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Sports Talk 4-18 4:35pm, John Linder

Apr 18, 2014|

Join Deke & John Linder (host of the John Linder Show in Miami) as they talk about this weekend NBA Playoff games

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Just because. Their -- talked a good. It doesn't mean he can't be competitive in May be -- competitive among weaker teams welcome back up Deke Bellavia talk about the NBA postseason. Seven of eight teams in the Western Conference. The seven of eight in the playoffs have a much better record. -- what is in the Eastern Conference meaning Dallas is forty had a 33 it's nearly went sixty that it gains 59%. Of the ball eight. Whereas in the Eastern Conference only two of the six. Are above the filed wondering tibia quote that he. And Indian. And one team that says a new record in Atlanta Hawks executive from maybe being perhaps the best overall out. We've seen the Western Conference is stacked but those -- the palace playoff games could be competitive in attaining. When you throughout direct challenger whose post down at South Florida and what does -- mean he's he's talking about the Miami Heat in. Got the LeBron James lead Miami Heat can add to their low or they could be something defeated rich with tradition with football. Only five in BAT's. Previously have went on to win three. Titles and Miami seeking to be the sixth. That would be it would be very very -- league -- I think that made us go to earlier yes even more the greatness of a project. Oh I agree with you in the ironic part is that what team are they going to open with Charlotte Bobcats score own mind other than Michael Jordan the guy who. He knows a thing or two about a repeat twice and not. -- a big thing about this year that makes things a little bit different there's two things in play. One is that you're not used to losing the way they have the last. Month to month and a half you know those last couple years between me and ended up losing to Dallas. In the finals they didn't look at -- shaky. Crossing the finish line of the regular season now Dwyane Wade missed nine games there were injuries -- guys who -- in and out. And they had already pretty much solidified that they were going to be either one or two seats -- the urgency button. Wasn't really practiced past month or so and so will really see. Morgan actually probably the first step into the second round -- the -- unlike the last couple years that he now has to bring. And who parades it in their back pocket. So as they approach -- rotten. There's not a feeling. Will we ever tasted championship will we ever -- back to back champions. We've done it before we know how to do before. This is where we need to play our best basketball and really that's when you hit the reset button and we're gonna learn a lot about them. Not as much in round -- I expect them. To pretty much. You know five or six in round one but immediately gets around to it seemed like -- Could be staring at them and so forth so it's going to be a lot of -- starting Sunday. John now when you look at it talking about. Who could be out there. Beckham is threatening heat we we go about the paces I think we think in the back on him because now -- -- also tough play this year and that they won. You know to go to seven games you could of one another one Pete sell it -- when he weighed in -- about the scoreboard they are but. I don't I don't think this Indians team right now because the way they played on the back -- Hasn't much fear from a from a national perspective as the team that people learn open asked last year when he took Miami is there. Well the thing that I like about India and is that they're coach knows how to get them through a series I think one of the reasons why. They've stopped so closely to the heat in the playoffs the last few years it is. It's not a one and done like college basketball you've got seven games at first at four. It's who's gonna move on and so has Pacers team. Does very well making changes from game one to game two of the game three to game four. And you know that's something that -- chooses to their advantage is. Oh UPS and game one or this is what we're gonna do for game two that match up well because there's so much what kind -- between the two teams. Great coaches are pretty good both are underrated Spoelstra is underrated -- to rip well that's just the way it is and so obviously the Pacers would be a problem. That team that once Miami and I'm telling you this. They want Miami is a Brooklyn nets to Brooklyn played Miami this year wartime -- bottle for game. They have the Pirates -- completely locked up. But they won -- -- Chicago in the first round and Chicago played very well against Brooklyn so that Brooklyn do they're not gonna admit to tanking. But they basically didn't try to win that game. The last few weeks and they actually dropped. -- -- Yeah you know -- is almost comical to some people would look at strategy yes they drop they drop to a six seed and as a result. They don't have the pasted the polls the team that's been getting them scripts. Figure where practiced in that they match up very well against. And that may be Toronto and then he'd take care of business they're gonna play that he and there are gonna feel good about that. So and you know Brooklyn listening -- -- couple -- -- guys to. Paul Pierce Kevin Garnett and Jason Terry I mean they've got a whole roster full of guys who've been deep in the playoffs and all those sometime between Michael YM CAA league team they. Want to be and so we might see that matchup in round two -- don't be pretty entertaining. John ended and now as far as the east and the west the west of -- a lot tougher. San Antonio Miami what what a great series that was last year does take -- angle from the from the west the west is deep. We know that team got to I think it's a fear of every team in the west that it makes them all it's just talk and asked about myself. With the exception of Portland and Dallas not a knock against Portland at their highest seed that. Everybody I -- today they give a big hero of our main goal or -- suggested about a certain team but not so much those two. But don't could it be a team like Memphis that comes out of the west nor are always destined to see -- a rematch of one of the greatest seven game series we've seen. Yeah I mean the west is going to be -- -- could stay as you mentioned. Before we starter and are you here it's staggering to think it's now I don't know don't quote me on this but I think based on record. Think he would be it. In the west which is starting to me now granted if they were in the west and they were scoreboard watching and they were. Skiing and then more than likely you know people -- -- guys portion artery and they try to get a higher seated there in the west. But for practical purposes died the week if you take each record and insert them in the west they would actually be -- -- love. What's happening outlets there's so much competitive basketball you're -- such great. Basketball match -- the Clippers. And the Golden State Warriors I mean just really good first round match -- were -- -- eighteen. Don't deserve to be out after one round but they will because girl playing in the west. And then you had teams over and Stuart Copeland swapping around for the last you know. To the three weeks were getting getting it because it was not all that competitive. Unfortunately. You know the unfortunate thing for whoever comes out west. Is that you know you look at it seemed like San Antonio I'd say they capsule we come out of the west. What to do it it's going to be so much harder for them this year because. They likely will have to get -- and Oklahoma City or in LA Clippers -- oracle Princeton game I mean you've got. They're gonna to get to two rounds at held court even captivity. Or whoever comes out so. From my standpoint if you could take the Western Conference champion. Right now and say how they matchup against the heat today right now I would seem very well. But going through Oklahoma. Or it is so well colon -- San Antonio and all that here and there. I'm gonna wonder what type of shape that team's going to be it would make it to the finals. John -- excited down south Florida Gators that he'd try to become just the sixth team in NBA history to win. Three straight titles post on the job and a showdown at South Florida it's not how -- folks probably on Twitter. -- show Miami. As where you can find me and everybody needs to remember Padilla CN BA playoffs keep your hands and feet inside at all times. Hold onto the -- it's going to be great ride. Good stuff mom and hope to talk to you again -- thank you very much what. All right and a lot of guys -- advantage on us the last couple of seasons -- from the the parade the last two years down at South Florida Miami brought the Larry O'Brien trophy back to south fraud what they do it again it would be just the sixth. Team in NBA history to accomplish that feat. And if not who is the most likely team to knock off the heat you can give me who he thinks the deficit to -- Or is somebody out of the west -- -- -- this is sports talk on debuted at --