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4-17-14 10:10am Garland: on the lawsuit against oil companies

Apr 17, 2014|

Garland gets the latest on the lawsuit against the oil companies from Fishman Haygood lead counsel Jim Swanson and author John Barry.

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-- the thing that I did a 12 o'clock a little light curing show before you sure. Public violence -- written a book called the death of money and he thinks the dollar is along the way -- -- find out. Exactly what it means by that and whether -- he's got anything that constitutes. Governance and Lebanon thought we will have some fun. Tremendous order orders student and -- them and turn -- Osbourne. What's a -- been chosen as the orders for the issues as inherit should as her poster. And if you haven't seen it. You -- -- -- take a look at it on line to go important jazz and courage poster. It is extraordinary. And for all you budding artists their young people getting into -- -- and we'll tell you. Here's -- becoming a successful artists Howard -- the posters and and yeah it's important how we do as the business report. This cell will continue. The competition's good -- had over the last hour concerning the lawsuit. Against 97 oil companies. And one -- from the very beginning guests. And -- -- -- and we invited him. It's the ground and often and I think. From what my producers said the reason was we have drawn burial and who blues one of the authors and -- and and we have Jim Swanson -- cultural. And I think maybe it won't come on board to -- we're all -- as legislators involved in the lawsuit and two other. Oil company and representatives. And Google declined -- might also is -- to John Berry had agreed to debate. On the issue. To let the public your booksellers. Good and couldn't getting green. There. So over the all let's -- Jim -- lead counsel -- had a good Jim welcome it's good morning Garland Jala and welcomed the show. Yeah I think I -- -- -- brow error -- away. It. All right we're gonna -- to -- longer we can. Tell us what's the latest news to Lucent. Well -- and he shot all day yesterday. Act. Which completely got. -- -- -- And -- total control. All -- a lot party. You got. -- lot. Are crap. Maybe. An apple where. -- you know what that's. Why he'd buy. Out their top. Which are checked out I'd pack for one. -- aboard. Why are opening -- -- -- -- Chief engineer. It now 100. Mile lap at all well. At a plane. -- -- I we hat is expertise. -- Wants a lot. You replace. I. Am at no fly her experience are and perhaps. And what protection. -- while occasion. Being that age are not abort the -- whites -- Huge play somebody per year what -- -- -- For someone like your expert. Sir I am aboard the white light spot. That is the kind of. Park and apparently. The governor -- Replied not -- responsible for acting polite and proper. Opposite -- and the metropolitan oral area. I took some notes that burn it leapt from -- -- but Prague Dubai memory. Are listening to a tall mature and Novo oil representative. Of Hawkins and Republican members reckless. And so one of the main sticking boards with the reasons for the legislative action. The good decision to sue was taken in secret. We -- public in. That. And technical. We. Expect that. It -- But you tell you what I. Thought I'd ever -- out. There illegals. And why do you tactic. -- Out there. Aren't quite there. -- -- -- -- And Jack -- or so. Out. We needed care though are. Or act that. It. We. Now Ike went and then. Robert. Yeah and it. Actually be that is -- Not re all law. O ot the -- and out. An attorney general of the board and -- Expertise in that area. All. That we can or what exactly what. Board Albert to talk a lot. It's why. In addition. We we -- Kmart's book war. We. Know all. As -- -- So are -- dot. Talking point. That hurt you on air here shall there ought. They're great to talk about the act that the industry. Did that. Not one or not. And also used talk. That apartment. Law required. Shore area. All right good news -- quick break your common -- back. Couple callers -- told to adjournment John Gibbons called two's -- general when it seventy you don't agree with the lawsuit. Think things are being done there or right or you do agree with the Gibbs called ensure opportunity to talk to. One of authors of the lawsuit one -- -- of the lawsuit 260170. Drove three sixers traded and zero each. Are welcome glad I'm back so we're still talking about the lawsuit to filed against 97 oil companies. -- John Berry but this one of the altered humans want to lead counsel on the lawsuit that spring and some of our -- from law currently do Euro language on the engine. Yes -- and Ahmet I don't know where to start because there was so much yet in the nation in -- the battery. Just now like that just kind of cherry pick. And it dropped a couple of problem. Aren't that commissioner who. Was renewed his term expired more than three years and -- up on the board. That commissioner who was the an engineer and the cheap and not at all -- alternate would fly in these meetings and -- with. Throughout the entire meeting and. I think those videos well known throughout the community its video. That you're eating are all lol. Number two regarding the receipt of this. Contrary in Oakland second won't do each one so -- we don't lose torture or else can. John. Well there. Are. So all our. