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4-18-14 1:10pm Angela: with the stars of "The Andrews Brothers"

Apr 18, 2014|

Angela talks with the stars of the WWII Museum's production "The Andrews Brothers" - Brian Falgoust, Richard Arnold, Clint Johnson, and Courtney Boe - and the show's director Victoria Reed.

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Well I hope you're having a beautiful Good Friday. And it is a Good Friday dishonest coming out this is all good things for what looks like a gorgeous weekend. As we always do on Friday which makes Friday -- special today is we get to meet new friends we get to know the special people in our area. And we have a roomful of talent sitting across from me. The entire cast of make fun romantic musical now playing at the World War II museums and stage door canteen. It's called the Andrew Brothers and it's getting rave reviews. In great part because of the incredible talent of the three men playing the leads and their precious -- Andrew Brothers are Richard Arnold and New Orleans native and Big Easy award winner. Bryant fell -- in New Orleans native and I'm just sent a Louisiana native whose grandfather is a World War II veteran. Probably making the show very special for -- And Clint Johnson. Of relative newbie to New Orleans you're just four years but who has literally jumped in with both feet. As an actor a jazz singer and finish off. And playing the only female on the show Kourtney about. Whose career started it ignored it and has led her to be of victory bill for the last four years. And she is now the female vocalist with the museum's victory. Big man I truly thrilled. Because I love. That venue. It was -- -- -- I have never left that theater not uplifted that. Because you just make wonderful music and great fun. And it's such a terrific here in our lives. And other people's lives but it's just -- local talent together on a great stage so I think you all for being here I wanna hear about. This place Imus musical Andrew Brothers so it is. Well -- his brother is. It's about these three stagehands for the US and sent over to you in the and they are. You know brothers' a little a little quirky little -- -- Not necessarily the most. Sharp. -- and then. And they are asset to prepare. An opening act for your sisters who are coming to perform for the men on their last stop -- ship out so it's you know big. Attention for them turns out that the backup singers for. Guess start Peggy Lee. Peggy -- and they determine cat. Can't make it so at this stage it's kind of lie to Peggy little white lie that they are indeed back upstairs. Floor her act. So they're going through the first acting and they get to know Peggy Jones -- with a big -- big and they're all very like nervous around her. And and eventually. Peggy pegged them as stagehands and like quick. Kind of turn in the plot and you find out that actually the -- -- sisters are quarantined because it's one of the sisters burned out faster. And solve the second act is a nice little plan that they call devised to -- to figure out a way for -- They showed ago lot. Though -- Qaeda to see what that plan is that an ambulance and hilarity ensues it's my hair and makeup. Yeah there's a -- and -- an -- glasses and -- and eyelashes and many accessories yes. But work itself it's. The musical arrangements are by John Newton and vocal musical arrangements are also by Roger did the marvelous wonder rats and a few other shows so he's a veteran to use this type of review slapstick. I am. Forties to wordy style musical and I'm -- -- much about the works as well a couple of seek. -- to the one rats and a few others like pre 66 and it's all those really high in greens. Really beautifully arranged music and it is it's pure slapstick fun and silliness and it's a great tributes have a says about -- the USO shows because the goal was just a left the soldiers' spirits and let them forget their troubles and that's all businesses light. It fumble that you lift my spirits and finish and half. You know over mark there. -- you'll. Get people flavor of what we're talking. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It. He was payments on the man from Chicago way he had a bogey so that no one else could play was a top man at his craft. But that is number came up and he was dominant draftees in the army now -- mentally he's W he bugle boy of company B. Inane and W -- Uncle Sam it really brought him down because he couldn't -- it happens seem to understand. 'cause the next at a cap went out and drafted a ban and other company jumps when he was family. He's a though he will he do -- comedy could be a -- attempt to reality that he doesn't it to the bar. And melody rhythm he -- well known as the they think it's not playing with me and yeah and as the company jobs when he put his family is the ability we'll be bugle boy of company B in the early lead to -- -- Man. Okay everybody is calling for tickets right now you have. -- get great harmony -- great you know great energy. We have not for gore got for tonight you play these superstar. Yes yes I am the start at the she is is. Is it up on -- and very prominent 94 stars that hot in here and also Corey. Plan is the iconic pinup girl and the 1940s and so. Confident she is she does she wants and she's gone again. And so basically have a little crash with Patrick. -- and really terrible stutter I just think it's the cutest thing -- And it and the guys are really really supportive as well. I I -- I'm. Orchestrating this big and it's -- idea I kind of put that notion in their heads it. To take Albert