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4-18-14 3:10pm Angela: with Chris Owens

Apr 18, 2014|

Angela talks with local entertainer Chris Owens, who will lead this weekend's Easter Parade.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Well she's a living legend the matriarch of Bergen street. New -- beloved Chris -- she has danced and entertained us for decades on her own stage. And those that Jazz Fest and Las Vegas. But this weekend Chris Allen leads the parade literally. For her 31. Easter parade how lucky we are to have her in our studio to tell us about that and everything else that's going on in your life. Thank you and really it's great having being there with you for your show I saw you on channel four's morning news. With the up the dance with flowed to -- we have a -- -- -- -- But pitcher such a trooper because that was like 730 this right so in -- program forward to be there for senator. But tell us about the parade 31 years 31 years since -- you know -- -- more exciting every year that we do it. We add more things to the parade. And there's going to be one of the biggest. And we even have like fifty Elvis Presley impersonators right now on their cycles and and we have about thirteen floats. It's grown from from the first year that I started with it. And I should you know -- in the same Steele who now are captain America's. Died of the letter her staff and cutesy atoms have taken program really working diligently to make -- -- he is today. And it's grown but we have bands marching bands we have the bunny rabbits we have and then on the float. It did we have brought so many people to the city I think so good for the economy. And when we first started there was no one in history and we were writing and saying he invited me we writing on in convertibles. There was no. Literally suck it ghost from it's movement Sammy and I'd be the next year -- to leave it. I -- wilderness and we've got him like I'm a big parade of people would come and bring their families and children. And it started that way and it has grown today where is walled off people as far as like NC. -- it it's starts at 1 o'clock it starts on canal and a -- -- yes canal suburban. At the the asked crap hasn't detailed from we have our party and all that and then we proceed -- -- Villa. Cross over to an educator from -- probably backed canal street. For the party began -- that is so much fun but yet really start to Saturday night before this coming Saturday duties to show. And we have wine in season and orders for the root for the writers is going to be and and operate. And then the start Sunday morning the doors open at ten. And Rico and we have the east in that context physicist at the crown plaza at the grandparents back in the ballroom to crap that's. And we have a celebrity judges that would judge for the the adults. And for the children also -- prizes for that and these are for Easter on for Easter minds that there and everything and from there than we they have music for dancing. -- we we have auction items. Tim jones' work diligently through your ticket I -- fabulous option and so that we get on the floats. And with there and everybody's telling I'm on to and bunnies and throwing flowers and and and beads and you see the families of the children ages since I just love it it's amazing. How it's grown. From from 31 years ago Nolan in the street to packed to the -- -- -- unbelievable. I mean streets are packed too corny side all the way down as far as we can seal which has named actually the return onset Philip and we go to Decatur. And it is just mobs of people on Decatur all the way back to the hotel. And then they have a lavish birthday. And start with dancing and the auction items so it's -- goes -- to about 5 in the evening ha. Along the beautiful thing and I know everybody I'm not going to ask you everybody looks forward to seeing which are -- And so you actually do have 31 different altitudes. 31 at every year I differ on every year. Underwater we don't overdo I have never made -- over and I have a closet of a party when I. That you would not Wear any when these at the Easter parade -- there it's totally -- super. In others not to at some point be a museum two your fabulous outfits. Yeah I I really -- -- museum with the matter really what you absolutely could and it should I do the designing and by the fabric and then have a wonderful girl. A story that was such a code that surrogate my gallons and then I have. Dominate from Honduras that those apartment and we worked together -- have my ideas and sketches in -- she works with and read it again. She just ahead pitcher Cory. I don't know that you you set the tone. And the should something special we should have Easter parades and it all you know it's no no one in the country -- anything like this an Easter. And you know we get calls from all parts of Germany and England that are coming actually. And then all over the country people calling it's caught on that. -- -- -- in -- giants in east right. And I have some family that payment from Dallas. -- sitting cameras -- and the video. Over there yes. And hit any who is sitting here who has server runs the show. She was bragging about other. There we have Sammy from -- doses in Mexico and -- this -- a fifteen year to join us from temporary. How does someone. Who wants to ride in the parade get to -- in the parade. Well I have to be at the staff died in Berlin though and her staff and cutesy -- they all were very hard to get to put it all together. -- since -- now I see captain Americans so they have been there and they've been taken over that. Twelve years twelve years. And so over Maine Dick Armey what -- contact. Kitchen died of Atlanta with her staff and but again and everybody will just be wearing the most beautiful hats. On everybody's -- it to the ninth. And every year you have new people wanting to join. We have coming -- new York and all over the country. But this is great at all the way from England England England and Germany. It's France -- the -- -- itself in the come to our quarter. To be in this Easter parade to be an Easter break yes and filling hotels. Yes yes we like sent. I'll have some you know an economy. You are just sort of a woman for all seasons and I said that for many years but but I mean that and I think this is the example coming your business woman. Your true entertainer. And then you create this parade. That now is part of the fabric of our Easter. It really news but you know I when I first wrote in and I said this is gonna happen people at a competitive wasn't enough. Took you know two types of families to bring your children and everything. And I knew what would take to make it that people would see in -- So it is so big now and they refused what did you do. To turn the corner will you her she's starting to get people involved in. And then to start to make the parade marked ambulance with making Easter floats which meant Pinto has done -- done very well. And besides that and the news. Union guys. The people to participate. He'd get all the bands and things you make the program. And that says it's starting from the learning something new you reactive. So the first parade with nobody on the street near in convertibles I mean literally no and that. And now it again and you had a lot of east Iran has left. Baskets and bags -- -- to you know have -- have to throw. Up some pizza candy and beads and things. But so. The second year was better. And it has -- liberal moving toward improving and working in a written with Damien I think it's true that during. And after I think many years to about. Fifteen. It