WWL>Topics>>4-17-14 2:10pm Angela: on sweets

4-17-14 2:10pm Angela: on sweets

Apr 17, 2014|

Angela talks desserts with David Haydel of Haydel's Bakery and Tariq Hanna of Sucré.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Well look you gave up sugar for -- you're not alone. And it's a good -- probably counting the minutes shall Sunday when you'll be able to -- on down on any number of treats. Together in the mood to of the experts in the art and science of all things dessert. David hey Dale Junior third generation baker at an institution in our area pay bills bakery. Pay -- was named the national family business of the year by the Small Business Administration. Not long ago. And Tarek. -- Death -- that. Cannot. I'm saying it right monumental human being in a nice man executive -- of sucre. Just named one of the top ten and shot the tears in North America. Congratulations that you earned tremendous. Economic had to explain what that -- that is great. I'm thinking about the show last summer thinking you know all of the people who give up sugar for -- dessert Verlander whenever. Are circling like buzzards. Around your two places of Vista but waiting to dive down. It must be a compliment in a way that people do give up sugar. Because they look at them and they're not given a -- I think in an option. Pro for us that they would rather have them give them properly yeah I would definitely out but it's a compliment to -- lot of all things sweet. And you too -- people. Which are that your -- might make people happy. -- that's what makes us happy. Makes me happy and pretty dramatic stay -- -- that definitely. So you go to work smiling and it does work. So I'll work. It's just fun it's just fun it's basically we get paid to him well for me at least it. That the third there's a work element to it when you need to change a light bulbs and it -- Play a plunge so -- you know the toilet and on occasion and you know like I guess. -- being up top has its drawbacks that's the work but but when the you know he gets him most assault then. In sugar and chocolate and -- couldn't. All that fun stuff. Yeah it's almost just giving you money to play was your hobby. That's a good way of doing and a -- thing you know both of you both -- you come from different worlds and cents. And yet you still. Have the the bottom line of making people happy enjoying -- -- in drilling whether to wedding cake or this magnificent and we should see with this man brought in. Are Q my new best friend and they you know what I -- to be that hooks. It works -- let me tell you it works I'm gonna get to know how you vomit your lines and how lucky they -- And did you give them lots of -- Let's talk about that now let's let's talk about was that an element of -- appeal. Well for me. My wife and I were dating. I'm basically I told him listen you know if you're married to -- wedding cake so and you what what other draw Katrina had. You just said it could and then I'll bring it treats home any time you want she complains about that man who don't bring it home enough equipment. I think she get to a very good and what about your life. Yeah my my my wife Jennifer's. Ha ha ho -- will review holds around desserts. She will skip. Every every night she. Talks about how. You know she. May have like maybe at a tiny little piece of what I haven't and so full but she'll eat a whole pint of Ben and Jerry's its price hike that. It's it's. The savory food for is just a justification. To get to do is it's so but give them when we first met I think. I I didn't realize that. Have probably cents a via. And it's I do enable the problem because she is one my biggest critic. Secondly my biggest fan yet. So it's it's nice because all new product that I try to come up when she's the first one that has made the that really honest opinion of whether or not we should go forward with a and so she's -- news. She's. And and you know she's one that really kind of inspires a lot of a lot of what we did. That. To me so I I'd take credit for relief sometimes a lot of lot of vision -- That's fine along I just keep feeding her sugar I can. I can keep claiming that I think that that since it's you married well what if you would married a woman who I'm sure would've been wonderful but. Didn't like sugar didn't alarm -- a month -- Anderson I'm not. Are trying to be a little Scania. Maybe or you would be the taster and -- big heavy. Well let's kind of start a commodity -- first you just won the -- ten best doctors that that's a big honor. It's huge it's -- indicates -- and I write something I never ever expected. I was lucky because a couple of years ago I was name on time best restrictions by the same and publication. And this is. Growing up and I say growing up drawing up in my industry. The goal was always to make that -- restless the pastry chefs and pastry on design magazine. It's now called as a professional and it's it's basically your pieces. That. That you know I'd look up to -- via -- -- issues. You know kind of bestows upon. And dad and so like I got ten best -- -- and I'm like that's at the pinnacle. And end. Also in the copious later they say. You know Haiti you've just been named one of the ten best. Properties in North America and North America North America not just American know how America. And and that was that was pretty amazing and -- did you dissent in. Now a lot of it is state I think they really just base it on and on your body of luck. You know it's it's a lot of times say these guys -- Whether they order product for me to the hear about what you do mean parents you know they. It's amazing -- sort of -- and I'm sure David attests in this sometimes like you you'd get these write ups and