WWL>Topics>>4-18-14 3:35pm Angela: on the Crescent City Classic

4-18-14 3:35pm Angela: on the Crescent City Classic

Apr 18, 2014|

Angela talks with Crescent City Fitness Foundation President John Satori about this weekend's Crescent City Classic.

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Well we are back now we're gonna do a little shift of gears that the delightful Chris Owens and it is 31 years she's presented these parades. And it just adds that. It's the land -- it's the it's the icing on the cake for special days and hoping -- down there again it is at 1 o'clock start to canal. Goes all the way down -- in the switches over and goes up Decatur back to canal beautiful beautiful hats throwing the bunnies. But this is also a very important weekend for those who love to run and for those who love to cheer them on. It's the 36 annual Crescent City classic and there will be 25000. Runners hitting the streets Saturday downtown. And now joining us to talk about this event which is just kept growing and growing is John so -- 36. Years absolutely fun and real you ran the first one. No I did not know although we do we've got we we found out we've got about 25 people who have never missed one. One of them happens to be a prominent a BGY and here in town. And I saw him this morning and he's he's injured and -- I don't care and come out of Milwaukee because I'm not gonna miss one. Yes see that's tradition capsule at least if you remember how many people ran the first one you know we had 220 people for the very first. Yes it's funny 5000. Yes all of the 25000 what percent local and what percent. We're about 7% local will have. Right now were at. 28 states signed up. We've got twelve different countries represented. It's become. Quite a big Easter draw you know Easter weekend didn't used to be very good weekend for hotels here. One of the great things about the classic is when you bring and that many people from all over this this region they've got to stay somewhere they've got to eat somewhere it's a great impact on the city. And you're actually doing things prior to -- -- You're the -- all day to day yes and and that I love I wish I really wish I could run by because you have all the vendors is there anybody can go to the -- -- -- -- Absolutely the high that's. -- Thursday and all day today until 8 o'clock tonight. That's where nobody can come and they can still register there and if you've already registered on -- three come to pick up your teacher tenure in your race number. But it's it's unbelievable we've got blue runner red beans and rice being serve their -- long. We've got beer their -- along with a Gatorade -- long -- springs water all day long. We've got folks coming into cooking demonstrations. We've got a 120 different retailers there it's the best bargains on running apparel running shoes running equipment anywhere. And and it's it's astonishing that we have grown to the point where we've got vendors have been with us for ten years they come from all over the country. The expose a fun thing to be in fact today we had a second line. Featuring Zulu. Zulu came in with their witch doctor -- the second went to the place that absolutely electrified the entire hide itself. Now you'll know how to do it but let's let's talk about the the natural run it starts at the superdome yes and and and again you don't have to be the runner. You can be the one chairing the runner. Right well I tell people all the time because people say it -- Johnny I mean being given shape to do that are I'm not a very good athlete. Until the multi on the slow people the back smile a lot more than the fast people up front. A lot more and so no it's it's astonishing you know we're now 65%. Female. No liked -- and that's changed dramatically ten years ago it was exact opposite. Com and what we try to tell people is young man we -- to come down press it's a contest presidential race and so we wanna beat the time we had last year be our friends time. Women come out it's just the social they come out they bring to friends with them. They'd do it at whatever pace there all three comfortable -- some very -- some very slow. But for them it's really about doing it to gather and that's really led to the growth -- the race. Women power meaning women power and and you have people dressed like rabbits. We have man who's gonna tuxedos we've got people and -- grabs affect Sean Payton last year said his only goal was to beat the -- Because you really can't let a man costumed head to toe in white for a -- And yeah we got great costumes you got spokesman run into -- is it's. You know it's New Orleans so half the fun is people pitching it's just it's it's the best parade we've got. And so you make it all the way to city park yes and it's at the stadium -- threat across street Louis and we started superdome you know straight down Decatur. Which we changed the route partly like you're talking about the so the people command really cheer us on so all through the French Quarter hundreds and hundred people lecturing us on. You go all the way down to esplanade take a left. -- esplanade to city park and we end up right across the street from Ted -- stadium. And what happens there. That's unbelievable this year bands who got -- Rama and then we got big Sam's funky nation. The race starts at eight. The really really fast people get 3830 -- beyond -- trickling in after that and from then until 1 o'clock. It's the biggest party in town we've got 25000 people who all earned their cold beverage. And I tell people all the time in this street at noon Easter Saturday the best place to be on the planet earth. Is our party it's the best time -- graph. You've earned your cold -- absolutely and you can dance to the music yes now what do they win. Well actually the elite runners and and we have several price categories we've got our our overall winners. Com and they're running we've got great trophies from inferno here in town they make great class to a peaceful beautiful. But there is a small amount of prize money the Dallas with a that's not what they're here for. And so we've got elite runners to compete for that. -- -- categories of top Louisiana runners topless in a masters which is that -- forty plus top Louisiana grand masters lose fifty plus. And -- honestly for most people the real competition. Is with themselves -- their friends -- we tell people time we'll