WWL>Topics>>4-18-14 10:10am Don Dubuc: on cell phones for kids

4-18-14 10:10am Don Dubuc: on cell phones for kids

Apr 18, 2014|

Don Dubuc fills in for Garland and talks with education expert Mary Ashmore about whether phone companies should market to 5-year-olds.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And Friday Good Friday that is and Don -- fills in for Garland Robinette each Friday thank you for tuning us in Garland will be back with you on Monday. Very interesting program for you for the next three hours -- and pulls it out by following up on a topic we talked about last Friday if you tuned in. I'm going to be on dubbing this issue Franken Stein the action of fracking issue of fracking in saint Tammany parishes. Reason its ugly head there was a public hearing held in -- is this week -- a lot of the folks in saint Tammany nationally have questions that are very much opposed. Two -- all company -- landowner who was seeking a permit to. Look more into the possibility of extracting oil and gas from a thirteen thousand foot deep well which will pass through the water system that supplies about 99%. Of that parish and actually some Monday -- -- will give in to that. Also while we're gonna talk with -- Marc surely mark is a crawfish specialist -- the L issue. Agricultural center and also Louisiana -- grant you know traditionally today Good Friday in this week and Easter. Really kick off the back yard crawfish ball's not only. Is it a delicacy in a meal but it's of very much a social event part of our culture here in. Will be examining all the ways to cook crawfish may be some of -- special ingredients. -- boiling tips and the cat she crawfish do you buy them live in ball what do you Bynum. Ready to go from the stores will be exploring crop fishing and 09 Angela spoke about that yesterday. Tommy had a lot of participation in this morning's program. So will get on the on the program with a little bit later on but this hour. I've got a question for you. About cell phone news. Some information that is saying that. Sprint is going to be marketing cellphones to get this number now -- you girls. Time right away some guys -- you know well maybe not -- into the whole story and will ask you to weigh in on this on not ready opinion poll question too but first I want explain to -- the situation about this technology. It's called a flip at Philip F I LIP -- watched. And on last Friday sprint introduced a week ago. Now the week ago is a super simple cell phone designed for kids. From five to twelve. And its goal is to give parents some sophisticated tracking capabilities and at the same time. Let kids masked to some basic. Communications scale policy communication on the talking about personal communication from electronic communication. At first glance that three features that make this week go stand out from the run of the mill flip phones. One is this design is just one but very simple and it's on the front from making calls -- two buttons on the side. That lets you scroll up and down through a list of people that you -- can contact. If your child feels like he's in danger. He pulls a ring on a string which sounds an alarm. In addition to the alarm immediately send you a text. When you call the child back the phone's microphone and camera. Or immediately. Activate. Wondering about durability while sprint is claiming -- some water resistant hand held device. And can withstand a drop of up to twelve feet without shatter. The second feature on the parental controls that you put in the twenty numbers that your child can call you pay bills and those -- the only in numbers. That can call your child. You can also put it into silent mode during school hours late at night when you know -- I'm on the phone you can use a web portal. To track their location. Gets text messages when the or she arrives -- school and home. And gets alerts if he's traveling in a vehicle that's exceeding the speed. Well this is not big Brothers is big mother and fought it. Tennis and -- solar -- amateur in the phone seller honor against even let you know if the child has gotten out of bed. In time for -- school. What do you think. Way should you be handling it child is not the gadget for parental control and also for safety measure. Or should you be handing them a book and you say we know this is technology it's time for us use every tech to weekend as the best way to better communicate stimulate young minds. And may be more importantly keep them sick. Joining us to talk about this is a merry -- more marries an education expert. With learners on line dot com Merritt thanks for taking the time to discuss this when this deal more about -- on line that now. Well we started this company in 1996. Has been around for a long time and we -- Sort of and held out that as technology used to increase them we wouldn't want to support. The value of it you don't just hand kids devices and expect Nintendo they may learn as quickly how to use the device. But what's really important for us is a contact. We want them to learn we don't mind games we don't mind certain apps. But as long as those apps are stimulating