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4-17 9:10am Tommy, coastal erosion lawsuits

Apr 17, 2014|

Tommy talks to Chris John, President of the Louisiana Mid-Continent Oil and Gas Association, about lawsuits against the oil and gas industries about coastal erosion

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Let's get to it right now Christiane present the Louisiana mid continent oil and gas association good morning Chris -- you do one. I tell them don't I am looking forward to -- weekend I don't know. We were doing well about the same -- so. Tell me if you will about the -- suits the foundation of human history of pipeline canals in Louisiana and and when it was this first realized they guessed that day they were -- and implication on the wetlands. I think I was listening to your your discussion just previous to become -- on I think you hit upon a very good question. I mean who went and did we allow. Law policy in America. To be retro active. Retroactive. Apply retroactive. To something that was legal or illegal. And approved by the government years ago I -- that's what that's what we can hear you guys can't hit can't call it a little bit. I think you're absolutely correct I mean. Eight the -- travesty in all of this is that the -- gas industry has been good to Louisiana. Has been good to America. And frankly over the years -- -- know -- you're the most permitted regulated. Industry. It in in this state and certainly in the country. And all of these activities. You know worked with permits. That were legal at the time. And the government approved if not encouraged. To go in and explore and produce these. These -- -- -- because of what you guys just talked about. Nobody can bring somebody on and it -- from lake -- when he -- Take on this and and he said he's on his way to Levy board meeting -- element I don't missing so. And you know -- actress and you'd you'd integrity come on with calls -- anything but maybe you did agree to and maybe you don't mind -- royal. I have I have well. Forward full agreement with like be like to talk to people I don't have a problem any update we got the right we have wrote. Roy in lake view thanks for Colin tell me about yourself playing on Levy board meeting where you stand on all of this. That. It would not for years and I want to. Where. The oil law that stopped. -- Was all. It was a secret. It was not. Our. Policy. As well. Group and according to. Well how the money. Going to call. Will also are secret and go. The -- just to be clear this is that the issue over which they had a lawsuit filed against buddy Caldwell. How. About selection of the attorney right. That is correct yeah. So it said saint losses. A -- -- look forward secretly all a bit green. Light there are elect. Elective officials -- The gap and -- acknowledged that it that -- conceal that from the governor from the official that we elect the. Some not quite sure what side of the issue Ron Roy in and on back to the big question now -- the beginning presume you're listening as. If like is they get a text here comes in and says taxpayers should not paid -- -- with the industry broke they made billions in profits but. A lot of money was poured in the salaries. Four people letting you know we talk about tourism jobs not paying a lot but those were well paying jobs and as I understand it to go back to Chris John for a second. The reason there's not as much activities because -- that. Quick easy oil to find for the most part is is gone and in those areas and that it would take only in terms of cost effectiveness I guess it's not really worth it at this time to go after the the harder to get stuff. Well we're probably about burst all at several points -- personal caller coming in. I think -- on the point why the legislature is dealing -- This in there several bills to nullify the SE we have flood protection operation because it was done in secret but it was done legally. And frankly it's -- eat that. These other. All the other Levy board and that week it's the week and let -- board association and our social function. Has voted to oppose what this. -- led authorities to. So they -- it all there own and certainly I think that is a point to be reckoned. You know and also I think secondly obviously know more about. The -- industry needs to fix what is broken and they haven't done anything. Is so forth from the from the army the fact of the matter is the only industry has been engaged. With the state and the federal government putting together and stroke play. To be able to -- and what we need to do to revive our coast restore our coast and comprehensive. What the puppies we -- flood protection wants to do is too soon. And money and deal with -- issues which could have serious implications down river in east and west of with their deal. And the fact of the matter is that all industries. Has been -- And has contributed. Two projects. Mini mini billions of dollars of projects to restore called the week and mayor it. To follow. This master plan over the next deal. But it -- fifty billion dollar plan -- if you check. The fifty billion dollars today. It would take in thirty years to spend that money so you find projects in the master plan you don't. The master plan going between -- coastal protection authority. And the borrow. And the restore it certainly -- and we're gonna start receiving revenues of short 37 and half percent. And the BP's spies that are gonna come from I don't know five to ten billion dollars. Don't all funding mechanisms. To go on and master comprehensive plan and for. Let me board or entity. To follow suit on behalf of land owners and other people to take their piece of the puzzle -- try to fix it. I think runs run counter to the master plan that we have to deal with. Roy used you seem like you very involved in this and very concerned. And again I think is more of an exercise and philosophy or theory than it is is item and you could actually go back and taxed or even determine. Whom it was it made money work in any oil field and and that money turns over in the economy because. I don't know -- lake view but on the West Bank man for a while things are -- they had country club after country club day at -- restaurant after restaurant. They had a grocery store grocery store because it was just a big economic boom or boom -- -- use of words interchangeably. I guess what -- Kenya is. Do the people had made a lot of money build houses and -- I'm all for free enterprise nothing wrong with that. But did did did they have their head in the standard did they not care about what was gonna happen the wetlands as a result of the canals and at what point at somebody Elvis and sit up and say hey these canals -- damage in -- wetlands. Well I I don't know that that's really not my idea my area I think that comes into it philosophically. Well well it. It it's on board but. -- rule