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4-18 5:10am WWL First News Early Edition w/Dave Cohen

Apr 18, 2014|

Dave talks about how you like your steak, do you eat expired food, and refill theft

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Ten minutes after 5 AM it's the early edition of WWL first news on this the eighteenth of April 2014. Yeah it's changed heat aren't apps I want to be the first to tell you mr. Blake -- will come. -- -- I'd. A -- Wow we. Yeah. And let's take goods now. And finally Brian brought him over have a -- -- thank them yes. I'm from -- Monday and I have this direct -- yesterday was Friday although that might have -- I think you've. Then you have to realize now man I had to do it all over this day. While we're here yes we. Happy weekend you and yours holiday weekend and Easter weekend -- weekend. Anna little's bits holes grizzled man drizzle mist now to column a windshield on my way in the morning which I did not extract. But it was there it's almost blame rain would linger into the morning. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Sunshine. Now we looking very nice in this big Easter weekend on nine viewers started digging into the activities. For this week a lot to our holiday weekends have been quiet week for our war islands. Quiet enough again at the Crescent City classic tomorrow -- -- through the city Todd OK. But 20000 runners on my goodness that he distance outside of our building here -- Foreign reporters. -- down that borders of the -- signs everywhere and marketing Crescent City classic. The route runs from downtown through the quarter all the way to city park. The big party NC park after it's over plans will be playing -- will be flowing. And partying will be happening tomorrow. And then Sunday parade after parade in the French Quarter parade parade parade and then -- each one of the parades. They're like you just mentioned that after party that got those going on every everything as an after party -- well interestingly the first parades after party is that match. That statement is not without a -- It starts at 945 in the parade ends at the cathedral. Where when -- goes -- mass at 11 AM. And then they will probably not out of the cathedral and Jackson square and show off their Easter on and then they'll start. Then three -- party -- -- just in time for the -- Diego. It's that allowed men. That'll make its way through the French Quarter as the chorus no one's. And then folks -- be aware. That the third parade of the day is the is it is not the same parade is the first two parades. So that's it thing enjoy it love it and soak it up. But please do be aware that if you go to the French Quarter for the third race man. That is a very different. Kind of parades in the first absolutely. You just know that because -- -- -- be. What in the heck is going I thought this was now this tickets. He gets the little crazy and they do the you know wild outfits and contests and yes flamboyance that -- -- -- So is starting Sunday is the return to meet of course for those two abstain particulate standard Friday. You and I were talking yesterday about the price stake skyrocketing in the portions getting smaller and smaller restaurants. And restaurant using different cuts ridiculous. And then we got in the discussion after we finish the program. How do you like -- stake yes we -- And I immediately said if it's. Anywhere more than. Medium forget about it. I much prefer medium rare even bordering on rare yeah. I'm medium well or well done steak. Notice and yet I keep -- not -- -- and we were both in full agreement. At the time. When we discuss this reduces due out and it's you know if anything of it leans to the rare I'll go with that. If I have to it's like you know really rare rather than overdone nothing's gonna work over done pretty. Do you often find restaurants have trouble cooking your -- -- yes. I've sent it back a number of times man and you know it doesn't crazies when you do you send it back. And then like after ten minutes is still don't have it you're like eyes itself tonight. He says. It shouldn't really cooking steak takes less than ten minutes and Alia. In essence -- ridiculously. And I must add though -- eating out I have had some fabulous stakes in this town out yet. I mean that just blew me away and I have his -- But I've also had more than my share of over coat. And I hate sending it back -- -- limit it back. Not only because now I gotta wait. Everybody else is -- -- but I do feel bad for server bruises they cook and for everybody your. Why can't it just can't -- it should be -- just an incredible experience your spending all that money. You know Sarah -- for me like every bite should be up -- all all of those glory. Look how they did the stake. It's not that way you have some problems and as the people who love it well. -- cute and I don't understand it has no flavor if it's all gradient. On lap and often not. An analyst. -- made -- seven it's avenue if you like your state weld on one. What's the point doesn't taste like day as it. Now hamburger got a few of them that says -- thing for me to cook it thoroughly because -- ground me. I would talk more about the thank you David tucked in the entertainment -- -- here and read them well your holiday weekend forecast is after this sports with Steve Geller. And much more in the early edition WWL. For business. 