their minds in at the end of the day that they're actually learning something. So. We've been developing web blessed and for a number of years now and and they used across the country. And then very effectively could we know that the kids love beyond computers give them put on a computer they may be there for two or three hours. So it does that but at the same time you spoke about. Giving him a book. And encouraging them to go out and play so absolutely while we embrace technology there have to be balance. In there with regard to their other activity where it was -- with all things. That balance. Did you give us could you break it down to percentage wise how much time should be devoted to. Vehicle dirt mentos and reading a book and more conventional. Forms of of communication verses the Tom -- on my panel with a cellphone. So as much as possible for the younger kids. Hampshire demeanor you'd hear all kinds of things out there but just common sense. Tell. That the younger kids should be more into the plains. I don't think you know the the kindergarten. Or preschool kindergarten first second third grade. Put some new technology in the early years. A little bit more as they -- more responsibility. And which should be teaching them how to surf the Internet. How to how Abu researches looked for fake sites on the Internet all boater. All of those are our our issues and there are challenges and they should be parent should be watching -- you should be watching. So all of that -- the concern but at the same time technologies here today and we help teachers and parents embraced technology and use it. -- responsibly. As far as this week go phone all you familiar will have you actually seen orient you read up on awful moment to form an opinion on whether this is a good idea on and I a year for children as young as five. Well you know my first. The first thing I thought was -- no I'm not that's not -- your old I have a five year old nephew. And there is no way that you can -- And the ring on the stream would be the very first thing that people. Yeah he might look at the buttons but he's gonna pull the -- on the strength -- what market do that we developed not to do some do. Absolutely so. I'm not sure where spring was coming from within although you know we've been talking about it all week so maybe they achieved their goal. Well it certainly has according to their descriptions some redeeming factors some of these things about tracking -- -- this -- Absolutely I think safety. Safety is always at the forefront and all of our minds with respect to anything and everything we do with their kids. I think that the age range with a little bit too broad and means five to twelve I -- -- kids and now they're apparently though it has been a little while ago. They can get their personal phone until labor 1516. Years old. And I sort of -- it is there. Showing mean that they can be responsible. For such a device. And when they were responsible that device was taken away so I sort of they Iraq. Again the talking back on one hand and they're talking about helping these kidnapped after these the technology. And helping them grow responsibilities that you have I -- the parental controls. So we just have to I am just not quite sure why they get into the fight your world for this kind of device that you just described. Often features. I would have said that they -- sweet spot -- and kids maybe -- well. Thirteen fourteen. The free cell phone. Experience. That's where that's where my head when I won my first trip there and and and not connecting girls from below. Right I we're gonna take a quick break it would come back him in the check on a pretty opinion poll which is asking you should phone companies market to -- -- simple yes and no. Before you cast your vote you hear the rest of this discussion because there's a lot of angles of this were talking with merry ash more marries an education X expert. With learners on line dot com also lose suggest you check out there web page we'll be right back is Good Friday thanks for tuning in to the think tank on WW. Now walking back into the think tank got telephone lines -- open for you to like to discuss and about topics this morning. We're talking with Mary ash more and education expert learners on line dot com. And spread has introduced a telephone -- cellphone. Which they say who is designed from kids from five to twelve years of age. -- its goals would be to give some parents sophisticated tracking capabilities some of which are pretty amazing. And at the same time allowing kids to master the basic communication skills using a cell phone. As far as the control end this twenty phone numbers -- and it puts in. And you -- and called them and -- also the only numbers that are able to reach your child through this phone. In addition to that it's got some GPS capabilities. Use it as a web portal where you can track the location of the child. You can get a text message to let you know they have arrived safely at school at home and if there in a vehicle -- traveling above the speed limit and even alert Q. Election oh that is of very sophisticated device. At