and for the show to go on so it's really keeps down it surely is a great great experience every time we do it it's. It's exciting new an ally and well there's always something exciting happens -- Caricature all gaga over her so hard to see why salon and ninth senior -- -- that you've been to victory -- you've been and other performances have onstage there. -- I mean Wheaton singing the forties music is just near and dear to my heart. I think have pretty knight's son all of these songs in several different arrangements in the latest and I know it backwards and forwards and it's great to now -- gentlemen to gimmicks. Isn't that great so there will ever be victory boys. Story a call Wednesday -- yeah. -- -- -- All of you have really wonderful background some new study music that's been the party life. And some had gone away and come back. Take me there. Yeah I lived in New York for about ten years after college -- did a lot of theater both nationally and internationally. And that was pulled back to New Orleans after Katrina I wanted to come back in and do some service in the world ancestor work in Africa charities. And -- I wasn't quite some of the or some move back but then once I had this first little taste of New Orleans kept pulling me so I I I moved back permanently about a year ago. And build and home and Carrollton neighborhood can't wait to be a permanent New Orleans. -- that'll do the route right there yeah -- -- that's -- rest second so. I wanted to get your impression don't wanna talk more to all of the hum we're gonna take a quick break about how you. Why you're here why you're staying here and then how -- your thoughts on what's happening in the computer world here. So stay with this will be right back with such talent I'm Angela under the W. Well we're back with the incredible and I do mean incredible talent singers captured dancers. -- for the incredible play that is being shown now Andrew Brothers and this is that the World War II museum if you have not bill. To that theater venue you're really missing something. Again I love it I love the intimacy of it. I love the stage that you have and then of course the town that you put on it. I wanna go back and talk to each of -- about. What you do your background is you all have studied great amounts for theaters -- But you have day jobs to one start with you came back from new York and now your covenant. -- -- that didn't director of development and communications at Covenant House which is a safe haven for homeless and at risk of runaway youth ages sixteen to 22. These kids have suffered tremendous trauma on their lives since it was a really rewarding place to work it's not just a shelter we just so much more we -- education and the patient support. We -- on you know less skills workshops we do -- writing classes I mean just look the list goes on and on. So it's really wonderful to have that rewarding job and get to perform on the side as well did they know how great you are. They a couple of them have come to see performances. I don't encourage them sometime to -- particular says amateur I want my bus to see this last. For reasons I won't get into but it will probably surmise. -- will -- on a yes now. Top -- On the volume. From national Louisiana. Which is about like fifty miles down river -- and actually stands for pastor. So that and it gives you. Just but I -- going OK in school. I say he's computer and -- coach as a really really important part. Mine but artistic than you know adolescent development -- it. Remains to be one of the austere bases in its two art. I'm afterward they went offered little college. Conservatory. And midway through college I left back I came back continuance of personal reasons and start working in theater. You know T I actually did first but the Portuguese and the three weeks ago four years back. And so I was part of that. Original cast which is really green and see that the leader come together. And then and after awhile I I did. America's got wind light -- the year local companies. Really wonderful to work for -- them. As well and so I did America's -- which is agree. And and went on tour with them for awhile now. And on the side of the -- also been juggling a career I am retail. Industries like I worked in -- or American aid meant for companies. And street BT. And back here actually in the working with the market studio that. My career in two days you know in both fields for us as a performer for us in the industry's. Right now I'm kind of finding that delicate balance to do you vote since they can't make up my mind. As long as you can do you're young and energetic and yes and the availability I'm very excited I mean I know I'm. And all I know I'm very excited about that -- would be item it opens the 22. I -- life's habitat to them hand yeah. I've I've actually really excited to start working with that we you know we we really start and getting it -- -- me. So in about a month and a half a beautiful thing and you could just be -- down the hall I fast. Definitely -- You are from New York yes and so you don't wanna go to New York he wanted to get out -- yes I mean you know there's something. Something to happen to me when I first moved here. Was you know I'm walking down the street and somebody smiles and looks in the united says hello this person you've never met before which was so foreign to me and what I wanted to get away from the New York because. It's just cold and expenses and unfriendly and everybody's -- and likes gardens and sounds like and I need some room to breathe goldmans I'm. But what's incredible is that your