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Regulation. Which -- it. I'm property. Protect people why we did and four -- thanks result property. It's an encore we want Al -- And and it. -- -- Yet IRJ. Oh. You know to our time change. Eat. And eat out -- not her night. That -- -- -- You know trying to get air and -- -- -- RL. Game. To Ali. And on call and get paid for. Eight. And why and why now. Are all. Or upon. Yeah now the apartment here. For decades and outs of hot it gets sucked out of apartments here which all the more act like. All right -- addiction issue. Okay that -- as it was. But -- the contaminated and now. Brought. Up. Score -- About. Slow or stop this crap. Collegiate and so far our expertise. And -- oil -- up and slow. What. -- the -- And the engines are all the usual. -- public. Response to. Actually you know I'm not. I'll like it here comment well enough for a spot. Look at Roy do the things you bring it up. I have -- do that proved the -- we're talking on the lawsuit itself. Whether he -- -- it's a good idea or bad side. Somebody sleeping and certainly that's an issue on the board. But I don't think it rolled into this discussion. Arguably -- it's American -- the point concerning the Waltz. Cautioned that the ball out. She. Is well. -- -- Actual -- the ability of oil companies are sure. Well. But. The problem. Loss in his contract. Up to a little above and that would be awarded to the citizens to repair their homes. Is taken away and given to attorney almost kicked in secret and the contract was it was written in secret and that -- But. -- secret -- And got. Out. -- Find. It broke out. We -- We. Turn our. -- War or. Not. But there are putting out into -- dollar. -- -- And it they lose they get zero. And core that's like -- CDs. All. Those -- turn. Not that the taxpayer. Get. Ten days ago they made. An offer that. -- That. They would act and then. K fees the fees would be determined. By. Coaches and with it. And that each debris that then we go. Where no money. The war. But let's say. -- What -- operate out of -- taxpayer we wouldn't get. Any. To. Operate the -- set them. Tactic a Lebanese. -- and unless we -- The fact that -- out money like. Pot. To -- people. -- -- -- -- -- Not so apple money I. Mean are there. Make it out up and. All right let's go to San Francisco hole and David. Debuted bureau and governor ago project echo. Yeah I think Garland you know -- you know. It's kinda sent -- here in the discussions succumb to this because in such an obvious case. You know they did blow they do it killed me we're having a party and that's why they -- the control room and that's why this explosion happened. They were greedy companies that was about to have a party in the kicked people out of control room just to have. Of their party and they -- at the wrong time they got people killed. And now we're nickel and dime about whether or not somebody has the right to have an argument about it. The people are getting cheated and and the idea that we don't. Hire a pack of elections. Lawyers mad dog lawyers who won it. Think for example here the richest lawyer in the Gulf Coast and -- from the actual for a property and it's been rule and by BP. How much as a lawyer gonna get for his own front yards. Wrote much less worthy in this state that it. The state cities. Registered in and -- and these neighboring states he's gonna go in like for like -- get money that is creepy company that's got the gulf. To try to. Two billion dollar PR campaign alive. David look I appreciate Kolb but. But we're we're all really discussing BP or discussing in 97 oil companies and a lawsuit against them. Saying you'd destroy the -- is when you do what you did and we appreciated if you weren't what is to have paid something. And and I think we've. Given all the arguments or at least repeated all your argument. That the oil companies have given. In June and responds to what draw -- that afternoon and others -- saying. But also -- gifted to get him to come on the air so if I'm saying -- -- and -- give me call. And I'm. All -- store a Louisiana now more well you know my apartment. Action network operator or more call. Up on. We'll do better get right now all right governor of the Oprah and you jaguar opinion poll. -- four against lawsuits against oil companies right down the 5054. And against. Our welcome back go with -- good about the lawsuit against these seven oil companies. That's. Ignited a big battle in the legislature we have -- those oil company revenues and moves come on the issue and groups and I think that don't know morning show but after that -- side not come -- so we have other side and the other side. -- volunteered to debate -- companies on the issue. So the public get better -- about which side -- -- which side support which is rural. Jim Swanson would lead counsel position he could -- under one author. Jim do you are you talking before we took the break. About the recent senate bill scenes with group. Well -- the most recent bill that was voted on on the floor was senate bill 553. And senate bill 553. Is designed specifically to reverse a judgment that was rendered in a case in Baton Rouge. Against Louisiana oil and gas association. That judgment in that case is rendered on March 102014. And in that case the oil and gas association. Had taken the position the same position that we -- we we we've heard. Time and time again in different. Forum. That. Lawsuit was illegal and that the attorney -- contract was illegal. And their. The thing that I think it's it is so. It's something that