the same time -- the question arises is five years of age too young. -- design from five to twelve Mary ash Moore has told -- that. She believes it's probably more geared for some age around ten. Our question for you on my opinion pollution -- be marketing. Phones to kids that young right now 100% of you saying no they should not. But again I've got some text messages that are coming in which about a way is 87870. Please if you text in text responsibly members do not text and drive -- isn't legal. I here's one that says. OK so after all that doesn't work when they forget to bring. That can happen any device. Also another Texas a bed every parent who has had. A kid did kidnapped or lost would kill for this phone sounds like a good idea to me. Another -- says Don safety these days especially it's a crazy world out there and the bad guys are using technology as well. And Nolan says this will be awesome too for a special. Kids. And elderly people thought about that marry in and talking to you about this them and I see a parallel wearing you know -- -- to allow. Children to have these devices but I think it goes along saying if you believe in the Second Amendment and -- -- young to be able to use of by our own -- Along with that goes the responsibility. Of training and teaching them. Responsible use and I think which is saying is a parallel with these phones if you gonna get on the phone to use you've got to instruct them on its proper use. How to use it responsibly. Absolutely. Absolutely and that's why I mean think about it -- 567. Year old. Admitted monitor have no problem handing. Their child the device when there at a restaurant. Keep them occupied you know look at this applicant that after playing with and gains in such. They know how to use the phone. I don't think that it's -- it's that he said that. I do agree wouldn't one of the notes they came in that talked about. Missing children locked kidnappings -- touched. I think it would be Smart to for us to talk about in development such things is the GPS tracking. But maybe that's more like chip I I just don't know. Handing them something that they have to try to keep track out they they just keep tracking it in their backpack and I -- where you can where how really you're going to. To make sure that they're using it -- Early and then what about that call to them from use that doesn't get answered. Then what's thoughts going through your mind at. Absolutely content a lot more worried content a lot of distraction. The UK he's -- in school. So. I I don't know when I was racing yet to IE when they talk about the peace of mind aspect. I knew what my kids were. X five and six and seven when -- when they get out of my car went into my -- -- and they were gonna spend the day at their -- out I mean. I knew where they were at all times. So I like the GPS feature I wish there was another way for us to do that. But his start handing them cellphones that that engage edited ventures debating their parents -- cell phones that at 101112. Fourteen and I think that. Parents. You know I think that they would I think that parents would buy something like this. Well you know this as we get into more and more sophisticated technology is certainly some some good things come from open also some negatives because I think we've become reliant on these things and then once that happens and it takes away like you mentioned once she -- kept -- Tract of where you child was way and now when you relying on technology to conduit for you kind of get away from that man has such a good -- Right and he said earlier could cause a lot of anxiety what it's something at the with a device from the capital that the device -- all of -- -- you're wondering you know what does that mean. And now Britain has a different problem on their hands. -- the American stable in the middle -- news break coming up and -- have Gina -- wants to talk. Crime very good with talking with education expert Mary -- more learners online dot com about Sprint's new phone that they are marketing to. They say between five and twelve girls special cell -- with special parental controls. -- getting Tex coming in -- 8787 mean gene temporarily UB approach we come back right after the news. I -- also welcome to text in an 8787. The end on and on discussion about Sprint's choice to market a new phone called the we go phone. And this is a super simple cellphone and marketing in designing -- for kids they say between five and twelve years of -- Has parental controls on -- also some non safety devices. Are pretty opinion poll has changed a little bit we're asking you that question should they market to young is five years of age. Right now it's nine B 4% saying no 6% saying yes. Now we welcome your phone calls and text denied -- in -- on along with his Jeanne thank you for calling -- -- with Mary -- And how are you glad I'm used to seeing him. Yeah. But -- And that's what it. I'm an. Idea. Yeah. -- Couldn't. You can do that come without it without the did that one on the weekend. Mary I think gene's question is this phone is flip phone is just the one button touch because she says she is legally