because of have been witness and and sat in on the meeting is to let the. The public know that this wasn't its losses that specifically the LP what protection authority east losses. Well it's. Clearly an eagle -- losses and it was -- to GAAP and very often ended. All behind -- -- was weight and I know. People it will let the courts decide. Put. And -- -- of the lawsuit is not as well courts so we'll let the the courts decide all this and how to build off all processed from the beginning. Yeah yeah what were actually being so that even legal contract with that occurred during bull. Moving beyond a process -- and take a break here do you. Do you think the suit if the process had been conducted properly in your opinion do you think the suit has merit. The suits and shoots it right. -- -- -- the process. I'm glad you called tank you know be called back we take a break. It takes more calls -- time. I Christiane present Louisiana mid continent oil and gas association and -- hear from BA if you support the suits if you don't and if you know historically and perhaps Chris does. What was -- original deal between oil companies and and pipeline in aisles and promises the Louisiana commitments it. Do it they can limit damage to the wetlands or Lincoln's and -- and they care about them when the money was -- Now all of a sudden almost like signing up for a an experimental drug maybe that's not even accurate. -- the two I don't know use a product in and you get compensated border but they have a job and you sign off. On and on the plan and all of a sudden after the money goes away -- -- -- -- it whoa wait a minute and has got to pay for this. We're talking about it we come back 92 and one Tommy Tucker -- W I Johnny Tucker -- when he seven talking about the suits against the oil and gas companies and oil pipelines and when when. Destruction and again it's Mexicans in the oil company signed contracts with that we -- saying they would return the wetlands. To their -- dredging state instead they just left the canals on field if that'd they're drilling sites ran dry and it's a clear breach of contract with the state. It's those canals were never refilled -- have caused significant deterioration of the surrounding wetlands. The -- board's job is to protect new loans from flooding and restoration of the wetlands would be the most effective way to do that religious clean something up or I think I don't second I just -- cleans up and up Chris if I can as far as -- call wells involvement. In -- suit the Louisiana oil and gas association sued the attorney general. And they wanted to state judge to determine whether called -- office improperly approved a contract between -- authority. And law firm representing a new cases been moved to federal court now respond at a canal thing if you will Chris. What I cannot let that go you know without -- answer is not. The C and that's the source of an absolutely not correct. Chris that's the crux of one I'm talking about is did everybody sign off on this and now that. It's not his lucrative numerous and away wait a minute we have with -- of this. Well -- there look I am I going through and read a lot of these permits that would issued by the way legally. And encouraged by the state and or the federal government corps of engineers. And ever. None of them said that you must -- feel all of the canals that you that you that you -- if you were permitted to do. That's the interpretation of these atrocities. That have filed suit. But in any case -- These canals or dredged at the approval of the -- look at these canals to have access to their money property or fishing pole award -- Where they compensated records. Absolutely. Compensated for the and you know it it -- all that purport to that the department of natural resources says that you go and to feel. Because Allison now if they were mandated which they don't really believe that they were ever mandated to do -- What would have a horrible effect. Formed the -- listed by the movie in moving this material back or. It would have an adverse effect which are trying to date but this notion about we have a contract to -- bring back. The the the affected area to -- the canal to bring it back to an original condition is an interpretation. Attorneys and that was not in the contract in fact the contract she used the word practicable. Where where and that's believe the word. Are. But there it says that you must retire. When you're finished you're you're activity. Must return that would that lands back to an area. That practicable. Miners Wear and care. I would like I would like to keep this actually if I could so -- on and how much time you have Chris John by the way present Louisiana mid continent oil and gas association. John karma she's coming on his lawyer -- karma -- Marcelo. That represents some plaintiffs in the coastal erosion lawsuits we have a bunch of calls. Chris if you can and you want to you're welcome to stay on well. I would like you know I'm no job very well nice -- very Smart water and of course obviously is you know the attorney for a lot of years. You know we are in active litigation and I certainly do not want to try. Or get into a conversation. You know all on air. About. About the shoot because it's on going. I I fully understand it. -- -- just get the and I appreciate the time he gave us let me just give you a hypothetical situation and and this is just opinion you know I have to answer to you don't want. If the oil and gas business. Worse still. Blow an inflow and and go on like it was in the eighty's do you think. There would be in -- I take coastal erosion very seriously but because of the money and the jobs and and the emphasis now on creation of jobs in the industry in Louisiana do you think this would even be talked about. I don't know the answer to that -- the fact of the matter is -- that that the all the gas industry. Futures variable -- things are going fairly well. These kinds of sewage could put that two way. But he immediate halt and that would be damage to two to 3101000. People in the -- that work in the -- -- industry. Aunt and the bottom line here Tom and then I'll I'll let you get to some called it would news -- -- to end the week a laugh at this -- -- we think -- English court. Start allowing. Lost in America to retro actively. Make something -- eagle that was legal years ago. As to be the first question I ask you friend John from -- when he. I felt. The battles in Prague in the legislature. But it didn't this industry. And to put it at really at risk -- industry that is created the quality of life from Munich meaning meaning that we can better better than it ever was. I think is wrong it short sided -- it's all about that the quick dollars and it and little fight these these lawsuits to these. Thank you Chris appreciate your time.

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