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WWL>Topics>>4-17 6:45am Tommy, Redskins offensive?

4-17 6:45am Tommy, Redskins offensive?

Apr 17, 2014|

Tommy talks to Dr. David Beriss, the Chair of the Anthropology Department at UNO, about Native American mascots

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It's 48 Tommy Tucker talking about words that people miss renounce it drive you crazy -- words that you never could say. Properly for me at siren Ira. Sorry I just can't pronounce it we talked to doctor David various now -- an associate professor of anthropology at my -- -- UNL about. I used in school board decisions at Tel four schools they couldn't use them. And ask redskin anymore warrior rebel or Indian. Doctor David -- morning thanks has taken a time witness. Or tell me about. Summit the history behind Redskins behind Indians behind warriors behind rebels and why -- some could find that offensive and Elena comes -- history and did connotations. Or is it all about what it means in the affected people ordered the nation in general. I think it means what it means the areas of -- -- be effective people on the we've been. Look at him -- ministers history goes back and the United States -- -- before that. Americans are not Indian Americans paying it Indians it's two way. If you look at requiring. The spirit of the indigenous people without actually of course engaging with -- the indigenous people -- any kind of real way. -- -- -- -- European -- in the world war Indians for. Several hundred years so. That kind of engagement well. One of understanding if you look. So people. Did that for very long time picking up the Indian people still do that just much sports -- did you hear they do in Europe it's. -- kind of at least pretending did the interest in the cultural again like engaging with the people as people. -- -- -- on the cable as night Johnny Depp did it. It in the Lone Ranger. In fact a lot of people thought that that particular presentation kind of offensive and -- whether it will be flop. I think a lot more problems. Leo but there there were. The thing to keep in mind of course that is received about mapped out and that you know about symbols of a group of people calm in the its policy you can look at it took him exit which courses. The -- we take communion itself. But -- ready to these symbols whether we need more the representation like the Indians he may seem like I'm the director and there were other teams. The symbol stands for the people for the team right. So the question is whose symbol is it in into the sugar represented. You know it kind of makes sense -- something like say the Green Bay Packers where's the Packers who are you know in a major industry and in Green -- -- -- people -- Packers team. So it makes sense as a thing or perhaps in the market and the stretcher went into the vikings. The sort of a couple of Canadian candidates it's something that kind of represents the people. But the team in Washington. Although there are native Americans to live in Washington DC. The majority of people in the DC area of course not Indian and you know -- primary business at all in that particular representation. I was just Wiki percent of their order to make up about the saints and I don't know if it's -- -- you -- -- interpretation of -- but. -- gets its act religious and away because if you you know you Thomas would. The but he column mom did did meanings did the saints if you believe in that in that it's making a football players as you this doctor David if if if you want -- you went eighteen to win naturally knew what you team to be perceived as tough. And -- making fun of anybody it's not like where you trying to be personalize an enemy during the war with words like crowds certain things like that so. Is as sociologists as you will ultimately it was you know do you dehumanize and that -- -- a different. Class of whatever it is you know feels a bit about killing them and Angela and here argue about the World War II it was necessary not. At the point I'm making is if you named your team that and you wanna. Beat the other team and you wanna be a team of conquests. Wouldn't it be a compliment and away if you if you use and Redskins Indians and an as a matter of act. I thought you Marty -- suppose he's Indians. Where I wrote here between a compliment and and making fun of a group of people. Two things first well in terms using the term in deity he came here. Which when -- actually learned to shoot here for a senator. And was speaking with. An Indian guy -- actually what he told you that you referred to be called -- Record in the news there and because. You recognize that other Olympic track. The name tribes that are specifically. He pointed out in the constitution. Indians get their recognition -- Indians you know congress makes relations with the union tribes are sovereign dependent nations. -- -- not native Americans and so you wanna bet that national recognition. A theater in -- Another. Caller salute and American. Another staffer -- salute in the Twin Cities. In the preferred news -- -- because she ought to accompany it recognized the ethnicity as opposed to as the nationality. In and -- you certain that the minority group like. Other minority in the Twin Cities area had to -- supports issues. -- are are legitimate interest in being so. If you talking about using that have been -- used as as dehumanizing terms -- in war that is part cases. Currently in the country word comes from tackle. The -- for -- and believe. And in using tactics and turn Indians not in two people but into kind of -- a -- too. Groups of enemies that we would destroy that we -- Europeans. So in fact that's the route that that -- and it's more than just the name it's also beat him. Painted pictures of people one of the people there's -- saint which is of course not Indians today in there it's there modern human beings you know multiple lies just like. Mario Bailey ran out of time but I got to ask you with the New England Patriots. Patriot today wouldn't Wear. -- to be logo used to be a patriot. With the tri corner camps now snapping a football as a senator would that be offensive. Old is an offensive people in the New England area and that's the key to achieve is to maintain that dialogue some teams by the way terminals for it to Florida. I've managed to work out. Relationships with the locals with the tribes. There have gotten in the previous CAA has in fact a lot of them. Com and that's and the symbols are not the only case that -- possible to use these names it's a question of maintaining a dialogue and developing consensus of the people who -- -- that it. Doctor appreciate your time and I hope we have the time to talk again we are. Run in late so doctor David Barry is from my alma mater UN notes here an associate professor of anthropology we appreciate your time says -- -- -- you bet.

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