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WWL>Topics>>4-18 9:10am Tommy, smoking

4-18 9:10am Tommy, smoking

Apr 18, 2014|

Tommy talks to Dr. Stanton Glantz, a Professor of Medicine & Director of the Center for Tobacco Control Research and Education

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- Lance joins us right now professor of medicine. And director of the center for tobacco control research and education. At the University of California in San Francisco where it 713 and doctor we appreciate you get an early. All by. How about. That the -- on and how old you are the when he comes in the sixties. I don't know his recent I remember it wasn't really that bad. Well smoking. Actually peaked in the sixties. And the surgeon general -- surgeon general report. Linking smoking for cancer came out in 1964. At the smoking. Stop increasing now and then and started dropping in the seventies. With the development of the clean indoor air smokers' rights movement. So when it comes of the TV shows and and adults watching them. Does that what does it do mentally does does it make him think well -- her body was still wanted to can't be that. And the like they'll probably the tobacco companies realize it's a very long time away Beck in the Taiwanese. Entertainment media awards it was a very effective way to promote smoking and so the tobacco companies. Started. -- to get smoking put into movies way back in the wanting it's badly lot of they need to Korea. Like a product placement exam of the tobacco well short of them is a little different Padilla -- and and the the interesting thing -- a lot of people and impact you alluded to earlier think everybody was smoking back in the thirties forties. Because the movies or -- smoking. But the actual. Cigarette consumption back -- it was law were to produce even today. And the reason there was all that smoking in those movies is that there were deals being cut between the studios. And the tobacco -- And then what happened. It did it continued. Up into the in into the that. And then with the advent of television. The tobacco companies were because they can do -- advertising and television plus they were doing. Part essentially product placement and throws like that Jack Benny show in this. And the woods -- usable you know every. Where are you -- doctor and signed cartoons with Fred Flintstones -- endorsing cigarette. They were sponsored by Winston and that was you know the the there was very little. The line between these should completely -- hand and that adds in effect. We have about 82 million pages of previously secret tobacco industry documents here at the university tell port is San Francisco. You can find that contracts for these deals to comply and are shaped object. -- shadow days did such groups for the show itself were being approved by the advertising agencies for the cigarette companies. And so. The the the movie placement sort of died down until the seventies were cigarette advertising was -- that total mentions that it. The and he tobacco companies shifted back to movies but the important thing about this study. Is it that it. It's shows that among adults that was actually have a affects others smoking behavior from -- you describe from the tobacco companies sport that you. -- you know it was a good investment. To infiltrate. The television industry and we have a tremendous scientific base of the evidence. That smoking that kids seeing smoking in movies. Causes kids to smoke -- -- And many other health organizations. Including the CDC the World Health Organization. The academy of pediatrics and others. Have been urging an. Are the main reasons kids start smoking today. But others only there's a huge -- scientific body of evidence on that much lessons that -- rebel surged. -- a couple of studies including one we did. That show that. That seeing somebody smoke screen. Stimulates. People smokers cigarette people who were already smokers and what this new study. -- from the Annenberg School trojans they looked over a period of about sixty years. And filed that is smoking on television went up but now. The cigarette consumption. Track. And so the conclusion -- trawlers that these. Should the adult smoking track and so what the conclusions they -- This is seeing these images on television was either stimulating people to smoke more stimulating people quit to relapse. So it's very important to move getting. Smoking under control. -- Green and get votes in the work -- -- movies but does TV work is exactly would you expect from the movies. You know he mentioned internal documents from the thirties is nobody's going back you have to -- that. And I think -- woods -- surprising to me about -- tennis thing big tobacco maybe in his 60s70s. But. Mean to do you know what some of those documents say -- Indy. Oh yeah yeah we can we have the mall on the Internet people could come at any time that -- If people close to the web sites smoke free movies. That UCSF. Died -- used that smoke free movie's start he's CSF diabetes you can you can go and there are we have links to. A bunch of the specific documents that. What they did packed that Wednesday would contract with the studios to to have the big name stars the big name directors. -- smoke in the settlement then plug the cigarettes in the air. And he would be available to be put in cigarette. And then. The ads would promote cross promote the movies it was actually against the rules to do what we call product placement today citizens public or. You know I'm wondering about -- here this was it about triggering behavior in the and the whole life imitating art thing when you -- You know as much in double indemnity with Frederick Marion Barbara Stanwyck on TMC the other day there's smoke and so much in that I had to open my window. Yeah how well the the amount of intensity that you see smoke anything. It was way more existed reality except if you from mad man. And and the fact if you look at the season three dvds they have an interview with me is one of them had urged. The that park trials in May admit that's what it was why. And the advertising industry that tobacco companies were -- of players that they -- dominant. Customer one problem. And it was really the advertising industry that built the tobacco industry. Indeed that does that to the things that led to the modern tobacco industry. Word the development of cigarette manufacturing machines so they can make a lot of them. And the the development of match marketing and the tobacco companies have always been cutting edge. Of mass marketing and days for example the tobacco companies invented baseball car as a way to promote show. And they've always understood that the way to get people addicted to cigarettes just to ante keeps them addicted. It's too embedded in the culture that is motion pictures. And then later television network developed a competent to -- -- companies were among the sourced. To recognize how powerful that would be useful way to sell products. And thirties and its owner about these documents and I know you're familiar with the Wendell animate smoked three movies that order back -- here sir -- here for sale or. It was there any indication that the tobacco industry knew with the addictive nature of their broader there was only they did -- So it's I -- -- movies to do it. And you get. People out in in the real world to pattern that behavior than Elvis and the addictive Barnaby keeps. Right I mean the tobacco companies I mean that they didn't understand addiction all the way back birdies Satan they were causing disease birdies. One of them probably most quoted lines in the document choose. From 1963. The vice president. And chief warrior. Broccoli and -- support the business selling nicotine an addictive drug. And interestingly that was the same time arguing successfully. Took this surgeon general committee that nicotine was detective wasn't. Until 45 years later 1988. To go finally set -- subject so the companies have known. For very long time what you need to do is get people -- it's addictive and and then keep the smoking by continuing to have Putin's. Two to reinforce smoking behavior and the movies and television are just such. They're the strongest media out this year. -- doing and we're one of the other -- one of the other church that was published. Couple years ago was what -- -- which smokers in brains. And showed the clips of movies with and without smokers. And when people national -- show clips of movies and it's smoking in them. Linda the part of the brain which is the addictions sugar which is what scientists in the disparity expect that the but the thing they didn't expect to fight this and also with the department their brain that controls will be your hand up here now. And we've we deduce that world smokers watch. Clips of movies with and without smoking and then we we didn't tell rumors start. And are the things we measured as well we took a break where it is smokers are in the people and saw other clips of smoking in the work. Eight times more likely debris outside of smokers. So. You know you're trying to quit -- You shouldn't be seen in the movies to show that smoking in the because it's a very much -- -- Just what the tobacco companies for about you know decades these -- scientist. I appreciate your time I really do and I hope we talked to you again albeit a great Easter weekend and publicly on season three. Of mad men the dvd in the special features -- yeah. Thank you doctor thank you.