WWL>Topics>>4-17-14 11:10am Garland: with artist Terrance Osborne

4-17-14 11:10am Garland: with artist Terrance Osborne

Apr 17, 2014|

Garland talks with Terrance Osborne, the artist behind this year's Jazz Fest poster.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We're talking about does for us this or having some on this hour and that makes me want to remind you. -- reported today and give way to -- free tickets to suggest as dornin is at 1248. Or stick around to report and go give your number and let's go up or you both and letters and numbers are accurate caller number eight you'll win protected too. Just felt that support. Three broad talking about object of it is every year what has become a rigged valuable commodity. A jealous those poster Contra to news given to one's elect our. And we have one -- this year that has Indonesia was posters ward tolerant and captured two million people that done and and -- is the latest 2014. And mortar board twelve credit probably yeah. The domain critic in this city. Wrote about it then and he's been tough opponents -- the efficiencies that -- simply. This is a treatment and go from there. But the name of the vote -- I think people of her view welcomed the show and congratulations. Thank you Ireland appreciate it. Work for the people that or new New Orleans or or the young pupil and then you'll. That the issues of particular interest from the and I'm sure you feel so -- Look helping you warn young artists because it -- that. Is -- to make a living room. It's -- -- business even begin troop put in the do. So before we look at the tremendous success you. We did 22 people both young and instantly and old. Would come -- this -- Well. A -- on -- -- a hobby so. And my oldest brother so are always had an interest and it. And but really. When I was in school. Pasted. Hang with the kids who could draw that I would always find the kid who could draw the best in the school -- within. And learn from them and then eventually -- -- -- high school I was so involved and art that. I I can find anybody who was as involved. As I was. So. But I I had had that natural drive sports so. I think. That that's the most important thing to have if you have that natural drive for -- some people just. They do it kind -- uh oh I had do it is -- the are used to do it. I don't think there's people ever redo the there and they're not really artists 'cause it's almost not a choice you know used if you don't do it then you're gonna go crazy you know her her her. So you know that this. I think that if if you -- young younger person and use you wanna make a career out of it and you're serious about it it's gonna happen on its. Own. -- but basically. -- -- -- -- -- What you're talking about is a passion and when I've when I asked people what true passion. The roll call for fishing it's an honor and compassion is something you will do every day. Never get tired of it -- morning news again and yet that's what being an all coaches yet. It's exactly that. But but the scary part how long how old were you are young you were -- -- this -- this tournament. I was in middle school. Then in my teachers have told me. While I was in elementary school I was drawing alive and doing bulletin boards and things like that. They till we get it I should go into art that they thought I had. Some talent while I was just doing it but but the timing -- to middle school. I was in the program called Townshend visual arts which which really refine my skills I -- I'm Matt and artists who is a practicing working artists. He came to my school. Pull me out of class work with a -- for an hour and then put me back from class. And that you know before that had never met artists that can. -- this guy that lives off of his art this is you know woody woody does. So I think at that point and make a decision that that's. Really wanted to do this group departed and then we'll get into the poachers the part they're always amazes me. To -- and artists in the beginning you think yourself opinion a picture got a solid and paying enough. And so it and you know you're you're not thinking about. -- and should not talking about severe region you're just thinking about to put food on the table there and to have transportation. Much listen to him. I get past that part or. Because of the -- from -- is that not at all. Well. I mean. I guess that's that's a layered questions from fifth and if you know it. I kept doing I was teaching. When after I graduated from college smokers who is a little bit yet and income and exactly and that had that consistent income. And so I knew every two weeks ago at that teaches paycheck. And that set back kind of that kept everything going. Even though I was making more of an income with my artwork because I come home and paint and work -- -- commissions. Go back to school in I made more money with my heart that I was with my teaching job I was just too -- acquit that. You can have ski lift up the top in order to ski but you had. Some -- implement to get troops in position and a -- -- yet that's horrible wondered about it. Let me take a break here all right come back -- -- talked to. Turns on board position -- our lives and -- -- the partisan. Four millimeters. But -- got the 2014. Poster you ought to go wrong in particular can use spectacular. And if if you're just interest in art when we get into one of the top two markets. It was call we got the god to six he grow 170. Told for a anywhere in the country since it stated Niger -- -- government. -- got called from cal poignant or so we know realistically gives call up and all the good grief a low barred. -- -- talk and artists leave loved reading about and see movies about them. We're got going to be extraordinary ones in New Orleans Houston and a George Rodrigue. And dreams Merkel are loose lineage his shoes his -- telcos poster. The Columbia 2014. -- Osborne. Will. Tell tell us about. About the painting itself sodium frontpage