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Apr 16, 2014|

Are you for or against the Bible being the official state book of Louisiana? And if not the Bible what should it be? AND: Have you seen the KFC commercial that shows a teen giving his prom date a fried chicken corsage? Remember your prom? Did you do anything crazy for your date? Where did you take her to eat before? : now that TAX DAY has come and gone some officials are thinking that job perks should be taxed as well! What perks do you get at work and now that you have filed your taxes what deduction would you like to use that you can’t?

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Scott has the lead off I'm Bob Mitchell filling in for boot. And now that all of you who had been listening through the pelicans basketball game while the -- -- one tonight on -- five point three welcome to the show. Let me fill you in what we are talking about tonight now that tax day. Has come and -- on -- some new things on the horizon from the pac man in real competitive job markets like Silicon Valley. Companies are doing everything they can to entice. The best and the brightest with perks perks like free food. Laundry and yoga and health clubs and many companies are doing that trying to make the workplace. Just as nice of possible for people feeling that they are more productive without the IRS is looking of these sports and saying wait a minute. Everybody is just art and some taxes. On this hole. When it comes to parts of -- how do you feel -- how how would it affect you. What -- the you have on the job. Can you afford to pay any more income tax. And have any of you had real nightmare run into appeal by a -- one more question would populate income tax. Is that. What deduction would you like to use. That you can't my big thing is pets and I quite frankly -- you should be able to -- All of your health care bills you know now you have to reach a certain percentage for you can -- -- I think all of your health care -- I think every. I think every dollar for any every medicine you should you should be able take. Any doctor's visit anything all of that right off of your income tax because the main. -- it's certainly not -- -- it is certainly not getting anything out of it except train it to the doctor I think all of that should be totally a 100%. Tax deductible. To secure a 17866. And a 90 its revenue talk about problems. There's a new KFC commercial the chuckles obtained given a prom date with the fried chicken -- Koch. Still can't figure out I'm I'm not been able to. Get the answer to who -- the list does she eat that or when the guys slow dances that some nibbling on her neck of the nibble on the -- -- Throw what do you remember about your -- did you do anything crazy. For your date and do you remember where you -- before the problem. Let's see Ole -- we have Bill Gates avenue project where opinion -- question or you for. Or against the Bible be in the official state book of Louisiana let's go to a -- our numbers statistic zero. Well late 7866889. Point seven power Eugene. Little. Guys that you. Looks on you tonight. About the -- probably do that. -- And that I -- you and I. Liked. -- -- -- -- -- -- That I had my. Way at stake out. I. Think that the only. That it is right -- would. But what book would you like to say be the state bought into even lead a state book. Now we need it now. People read the apple. I'm. So. But wait a minute you you read the Bible you'll like the Bible but you don't want the Bible be the official state book. No absolutely not right. Right absolutely not put that disconnect from the challenge. And it around for the church. Okay Jane did you go to your prom and if so what are your what what was that the guy that he do anything special to get to the go living. Counter -- -- about what she wasn't especially at a time. I am just to get me in the schools. And he had like Kate can I clean and -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Enjoy that. Did you go out and have dinner report the problem. Did hands and Moscow US schools dynamite but I -- the statue that was that the actual prototype was doing and blood. Yeah and that they don't have that kind of bank had a bit hypocritical and strange yeah. Yeah I appreciate you calling -- okay. You have a great night about how I can just got to figure out there. All right. -- thank you so -- just go to a Daniel Daniel -- you tonight. Iron Man grabbed at your back on there are urged to blow right up front. I vetoed -- that is my position in Tennessee Eric's comment about your book. -- -- like -- the about your question about -- And what looked for a argued that appreciate you let me say my comments about the job. I'd chicken course shall be well first of law and I love majors are delighted to the right there Ottawa sound bad. Considered rural Woodward circus. There -- A good. Where. I that this -- is obviously it's a lethal blood gone right. Yeah I don't know. I take it anywhere you want to about a -- I have a job. That has no virtual. In my industry. Throughout you know like my career -- in the -- now you -- -- in -- in my job. Like that. But I do something electorate my point Richard commitment police -- ears. There are some women. Come ambience selection as shipped out -- That go