WWL>Topics>>4-18-14 2:10pm Angela: on what to do in NOLA this weekend

4-18-14 2:10pm Angela: on what to do in NOLA this weekend

Apr 18, 2014|

Angela and Ian Hoch talk about the coming weekend's events in and around New Orleans. They talk with Anne Rolfes of the Louisiana Bucket Brigade about the Earth Day Festival, movie lover Jude Borque about what's new in the theaters, and Eric McVey about Crawl NOLA, a creole cuisine pub crawl.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

As we said it's a beautiful day to start Easter weekend -- loved meeting those great singers. From the World War II museum cannot wait to see that show it's Andrews Brothers and and will be different -- all right. Beautiful Easter weekend and beyond the meaningful church services and Easter baskets as a lot happen starting with our own Ian. Good afternoon Angela yes and you know why it's extra special for Ian. Can I can tell you why but maybe you and I do because I'm so thrilled your -- here yeah you know my mom's visiting from Colorado this weekend we got -- she's kind of lifted his walk over here through the French Quarter and cunning and I wanna assure the office insurer in the studio a little bit she's Oprah she's been willing to meet you for awhile so -- -- rolling and now. But it is a pleasure to me -- you have a wonderful son who is -- -- saying to -- has been nothing but kind since the day I started here a little over six months ago. And he has more on that full year of youth and excitement and all knowing about the action that's happening. In the community and so we always start Friday's with what does Ian doing this weekend. I got really especially big plays this weekend that are a little bit different you know 'cause my -- -- may -- some socially over gonna go out at midnight -- see this you know weird bandit this awful stinky bars you know we're gonna try some things a little bit more. -- friendly for the parental units this afternoon. We're gonna go check out the crescent park which we have talked about the big -- front reinventing the crescent park they have down by water there that's all open and all the vegetation is finally starting to kind of grow and looks really beautiful weather so it definitely -- checked out in just taken nice leisurely walk in the afternoon. And we're gonna have dinner at -- so I'm not sure acting you've heard of it earlier I discussed it before but that's a relief. Fine restaurant right down on -- street by water just a block and half away from my house so we're gonna try to beat the crowd and get their little early and have some. Top us and you know maybe a bottle line into that kind of stuff and then out tomorrow. I'm going to be and seen the Earth Day festival police in a bucket to Earth Day festival and green business exposition which is it Louis Armstrong parks are going to be up there. Introducing -- and thanking sponsors and just having good time and bullet and the standing by on the council talked about more about that in a second and then. Tomorrow night -- you know we'll probably get dinner somewhere else and take it easy Sunday am really excited about because there's all these parades. In the French quarters you know there's nature -- yeah there's there's several and so will go -- around the French or a little bit and then we have some group wants to go kayaking. On by Yves saint John's over giving goes rental boat and just kind of paddle around on Sunday afternoon and joy that hopefully the weather is accommodating. And then Sunday mom might I didn't tell you this yet but we have a Sunday night tradition -- and get together in order pizza and watch cosmos on fox. Hope that's all right. Okay ready for some science this -- hope this is why I feel -- old -- He. Lives life to the Max he works hard but he plays hard and he -- very interesting like and you. In comes from -- Yes indeed all right you had mentioned that your going to be in seeing this great birthday thing yes yes this is major and it was founded. By the woman who also founded the bucket brigade who so how lucky we are to -- and -- here with us and tell us all about what's happening. Well you can turn it very important -- -- that spectacular in a guitar. He and you will be I think. That -- the -- Actor and oil industry action and so. While we're going to be having a great time we definitely want match give people that -- and that you know on the one hand we have a problem which is a lot of pollution into the oil industry. But naked news is that really possible -- this problem and that's part of what we're celebrating -- -- And it is a celebration it's at Armstrong park from a ten to 730. And and you've added this green business expo. Yes in during she's in were all happy that the permanent damage during election and music. And within -- can do. And you can also. Ghetto of purchases. Array of the that we -- where you can learn. How to make your -- more energy efficient. Or how to install solar panels on your or how to take a tour -- -- planned. By two hours. So there's all sorts of weight to figure out how to engage -- -- environment I mean look we're here in Portland and a lot of that rarely -- in the should -- her. And I think that it really did. And that worked for the fact that we're gonna -- really disconnect aren't. From aren't aren't here and that poignant to reconnect tomorrow and learn about -- opportunity. But now it is going to do a brilliant job introducing these groups who are there. They are Daria and dropped his life. I have never seen in the Daria place steel drum should be interest and -- one of our earlier act and and then and it should. Resilient. And terminate and it's going to leave it at 2 o'clock. And our headliner. Is this is with a twist they're appreciated by -- -- Hurricane Katrina. General where is. You know the green army and will be