was that -- magazine was. We've always some premium. And drew a New Orleans living I think there and and it was a big big pain. Yes -- it says it's an -- campaigning it's eight by a doctor act should -- commitment and use it improbable blanket and but at Nuremberg. That owned the the poster business there cause says you're. And you grow. I'd say okay. Who do you want me to pay if it didn't win the needed and he says -- I needed like yesterday an immediate payment with that. So so pretty much and the processes. IRA I submit a budget sketches. And then but it firm -- picks the the image said he wants. And then he says OK now refine that sketch and then he picks from a bunch of sketches that. Are the product of that one and that he picked. Not. I think in general people don't understand the -- relationship between the artist. Are for now witches. And who Jazz Fest sub contracts to to take care of the poster. People think that Jazz Fest is the poster. You know but that's not true so others. Jazz -- says. OK art for now. You remember demanding. I'm gonna hire you to find the artist and pick the subject and all and so that so that by the time it gets to the artists. All that's already decided. And so the process becomes. Art for now. It is. Buddy Brad Bird he says he's kind of like the producer. Where he. Is working directly with the artists and artists is like a musician and -- so. Our our singer. If you'll. And so that hope it's almost a collaborative process all the way through and told you to the year you're done. And it's tough the -- I would assume. But we're usually pay you get in -- and something good -- catch for yourself and begin pain but businesses. You do so and say that's good I think that's finished minutes ago now and do something different. That stuff yeah -- that -- that's the toughest part of the process because and I have to -- to constantly detached from whatever I've just drew or painted and I enjoyed. And so it's almost lucky if you don't take your ego out of it it'll drive you crazy you know. Did you you have to go into it and say OK whatever. And they want. I'm gonna give it to. And that and that for an artist that's like the toughest thing to do because you always want to create intuitively. Increase from that place where a year most comfortable. Explain some to and from the U -- I've read where you were two summary incorporation from Banco. But I don't think I've ever seen. Opinion before yours submissive cruelly that didn't look dull it just didn't have the the vibrancy. Of an oil pretty. And to the contrary. Oh boy and I pursue all of your first two or three that a sullen person. I didn't even say hi to get that -- cruelly cut thought was oil there because the crawl walk on at the colors are extraordinary. How do you do that with the. Cruel acts. Well first -- I work with golden brown and paints in -- pretty much the top of the line for acrylic. Would it and if you mix you're gonna get what you. Are expecting. Not a says that's easy process of his every time you're you mix it's kind of an experiment and mixing music and experiment collar. But. I I know that. The the ease all the way to explain it. So that most people understand is -- I mixed my pain until it turns electric and then I'd apply. And I'm looking for that. That. Energy in the paint. And -- continue mixing until that happens. To the -- it's in pursuing the druze city where -- -- -- the best thing shouldn't just mixes. With the that's the towel in the end of that neutral white could tell me about -- after oblivious to that. There are a lot of artists that whose golden. And it doesn't come out that way I get to -- -- where you're you bring in her pools in the you know gold colored yellows and what won't. -- that's not a minute too but if we could do just extra urban tree got. Yeah I just I just keep experimenting. I don't know I guess I just. If it if it doesn't look like it is and and if the pain doesn't look like it has energy and it then I'm not satisfied with -- like it's it's almost tough for me to do black and white. Because there's something about that color that speaks to me. And maybe it is. -- act that started with color. Richard Thomas course is my mentor who's also doing the Congo square poster and by the way that's your first time as you know student teacher. So I it is cause -- very vibrant. And so that that's where murders -- this kind of naturally drawn to that. Tell me about the image -- preservation hall. While of that tin and why this image as it symbolize anything or hinder -- -- things in there that people. Just wouldn't understand by just looking at. Well. There and there's the cat. President of like an out of there white cat that it a lot of people thought that was ghostly symbol because I know it's not it's not that the band has a cat I mean in this sense the we. Talk about ghostly stuff there's stories that they have about the cats that -- that they always after that they get a white cat. That white cat dies and then another one shows up they don't know where it comes from and it's -- creepy about it. But back cat is. The -- suites. And and he's. In the painting the Israeli us in the sense that he's expected. He's only. Other. Living being in the paint. And and one of the things that. I hate to -- my ignorance but. The way. That. Preservation hall was brought about it think he says -- -- And then binge happy. A solid ground and yet in the sun. He is at the top of this painting. Yes he is overlooking holes he has and you know and it's it's he's almost in the shadows really he's at the top but he's over off to the left. Under the balcony. And that whole band the streaming out of the hallway kind of pouring out of that main hallway. Now and that's very characteristic of -- if you meet him he's a very. Humble guy. He almost all say anything unless you ask my question you know so he kind of he falls back and you don't even realize like how. I mean much power he has -- -- -- to -- But he he's he's gay guy. And I and I know that some of -- limited limited to limited edition posters. Have been members signing them we view that they give beginning input that they go the thank you ought to change this -- -- -- Oh no no -- funny you know there there is the you know signing with them -- -- -- in no time you know. The that they they -- -- it -- tell me anything about it that -- I I would I'd like that you know as an artist season you wanna hear that stuff. But they were cool. All right we can take a break news whom we come back young people middle aged people can I just love art. We've got -- in New Orleans top artist ever -- -- issues chants as poster. Artist for 2014. Crumbled -- Preservation hall critics have been inquiries and raging about it. If not the best one in the best ever and that's all -- -- posters say that about. You can talk to get -- to ask him what it was like. The minister and Osborne is called 2601. Pizza leader told -- exit dictated zero -- Welcome back having some on -- -- -- to have access to mind -- twelve reported today. A giveaway a couple of book region's first ticket Suze stay with the food -- phone numbers and pure caller number eight you wouldn't a couple of tickets. I have -- Osbourne. These -- posts or for 2014. And I think you you have moved you or these something that is good news robbery -- All of -- big artists who know all over the country don't. Withdrew. That. Yeah yeah pretty good has been happy about it you know and injured Google with a gallery. Yes yes I always said that Heidi wasn't gonna open a gallery. -- I let you don't lose it. But I like to be at home I like to work at home. My I've always consider myself and remand. And but I think it's. I think it's overdue now and people people who have been looking forward and I I decided that I could still be home I can. Put all of my work at the gallery and still. Or compulsive or -- home it and and who's been front yard for a hired somebody -- -- -- -- our scars which is it business galleries binary thing yes I have talked from the about the business because young artists and -- there. One of following your footsteps and and it's scary. What what's the business side -- what do you have to think of business was to be success. It. Well I think one of them. Where we're waiting for somebody to come in and discover us sciences you know make -- a star now. But that person will never show up so I think. The main thing is just we have to change our minds about. How we're -- become successful or Howard and survive as an artist that we basically have to do it ourselves. You know. And that. That person with the connections. Won't calm and lets you are doing it to show them why they should come in. Ari do. Lipstick -- example let's say businesses not the official. Poster. To agree pain. It'd take me through business. What what do you do to let people know which their use you don't have your gallery yeah yeah. So what do you do. Well I. -- -- social media. And FaceBook in Seagram and Twitter at their free I mean it's like. It is to not take advantages. Would make any sense especially for an artist. But. I have a website tenants -- dot com. I'd pepper wrote that with everything I do. In any jobs him of course mark my wife disease business and what I do and she -- an excellent job. She. What she schedules all of my energies. Anything that I do news she's. Quick to promote it. To reduce social networks. You know it's really it's really not. I mean it it seems like it's clear but it's it's really as simple as Estes. Putting. My work. Pushing -- as far as the Congo. Those things that by now. You're -- good how does this have few weeks to do some weeks are -- -- duties in twos start chew some idea. And used to -- in some. Yet you take a photograph put message there yeah yeah I -- yeah of course it. Yes see you mention acting that good -- has -- Hosea -- -- -- no idea -- thing yeah way I do. What I do is I take photographs all along the way and I start to. Post those photos to show my process as them going and people and treat. And date as it and then. And to a certain degree become a part of campaigning because they'll give their input and is somebody has a good idea I might even. The use that idea and they see that materialized. So other others might see that same process and everybody wants to get snowballs after awhile they wanna get involved with the process. And then so once side and done with the pain in. The potential Fuller four to sell as much greater. Then on top of that I can make prance. The also basically reproductions of the of the image and then all those people who were interested in and it if they couldn't afford the original could get the -- so. It's. You know it's that it's that. Process that's what. Intimate thing people lose and during -- UT program. George view and I important uptown but you have people following you from all over the world -- you know yeah yeah I do it and Jazz Fest it. Brings them into today it's that's an island -- yeah -- answering -- music in general and yourself potent. Take a photograph. Showing the progress has. Put a couple lines and it. -- -- Georgia as in people from all holds little or come and talk Cuban experts it's my book and it and really. Hello boom when we come back and talked to about the process of G. A look at all the people there and and I'm not looking for numbers. But always wondered. Over in bringing into the tent than bringing in May be long or for people walk column and my own things for the pain and paintings and so forth and so on. Does it take an established artist -- or ordered rock and roll in Google for that cause for in somebody. That that is. Relatively new hasn't built up award judge bought his talent captain -- Coming right back doubled -- BO brigade celebrity indium 1052 -- -- -- -- about Jazz Fest this hour and a couple of ways we're gonna give words some free tickets at 1240 this afternoon. Gives