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Apr 17, 2014|

Dave talks about Easter bunnies, when to shower, and What is Wrong with People

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Eleven minutes after 5 AM at the early edition of WWL offers news on this the seventeenth of April 2014. Day. Before Friday welcomed Friday eve wow congratulations on making it this far oh yes how many people now working -- -- The day. You know my kids doing. Does this week and their classrooms weren't largely empty. On the fellow students are left to go to Disney going cruiser. Milligram cause of the reverend. It's one of those weird weeks where those of us who are working feel like -- -- -- I am I here. Everybody else does not hear what might now what are we doing. -- -- -- getting the job done in the details Cindy -- and what's yet to be I don't know what it's been lately sleeping at least in my house and just like rock. Solid I'd talent the last thing you wind it was -- all it's just it's just in the torturous experience. Just to get out of a bed and I can make it in the shower. I'm OK I want that lottery it's -- audio out and I've made it -- just getting all the way to the showers coming foot in the shower cities. Let's take you wanted to get. Mine in a real quick and you you've got the -- -- I have the Arab world where water -- red hot water heater in there with those -- -- Verse numbers in the water -- they were Yemen it's very close it's like right next -- To the show ourselves Clintonism. -- anomaly of vital gamma and its immense relief usually before the water turns from. Whenever I was sitting in the pipe to warm enough to make for enjoyable I don't think I can stand waiting two minutes. Especially in my stupor in it's like. You learn. But then -- -- -- in the market. That that does make all the world and god forbid you know. I'd also be able to show Orton. Out audio and I don't -- in the more. I couldn't do that because this is no way I'd get up. And be functional by a time line -- that house and shower pars this element that water didn't mean. -- that gathered in hand out to do redundant in the ninth in just on might pack in Sidon. Pack them all wherever he used the stand there yeah for a little while the water out softly yes I do. Let me ask people do we have this is vastly important stuff and I had no idea weren't talking all around this report that -- -- early shower in the morning -- at night. Or both I guess some -- Borough partnership and besides some or very insistent about when they -- they have to shower before they go to bank they can't go to bed with -- -- -- -- have to -- -- wake up to that just can't get it started with and I understand that doing -- ninth inning because a lot of folks just not moving quick enough from the morning to to do well lap. You know do they don't amount of time can't do it. So. I'd have to yes. Even though you know our alarms go -- for -- ridiculously early now I have to build in time for at least. 56 minute shower and I'm lucky again ten. Ten minutes is about. I can't do much shorter. -- -- -- Possible to -- in the -- and yet. There's another interesting twists diseases in Macy's. On -- -- and Amir. I think it's a steamy water on -- and no well. I think. When the town -- keep in the air and from steaming up the anyway thank you David look like in fifteen minutes or more persons here on them read you now AM from the pack my text and -- them and it's -- The holiday week a lot of people. We're taking the easy. We'll get your forecast straight on through the Easter weekend Eminem -- thing gets Steve Geller in here with sports thank you so much for joining us. On the early edition of WWL first news on this Friday the. 5:18 good morning. Happy to 84. Friday and thank you for spending it with us on the early edition of WWL first minister David Blake. Sent us down a path that I didn't expect to go down but -- -- now that he was talking about having to shower in the morning. But it -- awake and alert enough to head out the door and and go to work that he's just a fluke so hardy then wanted to go to. Anyone wanna get up in the morning. One person Texas and it's and it's and -- have to shower in the morning always shower in the morning it is not a one note to stop eating after six. And you will be well rested in the morning. -- doesn't matter. So if you don't eat after 6 PM -- -- OK but other prisons as I've got to do both shower in the -- in the evening and the morning can't go to work. With bed yet that's the issue I don't know how people do that if they shower at night. And now in the morning how to get -- hair right you know even if he's a little subscription model you know to me it just doesn't get my hair the way it's supposed to be -- -- left. What does put toothpaste on the mirror in the shower and -- won't steam up. May get a look through to I guess you've -- Another -- since that's the only shower in the morning. I mean do you go to bed with a dirty booty. Today. And I'm getting ahead of myself Obama might pop up when it's not the fourth time and it's not your forecast let's do that there's been and will be sport that but my match. Mostly cloudy as you move through your Thursday season peaks of sunshine and highs this afternoon. A good bit milder than yesterday around seventy or another 10% chance for rain