WWL>Topics>>4-17-14 3:10pm Angela: on running a restaurant

4-17-14 3:10pm Angela: on running a restaurant

Apr 17, 2014|

Angela talks with restauranteurs Scot Craig of Katie's and Chef Duke Lo Cicero of Café Giovanni.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Well I'm on a sugar high right now -- I think those two delightful. Wonderful guys from hate -- bakery and sucre because they're just they're dynamite people as well as very talented guy. We're gonna shift a little bit because seafood season is in full swing crawfish shrimp crab boils rank with outdoor grilling. So what are your secrets to a great crawfish boil and if meat is on your list of treats Easter Sunday. We have two wonderful ships to share tips for amazing Easter meals and grills. And we wanna hear about yours if you think -- -- makes a great call and share your secrets. That's 260187. Joining us now and I'm equally thrilled is shift -- Let me get this right because. I don't want to average estimate of fund raiser Tony. Don't tell me the sister. Minor thank you very much of this around Asia and its as a LO -- residents Cicero and all Iranians around and of course the great writer and Italian. Cicero crisis and as you processor areas through different name of the Lawrence thank you explosives around. Can't thank you yeah well and I love this. -- -- -- These it's a beautiful looking -- -- said to me. Angel it's to her first name she'll be able blow -- -- count with twenty year. I have to -- the ones that are sent are our own it's our eye on the sky. My background this got us my parents -- -- -- This is great. And that support with Kate these restaurant and -- -- who left tonight you had one of our great. Fellow workers here at your place last night she walked by oh you're gonna have -- is not that yes we are. All -- ask about the seafood big game this and that we're gonna talk about now which have tremendous fans as both of you do now. Mean it and now and let me tell you they come walking in with wine. You know insulin and sugar high to malign -- it and we cannot bring -- line thank you thank you think humans and they still can win a great weekend. It's in wearing a long -- -- man we're. Where else wears -- you wanna live but nowhere he's. If that's exactly what I say united people from Manhattan. And that it knew you off and I tsunami to raise some young you know top of the world they get every. Comic was seen them but you don't have your own cuisine. It's creole and cajun that's what we do it the best as we do roughly. And we confuse. Our -- thing with others. -- it's that's what I elected to elect to travel in. I'll find something you know city. And a real twist. -- its -- for conservatives there really is our food discount. It -- all the other foods yes. Some of their foods may seem a little ran up. Boring as boring food I was trying to pull up on board and but it is only praise for you don't -- -- -- -- on our -- our food spots and a year and you love what you do and that's what actually happens. Yes you have to go anywhere in any -- my son every. Connors here and I I want to welcome his him as well -- -- very lucky to have it and likeness. I want to know what you all like for Easter. The right distance yeah. I do work at it now but. You know this is a great time because we're -- -- seasons as a lot of crawfish -- There's a lot of people who -- the meeting and so we have -- -- We have lamb is a big thing we have -- we have states the people who study it is then meet back on that the seafood is where it's. In our backyard. Crawfish and shrimp. Voices voices of -- I was insane. Voices right now Royces of the best out of hand and -- boom right now and that it should be no voices. Is much as you can if it's -- fantastic romance. Rhetoric and in -- salty one makes a great season vs an okay -- to coal whether whether sure and a right. And we got a lot of that. They're -- -- on April and I never -- never numbers today PJ -- it's now and now. -- Date due to wars occasionally. That I actually met bill cap on last year -- -- -- have you. That bill -- they do tourism there oyster beds and they explain everything to you. And it's all about cool weapon. In the mixing. The salt water in the fresh water at the mouth of the river is that's where most of the I made the mistake -- it wanted to convert to -- -- -- to eating right out of the water. And that was discussed. The reality show it was hot. I did that right after -- days I don't think and and my and my goal was I needed to get. President Obama eat seafood. The second thing was. That there was a New York Times -- die in the boat with a song about it and I was gonna force him to eat. One analysts. And he did it worries she was into it now he did it in New York Times New York turn up and then what. Mean Tommy did Thomas of -- Gerrard was ever right now is the