the people are aware of is -- that. That very issue was litigated in the courts there was a trial on it and the judge ruled that the contract. Was legal. That the lawsuit is legal. And that the positions that were being taken by the oil and gas industry were frivolous. So you have a court case that is gone all the way through trial and you have a final judgment. And lo and behold the bill -- proposed senate bill 533. Would actually reach right into that proceeding. And reverse the judgments that the court. Render its federal judge. That's a state court judge -- that Irish -- So legislatures and reaching back into is subtle court occasion group person. That issue their reaching back into the state court case in east Baton Rouge parish that where there's been at a judgment rendered. And their reversing the judgment that was rendered by the court in that case it's a bill. That is. By the that. It's by the legislature to reach into a different branch of government into the judicial branch. And reverse something that was done already in the judicial branch that is that something that Liguori mixing streamed who have been done before the process the. There I am not aware of the situation where that it's been -- tried in accomplished where there has been a judgment already in the case. There are very rare. Times where the legislature will go back. And tried to change a law and make it apply to a court case that hasn't been. And judgment and at a trial yet in but not after the trial and after the judgments rendered that is a very unusual. State of affairs that -- Calls into question. You know whether. The oil and gas industry is is gonna observe any of the sort of basic principles of our democratic government -- mean you have a judicial branch and the legislative branch should stay out of the judicial branch. But in in this particular circumstance. They're trying to pass a law that would directly interfere with the pending case. All right Jim Jones bare wooden accountable question but for the I've got a simple blood when they get complicated I get confused. A wrote a blog yesterday and basically it's an okay eleven miles -- very good fruit loops and actual week. He's helped me financially he's been very good to me. Oh we share retreat. He watched the cut the tree limbs down. And I say OK but if you do you know you've got a problem is still there to pick it up you got to promise to clean up. It says. Are right -- permit side court no. No problem. Proof falls on -- all right and I say to him look we can can you help me out here I don't have the money to rebuild this. And I don't get any response spoke bluntly say look I hate to do this should be in good to me. But. I'd -- sent to -- people part of the house but I don't have enough to move back and and consequently I'm gonna have the -- Right obviously. A hypothetical. Metaphor oil companies. And arts and citizens. My question and you. Halt short -- On 50000000100. Brilliantly actually fit the bill. That we meet or Google company representatives on Tommy Tucker show this morning. Keeps talking about fifty billion dollars. It wouldn't need that right up front we just didn't need money every year. To have to pay per billion or so dollars in repairs. How much are we short does anybody else. All of that right now. It. Are the only real money. I'm BP -- American that work out. All that. The -- We're currently forty billion dollars shore. And how much your own city again. I would say at least four dollars out like we outlet or are and that are being paid yet spot or by. Still got it. I thought -- or our shore we you have. How. Relatively small dumps rain coming in and or year but not eerily enough that all black gap. Not -- and not just barely crack addict and Jim -- number well I do. So. What a lawsuit that you know. I think you're out industry ought not Barry you're. Tell. The lawsuit that is simply that the industry hit a walk. And comply with their farm. Army. No bulk of which require them to restore what had just -- and that it. Apart prop problem they created. -- and do what they are. Law. Require. A -- and perhaps what. -- Sorry -- let me take a break you're doomed them complex to bring you have more numbers from Buick thing -- -- -- -- that. Forty billion applause. At this point in -- and buckle as Q is that BP 40000000001. Time pavement and so you -- it. You can't really count that every year. What is the income stream -- billions reserve millions. And what -- about oil royalties. About the of the things have accurate keep hearing about. Down or going to say Davis doubled up -- bigots doubly modify the media -- are double the bureau pretty drugged or opinion poll who's changed a bit. -- scourge of war against a lawsuit against old companies 71%. On the view or for the lawsuits. -- -- Jim Swanson who's heading up a lawsuit to lawsuit with the pitch for an adjective that John Barry. One of the authors and former members of the news you outlook protection authority. -- wanna go back to figures because. I think the public. Would would have. A different understanding. If they see evidence. That when we hear the the -- -- 50000000100. Billion. Do we have the money. And and if we don't lose in the body CU word may be. You heard -- mention. Ten billion prone BP over the oil spill. Department were correctly some of the media reported that one born John all the states and reached fourteen bill. So ten billion. Doesn't seem like an extremely. -- figure or extremely