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Sports Talk 4-18 4;20pm, Ari Temkin (

Apr 18, 2014|

Join Deke & Ari Temkin (host on ESPN radio San Antonio) as they talk about this weekends game7 the NBA playoffs with the San Antonio Spurs

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And welcome back to sports talk in BA playoffs began at this tweaking in the top seeds in the east the Indiana Pacers in the west the San Antonio Spurs. Over talk break them down givers or take which team is most likely won't likely. To derail the heat from a three peat in the NBA cancer vote on line -- debuted at Hugo. Dot -- army all right Tim -- Jones as the talk all things about the San Antonio Spurs ESPN radio in San Antonio. Are the San Antonio Spurs that from a guy it looked like -- coach Popovich was able to arrest. A lot of he's a key players that helped beat. Healed up and ready to roll. Eight years is that exactly what took place how much risk was really give -- to these players and -- are they more healthy are -- better shape than they were a year ago. Yeah we have to do is no doubt about that and and you know in years past it's been -- not -- that make it. It per game numbers that are doubtful for guys like Duncan and Ginobili but even more so this year for -- for Tony Parker it was just that his minutes were down. His usage rates were down as well so it was just but he was playing the last -- Portland and -- in the least bit -- last year. This year but that when he was in the game wasn't as aggressive and that's by design I mean you know you remember that the final last year. -- Parker played extremely well in game one and that he ran out of gas and it was like that throughout post season -- just -- It's just diminishing returns every year he's. And what happened was he took a week -- at the files he went flat when he competed with plants in the Euro basket won that tournament. And then came back here another week after training camp so he looked at a -- the finals had no off season and and then came back you know we really was not ready to go so -- was -- -- up there in the overseas where they were able to get into significant -- And he took a break and I think that is really helped. And you know that that -- by the pop coach of the year because they had the best record in the NBA and they played a ball to the season without Tony Parker to a degree in -- -- That's two of the best defenders -- -- their best offensive weapon and Parker. The southwest division -- -- Antonio pretty much. Handled Dallas -- throughout the season I think one was only a pretty close. And it pretty much at that data today what what not one don't 10112. Point six it was a pretty six points. Was that the closest here -- or these games really. That stretched out with a little closeness that the DC DC's a -- -- of the national guys. Had this thing going seven games so it to me that's pretty much it is a slam dunk Santonio vote winners here. Yes person won nine straight. And he really they've dominated this series -- the mavs now won the NBA championship a couple of years ago that he. Our men and he they just match -- so well offensively against this really bad Dallas defense and that the Spurs are really able to take advantage. More so than any of the other teams and yet they're shooting like. Close to 50% from three gets the -- you know over the last couple seasons. They just feel it starts with called the road just major defense of liabilities that. And what he's done Parker. -- that's just an easy matchup. For further when they when they put mayor in much better defender on Parker the other and that that is the domino effect the rest of the team you know then. Are they gonna stick Caldwell on. Got quite latter on Danny Green and that just had a major domino effect and profit so that the machine really turns out a lot of points to disperse the play of the mavs. And and they need called the road because. They need it was school -- high level with whispers but his defense as a major liability for them I don't think this series and further than five because of that -- just. They are just not a very good defense in Dallas. RF. When you look at the rest of the field. One at 8452736. The next round. You look at on down -- -- talk all week to assume that it you know Oklahoma City and and in San Antonio or -- Western Conference with the bottom bottom of the league teams in the in the west. And won fifty games nickel show you how much tougher this conference is it really -- tightly contested out there may be -- a team that could. I don't know maybe knock off San Antonio up -- south from the top seats they like Oklahoma City with a clip. You know it don't Western Conference -- are gonna feature two. Series that are good enough to be the Western Conference finals you know potentially Houston they get that Portland and -- You know the Spurs forward for this year against Houston and that of course Oklahoma City and the Clippers know the -- -- Certainly four of the five or six best teams in the NBA and -- their all to be patching up the semis. I foresee it being Oklahoma city of San Antonio I think that the Houston record gets personal skewed. Because some of the injuries to disperse guys they rested in those games and I also think that. If Houston a year or two way they're really really gone in the need -- -- unique. If you watch the NBA every year's -- each year you know you need to make those incremental steps. Forced success in the post season so. I foresee it being Oklahoma City at San Antonio west comes -- but he is going to be very entertaining. Webster covered playoffs throughout which is why I'd much today I talked about how the NBA is as good today as it was when Michael Jordan was playing I mean you have. Great depth across the Western Conference and they get the best player on the best team in the Eastern Conference. Yeah and by tell you like that that statement were will claim even a little more validity because we seem to. Kerry are where we -- you know -- microbes on a special place -- above everybody else the most most people hey look that's you can you can say. It's taught -- against Pitt but it LeBron James were to get this at all art. I think that even hold a little more true because you have a guy who's won three straight that's all have been done five previous times by -- team. In this league so he would certainly did his greatness. Yeah no question about that Tom obviously -- Chicago and I grew up with Michael Jordan. That that would be -- to me to believe that you -- I just think. You basically have Michael -- Gilles sat in the god it's two words you got Michael Jordan said at tight end of the body size I guy I think his. His chances to become the best player ever or are -- here that the main difference is. Michael created the modern athlete you know and what athletes talk about their land and they talk about the globalization of their Brad. That's something that Michael created that's I think what people. Holding him to higher speed because he wasn't just an unbelievable player which he transcended his sport because he created the modern athlete. Our rights champion are how can folks value on Twitter throughout these NBA posting our sport. And are you say not gone more than five games in I just out of the Eastern Conference who easy are sent sent Eastern Conference finals homers and -- -- Indiana. In Miami to quantify. You know that the second the Bulls getting that that's foresee years that I've needed to be interest in because. That they played the end of the second round I think in India and -- LB interest I had I think -- -- you know will see that it will be at the end and -- But I mean the Western Conference through loud -- mean gonna stay and and the Clippers -- upper -- matchup of the Western Conference. Mean it's incredible considering you know get. These losers in the Eastern Conference. But I can't I can't tell you that. I'm excited for the New Orleans you know that that rich guys to get back to the post season because they've got. He's unbelievably exciting young player department division only getting better. Our ticket all right thank you so much good stuff mommy will talk throughout the series we appreciate. I'm -- -- can give you the latest that's ago when San Antonio how they get back. To the finals. Last year after the year before looked like it -- going a mile like they won't slam put on the -- And it OKC comes this rallies back. In with a little more -- last year where they close I don't know how much close you can get in San Antonio being taped off the court. And -- ruined the champagne. It'll be much closer. Not much close to the net but the heat -- got -- -- -- Ray Allen and they won. So San Antonio would that -- -- -- proven the issue could be what gets him over the hump finally in the gate. Republicans it -- In the -- levied a the only time is 431. Will go to first news we have Jim Henson.