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04-16 11pm Scoot, Message in a bottle/ Bible as state book

Apr 17, 2014|

Bob Mitchell asks the following: are you in favor of the bible being designated as the official state book of louisiana? If you were to put a message in a bottle (not to be found for 100 years); what would it say?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Well Stewart is off tonight I'm Bob Mitchell filling in for -- you'll be back with you to about a couple things -- -- WWL talked able. One of the things we're talking about is the rest of yesterday it was -- stage do you taxes and what kind of deductions. Would you like the seat that we don't have we've we've had some good suggestions. I suggested that if if Europe at -- our. You know -- released but underpants. And a lot of people. Make the statement that their pets selector kids I think we should get some kind of deduction my dogs causes so much money. Some Dominique bill column as a dependent not I think you should be able. Two in public -- what do we do we talk so much about taking care of your parents and making sure that you treat the right well I think you should get some kind of tax break with your -- I believe that all medical expenses should be tax deductible. I mean the cost of medicine right now my daughter told me that for herself. My son in law and three grandkids she plays a thousand dollars a month. A thousand dollars a month for health insurance and that's not a 100% he still have the dollar deductible so I'd like I'd like to see that tree and so. Do you have anything you have any deductibles that you'd think that you should be able to use that you care to six year old -- seventy. 86689087. -- -- problems. New thing on promises fried chicken curse -- I don't know. What person thought others. They have city but there are selling. So did you ever do anything really way out there. For your date for your senior prom let's go to John analogy of how are you John. By now that you -- given a fried chicken. -- coconut trees there and things that are pop pop -- It was an 1998 yeah might see Somalia follow it might be historic kick it back. And she's sort through it all all are well and she passed power laden and we even make it -- -- and -- this deploy the before problems that we -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I don't -- watch it -- but it. Israel that they had been attributed the I -- they were talking about child support you are pretty of Oakland in child support -- expected that the child support but it. Should work at all. You know that the child support. And -- responsible for a 100% of everything is medical expenses. You know child support it financially or money or because she would work. And she gets that that -- all on her taxes hurt her husband. As a dependent. But are responsible for art -- knocking at that document that says the deduction. So did tell -- the Jordan deter. Attorney not negotiate a deal for you where you detect and we we're. What we were. -- He's to have him you know pretty off. You know pretty much that we technology and whatever active -- -- from the national court to active duty. I didn't have equal right to keep religion anymore so she went to Tennessee has amnesty law. You know -- -- that agreement should never -- so you know outrageous screw with you know -- on target. I was just gonna say sometimes our military people. I have a friend who lost custody because -- they got activated. Is still not active -- a logical activated. When. Let's say if you're in a cork and you you you don't get. Activated. Or that's the right word is that's a correct word Egypt deployed in India right. For what if -- -- connect deleted active duty. But if you're on active duty and you get deport just get deployed. But anyways so a couple of things. Quite -- You know it and it boosted taxes and everything -- it's just bear with pre production and we people. Like. You know I just pulled it but probably just now and I'll get to work at 9 o'clock this more. How were sixty of the week some concept. You know now that being said people were we have -- The work is suitable tool we have and we are considered the supposedly. Upper middle class -- you know most of our friends and everything but after all the taxes and everything -- through Reggie. This is sort this week. You know what Oprah bought the whole thing she ran into diesel obamacare thing you know -- with taxes and everything that you were talking about. It's make a vote whatever threshold that it we have -- whatever virtual that is that you need to get subsidies for. Marat premium is stupid and I'll ever get sick and he forced me. The government force need to get insurance. And our premiums that through the deductibles -- dislike. Six style -- something stupid like that there's an if you income. And you have pre existing conditions. A big deal or books about it is with a built. The younger. Actually go out there and make money and never get sick and why it was the force. You know