legend. In this in this. I hate to give you -- kudos -- -- but I am. He's a legend and yep. We said we gotta get. That was my guess that you know we have to get Obama to eat -- seafood if it's on the plane or so we fixed solace seafood -- And we couldn't get closer because it was -- -- we actually gone too heated on the plane while on careful excellent. And you don't -- and we but he -- we they're printed instructions on this is his share those. And and prepared for that he's now it was a big sign for us to recover the so that he can eat. It is our record -- Louisiana seafood and we have a lot of people in the ought to do when food seafood. And our seafood. We will put up with in the. British version I was never concerned about eating the seafood. I was concerned about the crisis in the in the availability of that that was that he -- looking nor'easter is Salmonella. In it they were. -- in their homes to give us oysters and we were having you oysters from four. Taxes they're not the -- now I mean at least Joker was would be cynical. I'll and they just they they don't have the flavor they don't have anything but it's we. You know unfortunately all I do is chart room anyway so as we wrote it on the raw oysters -- -- -- but. But that was a very important thing to say our seafood is fine right and we need more of it. We -- that we had to do we have to do out there and I remember going down we did a farmer is we do in grand. And deceased fisherman marriage and we we had to back him up and I put a challenge at this -- you can take. Five. Of your Manhattan shifts that don't wanna use with Louisiana seafood and when they had signs we don't use Louisiana seafood. And bring us with a group of about chefs. And we will tests teach -- laughs because I think that we go up there with any of those guys and. And they they took the took it Johnny law. And says that he decides are down. Sounds of that -- and everybody back back to north of that through to. You know what stay with us every -- these two guys are just rather not but we're going to be talking all kinds of recipes and fun things that they like -- And don't forget Gibbs called 2601870. If you have any questions for these two experts but also if you want to share your Easter if it. -- -- Chef Scott Craig of Katie and chef duke of -- Geovany. Our special guest today they come bearing in mind getting us into the festive. Easter spirit. Are you just touch on something but I want to belabor too much but I was very interested. I know that -- Scott. You're beautiful Katie is really went underwater. Yes yes and so. Were you there. A no no I was in the rock Arkansas okay. You know. I often say. Really good or bad thing that happened -- from Hurricane Katrina over the people that. The cities and such great shape it's fantastic. I'm in addition you know the whole thing is to -- -- that you work -- -- -- -- And now my -- that put him away I just. I feel like. We were out we were able to make lemonade out of lemons and for the most part even -- -- leadership. After the storm and everything we dealt with. Things really turned out great you reopen I hate -- for -- labor of -- the fact that seven fuel water and it's still warm up footballs -- and I Helms autographed balls and he now has its -- our -- via the memorabilia it hurt me you know because I collect that -- -- that the stuff -- They've had a Bobby -- ball unreal. But -- get out of that list from Atlanta. She had when he was with the saints you know but it. -- it was I had a lot of good stuff chaos -- me -- Terry brands animal that is that it's better the most but. It. It's just worked out you know it was dead now with do you have people I didn't lose my home I lived upstairs. So I was fortunate enough to not do that and and I got a great job with CNN after the storm. As people were great to supposed to be a three month contract they they kept me for years and -- and I just. They were -- and are subject or friends you know from scene in which you've reopened in 2010. Right 2000. And and I understand that you have. Change your manual. Oh it's it's been upgraded it you know when you have that much time to think about something you know -- that but that's the fun of it to it it is yeah and you know we've -- pizzas. You know and so much seafood my menus 50% seafood OK I wanna talk about only because -- who works yourself mentally you have got. To talk about the seafood in. -- leech like and when you can laugh. I going to Jazz Fest right after refers to open and I had the -- after spread it says you know this is -- it could not the second act is better. So I got back to a restaurant sort of playing with the pizza dough and most dynamic crop which. And I was flip -- around. Flipped it over it looked like a little baby council. Stuffed cheeses and helping your -- and and karma was -- onions and heroic