all I'll give you a number or thereabouts and if you call and you're the eight caller we have cup will return to. While we're talking about is an extraordinary poster I think when the -- poachers ever Perugia. V. -- report change as for his post with Terrence Osbourne. This is blitzes and number one more. In years old very young men. I think yeah -- -- to -- -- -- -- have -- -- and that's about it. Yeah I think so thinker and a narrow our attention co -- listed six. X six I think after -- -- for me. And when you got the first call -- to do this where your body is successful artist we're over in rock and roll and or was this. -- -- like good news on -- good news all. I was I was Iraq and Roland as forests are as concerned Clinton vote. I had a small following at the time I was teaching at Alice heart. On the on the West Bank. And so art for now but it -- calls me and says says he was reduced. Congo square poster. And of course I was. Big news for me you know cute yet I mean. I hadn't had a -- a job that was like. The national or international. The commission. So. So I don't event. And -- that that. Well -- know it's funny is when when. When but call me and said you when he -- duty first says while. Not too crazy about chart but everybody else's so let's let's do this if it's I don't like that if. Often wondered there every -- -- the of the -- please. I had to even before and you you. You step and you always have great -- Buehrle beautifully. Present a beautiful presentation. Worked and -- is standing room only. Four young artists and listening today that says when they don't like to do that is that number one the Gideon. Number twos is expensive to get in. And when you're there what one of the -- pit board what do you -- out of there will it yet. Well. You know if you are if you're young artists and you have a -- -- you probably. Wool need to save. Maybe two paychecks TE to pay for. A Booth suggests festival. If you were doing two weekends today and it's a whole lot more that's that's a that's a different process when you -- -- for one week and one day. One weekend -- debt because there there are two weekends. Come. I believe the second weekend it is four days at the first week and it's three days. But it's you know it's. It's not too costly but I guess just depends on you know -- year. And and what you've got -- -- Dude do you meet people that did finally on Thursday's sell a lot worried there -- how does the whole thing war. Well it depends on which your what your prices are in a reality and -- artists like. Everything in my Booth in for for years. That slowly started to come to about half of everything and then now. I'll sell about a quarter of whatever happened to. Because my my prices have changed who's who will know when you've got an audio work now known around the world so dallas' -- two people or able -- yeah yeah it takes it takes a special person walk up and say yeah I want -- for 30000 dollars into. And I'll always wonder as of this and I did one time but it didn't get details. Four years when went past what is it Hilton. -- Chopped to lose yet you know some arguments and yeah that a convention. That whole side of that building is giant TNT Muir. And it's yours an inordinate time I always wondered how in the heck do you paint something the size of the bill. I wondered that too before I did it at the do they just come noon so we'd like to work like -- -- of new role on the entire side of the field. While net you know if -- way it happened my my wife and I we were driving down a street we had our first car. And and she says wouldn't -- look nice on that building. And I knew she was going because she's -- she has great business sense. But I was thinking this is a Hilton Hilton's not and he gave me time today at the Hilton you know. That -- set I was a teacher at that time so. Any. -- she says well I'm gonna send a proposal and to Hilton says that. And I'm gonna pretend as if -- you. -- to get the job. So -- okay go ahead you know secede. She did it the united being anything it would happen that I also put that in the art side of it and the united -- -- Drawing and submitted it and the Hilton called and said hey we want you to do this mural that the -- hundred. In five bucks 41 feet -- five feet yeah 105 -- 41 feet. And and on top of that it's starts the bottom of it starts at about forty feet up. So. -- basically eighty feet off the ground at the top of the -- and and you're sitting moon I'm unmarked. I I range window cleaning scaffolding all the way across. And -- to go up and down you're not -- rated high so I am I I thought I wasn't until I got up there with the and immunity then it was scary because you could if if I push the building in the polls counseling with with rock out and. And the building yet I mean people should groups -- -- truly extraordinary. Art. You wore the official jazz for the food shortage 2000 porting -- -- out of people get. Well -- currently can go to art for now that's art for now dot com. To -- to get the poster. You. You get the poster after jazz festival -- -- -- one of the lucky ones to to go to the jazz festival and grab one and then you're dead but most of them will be. Available. Our cars you'll. It will be shipped to you after jets festival you and you're -- in was meant to position yes poachers all of -- -- and yet. And that's that's. That's one thing about. The artist. You can always skip those limited edition posters from the -- voting website they go to my website to get that -- so most parents house -- -- on TE RR a NC. OS BOR and com. Extraordinary figures still very very very young -- -- via the totem pole and our congratulations. For you Posner. Portrait of those in Congo square and as always to repeat talking to you and good luck and it's a huge thanks currency event. Coming right back coming up next we're gonna think about America's financial situation it's a book called the death of Monday. Sabres don't DO.