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WWL>Topics>>4-18 8:15am Tommy, boilin' crawfish

4-18 8:15am Tommy, boilin' crawfish

Apr 18, 2014|

Tommy talks to Tim Acosta with Rouses about boiling crawfish

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Emma Acosta joins is now with Rouse is a -- boiling cross station. Tim you guys and a boy some crawfish today. Yet yet more coming up on current rate with them greatly. -- there's trotted out the larger -- Pro sports and and today where where strong -- so fortunately like. Not electric. Profit company and that will be Pollard -- source that. That's all. Well. Until leeway at times when it comes to my airport under. About a heart went out there aren't brought to outline are you today yes sir when it comes to bomb -- Boylan and and for people who wanna get them linemen Boylan themselves. Did you look what's the secret here I mean should they come out good every time in and I know you guys that he be Boylan a man you're gonna have to. At some point I guess replenish the totals of his era. Is there a percentage or proportion it you do every so many boils. Yet here we have off on the a program that used in the stores the ball from Italy have all season and our own -- -- that we use. The crap -- and so forth. And -- you know at so -- involved -- -- -- huge -- where the ball. He looked at attacks at a time and at the diplomatic ball solid bat in the clean shall sop up the water. And then now we also today a little swap it out completely. Values and moral -- that -- -- you know that you that you don't wanna be Arlen. Older -- also. Well for some accidents -- home to him and and me at what point DF to change water start all over roads -- drugs were saying CRA. It did that all -- it probably all of our pre treat all of your home you know put his in the water just got to keep added. Some more season and then let the ball reached you know the net net the open anything goofy nearly pineapples bananas in England. Well market they would what I do. And but I do personally at home you know with what my proxy today. The -- -- everybody uses on to the -- -- salary topic itself. But I'll like to throw in something like or Schultz Brussels sprouts either drop it and popular effort there -- I heard some good things about Brussels browser those delicious Monica in and crawfish boil. About Brussels sprouts -- all outraged and then. Actually we also just recently ordered that an -- them all food and drop it and but so in the -- is all. Sense -- document. Yet just not not yet special tree right there so not Boyle tried to Boylan once and disappeared. And I think that. It is just let them little -- back on the net hopman -- -- -- about you know ten minutes or whatever it -- Island at the heart leads him his camera on a -- and -- -- the -- and out there and nobody took just disappeared it does in Iraq. I'm Eric Eric and good diplomat of the ball. And tell me about you -- Boylan immune cells even Rouse is blowing at 100 and what 20000 pounds. Oh yeah well. Orca the process it's just it didn't Tokyo will be much of it on doctor you know they want to finish up with a with a terrible customers in the stores -- Now would you like to get a -- with Sam Brandon. It's some of the DeBoer knowledge that stuck in this and Julia and Tom and -- your trick of the fallen pop. Place him being nice I think the rain should be gone by then and talking clear and cool night lows around that 5158 pesos should be a good night to. Get a running crawfish boil and pot. They will -- great weekend and then take care of the processor day -- and is it real cranked up Easter Sunday. They go on the have you ever been somebody's house where they handsome and across station. He just kind of raise your eyebrows and your wondered what will they think in her. Now we we can't. Not that brought down you know. Gadgets thank you Tim appreciate your time --

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