WWL>Topics>>4-18-14 11:10am Don Dubuc: on crawfish

4-18-14 11:10am Don Dubuc: on crawfish

Apr 18, 2014|

Don Dubuc fills in for Garland and talks with LSU Agricultural Center crawfish specialist Mark Shirley about tips for your Easter weekend boils.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

That is not going to be filling in for Garland on -- welcome to the Friday edition does think tank very special Friday Good Friday as we head into the Easter weekend and of course one of the traditions so locally is sub borrowing seafood in particular this time of the year it's getting into the peak of the coffee season. And there will be crawfish -- taking place all across southeast Louisiana Gulf Coast of Mississippi. As people in -- in now one of the really great seafood items that are available to us. And we're gonna talk about crawfish boiling craw fish -- -- -- -- has some tips maybe use secret recipe how do you get those. Crawfish to come out perfect each and every time -- do you buy you crawfish already bald if you do. One does the best job of boiling crawfish like to hear from you also we ask you to participate in non. Ready opinion poll question we wanna get a breakdown on who balls there'll crawfish and who purchases them. Already -- you can do that by going to our web page. At WW dol dot com. To get a handle on how the crawfish season is progressing in what the forecast is for the -- for the crop this year we've got more surely crawfish specialist. With the LSU agricultural center also -- Louisiana Seagram program mark thanks for joining Tuesday. On very good I had some excellent coffee shop balls last week some of the prettiest cleanest crawfish and now. Long long time can you bring us up to date on the crawfish I guess that. General conversation has been at they've come for a little bit late because -- kind of an extended winter season one attempt is. Little colder but we've had plenty of rain a lot of water so in the rice field crop which is the farm raised. Verses the swamp how we look in this year. Well it has been. Slope. Yet so far this year. Usually we get about a third of the crop in. December January February and two thirds -- crop come in and it's springtime in March April may so. This time. You know we had a very little. You know what are outcrop is because we had the Michael's bills. -- on the ponds that it has slowed growth. -- delayed everything but it. I'll stop I want that crawfish. Buyers it's more than a little while ago and is the -- -- and it -- reliant. Upon what department just to get up to the front com. Every viable crop is not just southeast Louisiana -- -- -- -- fear and what has been over towards Houston. Every crop digit back to where B ball today. Very good doesn't necessarily mean that since we had a later crop that it will be extended for a longer period of time when do you think the now I anticipate the crawfish world you know get to stay when it too hard to really deal with -- not even be available at all. Where in in talking to the bottom floor and he bought the most -- He's bought so far this year just collapsed companies. So it looks like we're reaching the peak of production right now. All the outcrop is that were -- small and just sit there and cold water during wintertime. The cold -- didn't kill. He just wanted to grow so it just postpone our apartment so. Will likely kitsch you know a lot of hawkish you know start now and the next. Six weeks to a two months or so well I have a lot of our property command. And they don't what the water level in the basement. -- while proposition -- the market also. We'll talk with Marc surely mark is a crawfish specialist for the L issue accent -- relish UC grant program. Crawfish is one of those kind of weird and resources from the standpoint that who manages it. You know wildlife and fisheries has some regulations on catching while crop and then of course we got the little L issue -- senators involved in which you guys do a heck of a job marketing all of our resources and also managing them. And -- -- figures in this too because it's it's not only is seafood but it's a while crop it's a commercial crop. And it's also one that is very valuable to the state is an export who would really overseas are crawfish -- management. Where is it -- Are always. I don't know liberated it below the radar screen. And entered this summit that they like apple long. Lot Fishman who has wild or arm you know don't like to admit it they can talk -- -- but. It is very valuable crop without somewhere top 180000. Acres. Coffee. You -- coming out of all arms and that's. Main -- appear that he cannot. Permit in Jeff Davis Acadia and comparisons. But -- also have a little bit and some you know apparently -- towards went spammers to gain. -- jobs paerson. Wrote it down and terrible area so. And -- look it up until we get to but. It's been a crop. Has been associated with rice field for many years. Obviously rice field and levees and has pops as the water capacity. So it is a good marriage between the rights industry in the Caucasian mystery. You know mark salt is a very very important greedy when you when you -- crawfish but it's not good salt and crawfish don't mix in its natural habitat. Always