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WWL>Topics>>4-18 6:45am Tommy, OPP consent decree

4-18 6:45am Tommy, OPP consent decree

Apr 18, 2014|

Tommy talks to Dr. George Capowich, a criminologist at Loyola, about the settlement reached over the OPP consent decree

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

George -- which joins us right now former -- OPD officer believed right George. Not only be a -- police officer criminologist department of sociology at Loyola university in. George rallies -- doctor George rallies. And begin the things like this with you know I think a lot of people know all the the consent decree in will Orleans parish prison I think sometimes they get him confused with another consent decree that for the NL PD's so. If you could explain how this all came about -- and where it looks like it's headed now. While the consent decree eager to. Issue. An Asian tiger indicated one accomplished pleased with the little cartridge -- The person. And there is at the picture users on the federal government around the country and conditions practices. -- policies source Keane and -- severely deficient and wanting. As an occasional person is covering the game slide -- Our safety consultation and the lack of availability solutions. Mental -- drug. Other kinds of things and it is away. Prompting the local. Government -- change the Sunni. Can share -- cars can. Implement. The consent to Corey Adams and -- this important agreement. Is reached. Yesterday. Is between. Sheriff's office and sit. On the net just cover some things up until December. To get the implementation of the consent decree -- So a judge has to prove this or the judge has approved -- and at what point do they get a rolling. What are shivers of federal judges overseeing the implementation. 3COM. Consent decree. Com and has been encouraging the parties as always happens to negotiate -- stroke car. -- answer this temporary. -- it is way too harsh all. Trial. And peaked in negotiations. Are calling in and true. Heart and to work on implementing. Are some of the more formal reaching. Part of the consent decree. It looks to me are involved at all in any way in the negotiations. But this is common grave in negotiations proceed. It felt some things between now and December. -- -- Share shall close the prison. City administration. Kim's birthday real -- calling. And so this was way -- putting some thing machine slaves. Problem. Two. EU's -- or at least attitude if not east implementations. The consent decree still -- support issues age after the resolved. And sometimes in negotiations. Should start out -- what we agree. Let's get code rule makers -- story can hash out areas where there's more disagreement. So what exactly was agreed to in this calm the preliminary agreement what's gonna change scholars OPP goes and and any price tag on what it's gonna cost people who live in Orleans parish. Right now. Comes with him cost. This city is -- you are just a little longer for millions. And that's important disagreement between church office in the mayor's office. Last year. Almost cost toward each other changes. More column within. Please report calling building in the city as well. Arsenic. Commit toward consent decree -- calpers the actual cost. Two. To -- -- there were several things in India agreement should one is changed and column. Com and better translation lines there. People don't speak English can get assistance. -- design. The shirt off human resources. Two poor town. There are descriptions promotions those kinds of things. It they're higher cost -- and sure. Which shall we shall in ancient community can be properly classified. Not just in. Agreement -- issues. -- -- -- Assessments to determine -- -- all -- and being victimized in its cars. I think ultimately that passed -- and to include treatment need each all our art passage or treatment and other kinds of educational. And the roads and -- -- and will be Cox. Dr. Georgia appreciate your time and lighter note you don't have -- you know one when it comes across finished the Eden indeed that black thing. You -- a black thing poor -- the public school at a great Easter weekend. Banquet at --

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