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Sports Talk 4-18 5:20pm, Bobby Hebert

Apr 18, 2014|

oin Deke & Bobby Hebert (WWL Sports Talk) as they talk about this weekends NBA Playoff games, LSU Baseball & The Saints.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And welcome back to sports hockey the case you -- -- Barack the going to be a big big week here in sports the NBA playoffs began. Kasey Kahne at the Miami Heat. And the San Antonio Spurs to team's opponent great. In BA finals a year ago game seven that's all you can ask for game seven was won in home court proved to be the difference this year if those -- Bobby. It would be San Antonio they got big game seven home. -- what are you what are your thoughts on your vehicle's seat. You could be China creepy. What is the status in the Langley. I think that kind of help them you know like it on back to -- it. -- -- Yeah actually hit play these cities and the world. I think you're doing way to contribute like Dwyane Wade in the past. I think -- have a great chance to to repeat if not. I think you'll be hard for a LeBron to do everything each and to make that happen. But then that dubious in this city now. You know play a simple could basically. According to a long stretch you have in -- being. 22 months. And night depending on how long series go you know how quickly can hit you know 24 win. Really when you look at it it you have to go to game seven series that this series and that the ticket so virtually. All the better players so -- that that's surround sound at what they eat and the status -- going way. And the Indians quote probably cherry aegis. -- for the oil -- -- rotates players and and out then. Like got it figured out -- took pride in its. This person -- -- and -- your government or part of that I take to the beginning of the year. I just wondered Dwight Howard. You know it -- to bounce back the -- Natalie and the Lakers you know all the Rockets in the works. And thing and I'm a big heart and and then look at in the net would that leadership and those patterns. You know Paul Pierce Joseph Johnson never been there that kinda moment there of course in eastern. It came the Pacers. Liberal and ability like they wore at the beginning of the season where a -- they were played and -- -- -- -- that can really unique difference. Well case he can't an asset -- -- gone when I did last year I was taken to beat the Spurs last year how fickle a game this year basket they get so you know. Don't there Miami. Didn't teams to beat but if I was pick and a true -- calls -- -- -- I would say that. You know. Talk to some people earlier John and -- now by the Brooklyn swept. Miami this season and we know that they've been -- And a -- of younger players but you know Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett being the ball in the players that if I -- -- difficult on LeBron James in the past so Brooklyn kind of sticks out but I'm -- the Bulls as a as a at all costs to a particular -- dog called that -- -- maybe at number two number three seed. A man I just wonder how good they would beat -- that they had their growth back the issue but yet defect in. Just his experience he would have made the playoffs last year he had -- two whole seasons under his belt I mean this is it he's the MVP type back. He would really make it the big east -- -- have three legitimate title contenders and he assembly. Well went out the double doubles. Popular -- they're better coach. You know he began the most there's players. And now and the -- in the air and thin and when you look at it and the Bulls have success. That's one team I would be surprised you know projected -- -- hour ago Carmelo Anthony. Championship. In doubles right there. I see Carmelo Anthony. Did Napoli you know going to Chicago by the pick another team. I would him not resigning -- it wouldn't make it like yesterday it was a matter in the -- does even -- Paris where. And look at these Cologne and it should have been eight feet yeah it's urgent when you look at -- he didn't -- -- winning record. -- so -- actually break now. An area that the -- there. Not. And this year. -- Tennessee. They get there and Carmelo your honesty and then what roles. The Bulls because their coach in and -- Korea. I think they're always will be in contention. Yeah you gotta wonder if if if New York would demand Rose to return. I don't in their development mean in the -- gotta figure me right now the Bulls they'd be better off with Carmelo they would be there growth -- so. Right right India. Speak you know Carmelo. I mean the it was a is for the Knicks and then at times solitaire well you know only do so much. And you know and then you gotta get to the point especially. And when you look at it you need to do my threes away he can control -- your -- how would that nugget but I look pretty good at Syracuse as a freshman. You know winning a national championship so you know he doesn't wanted to be considered a great player a hall of Famer you have to win a championship. So our big. I don't know WB expand. Number that would surprise me if PPP reason -- similar because -- evil Libya and -- fielding -- remotely how many championship now. Where it ought to -- -- to me ought to -- don't want he's told. From field Jackson what he believes -- feel object that's the meat that's that's the ultimate key you'll you'll be able to -- You'd be. Trade approach projects and if you could coach him. Yeah and it hit and you know our coach I think I would well. You know -- car and everything. I don't know if speculating. And mean opening Carmelo -- like oh. Is -- current paid coaches in the exit meaning championship. So about it and the ball. Yep Bobby also a look at the Saints. -- Robert Meachem to be back in the black and gold if you. Probably. The contract the newspaper there they probably that they. And he got payback and eagle rating considered. You know where he was drafted in. And away you know that's a great situation opinion. Not a lot of pressure. Being a role player is going to compete in. And that you blaze for the Saints like -- so Bentley well I didn't -- -- them the apology back for the -- on -- -- -- And -- -- and you look to that opportunity and I'm like being on the Saints who that they're there in contention. And -- and so that and and -- so. I'm surprised me and -- in situations someone -- them well I think that they would have no problem. You know cut him. But you know it's I think which street and -- great job. Just bring in a lot of competitiveness and aerial albeit prepositions. And obviously that would two reasons quarterback and that that site indicates right now -- You look at number. Competitive battles -- -- look at that -- in mini camp. You know along the interior line you know obviously at the center position. How are -- You know progressed and then that the one on one drills and also on the wide receiving corps who's going to be there. Outside linebacker position cornerback. You know it was going to be that opposite corner Keenan Lewis. I think right now. Champ Bailey is of the experiences that guy. But he didn't Champ Bailey it is Kitna competent for Friday contributing even feel like the third our report -- -- that and I think he's -- makes. And and so that the than it is in -- via a lot of competitive battles. I'm going to be gone on that they -- change from week to week. And Bobby found me out over as we have balk at getting closer to draft him because we start to look back at some -- saint strict history. When you came over in into -- you explain this sort of they'll go to it was Bamako it was in the studio and Angela how you got the site. Talk about that glanced at the Saints had drafted coming here with you read in it would you guys were able to accomplish in coming here and new. Well you know a lot of players and coach Moore has been a credit to bum Phillips. -- like -- Ricky Jackson. On Jim Johnson in the world jump on Johnson different than. He's in the supplemental draft and Jacksonville couples. That doubt -- post where. What you look at pat -- I don't know you'd Aaron Martin. I'm -- -- -- injury you know I eagle on and on and that -- guys that Rubin made sesame. It goes on forever and ever and in now. Really he not have a solid draft and an -- panic and free agency and draft -- ski trip and not only eighteen. That -- being a difference maker. And you know I look at a player and a little form -- -- this accident Jack Del Rio is virtually. Reports on tight and good -- -- no real we had the so many linebackers. That. -- -- on extort one days in. And with my own sanity I you to Wear hats -- to walk through and out go to more or think that crap all use him on the word. And -- and Jack kind of -- that so high school. And then you traded within party now. He -- it was. And it and it would be a career you know both the Cowboys invite in on the lead and coach in the NB it's a coordinator. So life and that there was a lot of great players. -- mean -- -- and but that's what it takes. I mean you look when coach Greenberg came here. Even excitement at Reggie Bush brought to the table so that's in the -- so exciting if you can see. Players. Like it was going to be in -- and -- That's truly a difference maker Pro Bowl type player I think Albert saint yet. It's apostles global and I don't like when when you look managers -- a bit difference maker of maybe Champ Bailey. -- true had a quite well it is a one year elected Garrett shortly it is or take away the football. And given that it's more opportunities offensively and leaving the school would be potentially. That that can make all of it was in the world. When the season is -- you'd normally see. And the likes of the Seahawks and 49ers know where it might be antsy I think it is doable and that is only got a company all of they get there. He's the cajun cannon Bobby a vacated cant have decent thank you so much it was CEO mark. All right big -- and tidbits they'd. So much College Baseball especially on Friday night Agassi at Ellis was that a win not -- They did wrong and it's. And I think it wouldn't simply because they had to win -- you -- Moeller and our kitchen. Then that to be in my way and so I was really impressed how they hung in there on the road and we were that they. And game to come up in just a few moments Bobby thank you so much with talk on -- Q all right -- deputies times -- 33 will go to person with him hands.