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4-17 7:45am Tommy, Pelicans season

Apr 17, 2014|

Tommy talks to WWL's Pelicans reporter Steve Geller about how the Pelicans fared in an injury-riddled season

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I'd Steve Geller in front of a serious talk about the pelicans season. And he brought up something just now about. Words that are pronounced differently and it concerns -- different Tom Fitzmorris doesn't. Poor boy and it's not a -- -- it's not. Poor boy and my always -- you know I'm very honest on the air. Steve Geller our friend has taken -- need for Sean Payton exactly and you know Emily and you know when you know natural New Jersey accent. I guess it comes out as Peyton -- a manner that he is not. A announce a bull distinguishable enough for people and I know that they hate -- come in -- and I get emails as well from folks I'm sorry it just comes that is. -- So I I don't. You know I'd done that bother me but because I know you from Jersey nets away -- talk up there just like we say. You know -- -- you -- an -- -- Libya but whatever tell me about the pelicans in the injuries and if you can for people letter just. Casual fans and you know basketballs and young season. Well it'd be like if the saints. Had had the same injuries like. The pelicans this year. You know it's a great question because as you look at it and you lost. Your point guard. Who's basically the quarterback of the offense for your basketball team now won't say. I drew holiday is a Drew Brees type of player so I'll say the quarterback of the defense was sick Curtis Lofton will will will be out for the year -- -- You're sharpshooter. Ryan Anderson I was a three point specialist open things up in the inside because people were forced defend them on the outside game. I guess you could look at that -- maybe you're -- -- Jimmy Graham tightly because that's how much he meant to the team's offensive there. -- also a role player like Jason Smith. And but the best player on the team a tough gritty always provide -- with solid minutes. -- venture to say Alla a year Thomas kind of guy always gave his full effort so those -- three players right there that you're doing with doubt and your superstar. Drew Brees. His left -- Anthony Davis is left to do everything on his own with a bunch of either young players or just you know bench players basically reserves reserve players are now being forced into -- starter roles and to see what the pelicans did this year they went through a lot of rough patch is obviously because of the different. Rosters they were forced to come up with dealing with all these different injuries even the role players may miss some time as well. There was just. A brutal season -- back but. I would imagine the saints would end up a sub 500 season as well with doing -- -- entries. And for the folks to be calling for coach Monty Williams and I just laughed because I think he's done actually. A pretty good job with what he's been dealt with. On next you'll definitely be eight telling season of his ballclub in the pelicans or hornets then have a lot of injuries last year here I was -- another problem it's just seems to be. Maybe aces look at the strength and conditioning I. I ask what are what a blast -- -- -- I don't know if it's a thing -- routine in the NBA or if he had two years injuries maybe you have to look at. Conditioning and strength and I know they've also had a problem with finishing games well -- -- of the finishing games aspect has been an issue which we could turn to the coach in that aspect and that's something that. Whether they had there roster healthy or not. They seem to have. We're giving up leads consistently in the third or fourth quarter after tree after having a sizable lead before the half but I mean. You have you have a centerpiece to build around and -- superstar. And if you have these other pieces around him. That are healthy they're the -- the pelicans are legitimate playoff team I think next year and it will be very telling. Sign to see what happens -- this ballclub if they can stay healthy now a lot of -- the injuries that did occur -- freak accident but with Brian Anderson. And it up with -- cervical injury could he felt on the floor and it wasn't anything from Wear and tear it to and the European freak accident. Hopefully he can come back healthy we talk to build -- yesterday. The general manager and all the guys. Drew holiday. Ryan Anderson also Eric Gordon had some cleanup procedure they're calling it on your on his left knee but anytime anyone goes in for surgery. He never never like to hear that about your players it's miners somebody -- -- right exactly so and it -- should be ready by the start of some ball and should be full ago. For the start next season I'd tell me espionage on patent. And saints coming by Jonathan Goodwin. Well you know veteran senator that fans are familiar with here was at the ball club started in 06. -- -- and the 22000 and it's was a starter from awaits the 2010 here. And would be good veteran presence to help. Bring youngster to him illegal long. The San Francisco 49ers had a service is the last couple of years he left here for San frame got a big paycheck you can't blame the guy. His best years behind him. He is 35 right now and they've -- the niners opted to go with a younger center and that's why they decide to part ways with him. But I think that he would be good and and a serviceable role right now. For where this offensive line is because you have -- second year guard in some -- coming in to place senator. They will be valuable to have good wood around -- bring that experience plus I'm talking with Bobby Hebert Christian Garrett they both say this guy to beat. Oversized kind of sinner and they would be more geared towards running the football which we noticing need to do. Desperately. I'd any other words you can't announced its patent. When I first met my wife Sheila when I introduced her she is beat her friends would only say. They call feet so lawsuits who -- -- coffee. That's noticed in new York and it's not some coffee it's eight coffee let's go get a call and -- -- that to say Chris Paul yet. You don't you don't wait in line in New Jersey you wait on line don't correct it and I don't know -- -- -- it received thank you Steve Geller a -- always.

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