WWL>Topics>>4-18-14 12:10pm Don Dubuc: with Tim Burns on fracking

4-18-14 12:10pm Don Dubuc: with Tim Burns on fracking

Apr 18, 2014|

Don Dubuc fills in for Garland and talks with State Representative Tim Burns and parish councilman Jake Groby about whether St. Tammany Parish should allow fracking.

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And as Don Don did -- get for gone on Friday's and not closing out operating opinion poll questioned the last hour. Do you ball your crawfish or bottom ball right now it's 58%. Say they ball their own. And 42% by those -- these ball. This hour back to a a follow up discussion target today just a second but I do wanna remind you that we want to say we -- it a BO. Would like to -- you to Jazz Fest this year and you'll see legendary artist. Eric Clapton Bruce Springsteen's E Street brand band Santana Robert Plant it's Bob Skaggs Jon Fogarty Antarctica and plus today's storms to crystalline Alec yeah how do you Lara we get that right Robin thick fish. And locals like trombone shorty -- level Allen too sank -- And hundreds more virtually every style of music world class food and one of a kind fine arts and crafts in winning tickets to Jazz Fest is easy. Listen to us weekdays at 1244. Euro -- to call or go to our WWL radio FaceBook page for another way to win. Will randomly select ten lucky winners midnight Thursday April 24. General contest rules applies happy fasting from all of us at WW ago. I of this how we gonna talk about what I have determined to -- this issue. Frankenstein. After attending a public meeting in man -- earlier this week. That was put together by state representative Tim Burns will be joining us momentarily. On the issue of fracking for oil and gas and saint Tammany parish has arisen. Really kind of came up pretty quickly on the plans are on the way to seek a permit this is from -- oil and gas on behalf of the landowner. Amidst the whole event. And -- timber the permit would be sought from my department of natural resources. The department of conservation to allow a well. To pass through an aquifer system to extract oil and gas via fracking in acting we'll get into exactly what that is. On the land known all companies say it's safe practice has been used in over 2000 wells in northwest Louisiana. On to stand that has been 81000. Wells worldwide. Saint Tammany parish local governmental officials are very cautious. There are a lot of residents who are very adamantly opposed to the idea I've heard from them -- On August that was Wednesday night at -- man develop the town hall there are a lot of concerns of water source being put at risk through contamination. Possibility of stress being put on the Paris as far as its fire department could become a traffic problem exactly how big of an operation. Will this become another threat that was mentioned by several of the people who gave testimony was. This fear of the property values declining in an area where fracking takes places in American history -- and other areas. On the questions were being asked and unfortunately a lot of these questions could that be answered because there was some representatives. From the conservation. Department that came up there to answer questions basically about. Fracking what it is so what the permit process is all about. They were not there to be able to take a stand for or against this simply a regulatory agency. And they did the best job they could that times the crowd got a little bit out of control and off topic but Tim -- state representative put the whole thing gamma. Along with -- am amended O'Donnell -- did pretty good job of moderating -- -- thanks for putting that meeting together and thanks for your interest in and what has become a very very real. A high profile issue in saint Tammany parish. -- and that we appreciated procedure interest in. You're and in the course the led off the question in I think try to keep. People on the right. Put ago with some questions that -- relevant to an issue today and. Well unfortunately people and they go to those sometimes you know there are so passionate about noon there -- ideas of that that they one event and sometimes as to the wrong -- in the certainly that was the case somewhat but it was a lot of good information that was put out. And certainly a lot of good points that bought up from the people that attended and I think you'll agree you're a saint Tammany parish resident inside the people in that parish a very special when it comes to. Protecting their environment. That's corrected knows exactly surprise some of the people in attendance. Need there. Stuffed in a prickly when is the environment questions. Came up you know do quoting. It did resources themselves and that was so brutally but it might be you know when being played in maybe -- area I advised them it. And -- would get some buy -- from the department bar quality because so he would just as you mentioned talks from the conservation department. So where does this sit right now and as I mentioned that that this is not. As far as on the gas and oil company in landowners concerned -- not a 100% certain they wanna proceed with this but there's certain steps and promised that they have to. Obtained before they can go forward which is the next step which to do some research and do some homework. To see in fact if it is a viable option to go in and and do the fracking would drill thirteen thousand feet down installed extracting. Correct. -- about where it stands I think there they're moving the ball. The they have period we disgusted that the meeting. The utilization hearing is that the drilling permit but it is the first step. From may thirteenth in Baton Rouge at the office of conservation. It's and Casper