really took it of people where we're spoiled here because we are a city of parades. And but we don't. Total and and we enjoyed them and that's why have people on the street but in reality they don't understand the amount of work and expense. That goes into -- so much that it. I mean you've got thirteen floats chorus and you don't keep them in your backyard what we have a great staff you know -- -- Orlando and -- works with them diligently through the year together again. In the new house those same floats in -- tritium and reduce them different. While I saw the man who was the creator on the on channel 4 morning news and I love the fact that he got to ride last year oh yes. That he got to ride in -- in the -- yeah that's a great thing. He says some on the end -- watched everything -- party -- to be very proud to it. But from the creator to one that's thrown the rabbit -- Stay with us everyone we're gonna continue our top with the great course. We are so lucky to have Chris -- in the studio put in this town. And I cholera legend and she isn't and in its official because you're legends park. Yes you know I am I was so thrilled to give -- something that. He never imagined you know to see yourself in and bronze in bronze full length but I do fully support of the negatives park. Within -- yes no it was meant to be we had so we have and can and had so many phenomenal people from how hurt him. Pete fountain to -- we need to have a park for the and for you thank you now very much set -- a lot of by the guests haven't seen the show now we haven't seen it on the park -- And they can see this deceive them alive one in the line -- there. I -- it's wonderful. And it's dot cement torrents I think to the park -- Talk to me about and and people. Hopefully have senior Chicago and they've seen the incredible amount of energy and talent on that stage. Kits which are saying you do fifteen shows a week. -- close to close to that. Yes on believable the energy in your show and you get people up on the stage and used parenting efforts. Yeah we would artists such as spices that are fixing it's terrific that. But you know all my life I've always been full of energy do you -- since school I was very athletic. And it which is something that you no drama life to be you know I'm now trying to care take care of it and she. Eating right probably trying to get enough sleep and rest and exercise. To keep going and you still do your exercise routine -- oh yes absolutely and the little woman went my way remember yes sir you. We did a great piece on her some years ago and it was and I have said this for many years you were into exercise and healthy eating before. It was popular before you can pop accidentally and I will never forget driving through the French Quarter of one day going home and there you are. Running again I'm -- before it got my my trade -- And I had people start running with united -- look -- -- the big news filling it costs so like -- attitude change is significant real. -- still work out every day almost almost everything. And then two night show that is as high step I can. And that's of course everybody looks at your magnificent body all scenic hazard on eleven Angela I know it is what it is bad enough now we say this also. No matter how dressed up our house special I think I look I still look like a non though you didn't figure and that -- That's not ever that we have -- back at any none because I love all nuns but there is a difference. And you know I get and I have MC things were you've appeared and I thought bond dol dot walk I held a and then I take one look at her and I just it's not there and but you have also had you your business woman and that is not to be forgotten either and on real estate in the quarter. You've seen changes good bad and not and I definitely what what do you see today. What you know when I remember burger straight from the beginning. You know the streets were open all the time they were just you know a few people on the sidewalks. Because you know the streets are open liked when -- for seven. And -- than when they closed street off to make a mall it's a good thing they did because now it's wall to wall including them all with people. That just hands on with the published in everything that's going on even after Katrina. There's more and more tourists come to our city can ever have ever seen before. There is no -- that used to there was a period you know where you know slow period lol you know it's all the time. Monday through Sunday it's just people here the terrorists did nuances so much to offer and I think they realize that there more than ever after Katrina. That got so much publicity of what we're doing now. That it and we had a fabulous marketing group. And in the state supported that and and others have supported it too and you're right that is and having the -- -- Apps now we -- after the big -- yes chips. And that he did they come in groups to your show yes they do. A lot of -- and opening them -- group reservations and and I think you know got somebody from Omaha walks into your show -- Well look at that specific -- and they can do that negative ones to even get him on stage and I have an incredible moment. Are you still videotaping the -- -- if you combine that. No but those are treasures because you know they go back to Omaha and I think I was on stage with crystal look at fifth. -- -- -- What else what else does the city needs to do. To keep itself. -- I think they shoot. They actually tell about the new law and I know about the new -- area with which. Get on the parade to bring so many people. They -- part it's witnesses like a free shadow. And name around they wanted to charge them or trash pick. Like from the foot from the parade route but in a way I don't think that's fair because -- economy has been. Help you know with all these bring in the people and not know why they were I think they should change that our numbers are gonna charge you for the trash and yes. And different charges monogram Cruz for the trash picked up he absolutely so they're looking at oh my gosh. And I know we have the Italian -- comes to get a stop tomatoes from my balcony. And they just think it's terrible you know they don't let that -- keep doing the parade with what they charge to do that. Are you finding. They had a miracle guy who. I'm blanking on him ansari -- after the storm took over the trash and in the streets were smelling great -- it was wonderful Sydney Sydney yeah. And I'm not sensing it's as good. Is that the case I think that they need to. Get the good smell stuff back absolutely. I mean he was doing that job yeah I mean it was a high initial price so much you know from my building. You pay so much for him to trash. Them when you start charging you know. You know so much of these rights that it may peace on. Earth and ethnicity. Let's talk about the parade to mark and I'm now told that if you are interested in going to Saturday night to the cocktail party get a ticket for the whole deal. Saturday night cocktail party the continental breakfast at the hotel and ride in the parade and in the brunch after and dancing and the whole thing. U there's of phone nominee get in a skit he -- cell -- 49583834958383. It will be a beautiful Easter made more so by this incredible parade thank you Christiane thank you for having -- and -- Now always a pleasure and a we'll see you on Sunday OK look forward to an area Gerri good. Everyone stay with this we're going to be talking. Talking about another event the Crescent City classic but I want -- to stay with this we need to go to the newsroom now. And Jim and so.