to work as planned and industry somewhere. And they had -- -- senators and where they work out for nursing mothers and them to -- Now. -- -- -- -- -- -- Out there. Yen in the in the world for what they've normally date -- -- -- -- and their children there. And yeah. So obvious reason now how in the world as they are wanted to actually people. On their Berkshire. Where they're in the -- daycare center. Well it seems like it seems like with the RS is is thinking about years at. Anything that you would have to normally. Pay for for instance let's say job eight says if we'll play you -- will pay you 50000 miles a year. And three. -- care for your -- -- daycare. And are -- the other jobs as well -- Will play you 60000 dollars a year -- have to pay for your own daycare a -- with the Ira I think is what I read the way I interpreted this. Is there just try and they they wanna squeeze every penny they can on the view and a foot company feels that offer these birds. I can get you to work for me from may be a few analyst dolls we both save money here. That's the ours is trying to work against because. You know when it that they. The the company pays income tax to -- and on the money that that their page view. And so I think that's what they're trying to do they chronicler of trying to get more of our money that's all. And and and another card on the same Europe. But Robert is. You have hospitals to -- you mentioned doctors work round the clock emergency medical here in Europe and they can wanna consider that -- and attacked some doctors at least in the night crisis there -- -- -- whatever. They have just been in my church relies in the hospital. That region. Good -- they should be entitled to that free of charge because. Bear it is going beyond the call of duty at least an -- consideration of other. Well and it's kind of like what we'd go through our -- and here. The year the company provides free food for us to stay here and and broadcast character news so is out of her does that mean we gonna happen and getting 1090 nines on the. -- you know why he has a point I was working for WNDB and Daytona Beach if you -- united could be. WG via Delray Beach, Florida when it came. And we did get meals during hurricane dollar. Are you remember that -- package because out of her that Austin not got. -- chicken and silent and everything and we stayed on me here all right so yeah I guess that was virtualized that it means Liberia this. That's all right Daniel appreciate your phoning into that okay. Thank you so much apparel or join our conversation is 2601878. 8668890870. You can text me at -- 7870. Would deductions do you wanna shoot to take that you can't I import all medical deductions I believe that that that should be. First of the first thing you can deduct -- your income tax. I'm Bob Mitchell dispute over the date somebody WW LA MF -- dot com and I'm Bob atrocity in Porsche -- tonight welcome back to the show if you wanna join our conversation -- 260187866889. -- seventy. You can text me -- seventy. 878. WWL wants to send you to the Jazz Fest this year. I mean it's just and then quote credible show an incredible list of legendary artist Eric Clapton. The boss Bruce Springsteen to -- treatments panel Robert Plant. Tags. Often wondered who would namely kids boss acts. -- like the disease. -- it's dead at the that I Cristina regular Robin thick. Trombone shorty -- noble -- two cent -- And hundreds more. Virtually every style of music you can imagine if you've never been to the Jazz Fest. You have no idea of what you army in world class food while we're kind arts and -- but I have a friend who's coming and and the evidence of the Jazz Fest. I think he told me on the phone in twenty years. And -- and you have no. Clue what is happening and here's. Of the adjustments solo that's going to be interesting to watch in Somalia enjoy the Jazz -- anyway. You can win tickets to suggest that it's very easy to listen atomic talker weekday mornings. At 840. It's Tommy talker in the morning 840 or Garland Robinette weekday afternoons at 1240. For your pewter -- or you can go to WWO radio FaceBook page for another way to win. Will randomly select ten lucky winners mid day. Thursday April 24 happy fasting from all of us at WW let's get back to a grant -- grant how -- you tonight. Popular market. That's right you that I. I'm doing my grandma wants to talk about problems because that KFC's. In some sections of the country could buy a fried chicken curse lodge. For your date went -- thought it was pretty crazy grandeur were doing anything crazy for a date at the -- Not. Lou won and brought out principle -- that. They are a lot. Quite. Without we are out. But -- and all your credit I'll go go to op. I think you ought to go but the caught it ought to be it wants or what I. -- get. It checked but I -- In awhile for anything. We. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- All right let me get caught up on a couple about text message -- get right back to the fallen -- in Boca Lucy you are up next I've got some bold lines open. So you can call right now at 2601870. 