normalize my onions I do with the governing nectar it's it's so there really sweet. Tons of crawfish. And her in the Fryer. Whose definition of opinions just fried -- It you have to -- it's. So entities to -- instance it's just works it was just so that I was playing around with one day and and I got lucky. You know I'm in love to hear because I don't cook well. That someone creates something that hasn't happened before and you like you said you were playing around with that kind of concept. But the networks and now I'm hearing it from the woman down the hall. You gotta talk that is so it's a wonderful thing that is so cool it is it's really nice to hear com. You know a lot of people say it's such scrutiny. Including -- but -- does look like the -- You know and it's it's not been years ago it's that doughnut -- but it's pizza. But. It's good it's good it works isn't that the bottom line. -- -- talk to -- here. How -- your. Cooking a evolved. While waving you know I open in 1991. And openly carries like. Uliassi. Movement of him rules. Of course palace cafe. Susan open her restaurant. Suppose some really hard company and I'm just blessed that you know I'm allowed to. I'm a local kid. That went around and and came back in 1991. -- immigrant kind Johnson a project. In a place it was a worse. Block in the city at the time it was first on the part of the case shoots and Iran. And you know at that time. I want to come home was in Houston I was doing real well these and I wanted to -- make a name for myself here in my own city and though we started. Reeve analyzing -- KMR. And house of blues came and I sent him out leaflets and we started the application association. And so it was sixty seats we have almost 260. -- -- And we I want to do something a little bit difference -- opera singer's comments on remember that I loved that and we have the longest. Running music program and any restaurants in the city. -- Cuba or China duplicating this with and the best Italian well retrial on you know we've -- it's a part of dining experiences not so much. Just a food just in music it is going to music three days a week. But it's about a dining experience we want you to come -- fine thank you -- that's a mom's house news years you haven't seen a lot of people. Who's you know that's what we -- we've been doing for 23 is. And we were very blessed we -- open. Which is a big major business let's say is opening as quick as we did. As we had -- to cook for except for. The people who are cleaning up their workers who we changed him in Europe who won again I wanted everybody was congress on my help went to come back. That. You know I sleep very good because of the decision I made was to open up and think about my employees. And what happens is when you come from nothing and you saw as a dishwasher. And you work your way up as a sort of at the house solely at the age of -- And remember the house only death and now is a you know pot wash your -- Norway opera and and I got you know hotel with mister -- sound thome had to go to. I was going to dugout knowing you and now when he said you got to go to CIA. When my son is right now so he's found him footsteps which I've tried to talk is it's what's on business. And you know it's in your blog and -- you try to do the best that you can and use -- and know when the -- I'm just very lucky. Because so being a local boy do I get to go in the French Quarter and come back in and make a name for myself. Of the city. I love what it stands for our I love the food all of the cuisine and directives and why you open the Italian national. In the French -- thought that was a major problem and I said well one. After the third day people out of something and they recognize and so we mix our cuisines called new world -- we -- our cuisines are a lot. So there's a lot of New Orleans flavor. And Carlo is a flavor of my corporate that's coming out this coming up. -- a small cookbook and it's all about the issues from its layers of players every -- everything to abide testimony. About that's what it's about. Everything and you try to give the freshness. -- ingredients that she can. But a good chef is a guy who takes. Just a regular piece of fish and makes agreed to issue that to me is when -- executive chef is in great chef our great -- And and that's what we try to do and it's you know had a lot of people in I'm still in the kitchen and 53 is all so. Put them out and you gotta love what you do in this business he doesn't sound so hog business you know. And it weird when everybody else's party and -- work and -- it. That is right that you know how -- appreciate -- you walk every -- and stay with us we have to go to the newsroom we're gonna come back and talked of these two great food run activists. Scott Craig of -- tension -- from Kathy Geovany there in house they'll answer any of your