still suffering in these effects from hurricanes Katrina and Rita because -- -- there was a tremendous salt water serves and actually got into some of the rice fields and remained in the Saul. -- has all of that been purged our -- we still suffering some of the consequences from salt in the ponds that normally would produce growth. Yeah good point on. -- Rita and Katrina records put it all material here in the lower for me and period marry her. It did affect crop this year. But not as bad as the right crop crawfish we actually can tolerate. -- well install it in the water. So. Up around to agree or part without insult just about a poetry and kind of take in the water coffee in the -- Where is right it's -- little you know. Assault in that war in -- -- nearly wiped out here rice crops so. Followed Katrina we act up withdraw a year though it it took two to three years to watch Katrina and Rita called console. After Ike we have a little bit more rainfall that storm. And it washed out in the year so. What will we recover from that. So also is really not the issue with crawfish. In corn crop if you bring up another point about -- population and how much -- put in there. There's. Out of it and we talked about that yet known him. Okay is. A lot of people hurt crawfish in order by a lot of its Nagin critical come. You know -- boxes help in the water and they think -- purge. -- and bad move and. -- you're you're really not doing anything you're. Basically put a -- to -- to do it without water maybe two or three cups -- water. Just to get the mud heal physically not the outer shell of crawfish. That clean them up but actually to purge crawfish. It needs to sit in tackle clean water -- reported four hours. So just dip in the -- salt water for a few minutes or ten or fifteen minutes. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yet that get hurt crop this year is take a long time would be. March they would if he can't we got to take a quick break we come backer got a text a message wants to know what's the average amount of pounds it comes in the sack. How much are they going for also some emotional about what are we doing research wise to help expand. Our crawfish that will have plenty of both in state use and export will be right back with march early. We're talking crawfish aren't sharing with -- recipe you'd tips we asked you to cast your vote -- -- opinion poll do you ball and -- sell for UN DIY guy or do you buy them from the story and if you do. Who balls the best crawfish will be right back you listen to the think tank with -- about crawfish on Good Friday on WW. And welcome back to the think tank the Good Friday edition I'm down -- -- quit talking with mark -- -- crawfish specialist with the L issue accent and asking you this question -- ready opinion poll. Do you ball your -- crawfish or do you buy you crawfish RD ball right now it's pretty evenly split. 57%. Say they buy -- 43%. Say they do it on their opponent to a some of those. Tool that both -- talking about all aspects of crawfish boiling. Seasonings. How do you bowl your -- got some tips among usual secret ingredients I'm gonna. Give up my recipe a little while but let me get back to market -- giving a few questions in. Some emotional generally one as a rule of thumb and how many pounds come into the sack in what has been the average price this year both of those sampled at a fluctuation in a note. Yeah it. -- -- factory at least somewhere around thirty to 35. Percent. To some -- depend on the side it is it really large call -- It would be you know closed with a birdie at 3132. Pounds. It's their -- media puke. You know it is may be 3637. -- and back so. In -- very little bit. Are surprised. It because. It was so short supply Burton winner. Lou and I'll have to go back and record concede I think we're probably record high prices and -- They're. There kitten. You know just ridiculous prices across Asia and it was small and so. Right now prize I'm now up what are. So it's getting more reasonable. And it is depends on who -- sailor who which -- as to make crop is trying to get -- or. You know I'd give -- let it all over the chart right now but. They're a lot more -- -- they -- I I can give Melissa some suggestions to and most grocers and seafood markets really don't like to break the sacks and like the solemn. You know as they receive them from the the fisherman. But there are few places that you know if you just want pointing at 215 pounds that they sell blues by the common. If you ask a lot of them will do it for you as a courtesy so it'll be afraid to ask if -- 3540. Pounds is too much. Where you just don't need that many if you asked sometimes they'll do that. Also got question in about what is being done research wise to help expand our crawfish industry. I guess does not really a whole lot you can do. You know you limited by the amount habitat you guys that we've got a 180000 acres in I don't guess you can create more now. Cross fish habitat but maybe you can become more effective on what you guys is. But research put into such a valuable crop insurance one. Japanese. Did -- accept -- as. Actually two facilities are looking at crawfish. The pop culture resource center product