8668. At 90870. I took a prom date either of pirates of restaurant. One airline highway best fried chicken one have chipped and toast French Fries. Bark -- -- for a buck Tony -- way back in 1953. Big big spender. One that we need an official state booked. Don't we have better things to legislate and that's our brigade assembly project -- opinion poll should argue for or against the Bible be in the officials -- -- Of -- Louisiana. We're talking about iris production is deductions that you wish you could take off. That you can't I mentioned medical deductions here's a text message that says a mental all medical -- in tax deductible. Here's another one. That's the move it did just switched -- -- if you. If -- doctor. Visit is deductible. And so should car repair or home repair you're paying for a service. The doctor visit is deductible. Then you shouldn't. So should car repair -- -- adult signaling their -- obviously this person does not think. A doctor visit is deductible wait until you get a little bit older and your -- a ton of money for medical care. Then you'll think a lot differently let's go to Burke thought -- from -- so how are you -- I'm glad I -- What what do you think are their deductions that you think that the. Yes but I haven't never. I able to get the percentage that bail out but it has to be -- -- -- -- belt without constantly -- -- Right giving the medical and and then and I don't think there should be a percentage I think would ever medical expenses you take. I'm -- -- let me -- of people right now. You know I -- I've got. Daughters got the grand daughters and they all have babies. And the amount of money that you have to spend on medical care. Today to keep use. Safe in and well injured children well is just outrageous and it should be tax deductible. -- -- -- -- Insurance premiums should be adapt well. Well you're right but unfortunately at you you have to reach that percentage -- -- -- I think I should be allowed to take my dogs off. I sat on the gun battle and without Latin but what I wanted to get out. And it and it adamantly. But the Bible be this site book. Why should we have a statement to get an apple made it what is -- going to be physical way and I think going to be. Age. Will be the -- This proposal does proposals the king James. -- -- Which is the titans but my my apple Asia open and now can't blame the guys you've got so many different denominations. That I'm going to -- -- -- up there. It oh I did not agree. Book would you like this it would kind of book. Well I don't think this should be a book. It could go with that commitment by the comic book is far in them. That I don't think there's going to be about. We're going to go like this far with this -- you know. I mean I don't think -- -- and so forth but that but we're going to fall was. Yeah I don't know if we even need to stay book to be honest with. Our right now I would you know I would not be against them. If if the Bible becomes the other state but I'll say you. Glory hallelujah because -- I believe it is the most important book that there is but I'd I'd just don't know if we need a state vote. I don't think so either. As far as the battle if they're going to that I am a I Babylon that that book I would go whip the king James version you math problem being it. You're gonna have a lot of controversy on my motion and I thought I'd just like the big bad -- particularly battle. So -- -- that when it comes to prom night do you remember your prom night and vaguely. Does that mean you had too much alcohol and you do -- aren't. -- know that may aid to latch -- -- right. No I just -- with a group of girls you. You know what we just had a lot of fun about sales. All right for how things in moguls of the does the paper mill still staying. Well I wouldn't elaborate Elmo live so I'm I'm pretty. Pretty much does it do. It all I had idled of their for a short period of time and remember when what the day I want the wind must have been blowing in the opposite direction. So lie and I didn't smell that and then. I read in my apartment in the next morning against the wind change Johnson walked in the world I thought I thought something and go on rotten in the next -- I. Chilly in the mail they didn't probably as much is that chemical plant yeah I bet committee was. It -- it was it's impossible. Well I'd Burke thank you so hard to get -- Short. Short cut. It all right I prefer to. Bubba 260 -- 7866889087. Let's go to Carolyn calling from. And -- most talked about her -- Caroline someone do something special for you for your prom. I know yes indeed it. All that began to beat Hillary and we went in. We lived at camp. It was all the i.'s money. Now did did this become a serious relationship wasn't just the problem. Yeah I think -- unfortunately. For him. Probably isn't it was that they and that sometimes. The guys wanted to live in the. Ballots now it's getting crazy I mean people. People at limousines and. The walk. But the -- by. Putting. The money is evacuated. And breathe ago and the -- that instantly and mild that there then that guy. But in the day. Right and the prom dresses are getting so experts all. Valencia. Was not -- say it is that the terms that bring them -- because. 