talking to the ground. What a wonder this man he has are -- I mean you're talking about is already had a stellar career. Retires and starts another stellar career. Caught the green army helped perfect as this he's he is as you know and as you have been a man on the mission. And what we're really beautiful is that -- during this as well four days after Katrina he stepped on the scene and brought order it's in New Orleans and I feel that you are similar situation. Now with the environment he stepped on machine -- somehow miraculously taken on emissions and acting in my that the environmental groups in the state. In a way to never seen before and because it's. That church has gotten the attention of legislators and the governor and -- at big companies like -- on here. I really think that times are changing and that the tide is turning which is something that we desperately need. And that that's slowly but I was going to ask you know it's any movement whether it's a civil rights movement women's women's movement. The environmental movement it is a process and it's really an educational ones where people. I'm finally get messages and so you are feeling optimistic that people far. Absolutely if you look at the -- are you know. Ten years ago even even even five years ago the idea. In. Wasn't in the general consciousness but now it is and so it's the same situation acting with other cardinal matters. The fact that these companies are are training our our first a fresh water or the fact that we. Seven oil refinery accident every week in this state. You know if we are so seriously and we can start to take from the southern -- -- here. Well I -- in is gonna have a all of their yes -- I wanted to ask can real quick so we're going to be at Louis Armstrong park tomorrow and this is my just my second year being involved in the festival and you know advice and -- -- I for 1 am really excited about being in that space can you kind of paint a picture first a little bit NTELOS. You know housing going to be different housing can be laid out -- be in Congo square we can beat the other end and we're looking for good weather so you know what's muscling out going to be. Well that question -- that that Congo square area Armstrong park is obviously very sacred space. And you know because of the history at insulate people east German camps there and so we have. Some of our are green business expert participants there. And we also -- and age there and some of that programming will pay homage to the important history and current -- And then be in music will be jets the on the main page that you -- and and what you ask is something it this year which is our. Solar powered factory station all read it to make a point that and it can be -- solar power. We are piloting a project that you're the -- to plug Mercury into the sun so that certainly is an interest. You know like that in particular is hilarious because last week when Angelo and I were down in Jackson square our broadcasters and erupted very briefly. By the directory guys next to us a lesson there aren't they had lost electricity and they were plugged into the same breaker as our radio transmitter so they have to go over their four with that we got kicked off the air for a second but. Priorities and have been let me tell if this week with the solar stuff that would have been no problem right. Now and I. You are right now are now will do it. And thank you very much good luck it'll be a beautiful day tomorrow and I know you to thank you it makes -- -- the policy in the morning. Our time. Haven't we'll be right back well as we now know Ian is going to -- saying Earth's best. Yeah and you can regular business sexed up and we always we always talk about festival season you know it's you know it's there's the bands -- the -- of food and and there's vendors will that -- fassel has the green business expo which nobody else can even. Put a light to you know so that's a that's a really great reason command I want a full report next Friday on the solar powered directory will be surely you view as a forty -- reports on on that -- -- Her. How lucky we are that it is -- we have so missed our Jude pork. Jude has been missing in action. Out there making a living and stop that madness. It's a good year but I'll lie and -- don't do. Well just missing you go to massage. Thank you wouldn't -- all about. We where. Hope and then. Her work. Out. It opened yesterday but -- that -- about that error. Day Good Friday that we celebrate -- the group. The Cold War but there are. -- -- -- There are some new movies out there to state court -- -- for real. Sure what this. People. No matter what the book and look for a book good read the book group of like it. There's some other ball all the reduce urban. Fitness you know com. They're the -- is -- there and order state papadore. A lot for the court collared. And the concurrent with isn't buying it. -- -- like that Millwood is still there but. You know religion but -- There's always people who decide to go to church. Yes -- -- and. It is it is well so current choices there boat that was one of the -- there with the thing. You know it or -- All the mean that the rate is -- one movie every user. -- -- -- -- And this year they -- nature movie is bear. Again I saw a commercial for that -- think it right it did with the bears just like I'm a couple of feet right how'd they do to. Yeah how'd they do that really must follow these DNC you know it's the one thing that has won fame and international -- and players know. If it's because -- -- -- better off and that's actually bears a. It's not a lot has. Let it warned thank you. There about the way movies. Hope. That doesn't want people they're still the year -- to the market that he bought the does want that Detroit is there. -- -- Fortunately you know wait on. It -- -- and