that our campus in Baton Rouge. I have a couple but it's over their artwork and a few projects and and also at the our -- research station in Crowley. There aren't and so there are right McLane who's. Percent. Decades you -- crawfish research. And now some of things that have been developed as you know just. Better ways to manage the food supply and and the water quality in upon. What founded. Besides the crawfish. Is not necessarily genetics. Is more of a case of -- vita comic off future. You know per square foot per square meter whatever in the -- Is that a lot of -- creation they aren't in yet each -- growth and then they'll stay small people -- -- If you have a very light population crop is it and get will be. We're we're trying to figure out -- way to the pebble you know have a hot operation and big proposition. As resurgence that on board right now. The other thing we'll look -- is just a better statement that -- trap and crawfish. You know Lou we put about fifteen Detroit trapped per acre and each of those trapped after he picked up and emptied every day. -- also were still look at it. I'm more efficient way to do that. Because it is labor intensive to harm them. So that's something to work on and now. Has yet -- We will look we're limited by debt that's right I mean -- we only have so many acres of good water holding oh water capacity. To pump up. So on. But an eight bit we do have a lock -- -- and we need to eat at me as we. I'm with you on that mark got a text came in and then this is it -- Kazaa think -- just heard some research done on this. The question is what is the general idea -- being dead straight to our -- Now it's always been I guess. Rumor that if you see one it's great out. That crawfish was dead when it was balls and it doesn't resort and seasoning is have been some research -- it and puts that the rest. Yen and you know you know like to -- I mean well why not go to. You know you go across this -- then enterprises. The only Tibetans okay well albeit on the table there. Yeah you don't need to do -- as silly but. -- the research was done to look at you know the straight tales you know in a batch of crawfish. And it's not necessarily true that they would do it before -- -- ball. So. What would not look forward one computer crawfish. If you pull it off and the elite are crumbled apart. Then that would probably did -- finish before it was you know -- But even -- did cross mission mean this has recently died and -- fine. And like shrimp communal you don't -- -- Sharon. Yeah yeah so yuppie -- From comet got in the documents -- -- -- -- and you know it's been dead. You know since yes they want to call it new bullet today. You might get a little bit deterioration. A much who was kept in the cooler in an -- down. But. Yeah it's it's is that -- still together and you know it's it's still looks good yeah I eat those you know -- much of the -- deals. But. Yeah also that the war straight killed in the in fact -- you know on table ugly and he goes. Last question mark com -- service wise what do you offer a -- -- Fisher middle landowners who potentially think that. You know maybe they want to our -- have a lot of -- that a might have some land that is suitable for -- in the off of that and in what other services are available. Do the accent of the people who are interested in learning about cooking -- or actually raising profit. Audit has noted a couple of questions they're. Yet they act that are has published they are caught fish production manual and I thought our LSU actor dot com. Web site. So the crop production manual deal goes through all listed. Upon pocket. Management support and visitation. What. Harvesting. Every step in there or can just give me a call. Located in the Crimean extension office beleaguered -- And -- -- question but that the key to the -- and who will obviously a lot of range. Management in the -- on -- people are happy to produce and maybe 3400 pounds per acre polls even. The really well managed -- respond are well above -- -- Some of mobile and 800 to a thousand breaker. -- of production. That take a lot more management and watching water quality group. And the -- also it's -- and -- -- look page you know money to throw the hurricane and pledges or. We get some things Indonesia floods in the September and October that -- a crop. So. Mother nature still haven't handed that the if -- doesn't write you know he can be fairly consistent -- Monday and prop. Very good mark thank you this medicine talent is on this Good Friday and you guys keep up the good work week. We need every crawfish we can get it. That tried and you are as a black populations. Peaking right now so if you can't get a crop is this weekend. Check on acute hearing next week or the next several week in. Planning across people at its peak of the season is probably eat crawfish. -- with thank you mark appreciated. And I are surely happy Easter to you to -- specialist of the LSU accent and we've backed takes -- calls and you text. And also check on up ready opinion poll question do you -- lament home do you do it yourself would be by a -- -- duke. What's the best place to bulls will be right back to answer some of those questions on the think tank on WW.