5 Juanita morning I'm Davis -- happy Good Friday ladies and gentlemen an all -- you always have Good Friday this is the day that Jesus Christ died according to the new testament. What's so good about it well I'll tell yeah. And we Bastia archbishop this many times that. Because according to the Bible Jesus died for the sins of the Christians that it is a good day because had he not died he would not have risen. And would not be Jesus Christ is he is revered today so. The good part on the day of Jesus death does for some people need some explanation. The forecast analyzed they act can explain in one -- Nice. Kinda gloomy Good Friday we start off with mostly cloudy skies and temperatures only in the low sixties and upper fifties. Later on today will make it into the low to middle seventies for highs so mild mostly cloudy. And a 20% chance for a few isolated showers today. Tonight skies will clear lows will drop south of the lake to 57. North of the lake to around 51. That means a somewhat cool start to Saturday and then a beautiful day highs around 76 tomorrow with sunny skies. And beautiful for Easter Sunday to you with highs around 79. And lots of sunshine from the Eyewitness News forecast center I'm meteorologist Alexander -- for. Guess -- to declare -- nice after we get this rain and cloud that here where the app. Afternoon and into the meat and right now there is light rain the airport's 63 degrees. Northeast wind ten to fifteen miles an hour cloudy and 61 at the National Weather Service office in size now one -- -- act mandates that -- -- eight -- is my stake. Has the same move. I don't like quite that rare but yet enough appearances prayers still mowing. I like -- between and bright red and now I don't like it is -- getting cocaine at least so that it's a little bit warm in the middle. Another wants a steak sauce or no -- if the steak is done right Steve Geller. There's never any reasons for states and now salt and pepper I cringe when I see ketchup on Tuesday. But my son's. He has. Stay with his catch it more attention that day as his son I eight season that -- right cooked it just right why you put intent upon. Do you just forget about the -- Rica Mexico. As. Well as -- they go like you said he's having fat steak with a catch yet. Died as he's gotten older he's under appreciated and I don't think he puts it. Maybe he could invent. Speak infused ketchup and have a new productivity he says another million dollar idea to me the state taste of a good steak. Should never be wrong with anything I don't even like a piece of bacon wrapped around the state and at the same way I doubt I'll put bacon in my steak I love the taste of the state have the bacon separately. Sports the seventh separately here on WW. Good morning and happy Friday everybody. Lets you baseball took advantage of too closely Ole miss errors and would win Florida three in thirteen innings at the pitch. -- -- -- -- But it is. My -- -- -- great running catch it deep love may. The tigers. Hey god had him. This -- about it. Tigers ace Aaron no look through a season high 121. Pitches allowing two runs on eight hits while grinding out seven and two thirds innings of work. Alicia improves -- 96 and one in the SEC play and moves ahead old miss him western division standings the rebels are 97. In other scores from the diamond to -- up blank losing to nothing to Charlotte this effort is dropped their second straight contest in Iowa losing five to four cubs. -- Williams held his end the season media availability as the -- spears. 34 and 48 this season and did not make the playoffs for the third straight year that -- head coach was asked if he's concerned at all with his future with the team. -- we took every day worried about. Is this going to be the day or anything like that I got to do much. I think you guys talk about her right about a more than anybody knows when you're in management -- in leadership is not so you're always. Trying to help your team get better and that's about the extent of. And Duke's Jabari -- hoping to become the -- doubles latest one and done start to become the number one overall pick. The all American forward said -- enter the NBA draft after being the highest scoring freshman in duke history. Today -- four on sports talk a preview of the NBA playoffs LeBron James remain on his throat and three -- with Miami. Or will the league crown he knew case. Then at six LSU baseball and Ole miss tussle in game two of this series that's early morning look at sports I'm Steve. Geller I've -- Dave Cohen Steve -- January -- of money -- that. It's -- the fans and the media to talk about but I don't care what your job is you should never go to work worried. I am I gonna get fired you go to work and do the best damn job you can. And let other people -- about -- We always hear about. You know do the players and coaches to doubt any outside influences that's another case with this. The media and fans will stuff we talk about money few charges being. He got kind of a raw deal this year -- -- we have to deal with the hand and you've been dealt with. He'll be around next season and hopefully. A healthy pelicans -- will make it to playoffs Steve -- back he's healthy and another sports