WWL>Topics>>4-17 5:35pm Sports Talk: LSU Baseball

4-17 5:35pm Sports Talk: LSU Baseball

Apr 17, 2014|

Deke and Bobby talk to WWL.com Columnist and Louisiana Network Sports Director Jeff Palermo about the upcoming Ole Miss v LSU baseball game.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And welcome back he is a Kasey Kahne and Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia get ready to win 1000 dollars -- on nationwide 1000 dollar up. Vacation -- contest -- thoughts this Monday the 21. But you can be Smart and sign up sooner than everyone else jaunt on WW a parent club today by texting the work has. To 87870. You can alerts and be the first to know what is Santa Ana. To win 1000 dollars John -- club now take the word has to 87870. And we never -- the Tex but individual -- text and data rates apply. Good look from Smart radio intercom. And WW. Dale -- to -- my Williamson Tyreke Evans could possibly start next season at air going coming off the bench right move wrong move. Or if you could get rid Eric Gordon the only move it yankees applaud you easy up audio Cole. -- vote online at WW Mayo. Dot com depth -- columnist at WW dot com and the reason they -- sports director. John just two ball clubs that I hi Jeff Ole miss -- six into it and Lance eight LSU was 81 and then Lance -- he series he has succeeded. Well no doubt about it -- you know. Via paper that grow older they're a good team. There are tied with Kentucky. At the top of the Southeastern Conference when I can't keep batting average at three Chad. This is an old team that's like 66 bases that leads the league 25 -- on the year and that team that number two. So an excellent and act like test here 422. It's not the year for the rebel Utley the Southeastern Conference so LSU which has been. Really good -- amount especially when it comes -- -- winter -- change it early in Chile Broussard and there's 1203 had been. Really lights out the last couple times they've been out and that'll look in particular for the entirety and it'll be good chat program. At someone else's ballpark to see it they can now play a little bit better than they did in -- -- -- and you're estimation cautionary comment on this it's still in the works. Who do you think as I guess it is that the reform front and work Richmond area can be confident. Last fours at third day starter. Well you know you get the feeling that the way it's been going that could be you know revolving door throughout the entire he's been now. You know I'd like to see honorable and get another opportunity at a I think obviously coach and or Italy the -- you know we. He spoke pretty highly this week Parker budget we got it might be able to fill that role but. You know what you look at Parker bug statistics to diet and started all these that he you're talking about freshman. On world war what it you know you lose these first two games and did you throw him out there opened. Salvage one game in the series at least. Our -- -- some opportunity to go out there and start a ballgame that he's so. You know -- or maybe he'd go back to -- polite and OP speaker I think those are your -- guys not. You know I think the other thing to watch here. In this series is now how good it Jered -- in a brawl in game two guys obviously been lights out. And home but Monroe did the you know he's not been as effective so he'd like to see it. He can translate what he's been able to do inside ballot spot stated taken -- -- pitched well there as well. Jeff how can folks followed you on Twitter. Well. Jeff all right three game series the Tigers get to hear is -- what do you think. But I go. Previous history and I looked and played well on the road lately so I've got the rebels take into auditory. Him well -- that a lot of topic. And it's in the news a million top of these things when you look at. The five in a big -- -- five biggest college comets as the NCAA and and and all of us and how things -- happen -- happened rat -- -- I guess about rapidly. Timmy and I think part of it is that the UCLA basketball. What star Ed O'Bannon is anti trust suit the trials this start. In June but you look at. That being proactive in and trying to stay ahead of the court system. -- was really -- legislative council that's what division one board of directors meet their meeting on April 24. And expected to may be finalized where. Will know but a Shabazz that year we came about. And that hungry go to bed hungry and now that legislative content decided. That division one student athletes on scholarship as well as walk on. Can receive unlimited meals and snacks. I just think a lot of things. Are gonna have been an NCAA almost has to do something. Are the five major conferences the start doing stuff on their home. I think including including I think we gonna -- guaranteed four year scholarships. And obviously -- better medical care a long way cash stipend. I think the NCAA. It seems to me that you're right -- -- -- and I think try to do ever think it and Warrick can't do. Give -- athletes. Type in or more so. OK we'll give you. Basically all you can eat you know brutal out there and you talk about better medical care. Insult war that I think that they know you gotta admit that a little bit more -- that. Is that happening. At just -- that -- school or is that really. It an issue like the game across the board because when you hear about some of -- western issues about trying to you know. Schedules are -- the weren't able to that might be some problem with our last. -- -- Racquet enough that he may be what may be and opulence. The make sure he got there are taken I think debuted he would talk. -- Allen -- -- I happened to be very hooked on it aptly that they've never had these issues now you know things. Things have changed so. Maybe maybe things are a little bit differently right now but. I kind of wonder if somebody that is really cool that that the problem now granted. All that -- apparently hacking at a few extra bucks in my pocket. It that's understandable but. As far as you know go to medical. You know we've we've never hurt real instances of LSU players that. Weren't able finish out scholarship because of -- -- able to continue playing because of medical issues that they still were able to get. The scholarship and and and be able to attend school for four years so I don't know I think that you are saying that they're at school -- the it. It it's not that you wanna be mark right now partly kind of created a problem and -- a course he's been about certain things but. It went straight to the NCAA. Is going to be changing. So much more money in the pocket because the college football playoff. I think we're SEC network. Yeah a lot of things are gonna be change it and I don't know that necessarily going to be good -- wanted whatever that changed not it ever does. Jet Lambeau columnist at WWL dot com and -- and network sports director Jeff as always thank you so much for the time have a -- the weekend. Route right he's the Kasey -- and Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia basis sports talk on WW.