in. Well. The hour or. Yeah yeah. I'm trying to that we talked about a two weeks ago we said those can be adrenaline is a knock. That the -- yet but it's gotten. That is. Rebuke don't -- me alone. Read our favorite. He said. What -- hell is this. But it is. It's important that and gone wrong and -- -- -- -- in the movie is potential. And that date it. It does not work force. You know I always wonder a great actor like Johnny Depp who is a great at home. Does he know it's a crummy movie while making it. Oh you know I think that it is Dayton. Gets to. -- -- -- rate is very confusing and I understood it was about artificial intelligence that's OK come on board with this and then. You know -- it cuts away and everything's dissolving and there's like these satellite dishes that are flying into a million pieces and going everywhere and that you'd truly lost me and -- feel like pure trailer is confusing me. I don't stand a chance of -- through your movies so gosh I guess I'm not surprised that it's it's not doing well. -- It'll. End are here that are in a lot they grow but it quick. -- The eight ball starting -- to -- -- -- out there and it projects started are a little -- Watch the first sport so. Great. That sort Mario or. Oh yeah we watched the first episode we get it on Amazon -- like to wait until Monday to watch it on not on mine -- week but. Yeah I was surprised it I wasn't that -- you know you know pretty big mad men fan as long as has -- -- and this season from here. Was the lowest rated premieres that they've -- had so I guess I don't know on this cooking is their last season -- constantly people are no longer watching it but when you look at what they're up against I mean came for gas and everything else. I think that people church. Cycle that day that. Yeah that there -- kids. But -- the art. The part that really got -- All of the different -- design. It. In the music to. And he's a socialist Jon Hamm who plays the lead yet. John -- -- on an interview this week and he he was an essence saying everything has its time and the times yeah absolutely. Literally. While the other had a long break their two they had almost eighteen or twenty months where they were not able to produce anymore episodes causes some disagreement with the studios so that to them you know to lose Brian that moment that that was crazy that was -- worst -- that he deserves somewhat better than some here are -- and yes that mr. -- I would. Like -- -- it. The they keep bringing back all these other characters that nobody cared about things like I mean not you know we hear about aren't alone -- come back again. -- -- -- -- Also -- of our own under those goals are being gain -- He actually is suddenly you know. -- web we. Are there. The -- Was. All of murder. You don't need to have another child protection under -- Mine -- Your birds and I -- at the UST so a lot to her being. It we're starting. A -- but this week. This is very exciting but it is equally exciting just to hear your voice in general I would say -- -- we were at Jackson square for three hours last week in the little French court for us we had nothing to talk about because what you -- that's why they kept bringing us food and cocktails -- interesting people we talked to an empty seat you know waiting for you just in case -- walked by. -- on our wonderful I hope you have a beautiful Easter. I am I'm surrounded by family friends and seek truth what more than Bernie and couple -- -- Nailed it. Cool that we're gonna hear from you next week have a great race you'd think -- -- I okay. Stay with us everyone let's go to the newsroom now and Christmas. It is a glorious weekend ahead and hopefully you're making plans on. Certainly if you go to church it's a very very special thing. But also an an opportunity to be with family and I think that's when it's mainly about and that's why it's so nice that. In smother his command all the way from Colorado that means a lot. We have much going on in this community though and as we've heard there is Earth Day and were waiting to hear from on and hopefully will call soon. It is also the great. A new kind of thing we're gonna wait till he calls but it's it's it's -- -- pub crawl. I'm looking forward to that just when you think you understand at a pub crawl is somebody's got to come along and reinvent their idea of class and normally I'm excited to hear from him so I'm sure he's gonna. Called back we hit some little telephone issues. But there are certainly other things in the area -- you know I would remind everybody I know you're thinking about this weekend but next Tuesday. As is tradition. The police Vienna philharmonic gives a free concert. At city park. And it it is the most glorious time just to sit with a loved one sit with your family bring the kids bring the dog. Go to city park bring -- Food that even though they have food bring your blind people lay out oriental carpets and bring chandeliers. It's just such a nice event. And that again that is this Tuesday they have a rain date of Wednesday. But Tuesday April 22. Again it's going to be a tent city park at the gold ring -- Hamburg great -- Also since you mentioned city park that reminds readers that are cinema in the garden series is starting up again and they're showing singing in the rain tonight. In the sculpture garden so. You know just we only we talk about the sculpture garden all the time how beautiful it is but it just annual recent go out there OC singing in the rain I think that's a pretty nice seeing the rain frightening. Maybe -- -- argument that she's not knowing you have it's -- may -- seen the sculpture garden I have a feeling out you know I've been here twelve years -- -- you feel like we've we've -- most of them are highlights though. I think yeah I don't know I couldn't -- they come in here she just wants to be with -- -- fifth. So I just look harder watching cosmos and eaten and small plates fob that. Also speaking of city park. Everybody knows this but you know the trees in city park are over 800 years ago. The day and you know we lost Germany during Katrina sadly now is that there's been a huge replanting but some of those really old oaks. -- over 800 years all the park's oldest live oak sprouted in 12100. AD. The -- love that I believe so and and this is another little factoid. The trees were producing acorns when Christopher Columbus landed in America think about that. Anyway. The the park needs help in the care of these and so there really and I love that they're asking people to help. And this is a great. Wonderful way that the dollar -- five dollars if it's what every you can get. To contribute to keeping something that is such an important part. And we love that -- looked at city park has done you know since Katrina and it was devastated. I mean it lost everything. And it has. Joined hands with so many people now we have new tennis courts we have the putt putt golf place. Now we have the great lawn where these concert I think oil around. I can't -- it is incredible and what's interesting is city park had a master plan that was completed the march before Katrina. They had no way of funding they just -- finally after years of study here's here's our dream here's our master plan. Katrina comes in devastate the place. I mean they have like five people trying to clean. That place. Unbelievable what they -- -- who is against did that would go out there and and move along on his name of their -- -- -- Aurilia and that was an organization that would just bring your lawn mower and cut the -- gathered to -- sounds like a lot of it was a lot of fun and but they lost equipment so -- didn't have lawnmowers and didn't. Shears they didn't have any. And people rallied and then organizations are Allie and you know we lost all of the trees leading up to the new world's museum of Arlington. And all of those are replanted I think it was Mercedes-Benz international. Came in and said we will replant -- -- so people caught on this is a magical part of the city. And and so the master plan is some place money came in it out of bad. Came something good. I have always understood -- remembered learning long tunnel that double check my Google here and make sure this is factually accurate but I haven't seen it for ten years lemon will stay behind is that it's the largest municipal park in the country. -- on trying to remember that and I know -- some clarity to. Everybody thinks of central parts which are horses huge but I think city park is actually they will be it is because it has the four golf courses out -- and you know I'm not gonna open all of them they're gonna they have one -- They're gonna do another one that is going to be like. Super pro. And then I don't know what they're going to be doing candlelight I'm sure the golf community will want that but I personally have enjoyed spending time now that -- golf course because. You know for somebody who doesn't have a core. But still likes to spend time out -- my options or are sort of limited to Afghanistan inside the city but if I wanna get out and you know some pressure and get depressed. Nature. I can go to city park in. There's this abandoned golf course which is cool Cassini can ride your bike out there and there's walking -- but there's also. Over growth in and some -- concession stands and vines and things it's just of a sort of beautiful creepy. Vibe and I'm I'm gonna miss that and I mean I understand -- got a developing eventually -- -- kind of missed that. But that weird I've been able to walk -- a take a lot of inquiries -- you'd be free behind it there's just so many and Leno can go -- front now US open lakeshore drive finally. Yes as a matter of fact we are going to. Be talking about that Monday -- a matter of fact a great lesson that's terrific. All about the lake -- -- I think our our department as well. I hope that is the case you know what mark let's take a quick break we're gonna come back and we have. All we wanna know about this new creole crawl. Yes mr. Ian has found the answer to the trivia question I. I Google they and is confusing because there's a lot of parks it there are technically city -- but we don't really think Natalie good example is -- supplies. Which is apparently at city park which 22000. Acres which has just ridiculously larger than anything else on the list. But we have we made comparison to Central Park which is 770. Acres. City park new -- or thirteen acres almost twice as the site. And twice. -- -- at that. Twice as many of -- golf course. We were talking a little bit earlier about this incredible thing called creole -- call crawl pub crawl. I'm gonna start early -- are. Is yesterday actually the -- -- here -- it is not a cook got scared and it definitely reactions. We want to welcome and we appreciate you calling -- Eric mechanic argued the founder of this pub crawl. Okay I'm just which I love your -- I think it looks exciting. And is classic stories classic cocktails. Historical crawl. So you're appealing to people to do. Where where require I think people do park ticket no water you know that call. And -- ticketed -- We're taking -- to. Greens. Restaurants. Somewhat like a program in cocktail or regret and bitter. Crawl depending on what product that you're looking for a departed. -- -- -- -- That an action. And place you haven't or cocktail. Specifically could be an annual cocktail -- -- election. On your reservations. And you're giving like a tour in the history of the cocktail. And the place. That is correct we dig. There are poor guy. Well thank you and teach you on that education of the air. The pressure on itself. Or even the cocktail. Will be knowledgeable -- -- not support -- going to be the