at -- fourth and 25 minutes here on WWL AM at them. And dot town. 527. Time for your weekend forecast. Mostly cloudy and fairly mild on this Good Friday -- this afternoon around 73. We have a 20% chance for a few isolated spotty shower so do you watch out for that. As -- head through the date today tonight we dry out skies clear and we -- a bit cool lose tonight south of the -- will be around 67. And north of the -- around 51. Tomorrow looks gorgeous lots of sunshine. Highs around 76. And just about perfect heading into Easter Sunday with lots of sunshine and highs around 79. From the Eyewitness News forecast center -- meteorologist Alexandra grand -- Some drizzle around light rain at the airport now 63 cloudy 61 in Slidell on present text me at 8787 to stake the more you're the -- We're all the people who like it well done -- tell me why. -- coming up a lot of talk more about how you like to -- them but also expiration date. Do you follow them on food. 37 minutes after 5 AM at the early edition of WWL first news it's the eighteen it's April it's when he fourteen and it's TGI. -- and it's time for me to tell you and everybody. Welcome. -- -- -- -- Everybody jumps around a golf. It's Friday we're getting hurt you know. Jump up to jump on things get down. We've got the neighbors and under that while maybe -- could argue that that's an advocate. But it didn't get a jumper. Little girl who don't even wake up the other people asked. Oh man my -- John you know vacation for the Easter break a leg of pop up at -- moment my son for whatever reason fell asleep on the couch. And I got up and turn on the light and and -- get my clothes on your grass under that in the bedroom and only got my wife and they got all sagged and he was. You know asleep and woken up like -- light on that might have a lineup that's having a bad or about it. I'm delighted they get stressed out but it just in the dark it would be pretty. That he went back this late sign or not roaming around a stirring up trouble now waking minute. So yesterday I walked into our break room here at WW well. And there's bags of chips and pretzels on the table I saw that and I was like yeah. I took a little bit I'd love pretzels pretzels -- what my favorite things in the world. Any kind of -- the other hand it to be policies you know chatter pretzels out little different -- I opened up the bag grabbed a few. I noticed the bag said. Super Bowl special. Take a closer look. And whoever it last -- bags in the break room. Shame on you and you belong in the problem with people file their old bay expired in January on the road. And I don't know if it was just because I noticed that after hitting a fatal hand holding out cited two other media in my stomach started grumbling. It feel a little uneasy a little queasy. They expired in January where I left brain you're out bags of chips from their home apparently. Think it now these are expired -- -- to the people who work I don't Isaiah lady -- I got giving these dumb but I'll have everyone at -- Ito. -- are off. Yeah -- -- expired food. I try not to and you know most of the dates. You know some updates on food or by by day you know purchased by day they get by. And then you bring it home and it's still OK for a little while. Other dates -- don't eat after this date. Now what do you do if it's a borderline case like in a day you'll. Error in the real close split in the -- -- -- -- kind is like couple days nobody yeah that's that's about me now I have one daughter who even if it's like it did before she she wants nothing to do it here and she's kind of extreme on that -- that I know other people has some preservatives and stuff it doesn't matter. I don't know -- -- is in my own brain making me feel queasy after realizing expiration date on the chatter. Hala Pena pretzels which were -- -- good tasted great. But this. Why would someone bring those in I don't did you look at the potato chips were they old true. Yes. And I -- huge council votes out of Texas and I don't Lauren and I don't need. From bags are other people stuck there are winners they were already over Rome do as far as being expire I know the pretzels have not been opened -- I just wonder. What that line of thinking I don't know who brought them and I don't know why I don't know if they're trying to be kind if they're trying to make assaults. -- what they were trying to do night. Now expired months ago. That's. You don't touch that going to be given to us as a reason there's an expiration date and maybe just to get to throw away and buy more I don't know especially with like pretzels and what's gonna go out of the holes Stafford gone down in all the things that everybody's stick -- -- -- out for about ten minutes later I was OK yeah then I guess I'd forgotten about it and and now was well yeah. Somebody. Expiration -- and insisting that will talk about a text -- 87870. Do you eat something after the expiration date what if it's borderline a close one of these people's expression that trash at. Wearing US someone who would say well others bring it to work it's expired. -- Thank you collected one -- -- more first news on this Friday morning Chris Miller joins us from the coast. Taking a look at four years after the BP oil disaster was still going on down there for years on Sunday. The deep