look at the way things are going. I'm I'm I'm not sure we all of it is going to be a society a hundred years from now. If if you could put a -- the bottle what would you want them to know. About what's going on in in our culture right now. Our home page you know each catcher -- look at all all of you know. Maybe something about the comments which we've. Don't seem like right now who -- the medium density of electronics and your apology. You know. On the -- we -- -- -- now. You know it has -- -- note boat you know the news at this time. -- -- -- -- Well you're right I mean. I can remember when I think the name of the game most Paul is that right. All it. Remember when Paul came -- we thought. Now this is really something cool. Yeah I can rumor some of the first video while. Football games that I remember I think in television had a football game where. You have certain plays you could call and you call the office and the other person would call the defense and you thought that was just so great now. The the technology -- everything. I recently got what -- call -- mark -- I held on to my flip phone. For many many years in fact my wife had traded firms in and I said that you'd you'd keep that beautiful mind goals I want to recycle it to yours and finally. I mean it looked like a red -- cellphone I had to put together with duct tape and was fallen apart and finally the battery stopped charging. And I got a Smartphone -- smarter than me if I can't figure out half of things on the phone. Yeah well. -- -- all along little. It was still so flip outs followed and so are actually wouldn't mind goes where it. But the abilities that they -- you're right the technology today. And it just seems to be growing by leaps and bounds I read something. On line. I think it was. I don't know what to -- Google while these companies. Or hasn't been a big contact lens that you can Wear that you can take pictures and. Oh goodness yeah. So that's kind of in that you know that in the future little bit clueless on the -- and you mentioned. -- mentioned all. Our numbers first top seeing all that you know academy -- to Biloxi. That difference -- host yeah. And it has the the first apartment seeing all. And -- and -- Pacman and that's another early game. I was pretty early on the news it didn't world ought to call. Yeah right you know but the -- we thought of those games were really really release something now. I you you looked at the I watch some of the games at the migrant cages and it's it's so -- so realistic that's what that's what concerns -- about about the violence and in some of these games because it looks so. Real but you know people get their head chopped off but still live and a -- under a still wonder how that affects our kids who play them everyday. Yeah because yeah you wanted to write a -- Our enemy is even realistic hopes on the 10 march. So what what else is going on down the parish anything. No not to Moses an iceberg that's region with. But the -- day and night and. Touch -- -- day approaches calling. All right to have to zero -- 7866. And nine -- seven the government salons open to weaken the take your phone -- talking Obama a whole bunch of things that I. Now argue for or against the Bible be in the official state book of Louisiana you can go online and cast your vote at a WWL dot com. And talking about what we Leo remembering. From the lights and the reason that we are doing this is that. I guess. I guess the view think and create something crazy enough for the kids in Gulfport -- -- and to make -- awful lot of money KFC. Has. A commercial in the will be feted and it shows -- team. Giving his prom -- A fried chicken -- actually a piece of chicken with some some baby rabbit. I have been yet able to figure out whether she is supposed to eat the chicken. Or maybe. In with a slow dance you're supposed to eat the chicken as as the date. So we we wanna know did you do anything crazy. Where your date now I don't remember our government must senior prom. I don't think I did anything crazy for. Asking for the girl to the prominent was just a straight days -- the problem Mayo was glad she said yes. -- do remember that -- we went out to eat after and of course everyone tried to sneak alcohol into the problem was kind of like the right of passage. So help me out here did you do anything could raise the bring your date or what do you what do you remember the most about his senior problem. Did you go out to eat before the prom and -- what when I was going to high school the tradition what did you go to eat before. And then you go to the prom and then of course you try to strip -- light. And you go eat breakfast. So do you remember any of the thing from your senior problem but to secure 178668. At 90 wait 72 text me. At 87870. Plus we have -- we all had to. Either write the -- make sure we got our IRS checks in the mail yesterday. I did learn something yesterday that I thought was really amazing that so money people now. Are doing their taxes on line. That the only post office the only pulls profits in the state. That was open. Was the one here in new world of every book every body is doing your taxes on line. I read some more information about doing taxes on line and it's -- -- as we go into the future. That they're making it the the computer programs are making it easier and easier and easier. That left homeless people will be going to places like H&R block that we will be doing this of their own products. So. Have you had any any -- horror stories the latest thing that I heard about what's going all the Artest are actually thinking. About starting to tax your job -- so if you work for. One of these big companies have a couple of friends that work at the two sales and they get free food everyday. The talking about some Connolly trolling to tax. -- you can actually be working