or rather it -- not -- to emotionally and all the of people. There are -- that are in the same situation as he has chooses. Aggravated the thing that aggravates me is I'm very sorry. You do you're having trouble. Making him do whatever you know -- fours medical stuff and everything but I just don't see how that. My our responsibility. You to also -- this obamacare it you know -- it is just. You know art has worked out to the -- has gotten called out and after you at 7 o'clock in the morning and that year. -- who -- the work in introducing look at all the work in an all argues -- taxes for people. -- -- There are people that for whatever reason. That it peaking at rock the boat or whatever. But it. Listen I don't. There are people order at the port four that's that's what he's. -- There you know. There -- you can cut out. You know little things from your credit to splurge or that even if people -- and you know you can -- depressed that you could -- receive for our. And it would be government war is ever by the -- there now. You know they want it and can't be cynical you know. That's why he -- democratic board is. Yet is so great right now as far as -- reelected because peace clause. But you know that that old rock theory stick you to the -- are considered a rich and do well but the other person and a and it's true. Read that everybody. I'm on the water we have more or like at -- and -- -- it because all of our friends in the same boat in -- home builders rob size seal. For uniforms and -- -- And cleaning equipment you know all concept like that -- And you're gonna get out there and hustle. Who wouldn't get that. And you know where to start working -- the ball. It -- a bit of fortune. To get injured. And being held now walking into that that -- John -- -- not agree with you anymore I had done the same discussion with with a friend of mine not long ago. I think that that those people. Whom can not support health care of those people who just don't have the money for pork or what whatever reason. Up I believe they should be taking care I have I have a cousin. And because of diabetes the lost both of his street okay. He also has a child that's partially took artistic. And rather than sit on his rear and say I'll just do nothing but collect. What that -- oh well money of disability. He's I'm going to go back to school. And I'm going to learn something and I'm a different trade and so that I -- in the future that I can make money because I don't want the government. To take care of me and and he's my hero okay he he really is and and so he he has done that. His his wife all went to work at at at a Wal-Mart. And because. His wife was working at Wal-Mart. And that was eighteen. Well a little extra money ball over of the disability money for awhile. They would not give him his artificial limbs because they said he was making too but only -- Robert -- -- if if they have taken the the road of saying whoa wait -- work at all animal that the government supports that would have been okay. And and that's Nancy. You know and an end -- the little medical cost right now I don't know idol lol where it's going to go I know what mine cost me. And it it's it's it's so expensive my my daughter told -- that she plays roughly a 5000 dollars a month. For insurance for her and and and my grandkids and that's not at you know if you paid. A thousand dollars a month and everything was three there wouldn't there there was no charge -- -- of the doctor all your prescription for free well. Even that time that maybe Italy Italy she getting something non habit but I don't know what people we're gonna do -- truly -- The government got his government's got the tree and something. That's another thing that factory to me and I noticed that maybe typical topic but it goes with taxes so maybe not. Doubles school's security thing. That thing looks field from -- get through. And that is not going to be here or whatever yeah it basically. You know pure it's game. And whatever you have -- BP boomers. You know -- into it to support that you still believe that there were because people wouldn't limited and there he is not like now. A court order -- that you at all -- who support such a small number. Elderly. You -- well we got that emerged here at all that's not. You know put put on all the BP -- everything and hear about it it was back in. My early when he is. Policy 23 whatever commission. And -- inactive duty from the court. And Erica a commissioner that you and everything he graduated knows you. Outs or are you couldn't put a lot. You do like to -- our country girl. And now and now Max and now and it buried at school right now. I wanna have. Four million dollar -- the ball. Just lacks -- artery you know an -- that -- -- -- against -- and 500. And this is gonna be a problem you know it's not that. News you know who rely on the government and you know for its dislike doubtful if the 33 years like -- is that what Maxwell. Every month. In order. To do without a few -- the -- that -- you've been