63 in -- a long time. Let me ask you a question about that the -- arrest the iris is talking about in the future. Taxi perks that you did that work do you think that that's fair and would deductions would you like the seat that you can't today. Now I think that they're so ridiculous because. They don't you have to pay double arm of the you know they take them any time that you make more money. With that. So that he would be anything that you act. And and I'd like to be able to get completely. Out. Ancient. What do you pay not to let you go -- Concerned because. -- -- can say is read it. And medical expenses are just so far. Out of this world. Medical expenses when it comes to insurance. And and and prescription drugs is probably. Probably my biggest expense in a lot of people though. -- just yet he's -- Graham and that was 151000. Ballots they couldn't pay me. And get the money. And then he added that -- input and apple would be under the quality. Now how much insurance covers that. Well right definitely not Q we happily intently to -- the men with a sense of the night. It really horrible and batteries -- ticket deal. And he's the FF net net the net at. And you know in. An amendment that would comment like little. And you know of this year the percentage increase well I'm Alessio what went. 2013. The the percentage that you that you. Had to meet. Before you can deduct it. Increase from of the year before and is that a keep increasing that percentage of against the point you can. You you didn't take so little medical off -- complex. And you're right when you get older my -- mother in law used to always -- -- never get old. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Can't eat -- and that's the way to do -- thank you Carolyn saying he's not high. All right just 6017866. NA nine point 78 or you for or against the Bible be in the official. Both of these state of Louisiana. We're also talking about the Irish can you imagine they are even considering. Taxing job perks would -- to you get at -- -- how would it affect you. The -- almost on human comfortably taxes. On those -- and what deductions would you like to see. That you that you that you -- and we're kind of like to reminiscent little -- little nostalgia talking talking about problems in the -- we're talking about problems. Is that KFC actually has a pursue large. That against guys give to the girls looked ate fried chicken personalized that we have been yet to figure out what exactly. Do you eat district and -- and how many girls would be willing. To Wear a piece of Griese fried chicken on their -- Russell did you do any. Crazy things for your Dayton where do you remember eating but for the -- to 601 late 786688. Seven a win eight. Like 866889. Point 78. Text me at 87870. Got some lines open to the -- will not be long on Bob Mitchell interest go to a WWL. I'm Bob Mitchell pushed out tonight if you're just joining the show me lay out for you what's on our WWL -- table got them. Few things that we are talking about tonight number one is our big day -- seventy protein jaguar opinion poll question you war. Or against the Bible being the official state book of Louisiana. And this is not -- or you for. Or against the Bible. I mean I am a 100%. For the Bible but are you for or against the Bible being. The official state book of Louisiana. Text message -- that I don't think a state -- is a good idea that the state should fix what is already broken instead of adding anything -- -- for -- tax question I think the elderly should be able to deduct their home health products. As for now my mum is unable to public any of the island she needs in order to make yourself comfortable. Tax day is common goal and officials are thinking about taxing job perks in the future. Little things that you get three on the job in many big companies they'll have like health clubs. They'll have like three lunch because in many of the companies that the big companies a lot of times people can. Barely even get out to -- so they're providing lunch. On location. The government's thinking about taxing that. What -- to you get that worked and how would affect you if these. Get taxed. And what deductions. Would you like to use that you can't to secure -- 18788668890870. And though we're also while talking. About. Problems. How many of you remember your problems and what did you do for your problem. And now you guys -- normally it's the guys that asked the girls but I realize that things are changing now. Did you do anything crazy for your date Kentucky fried chicken. As -- selling a fried chicken -- on March. Yeah a fried chicken per -- so what do you remember about your prom. You remembered costing a whole bunch of money. Did you do anything special for your prom date did you go anywhere special. 26017866889087. In a here's a guy. -- doesn't believe in and taxes. That guy out of Chicago. Nash and stole this whose name he walked into a convenience store. And purchased. -- dollar 79 cent bottle of Pepsi. When the clerk told him to -- an additional 22 cent charge for sales products. He threatened to work. And every one in the store with a 22 caliber machine goes and he's of this is my neighborhood. I'm taxing them. Well apparently was wrong about his tax status the cops tracked him down after viewing the security footage and charged double -- -- the weapon. Aggravated assault and three of accounts but you know -- crazy and you have to -- the -- of what in two caliber. Submachine gun overpaying. 22 cents. -- of taxes. All right we don't want your calls at 260 point 78. 