water rise up. Oh god let's go live and direct Eyewitness News forecast -- figured morning. Good morning to miss meteorologist Alexandra -- and learn how high gas and get a fantastic. Finally made it to the weekend. And any bad weather we had came in overnight just a little drizzle left this morning. That -- that's overseeing everything that kind of want to -- -- wrote cameras out there I don't sweat the roads out there a little bit of drizzle and light rain for some spots but it is kind of spotty out there and it's fairly light. And we're gonna get all that ran all those clouds out here today. Yeah that we should -- what we see at the net a little roundup rain coming this afternoon so we have this big low pressure center to our east and south. And it's kind of wrapping around someone that waste -- how to get at some time so we may have another round of a few spotty showers. This afternoon and that evening. OK so the rain not gone in to fill out. After this evening. Right but got -- pretty much kind of finishing up with a slight rain chance today and then will be clearing tonight and looking great for the weekend. It's it was a cloudy pretty much all day yeah what we thought we were gonna get sunshine but. We'll have to guess delay our sunshine surprise in celebration until tomorrow because that's when whether they aren't just about perfect. Yeah I think so Koch -- -- -- -- tell me about it okay tomorrow we start out in the fifteenth upper fifties south of the -- that kind of had cool. Then -- tomorrow afternoon. Middle seventies and mostly clear -- -- it's perfect right and what we wait for then on Easter Sunday temperatures start off south of the lake seniors sixty. North at the lake low to middle fifties and we end up close to eighty degrees it's just a little bit warmer with the on the upper seventies -- Saturday and Sunday part near perfect -- -- anyone who doesn't like upper seventies and low eighties with sunshine well I don't know what they spread. And it's one of those again we're just enjoying this spring here because it won't last long we all know that by the time. That jazz baskets here usually spring is over summer arrives. I know just -- is I found. Many times like the first hot week and a -- -- -- every year -- the. Yeah like clockwork. The last remember it was crazy cold and rainy the first weekend that and then ridiculously hot the second yet so extreme. -- yet. Tired expiration dates have been talking about that give people -- -- mediate 78 inning call me a ones because I felt. Queasy after eating pretzels that it expired in January. A Lotus wow that's strong words -- called names most of us you know weenie. Did they not be such a big weenie. Do you -- expired food. You do. What if it's three months Xbox. Well if it was a plan might eat it but like if anything I've refrigerators that it's a little thing can. Seven as a refrigerated and expires. You're done that yet like it's a little more. Or something that is more non perishable. Ads and tastes are -- ago -- Where. Does. -- I got -- -- is serious question. And if you don't wanna answer you can -- that it took have you ever. Taking an eighty extra little sip of soda perhaps at a convenience Stewart refill your cup after used -- Topped it off have you ever yet taken a little shot of a solar. I think most people probably have at some point you know you stand at the soda machine you fill your cup you take a step and you build again right well there. -- according to police in Charleston, South Carolina. That is -- Yes Amanda faced a 525. Dollar fine. For refilling. A portion of his soft drink. At a VA facility in South Carolina. It's yeah now he said wait a minute I didn't know. Well isn't there are signs right there on the drink McCain in making the cost of read bills and that you have to paid for refills. If you don't that's shoplifting. -- the VA has reviewed his case. And decided they're gonna let him off with a warning instead of a 525. Dollar fine it came with the shoplifting violation. It's I don't know if -- have to pay the 89 cent -- right. To get his warning but. Because so many places it industry you know -- fast food places in eagle right you're absolutely -- -- signal kind of confused there yeah. Convenience store cafeteria trying usually used most of pay for those who say yes. That would have been an expense of retail. When he five dollars coming I know restaurants in little crazy with their drinks and a -- you order a drink now it's like three. For a soft drink at the restaurant is an. Advocate now water with -- that's the way to go from a variety. You are you are -- against by the definition of this if you've -- taken just an -- a little bit in the field to drink. Yet it kind of embarrassing but you know they have those coffee machines as cap it seemed like yeah different neighbors and haven't found one. So I think that every flavor I did that in a while and have a company that uplifting I know I don't gotten -- Now you ought to worry about that the -- like IR US jobless. Thank you Alexander had a great week yankees'. Alexander grant Frontline and direct from the Eyewitness News forecast -- 125 galleries even. Other signs everywhere. They -- New England. He gets off with a morning news Steve goes up next sports here -- WWL on this Friday. These