whatever. You know not making ammonium. Share your same of their time are we used -- of the time you were targeted have four million dollars. You don't you don't have pretty good then you shouldn't have any complaints. But that's all that's Seoul on you know news that I am not I'm not satisfied. With Clinton and now. For the government. Produce feed me whatever. -- you know -- I don't go out and get that money. Put food on the table and provide her earlier years but it -- to. -- -- -- -- Goes in before tax of -- it goes -- -- in after taxes. Indians. That money. And all bureau. Itching yet but I'm 59. The -- for -- but the only good. Pretty popular follow up on them Arctic that it -- about your. Like applicable. Let you know -- it is one. Huge you read as much -- the cancer -- All right John I appreciate your call and into about it. Thank you so much you know a lot of us to imagine what it would be like -- a message. In a bottle well. Knowing. That your message would not be found 400 years -- on the got to think about Kate. What note. Would you put in the bottle and when we come back under the tell you the story. A -- 100 in one year old message was found in the bottle that finally made its way home -- you can put a note the bottle. And say anything. And it was going to be found 400 years any idea which would say and -- anyone ever been like looking into the attic went to -- these -- sales. And found something rarely rarely. Old a picture of only 7866890. It certainly Bob Mitchell and let's go to WW oil and our phone number for you to get involved in the show if you wanna add your two cents to what we're talking about -- 2601878. Told 3866. -- nine point seven and you can text me and 870. 87 or brigades -- party jaguar opinion it'll push you for. Or against the Bible be in the official state book of Louisiana it's being proposed a 60% -- for 40% say. Against Fred in Pascagoula I'm gonna get to you and it just the second. But a wanna share the story with -- month. 0101. Year old message of the bottle finally made its way home you know all of -- Pablo was fantasized about. Fund in the message and bow of you're going to beat Tennessee about Iran -- would you know always hoped the fine. A 101 year old message in a bubble finally made its way hole. And old beer bottle containing a postcard dated may seventeenth 1913. Was pulled out of the Baltic Sea by a fisherman. Writer of the post card -- twenty year old Richard plots requested that it be returned to his address in Burlington. But likely didn't expect the bottles journey would pick 101 years I guess it was portals. You know just those spur of the moment rank things where you wrote in the new season along it if you'd taken to return to. Most of the white in a post card could not be read and do the war damage. Well except. The part to have the bottles sent home in the -- of the card. Also include two stamps in the beer bottle so way over file that would not incur costs on the back to -- and even the stamps. Would be classic. To have -- 101 year old step thought you know maybe for the rest of the night -- think about it. And if you could put something. In a bottle. A -- -- -- time capsule. And you knew it wouldn't be found for a hundred years. What would you put -- I have thought about that and I think I would be. Just surprised. I'd probably put there. If someone is reading this note. I'm surprised. That mankind is still alive to I don't upward to make another 100 years. What would you put the bottle let's go to -- a -- in Pascagoula party for a. -- involved -- in the. Every time I hear Pascagoula. Reminds me of that race Steven's songs the they -- the world want the sure where we're at the first cell right largest church in the sleepy little matter of class -- and if if if if you're listening. And you don't know what we're talking about. Go to YouTube. And Google. Race Stevens the day the -- would -- And it is a funny funny video -- it it's at it it it's it's raw it's it's it's a rare gem opera and. Let you draw them for my wife and I hear your climate. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Little known right. Across. -- -- Or without worry about what the -- Voted Apollo. Oh my upper. Oh in February. That 101000. Yen fifty and -- blow. The student you'll like we should. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And and -- offering under no longer feared that night or you know there. And able to. You -- -- and Laura at the opening game at Tulane stadium. I would open and getting -- 000. That maybe. You. I. -- -- -- -- Create a new law currently. Slow. Well get a million. What I remember about that game at Tulane stadium John Gilliam ran the opening kickoff back for a touchdown. And I turned to my dad and I said can you imagine if we could run the opening kickoff back for a touchdown. Ooh we're gonna win a golf course that didn't happen not to. And there and it went well really over and and -- like what went through a lawyer. That -- still slightly. The what we -- -- through law. Job. I'm sixty year old now and oh lead content in the vote that will rent. As as being a 61 year old young man. Oh what tax deductions do you think that the Irish journal lawless that they don't. I get -- they could in the normal life to scare tactics stay at home. Mom march are a lot. Better. Although although it goes right there a number that -- them accountable not. Fail than not. But sure there there -- you know on the open cool boulders and like that are. And now I'll like -- better but in the the room and -- And we're talking here mop. Smokers. Replies Spurrier won big here forward mentioned not shortly. The opportunity to do. It well. And in situations like that and and you're taking care of someone. I'm believe that there should not be a percentage I believe that all of your medical call should be tax deductible every -- you put out. The -- it's that it it can be great for -- well mob mob both wooten. That I brilliant politically. From the international -- over here for a four year course. It didn't go Coke bottle of your child. She treat her well packing your -- -- Home Barbara and all of started well we'll wait a couple of people. Is there there there well through a lot lower there and born and go out here are. -- -- -- -- Leo you know you don't. Will you hang in there Fred and one more question before you leave RU four. Or against the Bible being the official state book of Louisiana that's been proposed right now. What was. Considered pretty. You know. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That could actually don't like yeah yeah. On the Baptist. Sure didn't capacity in the churches should do recovery effort that they can venture. All. Are you. You know. I'm completely all the Bible I don't know what the Bible and he. Eight boat group -- and urged. That eight. Better buy things on Bob order. But what I talked to a -- last hour and I said. What I would like to see is all of our state officials all of our federal officials. A live their lives and govern our country well according to what the Bible says though that that would make a big change in this country. I don't know whether we need a state ball. But. And general I don't know if people think about Louisiana they alma ought to publicly thing about the Bible -- -- think more about food and music to now. -- it is about and I adored in Louisiana -- that Jack has failed so I'll give people put in order to dial oil and and enough. Did you go to -- French Quarter for -- this past weekend. Well you know like. And -- do not work obviously the war now and not work for a country to know. Army in the few buildings shall we review those slow. Four -- the -- -- -- Over there. An entry. We know that. Unity. He -- not good now back when I was in the middle of the girl do you should. In management and so -- -- -- political. It'll put it to protect. I do find it incredible that I cannot I understand is when I did get a text message earlier about that we we have a deficit and and we have to pay it down but it's it's like the government right now is looking for anything in the world that can possibly. Taxes on and and attacks people. On perks they get in and where it started is that. There're there are some companies. Some big companies are out in California. That. They have cafeterias of they have. -- with with in their building and and what they're trying to do is they're trying to make it easier on the people figuring. First of all would become to a gym their thought is if if we give them free gym memberships. They're going to be healthier. And it's going to cut our health care costs because. I don't know if people really realize it you can be on a health care plan. At your particular company and have a couple people get really really really sick that can push your health care up. So they're that they're theory is the fact that. Things like. Like like serving healthy food in the cafeteria. Things like having a June. At the workplace that people -- news. Is going to keep their costs down now the government's involved you know we might have to trade and tax you on that. We'll let you know that the line. If you get your. For -- Britain are our government that we have but it won't hear that it did go out -- to provider buying or you leave your money. Of course. For there were playing parties and I can sit -- and -- -- -- -- vote for a. You know I I don't know if you have heard earlier. I'd mention about that well yet you talk about the message in the bottle. From my message would be if someone is reading this I'm surprised that the world still -- existing in a hundred years ago. Yeah. You know. Watching on well and questions to build but yeah. Not -- no matter you know there among. Again. -- the -- situation it is. In an apartment bird. The administration in awhile while -- or all. Of their Olympic. -- I appreciate you voting in tonight. A rights to McKay in Gonzales our UK. I know I'm good I'm. I'm englishman that your Shelly. Well thank you so much what about UK RU four. Or against the Bible being the