866889087. And be read a couple more text messages text message the great you can text makes an 87878. But obviously a a really would prefer to talk -- is when we can count discussed what you. Are talking. Everyone wants to text message everyone wants to eliminate the deficit. Where would that money come taxes taxes ordinances are evil for the country and operate. I don't disagree with the Novo. But especially with older people. The medical cost are so expensive that a lot of people. Can afford to take the medicine is that the doctor did them I know people doctor says take this medicine everyday. And well it can't afford to take a video take -- a ticket every other day. A lot of times. If if these medical expenses were totally tax deductible it would it would give people a few more dollars -- level. Here's a guide says I would love to deduct child support. I have to earn 23000. Miles a year just recovered child support. Well so I don't agree with you that it's okay for you to want that but if the child live what you. You'd be spending that money on the child and then it wouldn't be. Deductible you know if if that's the case if they allow you to deduct child support the and people doing. Don't divorce and who lived together they would say well you know I'm putting that money in my child litany deduct that I think another one but the Q. Should be allowed to -- child support. Let's city on the Bible be in the official state booked the Bible as official state Botha to solar and unconstitutional. One -- the Koran. Or the torrents of direct. 26 year old -- 78668. Point nine points of the if you want to. -- in on this and while waiting for you to call in -- I have some great news for you. Get ready to win 1000. Dollars in our nationwide. 1000 dollar vacation cash contest. It's starts next Monday April 21 but you're smarter than the rest. You join -- WWL. Cash well. By texting the word cash -- 8787. That means you'll get alerts. The first to know when it's time to enter to win 1000. Girls join the WWL. Cash club now text the word cash. It's 787. -- we never charge for a text. But individual plan text and data which to -- good look from Smart radio intercom. And WW you know what what I want. To my problem. I don't work. Call them limousines. Being a real big thing I think I think it came which later but I do recall that we would go out to eat. Usually -- I noticed that. A lot of people don't want to eat them before the problem. And I can't recall whether whether we went to eat before or after the problem I knew that the tradition of of senior problem was the stereo all night. And have been -- come home around 6 or 7 o'clock in the morning. And if if I can recall. We went to influence which I think was on canal boulevard. And then you know we stayed all night when a couple places when. Went to -- a possible bushels about the recall. And I think I broke my -- home. Around 6 for 7 o'clock in the morning and then her mom. And her mom picks -- -- of course at some point there we you know we went down. Two. What used to be the morning call which was about a block away from cafe demonic and get coffee and -- served right in the car. So what what do you remember about your -- did you do anything special and I main. -- I'm still trying to figure out with Kentucky fried chicken. I saw the pictures of this saw the commercial where a guy is giving his prom date they've fried chicken curse Taj. I wonder how many girls would would want to Wear that seems like to -- that you would get the grease all over you address. So okay calmly and look in all of you do anything special for your -- what iris deductions do you think that that we should have that we don't have. And if the fire rough start attacks in -- How exactly would that affect you 260187866. 89 point 78. I'm Bob Mitchell for student who has been at WWL AMF -- dot com and I'm Bob Mitchell and Bruce go to WWL welcome back to the show let's go to a velvet and -- valve how are you and argue for. Or against the Bible be in the official state. -- -- Now -- cell bill winters. Oh I'm so sorry okay. -- -- The black. Let's get a country founded on the you -- opened. People from Albuquerque to comment via. Battle right. -- you know. -- Iraq will mean via the Bible we started the country. In an attack them back where they can't. I'm I'm always -- -- with the about believing in the Bible but shouldn't be. The state -- of Louisiana not -- -- first of all do we even need a state. You know -- I'm I'm are believed in the Bible net debt they winds and you know let all of the action and I'm -- and a -- compared Ramallah government bailouts aren't Bible -- yeah the Bible and all caught. No I feel like yes the -- which should be water. Now if we could only get all the state officials to live by the words of the Bible that would really be good. You're really -- that's that's that's. You you wanna have some change in the state make them all live by the words that are in the Bible. -- -- -- -- I appreciate I appreciate just voted -- tonight John in Algiers do me a big favorite hang on I'll get to you right after the top of the hour news. And next hour gonna tell you about. A one under and one year old message in the bottle it was well Bob Mitchell in for its code on WWL.