it's. Like really right -- date they got the stuff from me it's like Norman and remember them you know ordering that a lot of times sailed this order stuff blindly and if they. You can't you get in nomination it's like an Oscar. Yeah put it in the -- well -- nose and a lot of chance -- they -- when the James Beard award. This this just for me want when I always wanted and and I was actually the first page trichet to win the talk to your award as well. Back to win them back to back so so that was that was clinical. That is a very cool I want everyone to stay with us were gonna continue to talk to too great. -- calling you desert people sweep people you're wonderful people we can we are so very good manager in our community but I wanna find out from David about. I'll never forget it. You came up with the idea of let's wrap the superdome twice with -- think. My dad did it we just execute we're gonna hear details on that stay with -- will be right back. I'm loving talking to two. You know I used to say in another life my most important man in my life would be an air conditioning man because I can't stand the heat. I'm I'm seriously thinking of changing it to. Dessert people you call yourself -- your shouts you're both. -- Patricia pastry -- Pay her for that we're talking with. Tarek Hannah with -- Craig and David -- Dale Junior with -- bakery. And we're talking about the wonderful lives they lead and what they create for us. And -- that we had we talked about that incredible moments that. You say was your father I thought it was you came up the idea let's wrap the superdome twice well. What happened was we were kids my dad had made -- king cake around our school gym. And he he dubbed the world's largest Kincaid doesn't think anybody can proceed can take that day and and after that the night when I was younger you know return to my brother and -- We got to -- one around the superdome and you know we -- that often you know he was all excited. The couple years ago during the midst of Mardi Gras the saints were on the way to the Super Bowl and my brother was he was a little exhausted and he says. Don't put that can -- that superdome that was talking about. Macedonia and etiquette these can take out the door -- But let's not even worry about that right now. So we made it through Marty grown and kinda kinda grew lakes we start thinking about it thinking about it and we contacted innocent in from from that point did it start to become a reality. And then we were gonna do one huge king -- that looped over itself. And innocent not that can't do that it has to be just a scaled up version of regular king -- would be. And and markets and then let's just due to. It would be put one on the inside one on the outside can we get to world records and they came back and said -- you can get to world record so that's that's in the bill. So just. Transport. About seventeen pallets of king cake she. And and an -- in eighteen Wheeler yeah actually UPS. That's Hui who handles all of our overnight shipping our king cakes on. We did all this in the middle of the night -- Atlanta -- there. Drivers that race drivers with the PDT mailers and it was to eighteen months of the king cake in boxes and icing sugar and the whole nine yards and we've worked we worked. From about 1030 at night and I think we finally finished about 6:30 in the morning just in time. To start getting ready for the party and for -- to -- installer weighing everything in measuring everything. -- Do you mean you put it all around the down and then you'll went around to put the sugar topping -- -- we laid everything out we had about four teams working. From different corners victims round the different areas -- on the dome. And they they worked here counter clockwise until late payment explore. -- Just to walk around -- yeah it's something it's a half a mile around the dome. Once or twice and was over Miley king can. Syndicate that is almost an outbreak that racket that is I mean as pastry chefs bakers were pretty insane but that is not settle -- -- ideas and wonderful not last -- stay awake for 48 hours straight time but you make your -- per he he he still talks about their consequences how. How long did it take to throughout the whole logistics. On it it was about six months in the making. Austin to figure. How much. How many excrement sugars in the the whole nine yards and then. Guinness had a hole on the other. Layer of stipulations and rules and regulations near flawless and they physically had someone here yeah yeah she came out in. She was like one -- -- to. I felt better and how many babies just one baby actually had a hundred babies in the king -- we had local restaurants and hotels and everybody on donate prizes if you got a king -- prize. If he doesn't say if you can -- -- got the -- -- he got the wanted to prizes so there was a 10000 different prizes -- there and it. They can raise the most 50000 dollars sauces and -- Cummins and it was a it was a great day. All for all the right reasons and a lot of happy people eating great -- definitely. -- -- I keep saying that -- Terror that's fine in my sleep and that character -- I loved the story. If you were born to do which you do because you were born in Nigeria -- next to make local factory. Yeah I I wasn't actually like physically born next at a factory but listen to close it up we know what where we lived. And it was actually the second house of -- lived in was. In within. Stone's throw what was it that natural cocoa processing plot so all the bees or harvested at a time much it was a huge huge. -- grower of cocoa now gone is -- biggest. Which is a couple of countries down. And so well and you know post fermentation in any of the