today but then 60%. The -- the overnight hours as some scattered showers work in from the gulf. Lows will be around sixty degrees tomorrow we'll continue with about a 20% chance for rain but most of it should be wrapping up during the morning hours. Then highs around 73 as skies begin to clear tomorrow afternoon. Saturday looks beautiful starting off in the fifties highs around 77 and mostly clear skies. From the Eyewitness News forecast center I'm meteorologist Alexandra cram for. Much warmer today than it was yesterday we have cloudy skies 57 degrees at the airport in -- relative humidity 83% just a little bit of -- -- northeast at five miles an hour it's cloudy and 51 at the National Weather Service office in slide now. Now it's time sports Steve Geller. If they had flagged for a false start there's. You know like with both fighters under. -- When may first there and hook and the net after that if that's it first in 159 handed over to Steve -- and ideas for its on this Friday -- Good morning everyone and the pelicans and did a difficult season and a high note as they took down the rockets 105 to 100. -- top of the key jumper just look at her owner -- flies jets -- I haven't faced the crossover goes behind his back to the Iraq play Africa. Tyreke Evans led all scorers with 25 point along with tennis this and six rebounds. The tells finished the year with a record of 34 and 48 which is at least a seven game improvement from last season. The saints hosted a visit from veteran free agent center Jonathan Goodwin. WWL's Bobby Hebert thinks on the 35 year old makes a ton of sense. As he could battle second -- -- -- -- for the starting job got a wily veteran John Dingell has been here before knows the offense and images pushed Tim will lead to. Also an NFL news the New York Jets have signed former titans running back Chris Johnson nine days after he was released by Tennessee. Johnson is one of just six players to rush for 1000 yards in each of his first six seasons including 2006. Yards in 2009. The Green Bay Packers have worked at a new contract with backup quarterback Matt Flynn. Who returned to the team midway through last season the former LSU tiger threw for 1146. Yards with seven touchdowns. And four interceptions in five games in 2013. Including four starts after Aaron Rodgers injured his collar -- The mortgage they're going to be more champions of golf. In town next week for the Zurich classic BJ seeing Lucas Glover and Geoff Ogilvy have all committed to April 24 to 27 event. At TPC Louisiana. And over on the diamond which is efforts lost Iowa six to three. Today for a sports talk on the hand paid over 111000. Dollars to coached Arkansas State football team during their spring practice. How much would you pay to coach your favorite team at six LSU baseball takes on Ole miss which early morning look at sports. I'm Steve Geller sides of the guy. Pay eleven grand. To do the coaches technically 111700. Dollars he won the beat on each day and what they get to do it is gone and Eric has lined up. He gets to cope with the play calling -- hasn't done yet no radio gets to decide on fourth down if they punt or go for it. And also give the pregame and halftime speech to the place and spring game -- not a real game not again account. No not at all. Now must be very well off to be able to show -- that kind of money to do that now everyone has their primaries and everybody has things that are important moments ago. That we are gonna have the coach from Arkansas State on sports talk tonight should be interesting to find out what sparked this whole fitting into deciding. To a to let a fair and coming in -- I guess it's good for fund raiser yes good fund raiser and also for building. You know the fan base OK -- get what you pay today coach -- favorite team and a college or the pros the that's why I have fantasy football and John Madden football you articulate counter right exactly so Leo I think it does do it in the fantasy world and that video game right example I have my money might. A big ticket item like that I have much other priorities that suspect -- and yet you had. Twelve grand essentially spent. That how you spent. Decode your favorite college football team for it. Few hours or would you pay what you -- -- the coach Tennessee's during a pre season game. I see no way to -- -- agrees there may be a practice right maybe black and gold scrimmage. Trying to add even. That's probably not not there. There you can just what's going to be in new cars are getting a coach that. I get paid to do decode it item yeah I have to pay to coach a meaningless game. The shower nighter in the morning a vote on the night shower. In the morning when he did you just get having yeah. It up it testament -- you know brush with the that we got run the head under the sink again just to get everything. -- -- -- -- -- -- Briggs -- for its apparent. Scotia prince were tucked into my prime minister northward to talk about the end of a -- seasonally it's about a 125 minutes he Steve Keller I'm Dave going to text messages and your forecast. Right after this. 527. Let's get to forecast. Looking pretty dry for today just a 10% chance for a shower we will have clouds overhead through the -- -- and temperatures will rise to seventy this afternoon. Will have showers tonight about a 50% chance for some