for -- one. Allegation that you W twos and then I guess depending on how much you eat there free food. You'd get a 1019 and it's an -- A 1099. For perks at work. Is that right. If he had any really bad run ins with the virus and what things do you think you should be able to -- That you -- -- that it over and over again as much money as I spent on my dog. That should be about dependent. On it let be grab a couple of -- Couple follow exposed to -- like huge crowds. And -- for parking. And but all crew's team -- I don't like huge draws and cruising for parking. Then the long walk to get there. Quit going to the positive -- strawberry for the -- -- it's gotten too big that's an answer to we were collected earlier above video and the purge corporate -- getting too -- of go to Howard Victoria Howard. -- Obama I would go to the real deal maybe be doing the that's -- the French Quarter but imitate what I enjoyed it. And -- to a tree court to the best and the best agents on Wall Street in -- courthouse in the -- like thirty measly. In -- it was clear he ought to people we took some -- to -- it won't state thoroughly enjoyed it. It was a great weekend I'll check it ran across -- but -- perfectly honest I never also probable won't tell. View -- you didn't think it was too crowded. It works bit -- yes. But it looked like each other in the closet spreading -- the stages. But in -- statement Decatur street you know -- far out that it did it help to spread it out. But what it was. Then got people from an article great crowd out when we -- -- -- -- -- and it mister -- that night we believe would pop up for the space of canal street you know clock at night Marxist but importantly there. It was corporate it can now answer at all. It was an eight. Mr. I gotta tell you I want to share this with -- iron on a text I've just been called. Paid Dan pagan. Listen and its you're right Dan pagan. All your all as those who support sin. And be hateful to the book that would change your life. How it was lost. Like you however because of the miracle the Bible became -- recommend you go listen to Angela. From yesterday with the family doctor. Who proved scientific evidence but the truth of the Bible. I wonder what this -- been listening to. Are -- and backward and not -- -- something -- -- -- seriously. Believe it. I believe I said the but I am I would be in favor. Of the Bible -- the official state ball too -- I don't know whether we need a state ball. I think if you did that was state book I think -- probably better to have some these really represented the state but I wouldn't be against the Bible her. I haven't been called the rebuild again yeah. And I guess going to the press -- proposal makes me a pagan. All -- into it would take it to another investigation. At that. The Internet is I got intimate about -- date on prom night yeah. Agreement -- about it dates. I want officials who in the long -- it in NASA's terra Linda just. Was crazy bounces second grade and so -- moved the blocks -- I would let Washington Nichols -- And then I've got to play football. Football jacket that -- saying -- have had -- -- -- came back and although -- is -- its sixth grade now. It's the first year college Koppel on pot use and so later when I mean what sorts of movie blows state. Candidate Tom. In the old places. In the wallet a ticket to more discount. Here. -- used a lobbyist wild dog news. Me I think that we keep it out go go go guy anymore but a ticket or cafeteria potentially shopped him. And still today wonder. All places. In particular -- what you know about -- on the law. Like I can understand -- some of the valley high for the prom but when I was growing up I mean there was a martians downtown. Yeah and my dad would go there I mean they would carry your trade to the table and the thing I remember more than anything is that. My dad was a waiter so he was a big -- so he would tip a dollar a -- OK a buck to bring myself and my mother his. And and these these waiters would would that would seals coming would fight to get blinded to give him but Morrison's for the prom not a good idea. Prom date on the date well maybe on a date you know -- -- you'd ever Google influence. That was prompts on the ballot. And it didn't know the date. Mean -- -- from the -- Biloxi. Is -- in the press he's in secret ops but it Gupta. Listed as well as well. Let them would be back in the -- but it appeared opposite Antonio work in when he equal which read it all against it. But all practical one out of 67 it went in -- you know trips every now an indicator of Wendy's. -- clues as to stuff like that and not. He's back home this weekend and look at bought it back in the loans. Excellent that the go to not by stop lecturing Leo. -- it will look you'll probably get what. -- I didn't have to you have to answer our big 870 pretty drag -- opinion poll question are you for. Listen you pagan -- carefully into this all right argue for or against the Bible be in the official state -- -- -- -- via. I'm for the Bible puts his state of Louisiana people need something. About Louisiana. Well as -- to pagan. I agree with Howard. Thank you buddy all right just general -- 7866889. Point seven I'm Bob Mitchell and for its boot. Love to have your phone calls and -- we're gonna. Talk it over all the way to midnight. Bob Mitchell and -- dude WWL. AM at that man. Not job Bob Bob Mitchell and which do tonight and if you wanna join in the conversation really really eased united -- two lines are open you can call late. At 2601878. Told 38668890870. Text me at 8787. They'll love the text messages. But I would much prefer to talk to you. In person a -- Germany Prodi drag -- opinion poll question you for or against the Bible be in the officials bait boat. I'll -- Louisiana galaxy on line it's. -- war against though it's 60% four and 40% against