questions but what I wanna know is. How best and how best to cook seafood one on one amassing camps. In some store -- something in a young woman who's talking she's very excited to looking for crawfish pot thing to vote. She said my friends and I -- get the crawfish -- were all excited that we realized none of the -- on that ahead so I'm not real sure they're going on the Internet. What do you do. That's counts. Well you -- the perjury did not purge. I don't version. This time it is there's some. Here -- some things about radar they're now that I don't know about it. Always purged of assault war. -- In the end. He sees new water. And it's you know the seasoning is a lot of salt obviously. -- and pepper. Crab boil lemons and become -- fruit you were throwing hand you bring that water to a boil. And water comes to a -- -- propositioning. You cook for. Three minutes. Turn off let him sit. Or not people have different. I throw -- right away so that they though they're -- they're gonna sit there. Pick up here you flavors juices -- advocate their flavor. And then but I have to -- later. Served. SEC. -- he flops as they're people of economic collapse when a lobster is boiled. Detail comes up and leave and come up that you'll see the tail actually come up with -- long and you leave and in three minutes and you take tomorrow. People. Over cooks the food -- -- and do my thing is to crawfish as they come to -- top of that company for a price of sync. And you can take my improvement. You want that plea and again. To me we grew as things I've miles cam -- whose and she really is just hit it long -- with about how Libya. I think is -- separate assault and throw the seizing on outside. And you get you can use less salt. And -- the seizing -- so he hit that earned an announcer as a place condi to schools and that's what he does. And now remember back in eighties Wednesday to -- to shed. And they put the troughs across fish to be here and the paper napkins and -- he throws seizing -- now. Cents a you know -- and I just talked throughout this thing right when I said salt I was not very enthusiastic. And he's right -- -- says is that eating anymore one of the things I really don't like about the world Graf uses the consumption of salt. Mean it's -- -- you know so and then afterwards we talked about -- you wouldn't see outside. And I think that could be something insulting the future right you know. I think were all thinking a little bit more like mile route I think you have to that we don't want it down right now we don't wanted to and we don't wanna be super obese and we just said she was. Chocolate in front. For diverting water you have read -- -- -- -- assaults gray area enjoy everybody's talking about how fat. The fattened and you know Louisiana we try everything that's not true. Now you know you can you can actually be very healthy is carried my Irish. You know and that's mass -- actually was MacKey -- own chef. When we first opened because he was upon as of my partners at when he had the the he's a spy on saint Charles avenue where you know in the hotel it is all but meaningless as it is and he'll tell you. And in MacKey and and Tom Fitzmorris go back to back because if the death race a woman -- and I -- That's current assignment. MacKey saves true true these you -- -- the parties is at the party of in nineteen yes and -- can hang out whatever what is he. Nothing he does and nobility. He idol all health I'd love to -- yes I can give up alcohol -- -- I loved. Him you know in the last night. Conner and my wife and a good friend of burns went to Gus Garcia. -- -- -- And but I only eat right. That's an excellent time says they'd have to you know and thinking how many -- right that's the food critics died he says he says. -- don't have any food at home. And -- Three times a day at a restaurant Indonesia right. That's that analytically you reading half three times today you have enough for the next day three times -- -- -- -- you have twice today. That's a really don't you know -- total premiums -- you. -- the for breakfast and will use sensitive to Salter are disliking -- all I have high blood pressure and I take medication for and it's under control but. You know it's mama is growing up my mother always said. Eat responsibly. And -- -- salt and she took the salt shaker away. And -- Italian food itself you don't at tag for you know needs so because most of things that we use that she's the the F issues -- -- as salty as it is enough salt event that you don't need so. So we don't use our -- And if you lose you -- -- -- -- -- parmesan -- and -- but if -- -- and we didn't have to go to break but if you make eight crawfish dish that is not just sitting on the newspapers. You don't put all the season just of the crop sessions and we're -- you do crawfish see the crawfish tails are normally use of