scattered rain. As a low pressure system moves are away from the gulf lows tonight around sixty most of the shower activity should wrap up by tomorrow morning. Keep the 20% chance for this morning hours especially as we head into tomorrow. Highs tomorrow around 73 and -- diesel clearing for the afternoon and then mostly sunny for Saturday with highs around 77. From the Eyewitness News forecast center I'm meteorologist Alexandra -- her. Cloudy 57 at the airport cloudy 51 on the -- won presence as I shower before I go to bed not in the morning. People they go in bed that don't shower after a day's work or whatever -- quite nasty says when text message today that needs them now column name. I think people who shower we don't -- in the morning kind of nasty -- -- panic you know you -- -- -- that that that's coming -- you know Travis where you get up and go hang out with other people. And from neurosis like on the right side of the road off the -- spent an overturned truck details coming up 38 minutes after 5 AM it's the early edition of WWL first news it's April the seventeenth it's 2014 yeah it's the day before Friday it is indeed happy Friday eve to you and yours mr. -- follow the listeners -- did get a text message that says avoids real weight between tidbit -- and race and car upside down to get a car upside down there. And he got a truck on its side -- you come off the twins fans heading into Slidell from New Orleans east Austin yeah I never light trucks ups are turned on their side out -- at least it's coming out yes stunt not coming -- correct says it's not having them much of an impact this morning. People -- again heated in the debate at the texting me -- 877 you whether it's a better idea to shower at night in the morning. How -- I needed to base. Oh yeah I mean -- name calling. It's arguable disgusting you don't shower before they go to bed things like that. Because people disgusting I don't -- in the morning I got to brush your teeth and wash your hair before you go hang out with other people -- -- that. Sounded that you started something -- -- -- Andrews just an innocent little thing like what are you drew is not nice and status like I. Now says I have to -- are both day and night. My my wife would not let me get in the bed at night until I took -- -- well on the last and that I don't do a lot of physical labored in the I'll our job does not require us to usually run a lift. Hispanics. Long times outdoors. We don't. -- -- Broadcast is kind of a desk job but in the event that I do. Have to do some yard work or work out or someone that of course some shower after that. Not just -- in the battle man I don't know that I would not be allowed blood. Anyway it will just end it there here's another important debate. Solid. Or hollow bunnies. Where -- more like your Easter -- to be solid chocolate post solid -- or -- in our our hollow you know most of our want to solid body it -- got more chocolate known not -- I don't have to. I don't know how someone eats it and tiger all solid chocolate but that's just too much mr. over the years mr. defeat. Here is -- yours. Anyway -- Michelle southerner then newscasts talk about it all Elmer homers in the the heavenly -- in the gold break eggs now it's making me want to -- now hold on Easter. Sales erupt. Business is good. And there pompano -- some out of Alaska down as more meat or beef. Right yeah I noticed I can't do it well the droughts and the bad weather around the world have made beef in short supply and there's no end in sight. Looks like beef prices are. Hiding and a stay that way for a long time. And I don't ever remember. Before restaurants offering their standards stakes in X six ounces. It was always nine ounces before but now the standard. -- -- a lot of even steak -- is a six ounce steak. And that's because it's a much more expensive they don't wanna raise the manual white wherever -- -- -- wrong. Not order and that. So they just keep the price and give you less meat at some places other places have reduced staff. Other places as you heard the report -- found ways to use different cuts of meat that they can still make great. -- -- It's like a mini state it's. It are gonna. It's -- you up to -- if you say petite it doesn't sound is now it doesn't and going to go to the grocery store now man. You look at the prices on a pack of steak just crazy I had to have one specially cut the other today because it was like nineteen dollars a pound you know -- I was the high grade on top of line. So -- -- accountable than of -- sorry cuts it is actually was very him. What he brought back to -- and it was still 1290. For one state -- it's crane at the grocery store yeah. Yeah that's not even that's not even cooked in salt and not know where does Arnold know about this is there interest me in my hand. -- says they get deadlocked state lovers thank you David we'll talk in about twenty minutes more for us is Chris Miller will join us from plaque and inspires the debate re design is the coast claims or not BP says it's done actively claiming echoes from the oil disaster. Nearly four years after it happened. -- Louisiana officials say that's -- sure it's time for that. -- blue -- let's go live and direct to the Eyewitness News forecast senate they have. Friday -- You'll get -- happy Friday. Miss meteorologist Alexander Chris -- The cold weather is a memory now at some warmer a little mud here this morning and we're getting ready for a big holiday weekend. Yet the weekend looks great but it's a little blip in the forecast coming -- -- -- each -- Internet overnight hours so most people will be sleeping when the bulk of any rain we get them -- definitely have a little low pressure system moving in from the gulf but it. Mainly heading east of our area apple will -- get in on that little action as tennis skirts near Oak Hill we -- have a chance for some showers during the overnight hours tonight and even tomorrow for Good Friday about a 20% chance. But today I just went with the Clinton 10% chance from -- he sprinkles are straight to our parents -- whether an icon for ball below seventy. Not a lot of Fontana. Yeah a lot of the clouds even this morning lately you know the clouds really search -- so that's why we're not quite as cold this morning where mainly in the fifteenth. And later today will be at about seventy degrees mostly cloudy today and that will be clearing for the second part of tomorrow. Case after -- 20% chance of rain early tomorrow then we get sunshine for Good Friday and on into the weekend. Yet last Saturday in -- they're looking great set Saturday 77 hi. And then Sunday we start off around 60 for your Easter morning and then end up around eighty for the -- On Bryant's sunrise services at sixty hunt and Easter eggs in the seventies topping out around the south pretty I'm not gonna complain about that. Right you have Easter bunnies you like them solid or hollow. I heard that I can eat the whole thing now what do you do with that I usually don't -- it from top to bottom in the end. Eat the whole thing no -- you have to pick at it like a little rat you know go on holiday. There. Over the years there would -- You can -- the years and why it. -- that taking up its its they're being -- -- okay rabbit ears and its head out occurrence but it -- -- being confident on the part of -- can't hop with a. He does not okay. Yeah. -- it is what it is everyone's got their way to eat the chocolate Easter Bunny. Get what is wrong with people started from Hermitage, Pennsylvania a lot different pencil me in the big -- yet. I'm my family's originally when he came to the last a lot of them said that a shot and Pennsylvania. May explain maybe why I'm defending Pennsylvania. And a lot of families started in Scranton. -- men generations anyways I was fed up with shopping he says. In 81 year old West Virginia man was with his wife shopping in Pennsylvania. And -- accused of choking her. And state police as Ralph frost what are you -- man. He's that I just lost it I was fed up we'd been shopping all day and I couldn't handle it anymore. They were at Wal-Mart. -- that he pushed a shopping cart into the electric cart his wife was writing and -- in shook here her now he's charged with simple assault harassment and disorderly conduct I can relate with the Fed up with shopping thing. Guys hated. When they've been shopping and shopping and shopping and there was this one yet one more stored on one more I'll get one more thing I I just want to go home. But in the end never -- here never -- in the cart into our membership there I would never do that. Oh yeah report Berkshire Ralph you'll end up in the what are. Would people file even though you may have a temporary insanity muted shopping too much of life. Not justified. You went in the -- to -- out. I it's not yet really it's been getting more sporadic you know I'll go like one big shopping trips that kind of kinda my indecent to you again. The local. Amanda Bennett now -- up. Are isolating it Brett Alexander grant for a live and direct from the eyewitnesses forecast that they Gavin great then -- -- Alexander. Michigan has Steve -- is up next with sports bureau and WW. Are you man. And protect -- seventieth and does that take a shower at night and in the morning -- my twelve year old son thinks he never have to take a shot or. It balances as a single mom it's easier to -- night after all the kids have gone to bed. Then in the morning when getting them ready for school I despised MySpace with soap and water. It's a timing thing I'm surprised how many people are texting estimate 7870. -- up this early in the morning. Who don't showers in the morning. David Blake and I am a -- that I could not. Get -- but at a bad. Into the car and work without falling asleep again if I didn't take a -- it -- wakes me up -- in Atlantic commercial over the eyes wide open after the water it -- and the thing. But I understand people left -- might do it makes sense a lot of people to -- -- Very important to save us. I can't imagine going to bed and taking the shower and then wake him up and take another listen just like. A quick sprinkle the gate to wake up I could argue that -- understand that I don't know if I don't wash my hair with shampoo in the morning. It Wilma -- just looked totally horrible in -- the all day. So though when I do like you know I go outside and play in the yard with the kids are decent artwork and a shower at night before bad. In a morning after at least stick my head under the water and shampoo and wash my hair right because I just a water and it just looked like. -- As important stuff folks sports is also important pelicans and ended their season on