you know an extension and was denied I think Marty gold has also asked for an extension. And I think with the community Nugent came in this and obviously it's going all of them. Reading about it extensively. New book which just came -- called the blue. Written by a Wall Street Journal energy reporter it is would. What are we can right now Russell gold as a gentleman's name it and it east the extensive. Knowledge about Cindy and he's talking about other states and in what would happen. And have you been able to find any negative law impacts on things that some of those people mention you know one of the things and I think it. Really anomaly was Rick's friends -- from -- -- saint Tammany. In many cases perception is reality no matter how well constructed and inspected and viable and safe that this becomes sometimes effective it's in your area is is gonna have an impact on the value of the property and he brought that up. No doubt that that's correct and it would it's going to do to that court or we know that court or just really recently opened up. Winfrey either been completions in the eighty interchange. And I've been in what was gonna happen now into that court -- is reduced -- -- I can't see. Anybody want to develop at all. -- do all kinds of of course of people rounded. And it does have an impact on communities so -- of the things pointed out. It has operated that occurred. In it is is that it takes the infrastructure forward it's a lot of water needed. Did the trucks separated the water for a mean it is huge amount war that they that it has to brought in -- You know some areas and we've got well water it in the supply. Here but it. It's just it is a lot more impact. It impacts in restructuring impacts. It just sounded a bit you know dismantle a bit in the view these things that happened you know with -- -- it's going to. It it does have an impact even though it's fairly. It's true the widespread that the throughout many states in the group including leasing. -- him you know I think people and the constituents in the resonance and people who showed up to the people are concerned about fracking and need to understand something then this and I asked him point blank is as something that is I just don't want and here is not good reason to deny a permit. The zoning could become an issue and that's up to the parents if there's only has to be changed from residential. Or suburban agriculture whatever it happens to be. In order to allow this and certainly that could be denied by the parish and if it gets to that point. Then you probably looking at lawsuits you know so -- the land -- in the all -- file suit for being denied. Any good reason a good cause for not being allowed to develop their properties so if if they -- all the I's and crossed the t.s and submit their application in and get the inspectors to passive and they handle that waste water disposition properly. I don't know that this thing could be stopped just. Before caused look at people don't want it. Right note that. No I agree in in in fact that it wouldn't be Paris attorneys and he'll also immune expenses. -- memory and yesterday. It and I haven't I just. And it looks like the state law does podium the local zoning ordinances. So. I don't know if it is the it is prepared council could zone this important result -- way out. With the parish government does come and play. It didn't talk to other colleagues and had to deal with it is in regulating while it's still. I know and so -- We -- he still feel that they took pictures of all of them. The highways in basically like this it's gonna have to it's an example look like when you're you know. It does taxi infrastructure so perhaps noting along that these can be gone and just. Prohibition. -- it. It doesn't appear to be. You know it wouldn't be at stake for lack of better. Exactly Tuesday gonna take a break -- we come back Keith and Harvey has a question the bottom of will be able answered we've seen the the videos on and got some information but we're not experts on fracking in the process itself shall try to help you on that. If you were at the meeting do you have an opinion on fracking for saint Tammany parish good idea bad idea. We're taking authority opinion poll on on web -- at WW on the dot com we answer to cast your vote there are all in with your opinion a question. At 2601 late seventy RE 66889087. We're also taking -- text messages and 87870. Please remember attacks responsibly. In listening to the think tank I'm done to -- on the main -- seven dominant -- Right to -- or not to crack down Coleman Franken Stein is coming to saint Tammany passion or asking you or you for or against it. Depending on how much you know about it with me is representative from and a built him burns who is -- kind of -- and on behalf of the constituents. This issue is just arisen it trying to find out more about it is an all companies landowner. -- the next step in finding out about a permit to. See if it is actually practical and feasible for them to continue with this process. Keith and army now joins us with a question and keep thanks for calling but I gotta warn you Tim and I'm not that the tech experts on this the will try to answer the question your mind. One and Nesbitt burns -- the oracle shall nobody can do correctional drilling now. So is it possible that may be -- and bill will get on the okay Michael Lang and hand but that they can actually drilled on the somebody's property. Without them even know that because they -- for them in the -- That's one question and in the second is. All I know it like holding. Thought fact that just about the whole state that people -- why don't get it checked because they'll draw an angle on what you quote Dick