local product that they would they would -- roast a lot of the beans and and so the whole neighborhood it's melted chocolate. And that's what put me off chocolate as a kid I was never again had a sweet tooth and -- chocolate really want some things. And it is it was just by I guess you don't want that I and a it chocolate I mean I've I've got to tattooed on me as well the molecular structure chocolates tattooed on me. So it is it's been in my blog literally since I since I was about five or six years old. But can you imagine waking up and smelling air shop for a chocolate person that is that is Stefan yeah. Now for. -- hot humid and we're talking about the transportation average nineteen cake in reflected a mean an eighteen Wheeler in -- That something they sit in the commercial I laughed out loud but it's not funny at one of the biggest difficulty you have. With wedding cakes in our area are the root. It out. So how do you do that -- somebody just sitting near or several people holding -- -- -- when you sweat bullets slip. You drive at least here. It's ED drive really slow or really frosts. Get over so you see him -- speeding down the road. And I -- -- on board sometimes that the best way to do is get it have you ever had a catastrophe. We've had it we've had a couple happened but it luckily we were able to get it fixed in time and nobody was the lines. Not now I -- luckily I've not. We we cannot catastrophe because of the wild. Black -- just on a sinking its -- now -- and it was the argument. The reception it was a it was bogus writing a few years ago but tonight on that same day. There about seven other wedding cakes in the city fell. The just collapsed because it was so hot in humans. And what happens the placing itself -- not the filling the -- just starts to melt and we put in its. No matter how much support you put in that suggests Austin -- to her and so the bride -- walk up to their sinking -- Hopefully it's fixed before he holed it yeah and that that's the thing it's like when you know if you get the emergency call from the reception hall you have to race back out there and style wedding stuff than that but. But I I -- K roll around back in. The truck but it wasn't him but the my first wedding cake delivery. My assistant at a time. Hannah had a Ford Explorer and we we put it in the back -- the Ford Explorer and that's an -- about UV just drive Foster will get it there in one piece because she drove like a -- on how all hitting every ball that she could find and at what point of looking back and I can do at the top -- is okay. That's all of that backseat. And at what point I saw the entire cake -- pop -- pitches. And come back down. And -- -- perfectly put all adequately so so construction wise who want it we we do. We do agree to -- in this is set up always says that making. Is both art and science but it's also architecture it's absolutely. Yeah a cut that we we deprive -- contractors. Absolutely you could -- but that would be such heartbreak not just for the bride and groom. But for the man who made it to think oh my gosh. But so literally as they're collapsing in the heat and now would he say to people on hot days you can't but can't count until the last second. I I generally when people say it's going to be an out the wedding and the case going to be outside. We have this whole. A disclaimer. You know we basically to -- don't design cakes for that purpose. What -- we have done. Actually is -- just lost Sama. They were very insistent that the the what it was that at at city park and they wanted and out all wedding and so on. So we did the entire dummy K. Star parliamentarian but there was a small portion of the -- That they were able to cut into. So -- we staged it for them and and the rest of the KK and from. From the inside. Obvious that that was that was her one time that that IA I got beaten into submission guys beat by a bride. But it but it was a lot longer along planning process wasn't quite six months but it was. It was the only way we're gonna get it done. You know you bring up a good point we're gonna have to go to new -- but only come back we wanna hear about -- what -- expect. Aren't expecting more. Now that we have all of these fabulous television shows stay with this'll be right. I don't wanna stop talking because when I do like eat healthy clip and I meaning all sorts of wonderful sweet things. It is the season Atlanta a lot of people have given up sugar and on I guess I'm attempting but we have to really at giants in the in the sweet world. Great ships great -- Baker's. In. -- Hannah and David -- -- we were talking about you both in the business long enough to know. That working with brides is a very it's a very special moment for them spin wheels -- putting it. Yes yeah and and they have perhaps a perception of what they that. Give me some -- stories in the desert. I well one thing that we we we talked about though is actually too -- -- lose with the advent things like the Food Network. It has woken a lot of people up to some of the possibilities. Of what can be don't take. It makes people think way out of the box. And it's. The only thing about it is when you watch you know half -- TV show. And in thirty minutes it goes from like -- it would make. -- that spins. It's access and an explodes and then comes back to gather in -- and it's gonna -- its cult I. Yeah. They don't realize its -- take like four weeks to make that okay. -- Time -- money. And I hate them like big personality group will pretty much like Paulus. But they're not quite but. Pot while what went when you do -- -- PVC pipe only costs so much money it's it's time. To put that PVC pipe. In the right place skill and the scale. So