a winning streak Steve -- got that and more in New York Friday eve morning sports parade and happy. Thursday everyone this season was was a pretty for the pelicans that they managed and things. On a two game win streak beating Houston 1052100. Acres seven striving to clear out down the sun alliance psoriasis -- plays today passed Jordan Hamilton. This is the Tyreke Evans we solved overnight -- that goal against the public Tyreke Evans poured in 25 points on the night to lead all scorers just two days after scoring a career high 41. New Orleans finishes the injury riddled season with a record of 34 and 48. Free agent center Jonathan Goodwin was in town for a visit with the saints sideline reporter Kristian -- remembers the impact Goodwin had when he was a starter here from 2008. To 2010 before moving on to San Francisco if you look back drew could really climb the pocket because he had those two big guards a -- -- -- win is a big. By center standards is a big guy. In other NFL news the Green Bay Packers have worked out a new contract with backup quarterback Matt Flynn. The former LSU tiger threw for 1146. Yards and seven touchdowns with four receptions in five games in twenty their team a three day. Including four starts after Aaron Rodgers injured his collarbone. The Seattle Seahawks in Sidney Rice have agreed to terms on a new deal the wide receiver is coming back from a toward -- ACL suffered back in October. We'll bring more champions of golf's majors will be in town for next week's Zurich classic. Vijay -- Lucas Glover and Geoff Ogilvy have committed to the April 24 127 event at TPC Louisiana. And move -- dropped game two of their series against Iowa by the score of 63. Today -- four on sports talk a man paid over 111000 dollars to coach in Arkansas State football team during their spring game. How much money would you pay to coach your favorite team at six LSU baseball takes on Ole miss which -- early morning look exports signed Steve. Geller I think he's very they've gone Steve -- yet they started three game series -- -- tigers do with -- -- tonight and play Thursday Friday Saturday so they don't play on Easter Sunday so folks. A justice. As necessary is no pitching tonight Nolan is -- missed the Friday night will be missed the Thursday -- because the first game three game series he will -- tonight absolutely right and that makes cents it is -- so it's Aaron Nolan takes the mound tonight for. The tight and I believe it is on television on ESP and you as well as the radio here of course turned on the -- on TV turn up LSU baseball right here on WWL. -- season comes to a merciful and yet has yet I think many of us we're looking forward to the end of the season just because it's been so hard so riddled with injuries. -- seventy some mind games with out -- one of the starters. Because of injury. What is this what does this -- team have to do now to get. To be a playoff team next season. While obviously they have to get better and according to Dell -- yesterday we spoke -- media saying. And all the guys who are her right now like Jrue Holiday. Jason Smith trying to understand all having their procedures. They will be ready for the start of camp over the summer to come back and work out he should be ago for all you for the start of the year which is going to be key need to have these guys together. They're gonna have to learn to play with one another again because. The guys who were starters now are gonna be back on bench roles. The only good thing I guess you could say about that is that the pelicans that they keep most of these guys on the roster will have a bench. That will be. Really suited. More suited to playing starters minutes of -- be ready ago that you liked the way things -- -- for next season on there -- -- -- you you have to look at the positive in this and that at least some of the reserves got more minutes -- Davis we saw. Explode onto the scene the second year and is definitely a rising star if not already used. -- yeah -- on that if the two of them can play together the way they've been playing yet Tyreke -- showing hey you know what put me in the starting line up Eric Gordon you should be a six man. Thank you Steve we'll bring you back in fifteen minutes is more sports here on WWL take a look at your forecast into the Easter weekend right after this. Cloudy seventy for a high today showers likely overnight tonight clearing tomorrow so Good Friday afternoon looks sunny and then sunshine Saturday and Sunday with a percent and -- -- and for the next four hours of fun. Well Redskins warriors rebels Indians no more mascot names Baghdad for Houston high schools -- talk about that pelicans wrapping up -- season I was not so good that they had a lot of injuries so we'll talk about injuries and is it just part of the game or something you have to overcome. We talk about that oil legacies do -- in terms of wetlands and -- people made a lot of money off public money oil was flowing and finally Domino's as a new. Specialty chicken menu items so we'll talk to a fast food plus Jesse Essex moot given a way to as best ticket Tommy's got all that more for the next for the fun here on WWL. If you put a hat on do you take a shower at night believing that text -- debates have he -- that and have a great day.

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