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WWL>Topics>>4-17 8:15am Tommy, fast food eating

4-17 8:15am Tommy, fast food eating

Apr 17, 2014|

Tommy talks to Elaine Magee, a registered dietitian & author of 25 books on nutrition and cooking, about whether you can eat healthy and eat fast food

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I tummy -- you're talking about fast food and some of those the things that are going on and a fast food industry with KFC introducing their doubled down KFC and the chicken in court sizes -- -- -- sizes and chickened cuff links. Wendy's is coming down with a new line of chicken bites they think it is their column where he they they covered with some different sauces trying to make it seem like -- something different. And and -- the other 10 Taco Bell serving breakfast now also there are some more is gone on and Elaine McGee joins us right now one. A dietitian net can help us decide to move if there is anything healthy to eat at a drive through window or fast food and can you be on a diet. Name any -- saying through the drive thru windows is a registered dietitian off author of 25 books on nutrition and healthy cooking a morning Elaine. Change -- Dylan come on you know beatle McDonald's practice few unions. And down. Not what I'm you can hit the truth sometimes is that -- be -- And sometimes you have three dollars in your wallet and you know he can get. Era jumped then from there if you -- you know -- again you know I think it's ever gonna go away. Yeah I've got five that I can I can literally you -- and you. Hope sleepers. So when you do. You know go to the fat -- Different just because it's called that he doesn't mean we eat it asks itself. Eating rightfully in moderation and no matter which that she chooses any -- -- can be part of the Gatling content. Fully and it moderation that it simply means. Healing you're truly hungry topic near comfortable. And political and Julian you know really -- that French fry you know. So NBA and the idea that eat at eight choked down the food like hungry dawn now. Well the yeah because you're not really need to. I mean you're going there because he's beaten to and re ordering somebody -- that you make it taste good. And then and then you're not really slowing down and tasting and tracked me Emily we have this problem across the nation. You know 24 sevenths at this as a huge step and that I put effort. Yet I don't want to Joplin had a year but I at any point does just because you can afford it. Don't buy it enter into this -- because sometimes you nineties many burgers or whatever they call in the value meal. And set again just wanted to know is silent agony five almonds on -- Exactly quarter quarter what you truly needs -- and nutritionally. Don't count supersize me you know not my thing is downsize to me. At super size me. I somber one would you take a break for traffic going and that will pick it up your number one is. Just because it's fast food you don't have to eat it quickly slowdown. Taste your food I'm guessing you'll find out that your. You get Fuller you realize you're comfortable -- awful lot more quickly. Absolutely. -- and I enjoy you don't have to. You don't have to supersize the Fries because you're -- slowly and you're satisfied with the with the mini it's not a race is it. No it's not and it's an effort in the end that. -- Eileen we'll pick it up here we come back and I think I have a bad happen and sometimes other people have a bad habit of beating. As though it's a race especially if you have somebody in a car. -- one large Fries and and becomes a competition over who -- get either their fair share a little more than half a lane McGahee is our guest -- a registered dietitian and author of 2.5 books on nutrition. And LT cooking says is already given us one tip when it comes a fast food. Don't eat it fast. A Tony to timely to Traficant an elegant terror its hi Tommy Tucker inviting you to follow me on Twitter at T Tucker WWL and one of the things alleges weeded. Was. Five guys or me large Fries feeds a family of four or me love how you get -- and yet Fries in the bank we're talking that. Elaine -- he's probably. Not in favor that tweet judges and she's a registered dietitian author of 25 books. A nutrition and healthy eating a cooking stallion first thing you need to do when it comes a fast food is don't eat it fast. And you find yourself feeding us what else Elaine if you wanna eat healthy or maintain your weight need fast food because it's a convenient. -- was it helpful that -- -- you know your means queen. But it helped you'd get more -- -- -- options like the grilled chicken sandwiches. The -- chicken salad the country's based on beans Turkey years lean beef if your burger. Keep it single -- the basic -- like lettuce and onions OK so that's that's number one and then. Beverage calories count to hear that hear your health -- entree with the average that. Either contributed key nutrients like look that great or contribute labor. With hero or no calories lake. Diet tech poker at the safety of that element out he electric he. And that's probably -- -- Every beverage calories count -- Think lightly like each used to partly your captain Patrick. -- have you know Elaine -- I've been here all my life and I drink -- and anything manages the villain. Good you know -- that proved my point that sometimes it's -- -- -- -- and getting used to the end -- and and it company's -- have really different and my favorites and expressed their act sweetened Prejean is delightful. I step now that we've got. Be conscious about condiments. And extra settle. First some of the back seat -- kidnapped -- -- program and local budget that calories are actually coming from a screaming about it spreads and made. Well the condiments that you can't shoes that are going to at a couple two calories is to catch up the marinara. The mustard -- options. Take itself. Guess not choosing the -- -- you know. And so there's that and then I'll definitely watch out -- the side dishes. -- -- -- Cute something and them get better at this than some -- the colorful the fresh you know kind of options -- -- -- Instead of the crispy and the deep Fries with that fresh for the per page the site ballot and you'll notice that. He can really make do with those packets. As Dallack I think that they give you and and. And on salad in the news ages just -- the rest of the package right and. -- But he put on a piece of French red peppers but out. That it's not just denied -- -- and where credit watch the side what's the time when the IDs. Yet the continent and the side dishes and then me and didn't make better beverage choice is that he can make or I have to take some chains. Be a better job than others like that to change that have the whole grain bands like Carl's junior and has the grilled fish. Which option it got them out of that -- had a -- encouraging him back it's very peppery. -- -- -- Yeah we're too busy drinking as sweet tea to have Carl's junior yeah. He he's got -- Castelli yeah you're traveling give give it a shot. He eatery Il EP double pulled green something and somebody change whereas. -- and other ones -- and listen in its land so I don't -- on me on Friday that was. That and I was starting to address gets cute jacket pocket and has their fish tank mechanic -- you know what -- have that. That's pulled green and they centerpiece a pocket and they -- And and they. And they did and would not apparently eat when you're driving which I have to do it sometimes with -- with a schedule. And -- -- rightfully so like I'd probably make but but it -- keep eating papaya -- itself. You know and not make them put my whatever and bordering on purple green but if whatever and ordering doesn't normally count on a whole -- and. -- -- you're gonna have to come back we're out of time but quickly do you think there would be such an obesity problem in this country and I guess I'm asking if it's about taste. Or about convenience if their work fast food restaurants that serve nothing but healthy food food with a fat reduced and and vegetables on -- side where he did you zip through afterward and pick up a healthy really helps the thought of meals for your family do you think that would help the obesity rate in the country. I do actually think it would help I mean a lot of things -- -- bright and it is at its multi pictorial and not one of those that thinks. You know let's just give it everything will go away now you know it's a multi effect toward a problem. I -- a -- it without I believe in Chile during the -- free choice for people sell. You would have thought if they had are healthy restaurant you'd go for either you could go for either. -- you can go for health appreciate your time I really do and I hope we have a very good weekend.

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