and what I'd love to hear from -- people -- against. The Bible be in the official state book of what ball. Would you like to see become the official state what type of most people are saying that the football would be really great for New Orleans in the the greatest food in the world a year couple people said -- -- some history books so what if you have an idea that you think would be. -- good for the official book global Louisiana then the Albany to securely 786689. Away totally. Against the most deal would be the the officials they. In select also here we're talking -- IRS. Is considering taxing. One job were told would -- do you currently get that worked if any. And how order affects you fall was sudden. Let's say you -- these -- -- -- -- get launched Fareed -- get some on the service for one of the things that it was mentioned in the report I read. Said you know. Some companies. Have health shortly that they give their members free health club membership. That they're there workers free health movement members from figuring that. If they go to health club and it worked -- that there's going to be healthy and they will miss less days of work so. And in the full picture for the company that seems to be a pretty reasonable. Expense to play. Well now they're saying that if you if you get that. That you might have to get a 1099 at the end of the year was from -- it's going to have to be included. In in your salary and that you'll have to pay taxes. I can't understand that but that's you know who understands it half of the exit goals all of our government run let's go to -- of -- Oreo. I'm good. How are you -- under. -- thought OK I see you wanna talk about the official state book relate. If there IP that is -- boat should be. The competitive on. Life. I think delegated. You know keep in a place. The true nature of the people through it yeah in the Bible that actually do that. Replaced so respect the it what the character. You know and he is giving -- Right see I'm I'm kinda like -- -- yum. I I like the Bible I read the Bible. But -- I don't know its proper habit as the official statement. I guess. And it does via -- spirit of the nature of our land yeah. And then the parlance of our time -- you know. In the church has paid particular color. And -- and it's more -- spirit of state Louis yeah like -- that aren't you know. What do you think. Of the IRS. Talking about taxing perks. That you have a work. You any -- many perks that at your job. Welcome it's free drinks and sometimes it's. You know tickets to games and sometimes it's. Nine hotel I'm just like any other. And can you imagine having to pay taxes on them all the sudden. Now are not legal now would be cool thank you -- is this these buds there. Troll these -- Patrol honoring me by Colleen in. Uttering you're athletic you're open a couple of had a moment whales or murmur all. You're a monster a you were all you're the smallest do you always get right in. So now. Negative or. You know all the you know all the perks that you get on the job on the new issue I'm sure that you. Did you get free parking. He get that three unit membership three meals every -- can you imagine the. I have wanted to dat who believes that we should have been fair tax or flat tax that would date the -- It's not necessary BI error that has become -- Frankly. I don't I don't think I don't think they deserve the power that they and a I don't think 10 o'clock am not sure that the administration -- there have been that their streak of both our parents. Go respectable for bird before. But you know they have used and abused PR -- took back their enemy and now it's just it's in the -- the government should. And yet the iris is the most feared branch of the government. Are you know because they're the one it's think we get worked support yeah but what area you're guilty can he prove yourself at the -- that. They think with the push a button screen and into your bank -- and you're the one in the end it's the -- And pay your taxes for you and they screw them. Who are -- are responsible for an interest and penalties on -- grew. But but I mention. I mentioned in an earlier hour that I had a friend that -- the government a whole bunch of money. And he'd worked on a payment plan he had 29000. Dollars in district -- a company took called 280099. -- nine. So. I got the break in you know in Ohio that is up I have to tell you hold all come back to you after the break. Early. In marketing -- and. All right I'll be right back I'm Bob Mitchell and dispute WWL I'm Bob Mitchell and first -- And where -- give about a minute and a half to spud McConnell you can hear weekdays three to six of thirteen 53 WL. But you had a comment you want to make about the Bible be in the official state book of Louisiana. There are certain obvious statement a couple of weeks -- -- too -- album and the Bible. Do above the state Louisiana you put your hand on the Bible where the total truth you don't put your hand on. The state field they know we've yet they don't mistake that doesn't need any kind of book. The state -- they don't mean when they're too many books and experts too much thought yeah and the Bible is a vote the state of Louisiana so little. I'm with -- that I'm I'm all for the Bible and read the Bible well for reading the Bible. But I just don't know if -- can make a state book you know making a -- book make. Department of State -- it was they treat all open at -- you don't really interpret a song pretty much differently you know. And by the way the state -- -- public. Not want -- -- the mosquitoes not the -- and select. Yeah a little expecting you to look you know I got a call them in my eyes when you have a -- Writes -- tomorrow afternoon three to six right. Read WL. Our rights but thank you so much gene hold on -- I'll get to you right after the news WWL.