small. And. I think that's a pretty accurate. Assessment of what could likely come in from all the sources in the BP's bill. Obviously that's in the court system and and that the court system will decide that it could be more. Could be more could be less. And good luck with -- -- company -- -- and they said you know we're talking about that -- billion alone by a fifty billion -- output to two billion dollars you put down to open. In detail on it but. It didn't you with I think we're gonna have to be paying somewhere around a billion here. Tell me about the -- who we've got allocated for the -- Yeah I think that best place that. You know it's -- don't don't take this for me because the CP RA publishes every year a fiscal year. 2014. Paul closed to -- attraction ranch review and convinces -- state agency in charge of the wreck right this the coast -- Protection and restoration authority publishes. And annual plan I'm -- the 2014. Annual plan in my hand right now. I'm turning to table four point one that that shows the revenues that they believe they will have for the next three fiscal years. And in 2014 that amounts to 721. Million dollars for 2015 it's 635. Million dollars. And for fiscal year 2016 that's 220 million dollars. And you can look right on the line items in this report you can tell which things are. Our sources of recurring revenue and which are one time things are a number of sources of revenue that are running out for example. The a lot of the money in this budget around 450. Million dollars that were talking about in these years was based on. Budget surpluses in Louisiana in 07 no way to know nine those are going to be gone the last year that there is any. Reference to those budget budgetary figures is in the it's in the fiscal year 2016 budgets eleven million dollars so you know that sources of revenue are are running out. To fond of this master plan at fifty billion dollars you would need a billion dollars a year. And that's to do the projects that are on to the drawing board now I was at a meeting of the south Louisiana flood protection district. Recently in the last two months in the CPR a representative came to the meeting. And be identified all of the plans that are in the buffer zone in our region these are all plans that are designed to restore. The coastal buffer zone there either sentiment diversion plans or marsh restoration plans. And we went through you know ten or twelve or fifteen of them. For most of those projects. The that he said. The representative said we don't have the money to start these were waiting for a funding source forty's. So. To the idea that that the money is there and we have the money now and we were doing everything that we planned to do. We are not that and the people honest people from the CPR a and in their written reports and and the ones that come to our meetings will tell you that very clearly. So it isn't -- controversy -- in complicated. As this news. We do not have enough money now on nobody can point to is where it's coming from. And if it's -- use the weird is in order to yet. A billion a year we need this citizens or going to have to pay for I don't know who can debate that. And that and if you're out there. Either in the oil companies economist. Call we will do a show Jon Barry has volunteered. To debate two and a very civil then we're all on the show. So let people here. Renewed talks -- we can't edit Micah drill -- and sound -- in TV news of the newspaper. He's come here to everything you want to we'll give it three hours if you can come along and talk to. Out there and that it well it. Air -- are paying out 73 million dollars. Back -- that. That bought share but new bought protection. So that it. Outline that it. Or after but that's apt to be today and it got what this day. And more by. And this child on my concern we get roughly eighty and now here projectile that little program. And it's expire and you hear. It well that he. Appropriated every year yet and that's the situation and lots and we get -- eighty billion dollars. Is. Yeah I happened on navy warship. And that -- So. The review now I think that. Get that -- and work on a lot of authority would ever consider. -- But again where would it be sued -- companies thought at the -- we shoot that because -- broke the law. And they say art you. You know they bitten. Well that's for court that the side. That is not the legislature. And -- retroactively. And jell -- lost. -- is Jim was saying earlier that her Allah or. I'll describe. The fact that they filled it app and it a couple of days ago. Goes and then on the court as as. On trial or. Gentlemen. Paula go through roping book we have run out of time and look. This is this in a minute ago report that talked to him Roland you should be informative you know. Whenever a topic columnists he admitted between this 783 million you mentioned. Money for infrastructure we don't have money for the pleased with Brunette. Money for the prison we don't money for tons of things in the billions of dollars. They'll only worry. We're gonna start getting Olympics. Is for government to -- and find more money for what they -- Or we pay for. So does the public really has the decision to make do we tell the government you -- upon the way we trust him. We came forward ourselves. Or do we yes and people that been good to us weekly Wednesday unless she helped would you. -- -- -- -- gentlemen thank you welcome. It's governor upheld stable this coming right back.