also shift. -- well yeah I I guess it's incredible I don't know I just I've I've always cooked. You know growing up my grandmother was there was a great cook she was been one pastries -- -- -- the importance of the cast iron skillet. And never to wash it and them. And say I I don't know it's -- on -- -- it's it's an another passions and you know I mean theaters and home that's. Very him Courtney Umar Anelka grant. I am I might forget its reliance yes I started off actually. With the New Orleans valley association. It shaped me in molded me. And done. Aside that I went onto Erica ran for it and then. I never really studied theater other day and the dance element that. Never never vocal lessons -- anything -- -- delete female vocal on the bank and its meaning icons how comes full circle. But it's it's everything and I actually. I aimed at practically living history at the museum I am always air I am I mean I should have a cot companies yeah. Just stayed there I -- I. I'm when I'm not. That performing. On stage for the answers about their summit victory so we do acting -- harmony like Andrew sisters. Not the Brothers and down so we always we do a lot of traveling the -- and went on behalf of the world -- she museum. Across the country across the world. Of course singing 1940s honest and patriotic students and -- that the heroes of our nation -- on so that's an ideal. Kind of part ten full time -- time to argue on a look at it -- but it also I also work at the museum in time so they're very very happen. Great to what they're very lucky to have you Marshall multi talented it's a great place to achieve the victory bills are tremendous. Just tremendous. OK how about. Mark another song. Courtney Courtney Courtney looked around and hear her voice is this is beautiful. Aren't well here's the solace on one of solace icing and sunk. In the -- and them. It's beautiful piece called I wanna be lot. I wanted to be alone. It means they shine. The Stella yeah you know. In Houston and have me leave food -- condoms. Should yeah. Meets. -- -- -- -- -- Came and -- On to an IT. Moon. Are you on the big game. It's still. Keen to deny. Yeah. All and. I feel like our team I needed -- pas the stage. Not. We need leads had loved London. -- -- Moods. Is seeing used to -- in -- scenes. All. Tells me. Heinlein and beat -- in. Today as today's. Still clinging to deny. Kinda wanna sighing it's true the amount of mine come true. Moody here. Time you -- and. A quick Richie sings that that's a rare moment for us to rest and just watch and I'm telling you the audience is insurance that is that aren't there -- not we're stressed there is no acting at all it was like the for Barack yeah -- -- -- doing it -- Hello I am radio studio here and all of kept thinking was she was battling and dance and how. You are beautiful and you are spectacular you know we're gonna do we're gonna take the break -- we have to go to our newsroom. But we're gonna come back and we're gonna continue to talk to the talent to new world it's now let's go to the newsroom and Christmas. We are with Rick Arnold Bryant found -- Clint Johnson. And Courtney -- the stars of the late show now at the stage door canteen at the World War II museum called Andrew Brothers. And let me -- all of these people -- so. Multi talented but in the commercial -- -- you kind of talk about we were talking about. They've all done great triumphs in new York and I think for for people were not in theatre we do have an image of and that is tough thing to break into. But just talk about which Anderson but -- -- going for these giant. -- -- -- Elect but Brian says. It becomes like going to the bathroom yeah. You know basically you know you like I I remember when I was in the Orton into our efforts to open call them as it was for -- And down the you know like I didn't realize that they typed people in meaning that they'll you know lineups and people in a row. And pointed to a woman says the rest of ego on this Tuesday and don't have a passionate now and get a number or something like that in -- -- So I mean. That was a rude awakening luckily I got typed in and I got to sing but you know like. That you haven't even -- -- out the haven't read yet and a monologue and into the song nothing and. Just to get to that point just yet to get up at 4:30 in the morning yeah line -- that area is can be brutal -- Here -- regional theater here. It becomes. Nervous yeah you know just school here. It's. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It's part. Ego. And -- -- to -- You're. And I can attest to it also release gets he used to rejections. You know it helps your personal like. I I've been through this. There. -- projected four times a week out. And you know what the other thing that's interesting -- -- a friend who. Ebitda used to work in New York all the time now he's announced that payments of like about them. He was without work. On or off Broadway for two years and the asked to casting agent friend of his about it means and what am I doing in -- addition it's causing me not to get these parts. He's -- I thought she knew that I'd like I'd start it was something going on you're what you're leaving the room with your head down. That one thing caused him to be without Peter work for two years that's how fickle this industry is you know and and so you. -- that's the that's -- if you. -- theater scene and more it's much kind yeah. But plans cut through the first time here in new violence in your accepted. -- -- and like jumping in joy out of the but let's talk about theater in New Orleans because after Katrina the oblique