one given the presentation. That talked. -- So you have for instance the throughout the three restaurants I was looking at was it -- and I'm sorry I'm blanking M rolls. And down the warehouse district. Correct not -- -- it's coming on -- -- -- -- orbit we've been talking discriminate and it could have broke probably about it or not getting -- Together. We do have multiple -- it's not out today a lot of them and that warehouse and arts district we focused on that area. In particular because there are of course you know our our court -- there is just what -- favorite products that are -- -- -- founded this country. And I did that. Instead of a walking tour we -- gonna take you into. Ought to apply it to twelve passenger by. Oh yeah I was just gonna ask you Harry guys getting around is so it's one of the things were everybody sits at the bar and you're facing each other and everybody is peddling. On the -- on is that in my right. Look at great expense during happier than -- and the bike what the city. How could review I'm so happy that you've done this. That's great and I just I'm just over the -- about because I was just in Portland last summer and we did one of these. For somebody's bachelor party and it was so much fun and it just it is just driving me nuts that we don't have anything like that here but now we do so thank you. And I appreciated -- it definitely don't want saying we're. But a lot of time that a lot of energy and specifically. That would that they apartment department I can only say thank you could. Deputy director Metallica hole definitely reached out. Took. And I actually had and -- -- of the system. Took about a year to get everything group that. I would say is more cryptic about the twelve that's when that day. That we were passed in the City Council with a bite. And it electric powered vehicle I am very novel it's innovative. It's it's what we now state collapse of a petty -- Had a rule. -- on it but another hour. I'm glad your tongue because I had envisioned because I see the torch -- into the quarter all the time goes -- the other two -- I was thinking. People are going from bar to bar restaurant to restaurant is it picked up four and walking while drunk for seven courses later -- It's anonymous so funny. It is. You know really -- -- a pub crawl. It's getting it put it -- that period embarking monitors. And that adage. Higher courts we want to bring them -- the -- -- toward. That you did you really and the point talk -- you know -- you think -- -- imagine. When you hear too. Well and so we really turned our tour in the crawl. And at the debate a situation where. More drinking. The buster -- Well what is happening organizers say you're not Wichita like you've got to pray and we got a position at right yeah that's great. -- -- To not. -- -- on the bike as early and let's and a more about it and it's that petty elect equipment saying we will need to act through the next few weeks we're gonna save the -- campaign. It is an -- -- -- -- We're not getting. Closer to the mayor's office were -- -- mating with the mayor and sell and societal on the let -- court going to be another -- on. That will be. Talking about getting a light and. What is the objection. We don't have a clear objection to what the rules and regulations were one of the -- the technique as a result and and sit out well. We're currently we've got to count 78. We are just now getting her. An incident the -- and again. We really -- what does Wear out our district it but not all the pain and it's going to be we our culinary tour. You'll and we have a great vehicle. You know electric they're innovative. You -- to ride up to City Hall. Ask them to come downstairs and taken around the block. Yet I sort of saying -- admirals and everything -- well he's certainly got a strong ally in the I couldn't be more thrilled I was just the thing that I've always wondered why we didn't have this year now. Like for finally getting there. -- -- Eric and does -- with it all pans out real quick -- I I know you've got more work to do before things -- but in the meanwhile if people want more information they wanna learn more about the operation and maybe even -- -- what do what do we do where do we go. You're gonna get to crawled goal is is our other company and -- -- is this particular -- under the name. And really going to be the management however the bikes. And the limiting. -- Nolan dot com. So -- and icon and you'll spit out there on page as a petition brought detonating. In decision. Basics. Of this year. Good luck to you good luck to you Eric thank you. And we'll be right. And we're talking about all the great things that are happening this weekend let's not forget that the great -- Revere this year. -- shows only time and yes OK and then -- tomorrow to shows only itself. And legend. Got westside story one mile time for one. The Academy Award appropriately. Yes. Your mother just gonna have a wonderful -- -- you know I don't think you've ever been here around you know even -- that at the tomato festival and Jazz Fest -- -- -- -- in the fall all -- different things but I don't think we've seen any Easter -- yet so. We're looking for that again early brunch and acting just go knock around French Quarter gets in the most maybe a couple of them. Then go kayaking off the book I don't you -- Try to stay afloat you know it's an obviously whenever you catch in the parade. Then in new kayaks throw on short of the children all yelling all the Milan Greece cycle the font yeah Edsel but -- one night -- and so I mean you have wonderful. Angela everybody out there have a wonderful Easter but stay with us one more hour because in the next half hour a real honest to god legend Chris self. I don't wanna go back to my desk can honestly can't hang out anywhere she it's all right but enjoy the rescued. -- -- -- --