have 25000 people. It's surely a race for probably 101000. For the rest of them it's just. Six point two miles through America's greatest city. I love this now Helen was saying that you have things surprises along the way it. We do. We've got one gentleman who will give you free beer but we'll charge you for water. We've got we've got a gentleman about mile five every year who pops up with lucky dogs -- -- hands out which -- would -- lucky dog after five miles of running just. Mystified as me. We've got a brass -- shows up and plays underneath the overpass. Last year drug has had their their fire truck out there along the route. You know they had a little party going on some all the polls. To a pitcher on the runners could enjoy some good oysters. It's just it was New Orleans so half the funds people watch. And the weather is going to be good for him. It is going to be ideal this is gonna be about 62 degrees in slightly overcast which is. And low humidity which you know me where the birthplace of humidity I mean so. To be able to come out enjoy this in a pleasant setting you know we east Jefferson general hospital provides all the medical coverage for the race. And and so no we anticipate a very very safe and very happy race every single mile -- springs waters there and every single mile. And so we spent a lot of time and a lot of time educating our runners -- in a lot of the messaging right now at the Hyatt is hydrate tonight. Come out tomorrow run a safe and happy race because at the end of the day it's all about getting there so that you got red beans and rice and jambalaya. And cold beverage is waiting for it. That's the name of the game to also set a very important word and that is safety yet and tomorrow we come back and stay with this we're gonna talk about. All that has been done in this new day yes right after this I'm Angela on WW. Well we're back talking about a phenomenal event that is going to happen tomorrow. 36. Year. Of the eight Crescent City classic and with this is Johnson Torre who. As a city of great spokesperson Ford because your enthusiasm. Has ebbed and 36 years and thank you know. What happened in Boston yes -- such. Such sadness and it's such a horrible thing. And it forever changed I'm sure for every -- -- who puts on races and yet I've enjoyed this week listening to the very special they've done on the Boston Marathon. The spirit they have not being defeated by golly they're gonna have it right but out of that experience came things that you had to do so what argued. Well we've always had an unbelievably good relationship with New Orleans Police Department and also homeland security and and while there were always a lot of precautions being done behind the scenes that the average participant was never made aware. You know we always had to have plans in place to make it the safest of a possible because you're trying to take care of 20000 people who were all doing something that that that's physical. But you're right Boston. Was a huge wake up call for the entire running community every race in America suddenly. Had -- much higher expectation. On on what we need to be putting in place and so our race committees have worked. Tirelessly with Homeland Security. And we've tried to do it in a way the challenge is how to -- make you as safe as I can without disrupting the experience itself. And so what we do now is there's a three block area around our start that is cordoned off. And if you don't have a race number you won't get in there. We have we've got a core rallying system so every runner shows up with a colored -- tells us roughly how fast they're going to finish the race. Your corralled with other people of your same -- -- and when you access that those areas you'll have to have a race number on you won't get end. Where in the past honestly hangers on could just some relative. But at three block area around the superdome. Will be blocked off and nobody would get in there without having if they've got to Bagram backpack or anything with them. Those will be inspected. Now clearly you don't need a backpack to run zero point two miles and we don't ever encourage anyone for bringing one but if you feel the need. You need to plan on getting there early enough to have all that looked at inspected and -- please understand that if there's anything at all suspicious. It's not getting through. And and and we don't want anyone to bring a backpack or purse and in have to leave behind. So we're encouraging people please just come prepared you know we've got plenty of beverage is plenty of food plenty of entertainment for you did you don't need to bring any thing. And you know even the shuttle buses in the morning -- free you don't need to carry any money with you you know keep your car key on -- You'll be fine and that no it's it's very very different now the area writer -- the start -- the along the route is also very secure now. You know I think the thing the Boston taught us was. You know everybody. No one was being very vigilant at all because the reality is people salt things that they just didn't take suspicious right. And that's also a big key to this you know what we all need to be doing whether -- secrecy classic gore trip to the mall -- any place else well just need to be more aware of what's going on around. It's totally. Now and that is right but. You're Smart to adhere to the new world of this and it's not -- everything is going to be perfect mark you got the weather going. You've got a great weekend and got 25000 people who are. Wanting to have a good time I can't thank you enough and bringing Anthony Anthony needs to be paid for the work he's doing. Selling the T shirts -- hush. But good luck tomorrow and just have a wonderful time. If I'm Alice say one more thing on behalf of the runners we've got ten charities of choice. And this year we will contribute more than 200000 dollars to those charities. And that's a direct reflection of what can be done when 25000 people come out and support our cause. Yes it's about running a race and running fast and having a great time. But to be able to pour that kind of money into the charitable institutions of this region. That that's really -- in the day what we're here to do. And so we just wanted to thank and congratulate everyone who participates because their entry fees go directly to that thank you thank you thank you will be right back.