blind some I want. Well I'll believe them they had that if you get one of these phones. You're asking what you can speak into the ground. -- -- -- -- -- It. And they view retained. Technology available defunct now we have out you know. To speak into the phone and they actually do that texting for EU. To happen. -- and -- well I mean you're absolutely right. Right that would be but. Now. Net net that you. Can. Store and found out that there marketing. Okay. These guys. In the Nile can help you there Jeanne but yeah if you checked it out was brand on May be AT&T and the other companies and see what they have to offering you can. Make a decision that with -- apple is good. -- and I wanted to. And and that was my that was my. -- You're not that that you know. Then -- I mean I agree that you percent. Jeanne thank you thank you for the call are if you wanna join in is 2601878. Until free 866889087. In his a couple of text messages -- -- coming to marry one says. On the Lori oven and un answered call never goes away my daughter's eighteen and graduating. After her second year community college and we still worry when there is no answer wonder -- young people realize. What fear restrict into the hearts of apparent when that phone call goes on and it's not just so important. It is and I and I propel apple like kids like he'll tell you never stop raising kids. And it is difficult and that you got to talking to them and letting them know how important it is to communicate. And that and that because there's so many. Stranger things happening in the world today and in everything's happening so quickly. That it's very important to keep touching touching base with parents and in caretakers. And and just really being responsible about that. You know -- we've had discussions on the show before about losing communication skills basic skills of of writing. And one on one personal communication now what suggestions as -- as on line have. Form maybe overcoming and is it just taking the time to spend more time and at -- may be putting a day ago weekend aside -- which is gonna. Check out phones at the door for this weekend called back to our normal. On the porch person to person conversation. You do and you should I think bearing she is always been monitoring the time that the kids spend on these devices. Whether -- this spot cellphones or whether it's the hand held devices BI -- Whatever it is even learning and the computer time that they banned. And what about the concern that we used to have and probably still do have with the video games. Thank you wanna play with any of these sort of technological devices here and our year and then a couple of hours outside go go play outside my parents always told me go play outside. Go right to -- And then the family I agree with -- we need to go camping for the weekend check yourself it's hard enough for adults to check their bill that the door. But I think even as adults in and we used it glued to me I know it's good to -- But the times that I -- content effort you're exactly right the conscious effort parents. Don't stop. Making efforts to to create that balance in your family lives because it's very important. And you know of course it in Barry's -- would think with from child a challenge getting it text in the says my son has had a mobile phones since he was six. I trusted him at that age is in wonderful trust building experience in the case of that person who has probably very close and devoted relationship with the child may be works for that six year old Miller and their responsibility but for other kids. Six wide open Smartphone ball that could be a world of trouble. Yup I agree and there are and of course there always. A percentage of kids and family and relationship. That make things like this work. Mary thank you for taking some time with us on this Good Friday again -- -- on line dot com and I suggest some -- list -- who wanna learn more about the technology that's available with kids its impact because you know. We're starting now to get into a generation that grew up was cellphones but in the past it's been a generation that didn't have all this technology to get that children do. It has been kind of a learning experience for them on how to guide their children was something we -- no -- Absolutely and we can learn from them we can learn from from them about there. How they're thinking what they want. But we have to all be responsible about it and that's why we produce the content that we produce for schools and for parents. -- get the good lessons and the learnings for the the learning still takes place you met. Again thanks Mary appreciate it. He managed more and education expert checking out if you wanna contact you can go to Mary and learn news on line that. I will become a back to take some more vehicles comments discussion text messages late 7870 phone lines to 601878. -- 3866889087. This is the think tank on WWL radio. Welcome back into the think tank get ready to win 1000 dollars and -- nationwide 1000 dollar vacation cash contest that'll be starting this Monday April -- -- but it -- smaller than the rest you'll join -- WW