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4-17 5:20pm Sports Talk: Ole Miss Baseball

Apr 17, 2014|

Deke and Bobby talk to Ole Miss Beat Writer for the Jackson Clarion-Ledger Hugh Kellenberger about the upcoming Ole Miss v LSU baseball game.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And welcome back LSU find tiger baseball tonight coming up and about 35 minutes who would you on the sports network -- battled to teams' second and third place. In the SEC west divisions you can remember Lugo was the Ole miss rebels and -- that makes that Jackson. Marion led to huge thank you so much for the time any match up of guys with. Very good numbers tonight and no one of the top pitchers in the country's zero point 70. And Chris Ellis not bad five and 01 point 81 ERA this it was like -- to be a low scoring game this evening -- Yeah things you know everyone knew where -- and -- this year you know I think Chris -- really surprise a lot of people. -- bit slowly like. Kim but he had an injury in you know February of last year after making this one started -- Sunday diet. I'm a couple you know earlier and it will be drastic and got hurt it never really. The same but he came back in the following is -- mechanics -- basis deliver in. You know you learn how to pitch quite frank and not just who wrote the baseball and now you're the guy that. Didn't hit -- -- -- -- ball broke his changeup well confirmed -- curve ball and has five all starts on outings. It -- that was Anna -- in the game where there's going to be a lot and will be out in the tent and it may be a really low scoring affair. Now a -- how important is this series in your estimation. You look Ole miss is that LSU and feel like everyone's been like a proud to its all bunched up in. And now I admire our member on the coach urban area early in the week about. Alabama. Their toughest part of the schedule is coming out. So pretty much it is wide open and does big goal like it could change weekend the weekend. Absolute and in all -- effectiveness if you west right now and only three games and I split Albert. I Italy really tight here for a little while and you know all -- It went into that -- Mississippi State last weekend they've won six of their last eight it's a really good about themselves. But at the same time with Belichick series this weekend and eager to Kentucky's next week you got to continue that momentum here -- fun and so awful. Really quick and they wanna continue to win there on because you know on number ten nationally number five RPI. They continue to play like there have been a -- couple weeks -- international. LSU's 81 of their last 90 misses six into their Lansing two teams that are very hot all missiles Micah. Maybe it could be out goes Arab this -- -- as solid of a team he's able to look at the numbers. No more in the ACC team batting average it 12125. Homers this season and their pitching staff is second best. In the league is this the best balanced offensive and pitching he's head and allow. Yeah I think it is he is. Yeah I he struggled as much as anybody did in the new ball in -- air. -- figure out how to Lee. -- -- how to change it one to meet the late game play out at the on the figured it out. A very good defensive team brought a freshman point everyday shortstop. You know he uses -- a -- at second may use freshmen who are -- that you -- on -- really fat out of attention at all about it outside and you have to gear nowadays. And that really good pitching analogue -- and are on the net but I think get out and everyone's. Got to go multiple innings to help sort. You don't have that no dominant closer that I can sometimes had he has you know two or three got it looked -- he -- to the green and yet. Now you to change -- -- little bit the Ole miss rebels football program. As last week I heard Phil Steele in an interview. You -- talking about we all know what teams are ranked in one of his SEC a dark horses. But the play an SEC championship -- in the west is Ole miss rebels and as the fan base are they excited obviously what you freezes Dunn and and realistically that you think maybe it's probable. I think it's possible. Yeah they're they're gonna get better apt to figure out something else with the wind because they lost three starters and -- and cheerleaders and center there Pletcher let them start there and there could be some -- on the right side of the Dolphins line as well. By it you know overall they have sixty Letterman back sixteen starters that but that includes some guys who starred in the past but because of injury to start last year. You know three -- -- quarterback and -- Wallace spent a lot of playmakers. On the skill positions to man defense they can be a real key sort of unit by it I think they got to get better running the ball. I really do that more consistent -- up for her on the of the SEC west games last year and caught then you know an eight games if you can do that. You know maybe you can start thinking about can you make a run -- and a. Q how -- folks followed you on Twitter. -- -- -- Always beat writer for the clan match up in Jackson Hyun Kim a huge thank you so much the time to -- this year are all right WW -- time is 531 -- the first things -- go to Don a.

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