official state book of Louisiana. I'm against that because the Bible as you know Marshall well you should not leave may stay both. Am I gay characters. Using our congressmen. Have better things to do that drop pops up like this it's. Well I'm I'm. I'm all four of the Bible but. I don't I don't know -- we I don't know whether we need -- state book. -- -- Is now there aren't enough on that commission has made clear on social security. And you do now war. I'm paying 480. Dollar a month house payment yeah. I don't war. I cannot claim that tree house and some dollar interaction. That I have I got mine help. Because you don't work you'd -- intellectual right. It's -- war commute outcry in the interest starting out. I don't agree -- that. I gallery everywhere and it -- I don't know I don't I don't think you're correct. And in other words if if you if you're collecting social security and you're paying your house note. That has been has nothing as far as I know -- be attacked person is listening in Macon called correctly but as far as I know. As long as -- in other words the money you get from Social Security is your income. And you pay taxes -- an income at the end of the year and if you're plant house note out of that. Any interest that's part of that house note sport taxes as far as I know you should be able to deduct. So you know. Outbreak actually gotten the SARS scared -- ending the year with that I'll make that. Right but if your pay enough house note with a your income. And then I mean you need to check puts some on that because the this as far as I understand that. That. You issued that interest and in other words it doesn't matter where the money comes from interest and taxes on your house -- our tax deductible. So I would I would check that out if you get a chance of someone. Well I would probably candidate. As far as dying you know I couldn't I couldn't yet theater well. It it it it depends on whether your itemized in your taxes and in other words if if you have. If if if you're only living on social security and and now and nothing else. And you are itemize in in in in order to take the -- -- you you have to itemize your deductions what they might be telling you. Is the fact that your income is so limited on Social Security. That you don't pay any income tax at all so if I am so therefore you're not paying any income tax. You can't deduct it because you know you're not pay any taxes with nothing to get back. Yeah obviously I can't I can't -- I know. That I dogmatic cold -- Abduction but. The well. Not -- medical is as a percentage of of what you make but what month. So what I'm saying is the fact that you may not have enough expenses to. No it's not what I'm saying if you aren't paying any income products. Or you are you paying any income tax at all. Okay well you're not paying any income tax. You can't get anything back if you're not in income tax. -- get the only get a refund when you pay income -- I actually if you war. Right all right Kate I'm pretty well -- okay. John I'll get to you in a minute if you take part our conversation. It's 2601878668890870. If -- any tax people as they and if I gave that lady the wrong advice. Please call incorrectly Bob Mitchell -- -- on WWL I'm Bob Mitchell will continue to get ready to win one -- -- and dollars and -- nationwide 1000 dollar vacation cash contest starts next Monday April 21 part of you're smarter than the rest you'll join our WWL cash globe today but collection Edward cash. To -- 787. Mutual deal alerts for to know when it's time to enter to win 1000 miles and yes the IRS will want a piece of the action. To put the WWL cash club now -- -- cash. 28787. That we never to protect the individual play and text and data -- supply outlook from Smart radio America and and WW one of the things we've talked about tonight is -- funding and message. In a bottle and would you put in I'll get to you John in just -- second. But it's something that a lot of people I'm may maybe I'm making too much over but. I think that most of -- from Tom and Tom walked along the patient you know and you see the movies what does that. A -- noted mobile I'm a bodily we everybody wants to play and one while. It actually happened a few days ago. To a national honor student participating in the great American cleanup. That's a nationwide event honoring -- play inside was heartfelt prayer by Cuban wife. And -- the message was written in Spanish. When translated at red. Askew this year for me Michael's been all month plan. To prosper in this country and adapt and returned to Cuba to share with all the fans. The best of all the world to my mother my brother and his family to learn English have a car a house children and lots of blessings. Good health and continued to love my husband muscle peace and joy and love. I don't. To an interest in the -- things like that apply an -- things I've never found a note in the bottle I was going through some of some junk that I -- in the attic for quite some time some stuff that my mom one line. And