all cash club today. By texting the word cash to 87870. Then means you'll get alerts and be first to know when his time in the win. 1000 dollars join the WW all cash club now. Text the word cash to 87870. We never charge protects an individual plan text and data rates do apply. Good luck from Smart radio and com and WWL. And if you like to text -- said -- 7870. And -- you know our topic for this now we've been talking about. Sprint has developed a telephone at dale marketing for youngsters as young as five usable up to twelve -- it's called a week ago. It's super simple at three buttons on one button make calls to buttons on the side to get through a list of people. A that you put in as a parent and your child can only call those numbers and those numbers can only call you shop. Also has a device a little ring on a string. And if you -- ever feels like he or she is in danger. They've all let cord -- -- along goes off and immediately. You get attacks when you call back. The microphone on the phone and the camera. Automatically. Activated it's called a week ago. Put up by sprint. The other part of it is that you know it's got to GPS tracking feature on where use its own web portal he cracked the child's location. You can text messages you get a text that is when they arrive at school weren't home and you'll also get alerts if there in a vehicle that speeding. Exceeding the speed in his colon -- -- in the phone. Do you think this is good idea bad idea most is still think this is a bad idea 92% saying no relation not market a phone for a five year old. And 6% saying you know will go when it got some Tex coming in here. Here's one I bought my child a cellphone after she was stranded. After a girl scout. Apparent for a guy she was the -- there. Kids had no money no phone thank goodness a kind person called their school then the parents but I don't think it's great. But I had a piece of mind when she had a phone she was nine years old. What is been your experience what -- do you allow your child to use a cell phone. Will you be looking into these legal time phone sprints the first one now and I'm sure there will be others. Following it will be back to take to VoIP calls and also your text and 87870. Or 2601878. This is a think tank on the big 87 WW. Now welcome back into the think tank coming up next hour we're going to be talking crawfish. What's your favorite crawfish ingredient you have a secret ingredient maybe you got some tips for people on boiling. Do you prefer to. By you crawfish already ball on the ball in itself to you by M live by the sack but do you. Still go out and catch a bullet that's become really lost art on a minute nets and gone around into the swamp in the roadside ditches and it's year old Crawford we'll talk all about that stuff also -- of events coming up with a lot of crop patients -- they tune that. -- closing out this hour's discussion without ready opinion poll question. I should phone companies market to -- -- polls is five years of age too young to have a soulful. And 19%. Now saying. The should offer him through the five girls where 87%. As a nineteenth in eighties and thirteen and 87. 87% saying no five is too young -- too young for phone it's not to. Young now operate a Monday that a five year old has no problem particularly a simple phone like this one -- -- is starting to market. I'm very simple designs only get three buttons on one to make calls the other two moves up and down a list of people that the child can't call. Or be called by. That's also got an emergency feature a lot of safety features one of the child ever feels like they're in danger. -- in addition to dialing 911 is simply pull -- on a string an alarm goes off. And use the parent automatically get a tax. Of what's gone on deployment and again like we were talking with -- against Mary Nash more. Sometimes -- unknown can be worse then then in. The in the known -- you know get a text in the alarm is going often you don't know what's going on -- towels just plain and accidentally pulled out some of the kid pulled a in you don't in any results what what do you do then also with the phone is not being answered if you try to. Call the child again an update on the status so. Lot of questions coming up but should they gonna sell of those phones and spring is the company called we'd go if you wanna look into it. And get more information on it. I'd also remind you -- yell is looking to send you the Jazz Fest this year it is going to be an eclectic. Mix of legendary artists -- Salina Eric Clapton. Bruce Springsteen. Robert Plant. Plus today's stars Christina Aguilera rob and take the issue locals trombone shorty -- noble Allen to send -- and hundreds more. Virtually every style of music world class food one of a kind arts and crafts. And winning tickets is easy listen to Tommy taco weekday mornings at 840 or Garland Robinette weekday afternoons at 1243 UQ the call. Or go to the WWL radio FaceBook page for another way to win. Will randomly select ten lucky winners midnight Thursday April 24. Happy fasting from all of us at WW. -- to talk crawfish on an Easter weekend in the -- 87.