really it's the -- land it where the money is -- So I think. One of the issues that we face it's craze we have people come and it please elaborate ideas. Without the budget. Down and Dan wall. A table this gonna cost you. Thousand dollars while -- -- it was only spent fall -- -- While I can give your slice of what he -- And I think the other thing for me is the advent of interest. Date that I won't this take exactly answer like -- -- acting that K we don't copy cakes because. If -- does a -- I -- copy what he does. If I do a -- generally he's not going to be able to copy exactly what I do is much -- trying to copy someone's hand pricing. In -- you facing similar thing oh yeah absolutely. I mean you know the the -- to come in it's time we on average to thirty to forty weddings a weekend. And that's insane. And depending on depending on the time of year. And in order to get all those -- complete and and Don you know we wanna be able to give -- each take that the time and attention that it needs and like -- -- our exit if if they come in with this -- that they've seen on TV or somewhere that's taken you know seven days to make and we have to make it in three dollars. And then delivered three New Orleans streets to get it where it's got to go. Sometimes it's just not a reality. So. The TV shows have been good and bad news good that. That people conceded that there's a lot of different things that can be done that maybe they didn't know about him but -- had an -- it. I saw that on TV you should be adamant that -- How has. The work you do changed since you start it in the wow you know. As far wedding cakes go. I can remember as a kid there was like three wedding cakes in the front shop in. And a prize economy in this that went pretty I'll take and so that's what they get. And then over the years you know. The the tools that we work with heavy -- you know it is the natural Fonda and then. You know there's different types of poor ice things and trim since cancels and you know things like that so silicon -- -- -- bodies in a while yeah. Com and so you know with all those things coming into the the pride that used to come in and pick out I'll take -- number one. On the left hand side is is no longer you know everything everything is pretty much custom for each pride you know made to order specific colors in. And the whole nine yards. I'm looking -- -- and you're thinking of the shelves and -- how wonderful they -- and you have some very traditional things that because. People will -- if you ever stop yes absolutely and conversely. I look at her and I look to Craig and I can see a different kind of art. And that is both of you do art. But there is a science to it and so have you ever had. You talking about the yeah. Things catastrophes in the court docket entries but gee I tried this it would be great but it didn't taste right orbit taste good and it didn't look like you want to. I absolutely I mean and -- every time we come opened an idea. You have a I mean unless you have to clear vision you had. And and -- little taste buds in your mind you know exactly what it's gonna taste like I don't have a direction to go and and it's sometimes it's. Imagination is a lot better than reality. So into this I mean has been a few -- has been some things that gist. Try try try and it's finally give up. Let's move on to the next thing. I mean not not -- not everything works out the first time sometimes you know all those times when it comes out exactly as I wants. But what I really wanted list I don't think quite good enough. So that's also whether it's you know and it's good to surround yourself with sometimes opinion native people. Now that that honest opinion naked trio who are friends who only want to see you succeed at slip like -- right. What is one of the most unusual experiences jewel amid other than raping them down I thought that was great but it's pretty for a future. Come -- usually experiences. In the world of of sweets. And if you think that -- in well my -- -- Probably the most and usual. Just the one that pops into my head. A couple of years ago. Tabasco approached us they were doing. Patricio here at the convention center. And they wanted to Tabasco king -- and they simply don't know how you're gonna do we don't know what you gonna do. Come up with how to incorporate Tabasco. And king -- because we only given out at the -- each. And so you know that the makers and and and family sat down -- -- a couple of different things and taste in them and some of it was students most of us felt bad. It turned out that we did Tabasco probably put on filling. On top of the king cake in it was out of this world is you got the sweet ride in the beginning. And then about two seconds later the -- kicked and and it was it was really really good so that's probably. One of the more than usual things that that we've done just recently. And I think for us that's it's funny -- -- this is he said Tabasco it reminded me assuming that happened I achieve just this last month. We. Now. It's kind of fun having the ability to like make whatever -- wants. But. Homicide if it works. Two weeks has been the biggest influence to me -- Korea tickets to me it's absolute perfection. Milk chocolate caramel. Shall Brad doesn't get any better than that. We reaction on a call from the mosque company. And they were doing a I -- under review for conventional. Whatever it was but they are having a big event fifty of wall to keep people and punch of that. Hi -- and executives and they wanted me to create a dessert table using all the products. All at least some of their product so I had tweaks in Snickers and well is in this stall post Milky Way. Dawn of and you know it's a game goes -- says the science of it is well you know we worked very hard says it gets where we using the product of familial way. Now yeah I'm familiar with -- because I will eat a lot of -- -- -- but I've never -- to dissect them and use them but so that the -- Paul was now how can I take. It's Mecca and turn it into it is it's and kind of take it out of its realm of the snake a bit at first bite you have to do -- suspended. So with its way X Tex was the hottest one because it's sort of like. If I get this wrong. He's I'll be loft things topic is I brag about how much -- left where access and -- and looked like a depleted pretty dead. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Such a treat today talking to two guys who literally in my life sugars it. When I just say shooter is my hero. And it is oh my gosh you just handed me pink and purple chocolate bunnies oh my gosh. Oh my gosh let's talk Easter candy while -- -- you all time. Well you have there is actually -- retreat to chocolate is say caramel Bonnie. It's sort of like of nice soft fluid salty caramel. In this missiles some of their -- Purple patch she's caught cold calls -- paint. Along with that the mat Griese has been eating we have we have kind of like a fun play elementary -- yeah for east and that's. We do a carrot cake. A -- at coconut cake with pineapple filling and band -- by elements thoughts. So it's all those flavor is packed into one nice will buy a Mac room. All three different backwards -- gala. I was not just -- mass with their light and and yet so tasteful. Yeah it's army. I've I've always left taking like classic Americana I'd -- might might crop here in in the states 47 when he is moved here. So I'm an American pastry chef. I might have a funny accent to some people so about a European -- if I'm an American chef. And -- always been enamored by American -- and true Americana and that's what I I I'd like to focus a lot of stuff on. -- just taken like you know traditional. Cakes and talks implies that you would potentially find. At Easter table. And we turn those into the Mac Koreans I'm like god spectacular. And what are your specialty system well this time a year you know we we go more on the traditional side you know we're we're we've been in business since 1959. So you know a lot of people have grown up. Getting stuff at the bakery and one of the main things we sell for Easter puck crossed the lines it's. You know the cinnamon roll. With the candied fruit in it and then we do butter cream cross on the top of them. You know that's the traditional Easter. He's -- patient that we have we do that eight cakes. It's almond cake. In -- and a molten the decorators. You know fancy him up sometimes they turn him into little Ravitz and things like that. And one of our decorators. Brought back an old tradition that I haven't seen since I was a kid. The little. Sugar -- diary animus you know -- the -- you'd put -- put sugar pressure India and make more than you take it out hollow without. And the and you decorate on the inside you -- yes the royal icing in the decorated. So we have those as well. Which isn't really cool thing that she she brought -- -- and at least now we haven't seen as an forever. And we're selling them like crazy because people are. You know they they love the nostalgia for -- And it's kind of you know it's kind of what we're known for. Is that so you know I want to know from -- of -- -- on time what is your favorite thing. I mean if you had to sit down say here's my final deserve what what -- day. Ham. Ham and -- -- a couple of I thought -- -- that the eastern. I -- and so surrounded by madness -- lumps seem real salty. Might well I for me if if I if I could be one loss does. One of them could have won but to me it would have to be. The middle class. The cornerstone for me it's a cornerstone of the page top of the page shaft is definitely a couple of the point where I lost -- -- we did in the entire month of nothing but class is needed for the two different versions of compliance. So it would be a Vanilla McLaren it's way. X. David. For B it would have to be our Russian K. -- the old New Orleans cake it's it's all of our -- combined together. With rom and east. In raspberry jelly it's pressed together overnight we topped it with butter cream. It's just something Niagara beating you know it it's. We go through a ton of it every week it and you know if we don't have it in the in the shop people like hey where's the rushing to -- don't have smaller rushing take out later physical because people come rushing -- to -- it because I don't think that that those legends is it was named for the grand -- elects in Russia. For his visit during Mardi -- Baker was was tasked with coming up with a pastry to serve him. And didn't have anything in a shopping just heard a -- through all the stuff together mixed it up and and served -- tournament so. That's that the legend of the Russian ticket for me that's that's one weakness. If it's there and their they're just cutting them up and there's a little in peace. Oh well let's just say for all of us who have loved all of your work thank you and you make this time of your very special so if anybody's out there at. Given up that sugar your real close you know where to go to Craig paid bills bakery thank you to talent and thanks for thanks so much. And if I can just finally say as a person -- absolute pleasure and on the media but also the fact I get. Finally meet. Page now this is a treat the tube and getting to put the foot the first thing I have and I'm it to fuel and its patents and it really has been an absolute honor and a pleasure while and it's nice -- easy to -- aspects -- -- miners will be right back.