a -- a whole bunch of these bowl lid pennies. It's over of great looking unease in the now -- no -- -- long it's been since have been in circulation. Probably not worth any more than apparently but it still cool the planet let's go to John John how are you tonight. Hey John how -- Are. John. Are big 870 -- -- where opinion poll question argue for or against the Bible being the official state book of Louisiana. OPEC has -- separate set of date certain. Okay what it would book would you like to see is the statement. Now I'm Hillary Clinton look at well. No -- and any of them to be led a cookbook. A war booked. An old book. You know. Our Dr. Seuss book. Longer matter to -- book I don't care. You you have any thoughts of the book you'd like to see none at all. All but I don't have a question you'd better do it -- about this government on the Bible. A lot of that nonbelievers did spoke of a break. Well that that the Bible's very simple do and others you have them do unto you I cannot imagine any of any faith not wanting to go by that. But that's not the only thing that has -- the Bible. While we're talking about the Bible as far as being an honest and doing the right the entry on treating people the way -- would -- you'll love the politicians. To treat you the way you'd like to be treated. Yeah I would want that -- on any book. Now what I want -- pretty confident that we're backed by other. And -- on -- on rhetoric that book the. All right John I appreciate your call -- current. All right don't be so joyful and happy next time all right. Moon where Rory all his text message. Inkling. I think you should be allowed to deduct child support. It's not fair. That the mothers get the ERC. I'm not sure what that means. You know John. But EIC means anyway and the fathers by every month. And are not allowed to deduct it I don't think you should adult child support that beat. Earned income -- I don't think you should be able to deduct child support I mean if the kids were living with you. You wouldn't be able to put the money you spend on I mean if if if if you can deduct child support and everyone should be able to of the -- The money they spend on all on their tips. All right I guess word but let's go ahead and won't win one more break. To take for the night and then will. Come back and -- -- view one more thing. Last thoughts on the interest in before we leave you for the night on Bob Mitchell and WW LR before I give you one more thing. Let's go to Romney and Hammond Robby once again in one more comment on or you for or against the Bible be in the official state applicable we -- -- Rodney. Well thanks take McConnell. I can't really say the best book I mean -- ultimate vote it is our involvement that. I'm reviews scholars. The intent and I mean as long as we're focusing on the right things to do. And it didn't matter which book we know candidature in the books that promote this. I just wish that more. People Wear into the whole concept of peace Lebanon's mainly light and yes. Corporate. Egos and their -- We just have to get back to understand you know. Right I don't know if we really need a a state book I had to I would much for for a state philosophy. That we're going to use some of the teachings of the Bible and in order to took to run our state and and and take care of people not product to cheat people and you know it -- the estate has had a reputation with some some perky. This this honest politician so I'd like -- electrically more in the philosophy of the Bible the role in this state. You're right and that that was stellar as the predominant theme throughout -- you know all corporations which. Because US government. Let me just say here at such -- radio presents. You know years you've been around. Around for Obama immune from child and a T get the -- she got demeanor and dollars and Narveson using your program. Thank you -- I appreciate it okay. And in fact this coming Friday LB on three WL thirteen fifty for a mullah. Noon to three filling in for Tom puts more -- one more thing before ago I I always -- finding stories about people that you know. A true idiots. Renton Washington. Like many areas -- a par pull -- Exclusively for drivers who share rod to work with other commuters. And looks like quite often. It leads to some rather creative ways to disguised an empty passenger seat. Is being occupied people put balls -- that people put different things that it. Well. This knuckle head. Put perhaps the least effort ever in the concealing that empty seat no cardboard cut out Nolan played doubled ball. He simply stock pat on the head rest and hope for the best well. It didn't work novels have spotted the strange looking passenger. And this -- was flying under Tony four dollars enjoyed all the call tonight again. If if you want -- though and you wanna listen -- beyond. WW. WWW. -- three WL thirteen fifty. The noon to three probably for -- -- tonight thank you John thank did Jack Harris. The legendary Jack Harris entering the folks I'm Bob Mitchell -- and publisher.