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WWL>Topics>>4-18 7:45am Tommy, Archbishop Gregory Aymond & Good Friday

4-18 7:45am Tommy, Archbishop Gregory Aymond & Good Friday

Apr 18, 2014|

Tommy talks to the Archbishop of New Orleans about Good Friday and Easter

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Archbishop Gregory Damon joins us now a friend of ours is talk about Good Friday in. And and some other things and archbishop thank you for coming on and you busy today. Particularly Tommy thank you appreciate the opportunity to be Ricky won the secretary of. -- one of the questions we were asking people is that. Does either triumph or tragedy bring you closer to what farther away. From religion and would think. That people can look at it two different ways they know what candidate you know what things are gone well for me there is no. And I'm not trying to be sacrilegious here but there is no magic man in the sky and some atheists -- says -- People don't look at it the other way the that's the time they need. That helping guidance the most and conversely when things -- -- well they can either be thankful and and say all of this is through you or they can say. United is on my own on -- -- held for anything so would the what do you say to people win. Things aren't going so well innate drive brand and it doesn't Morgan and they feel like they are all on their own. I think really that's what could argue about because not only do it. Jesus -- claws and -- across Don and cost from leading and so situation. But he'll sit during the lifetime that there was one problem in cycles ago you'll corpse. -- formally. And that's the mystery we don't quite an Estonian and that. Like human life and it's so. Does joys and contentment but it also as it is true refugees and that is -- Don't believe the person that would called being. Some treatment on the court suffering there it is ultimately the light source sales and rights were toward. Sort of mystery from clean and stay in the it's clearance. Understanding that -- -- -- appear our course that they -- -- its course. My suggestion is we also are cross -- its course. Something that -- somebody emailed me -- attacks in the N analyst at the video and heard it is. He had a -- engage in in the middle of you what reprises and a and a parish but I think it is important for UB and then the is spiritual leader of Catholics in the archdiocese. His father mark Stoops from the the Christ redeemer Catholic Church in -- no he just said basically that if you go to crawfish boil. Today on. Very sacred day that -- in essence a committee a blasphemy and that that's not what the days for an -- -- wondered we will would you advise Catholics to do on Good Friday and and what is the day for me are you in a way. Being crisis like if you gather with friends and family and have a good time or is it a day not for that because you and I've had this conversation before when has grown up. There is no TV or radio and house and I'm presume -- thing for you. That's correct yes when when I was -- -- we didn't talk from twirled a street. Would be conscious and silence we couldn't watch TV and it was a very very quiet good. That line. -- do you draw that line between gathered with family and friends -- You -- sentencing. I think. Both can happen but I think the question news what is the day primarily for. And that is primarily a day of prayer and reflection hopefully going to church. -- -- The -- isn't it where it across in effect won by weight to a blog where the course which few minutes it's primarily for that. And -- we could -- grasping. What the date is partly walking with she's district. If we did that I think you could or cute but at the end of the day. It could be appropriate in that associate in the united. 3 o'clock not work at the end of the day you could just that it's okay -- -- on with -- brands. And that I would say before you if he's been that and -- to return to that prayer. A division I appreciate you time and let me go to confession here publicly that. No radio or TV thing that kind of change my mind on that after again it is does it. And Gregory. Apparently archbishop have a have a lovely Easter weekend and thank you -- in time.

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