and then we've seen the revival. And in our -- reopening certainly petite and -- but your thoughts on opportunities. I'd say I mean New Orleans has been very kind to me and just I just -- -- Big Easy theater award for best supporting actor in musical. I'm I've got to ask you thinking -- -- the work with. Several theater companies here in town that are just consistently doing very very. Very good work in Newark can. You know original pieces such southern rap -- target Shakespeare with two Shakespeare festival. On the museum has been awesome because I get to screw me and I love that. And and you know it's just it's been very nice and I think any you know I I would encourage people who are listening you know like out of towners something like that that come here because there's a lot of really good shows being done. And a lot of like I went to Saturn bar the other day in the by water and listened to Dylan thomas' -- quick comment on radio play. And was on the radio and had a listening party for and it's just it's little things like that is just. On the I think that's what -- -- -- becoming known for more original experimental touch that works and that's Brett biggest become into the night define New Orleans theater were still lacking some spaces set right up doesn't have a permanent space. I'm on the board Vanilla project they don't we'll have our own permanent basis basis so that the number one concern but the work that's been. Created right now history's truly phenomenal ever I -- -- -- always lounge last night for show and it was. Spectacular and I'm just costly blown away by the small productions around -- can you ultimately make a living doing this full time. And is ever going to be -- and hit it I think it's -- there's a small handful of look like there's -- try to do so but it's very difficult because the pay -- owns this is not back competitive found to be able to do it full time I think Ricky Graham does it. A few few actors you do it but for the most part all the rehearsals you do a show aren't nights you have the ability to workaday job and and -- There and you know. And rich get probably out for us as well item there has been in the past five years a growth that's pars like. -- communities learning how to more professionally. Run things. You know not just like money -- pretty production wise but you know a group of people a group of young people example project Cripple Creek or things like that who really know now. Art as split the rest art part work both professionally and artistically. Scheduled rehearsal times that don't. Run over -- -- under you have. You know like budgets and you know segments and these things that mean in. Utley earlier unity of Iraq that are not right -- that are coming in and that are releasing like all right I can't use of the -- dollars to show but I can guarantee -- gonna happen professional rehearsal experience professionals Jolie. It's run a little more organ like it's a little more organized. -- -- I think -- the -- -- with Broadway south and all that it will start to attract more -- audience because new world becomes known for theater but right now it's still primarily a local audience -- but when we get to the point that were were attracting visitors from the Gulf Coast in the region becomes the New Orleans for -- -- maybe we can start to -- rights -- -- -- -- I want everyone to stay with the -- come back we're going to be another great woman. Who is the director of this play in and has quite a story herself so stay with its. Always had a wonderful time with our Richard Arnold then becomes our Rick Arnold Brian Feld -- Clint Johnson at Courtney -- where the stars of the great show. Over the state store canteen at the World War II museum. But there has to be somebody in charge the director into how lucky are we to have Victoria rebate. Who is the directorate has been with this -- of -- I have fears her from her but you have been involved in USO kinds of things for a long time. In fact Stephen Ambrose weighs in Washington DC when -- Washington. World for two memorial opens and I was performing with a group called the USO liberty Bell's. And he said I have a little museum in New Orleans opening and I'd like -- girls to come for report. So back in 2000. I came with two other girls from New York can be performed for the opening when there were 70000. World War II veterans here. And it was quite a weekend we will never forget that they had a bunch of ships in the and harper and we went on all those ships in and performed from the sailors and we -- just -- the whole time and when we were over her in there in New England stone and they started they had the whole big ceremony there. We open didn't Miss America did the National Anthem and they actually and she said rockets' red clear there was red white and blue rockets. -- going up and it was an amazing amazing weekend just and so he sent fast forward in ten years I'll be living there. Had no idea. No I. Putting entertainment and author of the venues and sending them live their victory -- excuse me get out on the road to us. What a fun job it's. I'm my father. Was it -- world QWERTY. 