Cheney. -- -- -- -- -- -- You know they get royalties. So I know with what. What these. Open all it as -- you know paying the people do you. Property again. How much state ought to give the book and still be problem in -- Two good quantity. Two good questions Keith thank you for the column and Alaska also does that every. Man woman and chalice of Rosenblatt to get some oil royalty check Tim directional drilling that's part of fracking correct in mind. Yes it is the end of the hour ago throwing he has yes. That -- -- team about it in in that arena provinces where issues. Prop -- burial and -- lead to people on the opposite consultations. It. That they -- that the unit and look at this confirmed also that the unity breakfast for the hearing news in May -- Did that that decides it that it should stay with in the unit is -- to drilling. Well this is that it that was sort of -- it was trade that it wouldn't. Go miles and miles -- it goes -- some some way Saturday it's your first question is I think. Who who cares is obviously you own the mineral rights in the right -- and -- persona which in most cases -- same from those people. Did they have been rights. The and in my understating -- which will be in the use it put it. This would have been clarified that there -- some people were concerned about that the meeting. I was denied in the second what about. Took the wrong picture actor revealed people knows that it it would benefit will be in mineral rights holders so it's people that war. Didn't own those rights and right now it's supported faintly in. -- timber company which is owned by. It looks at is a predominantly the world in its investors. -- that -- that to it looks like as well and -- To profit from -- -- received royalties and been rentals and the police -- it's. -- affect them getting several decks in wanted to know what is saint Tammany game from the is on any clue about it. Tim do you get the feeling that this thing is being a little rushed -- parish president prisoners and -- time. Marty -- plans to introduce. Same thing you do the delay in this kind of the there are so many unanswered questions and even I think we should have some type of an economic study. As to find out you know depending on what taxes coming to saint Tammany as a result of this what taxes -- on our losses forest. Fire department -- traffic -- -- its position. And then kind of way an all out and see what is the gain for the risk in the cost of it and we don't have enough time -- the way this thing. In full agreement. It is being rushed in. Well exploring options to strike has more. Because it would not -- I mean date. I think the company responded incorrectly that they're not going to be drilling in -- July and it says no I don't feel better he did. To a little bit and even we we need more time Patricia right I mean we -- year. It's common in other areas but it is not in Communist state and -- this is the first base too well a year or so we have no. It caught everybody -- -- sell off caller. Well may be that could be some contacting them understand that then there is actually a well intangible -- that close to listen as a lot of them up in northwest Louisiana. If there were time allotted maybe we could get some information from them what agreements how's it working what's at producing. And they had any problems and again that requires time and it is just doesn't appear that. That they gonna give us that much time on and we have contacted tells all here at the radio station is if we can get them come -- make a statement and the responses basically what we got was well would not even that far along yeah that was still thinking about it we don't even though it's feasible. This is just a step to see if we wanna proceed with a well no that's something to talk about two bit. They've been declined to come on and discuss it -- for. Correct -- in -- play is that and I heard it -- -- granted the original equipment they're playing the dribble. If nothing is done in the next few people fairly shortly. Ten stay with a look at -- news breaking SE Jake -- the councilman is also joining Tuesday it will give his comments Robert -- be the first -- up. You got an opinion on this cast that voted WW all dot com if you wanna file -- warn you got questions or comments if you at that meeting. All wanna find out more details about what the next step is in the beginning fracking coming to saint Tammany. We invited to call 2601870. -- 668890878. Back with more the think tank and after the news. And you also invited to text as well as to cast your vote on our issue at hand fracking should be a lot of saint Tammany parish a 67% of saying yes 33%. Saying no. That was not the percent of witness that them public hearing in man to build this last Wednesday evening. Tim Burns state representative from man to -- is Willis and were answering questions and getting your opinions on this. The Frankenstein. Parallel see is this could this be a dangerous monster or is it -- miss understanding. By the local residents who. Will there I didn't have the pitches there the pitchforks in the -- of tortures but. Particles -- -- -- some of them anyway we're joined now by Jake Roby who is he councilman whose district this would go if it is approved. Jake thanks for joining in with the side have you found on any additional information since we last spoke last week about the progress of this on him possibly getting a delay. Well a lot more studies could be done more information got out to the public before an opinion to receive the four against. Eight under and around -- -- at -- yeah we yeah. The count of course you know orator armaments or from particular. One thing that sort of a meeting that creates a structure ready is the underlying zoning