young people are jumping on me because I got upset about eating pretzels three months expired in the breaker. I know pretzels expired and they scale it wouldn't be viewed expired in January and I get a little queasy after I realized. Now that the some attacks made it seven he called me it was someone else call me you -- some -- manned up Dave but that I got this tax as I work for chip company. As long as the bad was an open they should still be good but three months. I would needed that -- And arguably for -- make that pretzels on the -- so did you end of spewing any -- My forget about it removed and other things. But I'm always in your head but did you actually have real symptoms now -- just -- -- -- and then and an -- budget ships in this -- bag would ever go back Nam -- -- -- After -- sentiment out stacks and asked about what about mold on -- -- -- operate the president pays the -- definitely not I do you see that's the weird thing as long as the mold not on the part I'm meeting I'm okay. Because I can see -- pummeled on this part of what Mike is amateur that Steve Nicholas get your sports. Good morning everyone will it was in pretty but a win as a -- as LSU baseball capitalize on some Ole miss mistakes to finally earn a 43 victory in thirteen innings. -- sure looks at second delivered to the plate -- double play ground ball out like -- went away to the shortstop. What brought all star had a head for a third and save all around. Senior reliever curb -- would come on in the bottom of the thirteenth three -- the rebels in order. -- she jumps over Ole miss for second in the western division with a record of 96 and one. The rebels -- nine and seven now. -- wasted a fine pitching performance from freshman Corey Merrill as the wave were shut out -- nothing by shortly. Merrill tossed seven and third innings allowing seven hits while striking out four is that first came up short in Iowa losing five to four to the cubs. Disease had now lost two straight. The NBA's post season tips off tomorrow and unfortunately the pelicans will just be spectators as they finished with a record of 38 and 48 this year. Fans have become impatient with coach Monty Williams as this is the third straight year new whirlwind hasn't made the playoffs Williams says he can handle. Criticism that doesn't bother me I think the people who complained they want the same thing now. They wanna win and -- and that that's cool with me when you're in this position you've got to make mistakes we do not make a mistake you know trial that's just the way it is. And the voodoo welcome that -- to the graveyard tonight San Antonio still looking for their first win as they're a win five New Orleans record is one in three. Today -- four on sports talk a preview of the NBA playoffs LeBron James remain on his throne and three -- with Miami. Or with a league crown a new case. Then at six LSU baseball takes on Ole miss in game two of this series I'm Steve Geller and that's your early morning exports at a still little lightning round you like LSU to take this series this weekend at all -- I do think they're gonna get the win tonight. That's what tomorrow's cup with a big question they have. Issues with their third starter. Right now but I like -- -- tonight going against the rebels and who do you like in the NBA. You know -- from. I don't know if it's because I'm rooting for them I guess but San Antonio to me is the best team all around team right now they just. Are playing so well under coach Popovich and I think this will be Tim Duncan's last year I think he goes out and NBA title countless birds and they eat. -- this -- they'll be there either in the Eastern Conference it's either going to be this spur of the I'm sorry that he. For the pacers and there's nobody ultimately think the spurs -- and yet we we could get a -- I think you get a rematch of last year's NBA finals of spurs vs heat. It will get a rematch of your sports coming -- in fifteen minutes IKEA VW have a great weekend Steve Steve Geller on sports this morning here on WWL your weekend forecast is next. -- some attacks mandates -- it's as I work for a chip company the bags are filled with nitrogen not there which preserves the product until it's opened. To air nitrogen. -- -- -- for ever -- up two years so like panel that was fine eating the three month expired pretzels that someone decided to put on the table on the break in Italy Italy on talking about expired foods that canned goods really never -- keep those for decades and how so many people throw food away because of the expiration dates and there's nothing wrong -- that when. Maybe seasonally and buy new stuff I don't know well -- doesn't say expires it's as best. Bonds. Well my time is about to expire at least for today Tommy -- the next which again is a Bosnian does nitrogen filled tires. If they run low he film at the moment I just found out he's already done -- -- again. I -- about the consent decree with no PP we're gonna have some fun talking about your favorite Easter candy we'll talk to the archbishop on Good Friday will talk to. To -- gossip from Rouse is about -- cross station and smoking on TV like mad men. Can cause adults start smoking again. I say but real expiration date to -- have a great weekend.

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