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4-17 4:35pm Sports Talk: Arkansas State University Guest Coach Auction

Apr 17, 2014|

Deke Bellavia and Bobby Hebert talk to Arkansas State University Head Football Coach Blake Anderson about the guest coach auction.

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I think it's tough you know with all the injuries are I think it's unfair. To say. Did -- give it a true assessment that I think with the -- that he's had this year in the where plated built. I think that's -- definite positive. I think the development and Anthony Davis that the you know way Terry came only a year I think we've got a number of players improve. Actually when he doubled improvements on the court same time play. Makes it I think they -- put an impossible situation. The injuries that we had and I thought. The way our guys competed I am happy that I am aggregate and every game we came into our team was prepared and I thought our team played hard. In Baghdad they gave maximum effort in so. I think we have established culture. The blue collar mentality. That the money's definitely. The credit for that. That is pelicans general manager dale against welcome back to sports talk he's Bobby Hebert -- -- going to be a -- -- -- a welcome and the head football coach at Arkansas State University over the red -- football team. Blake and -- coach Anderson comes over from on North Carolina he was offered the coordinator and quarterbacks coach the last couple seasons coach Anderson first of all. Thank you so much for the time it waited this idea a coach come up about trying to raise awareness and also raise some money for the Arkansas State. Football programming and did you settle on this one about beating it out may be what were a couple of them. Well we've would tell you I guess coach format in passable arms we do that it Carolina we do that. It's ominous and you know over the availability of social media now owns this carpet laws in fast. You know we don't know -- probably close closer that. Such situations. More -- auction and silent auctions or public -- other -- term you know just from fox and so. You're you're always think about ways to two words words and you're always trying to get your brand out there. Obviously locally but in your recruiting years as well and it is also in the that -- -- great success when people come to be just don't always agree on. We we we have a bit more and it's it's going to -- the last two championships and so it just seem sensible costs to go in -- out. In a more public setting. And they just waited for golf in India beat number in terms of just a blessing that we gotten in the feedback that we've gotten as he's been really been more expected. Coach Anderson not media tends to use CO program I have so much of a change is Arkansas State you're the fifth coach in five is but. 66 and the you go back and look at all the coaches that were there before you -- -- An inaugural coach Carson Amin did bowl caliber ballclub winning records that's. It's hard to do with with turnover. What are some challenges now and we think about a a new coach coming in. It's who's an incumbent coats may be be in there for awhile and you say well it's it's a lot of personal with the -- job done but. It's been a combination of coaches that have made this thing difficult because they've been winning program. Yeah yeah so it's unique environment about it and it sort of do it sort of did that have coached it took. To win the waiter but in the last three years -- -- -- -- -- -- of the players. You gotta give credit to the university administration -- in and out to what I -- was -- your credit to the community. But this is there a lot but it's been probably -- Terrell -- Salisbury Orton will that this community has embraced. The scene the university. And dealt with together and the guys the players and just battled so. You know but the other shelters were placing as it is is that in the past four years you. You transitional recruiting periods you have not where the ball one year chi guys in the -- and seeing guys in -- remote year signing class. That poor. Straight transitional where your -- we recordings cycles. And it's important -- I don't know yet. Small little work or Agassi. That we. Were deficient at some point whether it be there or whether you -- one scheme to the next team to the next. No we don't know but it it's gonna that we just -- storm. Put him out system in and recruit the ways that we want -- current -- -- we ought to and and hope that we can just Iraq what are storm comes along and -- success. Now our coach as his speaking or writing this storm. You look at the news as of late. Obviously. We Q about the northwestern players -- forming a union. And I think his is basically. Trying to get detention and NCAA. And either you need to also the biggest college thomas'. When you look at the visual on board of directors when I believe -- -- -- able 24. Or about the move was expected. To be finalized as far as the legislative kind of deciding a division one student athletes and scholarship. As well as walk cause can receive unlimited meals -- -- And the reason why bring that up because you look. Of the five biggest college conferences. They were planning almost -- double -- is not doing anything to improve benefits on their Rome. As far including guaranteed four year scholarships medical care what will what is your take on all of this. And do you think things need to change fast and change rapidly. What you know with something that's been been talked about for the last few years he -- in that -- lowest -- -- optical. Always felt that the benefits to players need to continue to increase within reason. I don't know I don't look what reason -- -- what -- what the numbers where the breaking point what's too much. You don't want to the government know just you know free call me a bigger part trying to stay away -- that but. Which all the players to -- in the you want them to be well procedure. You want to be healthy -- good equipment did some good nutrition shall. It all of his movement in the right direction idol. Not Smart enough for. Honorable change obviously to know exactly. How how he's disparate -- him but -- it's common has moved that direction it's probably long overdue. And does so we've just got on the best ways to utilize that. And make sure that there were given last year in the best equipment and burst that person and it into good quality education and -- Outs are a lot and he's still in place to to get that done. Now could jettison. It is different. You know you look at the five biggest college -- is obviously their resources. Does the right here LSU vs two lane. And I just thought about division one programs is it feasible. Because a lot of people a lot of fans think that kids scholarship it it is a four year scholarship but it always -- through we reviewed do you think that could include. A four year scholarships and for all division one university not just necessarily. At the biggest college conferences. Well you articulate what is it feasible. I. I don't know all the numbers I know that. I know that you know we've got kids -- -- -- bowl we got a full scholarships and in order of where paper they that they need here. In the what you believe that there -- -- -- would be. Whether you strike in the words -- -- more whatever you want college I would that you believe across the border in college football. Yes expensive but there are so there's a lot of money -- In the -- systems and in the cockroaches and Spain and all that shall. I don't know I don't know final answer but but yeah -- -- these kids in the welfare in the world being. He's got worse in that we need to do everything we can't make sure they're taking care of the other there are places that. But pitcher a lot bigger than others and ended up like you could see the difference -- it does that challenge on places. Like a little have a -- to archeology we know that so the challenges for us to complete the challenge for us to take care core guys that same level and that's -- A support somebody yesterday and try to be as creative and competitive as we -- and but ultimately. Meters. Across borders no way to go under 28 schools are all going to be so important -- it if it's -- And finally coach -- as a Rota breaks we appreciate your time Arkansas State head football coach Mike Anderson. Did you get any naysayers and knocked on the idea about being out this spring training now coaching gate. You are really good and I'm sure there are some people that it was our sister curry but yeah although all the responses that I have gotten porcelain. It's -- social media I have Altman have been positive. Obviously it's been it's been great for our program and then the school in general spoke football in the campus to to get the publicity nationally that we got. We had nick here. All day to day have a great -- shot I think he would tell you that that he's he's enjoyment. And he's gotten more than he bargained for in terms of the huge stretch and we're not. We're not done yet shall. You know for the people that that didn't agree -- you know much are they did have to be a part of to really understand what it does -- pulled toward. Arkansas State head football coach Blake and as a coach and has a great idea great way to raise some money for your program good -- as we -- -- right -- -- goal with 101000 dollars they raised 117. Number -- out who coached the rebels to in his -- -- that's going to be something new for them all moving forward this is sports talk on WW.