1940s but in music and so we had these big crates. As little girl and I used that they Andrew sisters on and I had green rooms are -- at home and -- be burned packed Ian Maxine. So I had a look at that music from that area and -- and you like the Andrew Brothers. I never thought I'd -- beat -- Think guys to -- obviously and I think it's really been you know what is great and we were talking in the break at any time as a performance and there's somebody who has was part of World War II. They're always honored and that is as should be. But I think equally important are the ones who don't know about world court. More than exposed. And all of a sudden it's real human beings and certainly with this museum missed -- Oh my -- -- -- opened the world to the greatest generation. But to have younger people there as well to to really appreciate. What was what was happening but again the music of that era. Which limits. Well music was such an important part of that -- it is important and that's why this museum this year. For generations to come to understand what was happening back then. It's bearing -- you you mentioned that you were at the World War II monument opening in Washington DC. And with Steven Ambrose. I got to chill when you said Stephen embers because it really ball as one man's idea. Then spread quickly but if he hadn't been the pushing force we would not have those many city blocks. That are now. Not just a destination but just an identity. Of New Orleans as well he's so humble about it next still talks about it how they sat in his backyard and he just had some artifacts and he's like what am I going to do -- the use and and he didn't even have any idea it would ever be it's been amazing and people have an idea when they have an idea and then. It captures the imagination and others but I mean that it has I remember I did a story once on the Ogden museum and they have that special window at the Ogden museum. That is sort of a panoramic view and the man who was then the head of that art museums wife. Was working with the but the -- World War II museum and he said are you aware as were looking out the window. But all of these blocks. Are going to be part of the World War II museum massive -- I couldn't envision it. And it's here it just it was it's just startling and it happened so quickly and it happened so quickly in at some you know people just I'm really pushing it but not just to see these great talented young people sing and dance and entertain us but to really appreciate. That museum as it continues to. To grow in a drive by president Ukraine in the well if there really is yesterday as several -- -- our original list was -- the detainees -- But now we have a bowling center with six aircraft from the ceiling and you -- the opening December 11 this year. With our campaign courage and so freedom that I'm sorry it's that. Pacific front and European fronts. Constantly building now this is very exciting you know we're gonna do I'm gonna ask mark -- these wonderful guys give us one more song. We're in the mood now we're -- World War II museum and in this moment but I love this is on his iPhone I don't know if. I thought I music. That's. It for free and pocket. -- -- Don't -- on any apple achieved within Iran does not need. And Iran does not need. And why does not mean no no no don't sit on any apple tree with anybody does not mean. I mine Jeanne. Alone. Don't go walking down lovers named within Iran announcement. Me. And my announcement me. And Elan announced that mean no no no Dawson walking down lover's lane that they -- Now let's let me. It's. Me and my own. Just got word -- guy you learn from the guy next door in these. A girl he met just loves to pat danced to hits you two entities so don't see it on the apple to me they love. Now it's not me. Make. In I. Two. And and remove. I. Him. Beautiful. Stay with us or not done we'll be right back. Well the name of the show is the Andrews Brothers again it's at the on wonderful lot -- -- stage or canteen after World War II museum. And it's gonna go all the way through and I seen this before it's. We until June 8 June 8 so we have the rest of this month. All of next month and it's Fridays and Saturdays and Sunday they're gonna have super ones. And don't you just call 5281943. It was a good year five to 81943. Or go to stage door canteen dot org staged or canteen not -- Were really with the experts and they were saying that this is in all of their vast experience and each one of them has that one of the top bush. -- -- -- If not the toughness. And more than Shakespeare -- -- -- I am and playing pucks in them preparing for that and like and just thanks so thankful to just have words to. Just the Wear sheets and a couple of that's exactly but it's about the harmony in the harmonies are really really difficult. You know there's. Oh there's a lot of times when Brian and I literally just a half step apart from each other for the majority of us -- levels. And not just for like -- out answers. And there's also. So. So many words. In this show I was saying a little earlier in there's technically twenty songs if you look at the list of songs but some of these songs have three. Force songs in a medley within these numbers so you're looking at. You know about 24 songs each of us to memorize and these aren't songs like you hear on the radio now like I like to dance in -- -- It hit it. Whatever set of antlers are so fast yet so it's and they're all different it's not like that it's like songs that you -- now it can repeat it actually. I think -- -- trying to say is it actually took some skills. I hate to say goodbye and all of you have the -- and Courtney you or something else you're a great team I cannot wait to see to show thank you for spending your Friday afternoon without. Yeah. And thank you so much Victoria stay with -- everyone not in hope is going to be with this we're gonna be tell you what's been happening and then for the third hour. You know about it Chris Allen she's gonna be here stay with this I'm Angela on -- and well.