for the partial way is known -- 83 Pittsburgh. As long like that and know where our current code owning our vacations is that our early evening out even in the industrial. The only early reluctance to search for probable war -- -- that -- -- we can put in place just for the tissue. -- -- to be changed to a aren't the data that -- there are at a meeting in the pre engagement and we couldn't district or. Confirmed to the core and others as -- underlines owning a -- erring on the possible use of you know possibility occurring mr. proctor to prepare. You know in the culture in the previous party. On. Are there or Republican initiative but you know if -- actually one quote -- well -- -- Eric can -- warning portraits of all the interconnected. So actually -- actually punching through one which in -- can separate working. That and so you know -- Arafat -- corporate. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Aren't you are accurate sense -- any one of those holes you're likely to cause problems. -- -- Get their cigarettes and that's where it's not considered conferences as we learned over the years -- that the tree and almost daily challenges of being brought about for acting in north east. So. Simply is that per worker or any of the many that we need to fuel of course and we all. All of -- -- in the first quarter and we China take tourist in my opinion. To possibly even remotely expose you water tables and -- -- what you see in place. -- on the zoning -- him -- said -- -- -- Donald that a resurgence from what you found that the state can actually trump local zoning musicians. Good at BKQ it was -- calls and something to me yesterday. You know obviously looking -- but he is it looks like. Now. Was certain -- you know Lee's low legal questions Opel certain amount hairsplitting. PF is. I don't know -- whether it was Sony would have to be changed I think that is with in the parish purview -- of -- what do look at I don't think. Parish could -- you know quote unquote adopted zoning saying new drilling anywhere. But if they regulating property. And it is residential. I don't know whether and he needs this affirmatively. To be and visited them might be different. Again them of trying to get caught just. That would put the only it's circulated. You know we hear them the same analysts -- to a surprise you -- go based on some on strategy focused on. That's based on the assembly or state constitution. Review it and it's specifically states that only Easter what are not the formal order -- entirely. Considered as you know roll over to that are we don't know yet that's part of alms and supporting my articles. Position -- I think as a default on a partial carbon world especially to your attorney to review Jessica. You know. I can understand the state would definitely tell us that we cannot program a broad program -- we didn't put itself this has been here for a long time shall we -- Accompanied to ignore the zoning. That then one week resulting -- if that was the case or we can't interpretations I mean it's the rules are rules for. Right Brendan. Bill I hope it's. So who were so that was you know get a trying to find other girls so. All right Doug element must take a break here we come back though Robert -- the -- wants to join us also Annie -- -- -- talk he was. Representative Amanda -- Tim burns and also councilman from saint Tammany drastic -- be about fracking in saint Tammany national company land -- I have plans to. Investigate basically to find out whether it's profitable in feasible for them the go ahead with a fracking project which is pretty much controversial many places in the country. We'll be right back after the initial listening to the think tank on WW. Congratulations. Jeff -- -- won a pair of tickets to Jazz -- valued at 107. Dolls don't forget go to WWL radio FaceBook page for another way to win. We randomly select and lucky winners midnight Thursday April 24 general contest rules applied. Happy fasting from all of us at WW well. Joining us on Tim Burns a state representative district 89 in man to bill also councilman from home Jake -- were talking about. On the -- fracking project that may be coming to saint Tammany parish. I got a text in that wanted to know about wetlands. Permitting in guessed that there is designated wetlands but the way that is -- is. Basically they were gonna mitigation deal with a -- will pay for. Wetlands preservation or enhancement in another area in order to sacrifice wetlands in the area where this would take place. Let's go to Robert in man to bill Robert thank you for calling on you got a question for representative parents. Good morning gentlemen thank you for particular call -- You know in order Obama -- developed several questions while -- The parish councilman spoke to some concerns about the multiple law firms that are in it. I guess to be more specific. Perhaps -- In preformed on those results. Have that in the ZC. In and so beauties setting as in state government local government. And those those types of things. In and targets in the shouldn't go to Paris voters in the impacted areas where we want to surmount. I mean how opting out is gone. -- The voters' consent. Tim what Jake you wanna you wanna take. Are intact and testing. There is down multiple lawyers protesting column. Some testing on. These are well reformed -- part where the companies themselves on -- course EPA occasion the warrant and that bothered me deeply -- sent in several deep studies Norton and Ortiz what they're tracking terribly. For salaries and unknown when trying to the last couple years EPA has taken a backseat to the testing they're actually not doing the test anymore. If that is in fact. One on the things turn out that we have the