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Sports Talk 4-18 5:35pm, Ramona Shelburne

Apr 18, 2014|

Join Deke & Ramona Shelburne (senior writer for ESPNLA.com) as they talk about this weekends NBA Playoff games with the L.A. Clippers

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And welcome back to sports talk -- -- the NBA post season is. Coming up tomorrow one match at Indy have stars by as as entertaining as the first round as there is. Third -- LA Clippers in the succeeding golden boy used Golden State Warriors these two teams split the season series two games apiece. But both teams winning on their home. Court Ramona she opened all things in a late talk about this big -- have been Ramona. This looks like this could be the first best first round series in the post season. I mean give it a little bit to the high. It should be it's it's -- ordered. An ESPN about -- Italy and how many games particularly. Yeah -- did -- have equipment that that it's going to be not under out I don't I don't I don't actually need to bite then. Because it's been pretty. But these -- in like each other all they want that happening do you had an accurate but -- -- go through that. I'm worried like at leopard and whether it and it. Nobody can happen by. Ramona now. It's this way I was it's so tight in the regular season these teams -- man the whole court and played a big deal of what is it went -- -- meant so. Tight in the these these holes and everybody's games could be you know a handful. -- -- good about it is. It the way it's it's. I think about that -- -- in the game you know they're going to upgrade -- -- in a week ago. And it -- Capable of really hot and and I think. That that back they really. And it. I think being here and I think. They went. To get people out. Now that the public is to try upon -- get up and the -- -- is dealing with injury. You'd. Think this year but it's not easy you know and and at the end of practical kind of play out on. Don't think the public at. In Atlanta really that is what it is about it what -- can be even when you've been. Which is. You'll get to them and -- it and it didn't. -- -- And it's just. Without over the gonna play. To be excluded because it really change things. Mauricio is what does -- talk about the matchup and the way now with the equipment and echo the Oilers teams out west conference. But it's meant Tutsis in Los stick around -- CO TV it's all or units in LA. Yet in that -- now what you look a -- in the west conference the east and I can't which one of these teams can make a legitimate on people -- you know the Doc Rivers move -- supposed to be a different. Is this a situation like these little state is built off what they did a year ago they show where he was sick out. In that matchup. Hit one of these teams make it to the conference on. Can't have it it's Italy to the city government it in the next round and then let the corporate. I think it can I think -- chaotic and that city -- which has been number. In at this is routine and how -- they can tell you that commitment has to stay in -- like -- -- that pin and it's hard to get its that quite a -- -- -- that. Don't want that. That. Theory it would be tough to beat it but again and beat Duke and a lot of talent and you look at. At the bit. What that aggravate it Hewitt -- played on an and the and had an -- And then it's an -- and a Republican. That's not the opera -- -- think that it's just is it you know it it was just eighteen. Is that. It Margaret and I can pick because of the golden State of Israel that they into the conference I can keep his job. Little bit different than the coaches aren't noted that on speed and then the play that -- jackets are going to be inspired. Gregory. And and it cue stick equipment to the problem and it's. I respect that on the agenda of that but it's kind of like it last year. I think that it's sad really that. Pressure probably that pressure is going to determine. Who grew up by the ago. The -- you know Ramona how -- folks thought -- would. That. Flat out. Again but if you -- I am. Now. And an opponent and you see his series and is it gone six games and takes. -- it doesn't -- It was a big hit it high and at that definitely -- you know guys that I picked up and haven't quite a bit because it's. It -- It would about it but I. -- of Ramona thank you so much of the time enjoyed his matchup. All right this is sports talk LSU baseball coming up fifteen minutes on debuted at Uga.

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