Louisiana -- priest -- packaged in towns right with the fat card. That's what's so important about using Louisiana southern Asia as China Chinese -- Spanish rookie. You get all the fat when it. And you a lot of flavor from the in we haven't we have an -- with his return about a few -- we have McCain crawfish competition. It's coming up made. You have to you know it's going to be game generation problem with tea okay. Having grown up in the -- stay with us we'll be right back. I can't believe that -- in our final segment but I can't believe it because we have two wonderful guys here. Scott Craig with Katie is wonderful restaurant mid city and chef duke of cafe Geovany. And we're just talking about the business but what we need to talk about is what so many of these shafts and our community do which is give back. I -- so unselfishly it it costs money to give. What you -- due to all these fundraisers and nine knowing your hearts you you'd you know your appreciated but people need to hear that. I mean yes velvet and and -- they give every time you turn around again you have something coming up you were talking about may eighth. May it's it's going to be the king of crawfish so we have twenty chefs. Local chefs that are going to be a generation's call. Six -- allows open bar you get to taste all the two. Things that you can vote for because it's going to be the the customers eat healthy competition that they get that they choose its -- -- But we get to raise a lot of money and it's new things for us you know we're trying to get that it's. Thursday crowd that he goes out. Six to eleven David DJ were all have our tiger thanks Richard refers -- across reexamine. Never ahead on what goes around the camp -- nationals are crawfish do that I do the crawfish. Union. And I think that's very and I pay an opening and I get into the seasonal those fraud there I go now I'll vote for your -- it and as I inherited had a yardage out of out now I wanna know before because I know people -- tuning in to find out ten. That's way to cook some things. Let's talk about you -- people over cook seafood right. What about -- Land is so good that it can be still bash. It well I mean again you have to do it. I like to do high heat. And then -- the anxiety gonna do way -- high heat and then reduce it down to load nearly ten minutes. It is in the you know our mile and medium some people like it. I don't like she -- I don't know is certain things like a -- chopper. Through a steak is a different story ever since silence of the lambs as lamb chops rare. I just I I Cheney rarely am chops because of silence of the -- they would -- -- when they beat him in the head splashed all over the only news now and on over the land jobs there. But you know those kind of things I write medium. Maybe you mean -- about it but. You know everybody has is different presidencies in that we took for a lot of people on everybody's different if -- it was the same -- we have rushed. But this -- different flavors and -- and that's the goal if it. With the shaft now everybody's gonna love in its if you have 80% that -- you the best and he's doing good. You're not -- please everybody and that's in there. And those that. Are -- try and make sure they have a different thing my thing is you've whenever you have -- relationship especially locals. With your restaurants food and don't leave men and we like any business this is a place where if you have a good me tell to people -- bid me changed -- -- cupcakes out. In your blog about it please tell Bryant. But you -- I was so weak and -- and tea tell there are several ways that tells them. -- huge -- that is huge and I think I I know people who walked away from some restaurants. And they don't remember he is a great food and now inevitable fact you know they don't wanna tell you Americans that think you know her feelings are -- to. You help me it affects your own. That Hispanic. Usery you -- if you leave Mann -- -- -- he kissed me have to. Right on you can leave and talk bad about him but I'm not gonna turn into. Cupcakes -- in a blogger -- I'll start. You know that you all are wonderful people and I really mean that's your bags -- thanks -- and Marlins and -- losses in -- I was talking to its -- is that you know they may lead Florida now led. -- I'll appreciate the one you brought between the candy has gone out of -- perfect day. Thank you both and I -- thank you you do to everyone stay with -- local eat local local local seafood man. If we didn't already know how -- the -- to live in this community you only have to listen to the four people we just had the Scott Craig of K citizenship duke of -- GM running their devotion and David Page -- wonderful man for -- Craig what food talent we had. Happy Easter everybody and not quite there -- going to be back tomorrow with my wonderful in -- stay with this.