hand and we look at that's what -- liked -- What Mario did you want my requirement for this will be adding extra -- while -- on site. As well out of ministry and all points out toward this because I would like the world. Test wells frequently sample to keep an eye on anything goes wrong or this or EPA. And Pryor -- wells on the US GA since Donald protesting but they're opting. Really -- in regulation. -- -- -- -- -- -- Tracking world you have to sample which is ludicrous in my opinion -- Of course not -- wrote but he has the impact. Of this productions is doing production operation. I doubt it again tried the property owners and in those things possible. Possible suspect to be in that movement is going to be study. What's. -- It's certainly need to. Our American and equity. Current. -- don't get over -- he's going into that -- all the criteria sure. Well that's part of the plummeting. Process in in. I noted that permits do you know department processes but fairly extensive. You don't with the Khartoum. To see. You the other night so. You -- -- it will be because it's too and who stood for our products to the extent it will be here and if you do it just questions raised about the the give it hazardous materials are used that are pumped into it did except with the composition of those materials -- Here and you know when it concerns with that so. I'm trying to get up to speed it is it straight in everybody is to put. I mean it is boom -- Tried to. To be sure that it has -- it happened that that all eyes are dark in peace across and it's just it's just -- happened. Question I don't know if you can answer or not it -- not viable as time. And so B movie in -- Take. Precedent over the economic. Game that's correct or where. Will these people -- all of the time. I'd that was a question that came up quite authorized Tim and -- if you hold your thought welcome back and answer that question right after this break and listening to the think tank on the big 870 WW. We're talking about the possibility of fracking for oil and gas and saint Tammany parish. State representative from man to -- Tim Burns also councilman from -- BO with us. On gentleman -- last caller Robert and -- to -- brought up to 64000. Dollar question is the economic reward. Greater outweighs the environmental risk and how does that play in his determination I guess the simplest explanation I can come up with. The economic reward first economic the environmental risk could be up to after getting a consultant company and doing economic impact -- -- impact studies. Could be up to the parish to make that decision on their opinion but that does not rest in there. Authority is whether the permanent position in the project goes an -- basically the environmental risk concerns are met. And the state department of natural resources in the department of conservation. Will issue department and it will go -- I don't think that the parish in the constituents. Really have that much -- so -- courting the way I look at how did you guys last room -- Tim what do you think. No and unfortunately. It is not -- Regulatory process system is used to ensure that the environmental that the other aspects of Mitt that is required dialogue that department is in order -- -- as far as the the true impact you know rule or an area. That that doesn't factories in and I think I'm just. I think -- hard pressed to CEOs in the landowners in the the company itself. -- of the parish may get some actions severance revenue. You compare that also to do because of the loss of value perhaps in a loss of development opportunities in future tax revenue to that. That court or she's just been opened up. Jake your thoughts on nine. And economic lord verses in -- risk and how that plays into the holes and. And I kind of troubling termed I don't know for our final say it will went out on that -- one of the things -- -- You know all want to point out is that directly across our great Kennedy is in new developments that we get trees down. Colby has the -- Hypothetically speaking they can see a future in this as well and abandon their development I don't believe -- case but they could. Do something along those -- to put in a while there'll and that's what really bothers me is how many people will greatly considered not putting in a subdivision in order to put it well. All moving to saint Tammany as a resident but is there is a box all of that permit applications that says. Will this cause undue economic hardship to the community. I don't think so. Correct. Well again Jake. May first council meeting what's gonna be -- -- the extent. Column I -- -- and introduce their attempt to introduce an ordinance that would gladly support. Alms. Stand down and we're gonna have some deep questions I would hope that. Someone from Alice in global landowner would make principles available answering direct course should account may have looked down. And quite honestly we work for the people. We do not work or Carlos what do one particular plant -- animal -- debt. Thank you eject appreciated Tim thank you for putting together that hearing it thanks for your interest and concern and serving your constituents of the parish on this issue appreciated. And thanks to both of you for making cells available on this Good Friday. All right that's about got to wrap it up for this Good Friday edition of the think tank coming up next Angela hill will be on not to a clock. She's gonna be talking Earth Day festival and at three Chris. Chris those. Chris all lens Bob annual French Quarter Easter parade and lots more coming up. Also you -- tomorrow morning dark -- early 5 AM for the outdoor showing on the back here next Friday with another edition of the think tank. Writing on the big 870 WW.