WWL>Topics>>04-18 9pm Scoot, if Chirst body / faith / pot day/ Good Friday

04-18 9pm Scoot, if Chirst body / faith / pot day/ Good Friday

Apr 18, 2014|

If they found Chirst body; would it change your faith? Easter Sunday is also the day established to celebrate marijuana.

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Good evening and I guess it's kind of inappropriate to say a happy Good Friday because it's really ignited. Good day interesting it's called Good Friday it will tell you about that -- coming up in the show I'm -- -- witness on this Friday night it is a Good Friday. And committee view and a Korean church here earlier today for the passion of Christ in. That included the kissing of the cross. And everybody in church kisses across. As you know higher -- -- germ of probe and I have a problem with Jessica across idyllic but I got a little problem with it. Are you just heard LSU lose to Ole miss five to one LSU beat Ole miss last night. He went into thirteen innings effects are sure which -- it aside because the game where points along. I gained three in the series is tomorrow afternoon pre game is at 1 o'clock tomorrow afternoon a first pitch is at 130. And it's right here on the home of the fighting tigers baseball football and basketball. WWL. So today is Good Friday but it does the day Christ was crucified so -- called Good Friday we'll talk about that tonight. Also why their Easter bunnies and Easter eggs where these symbols of Easter bulls get into that tonight as well. The -- blog tonight which is on our website at WW dot com it's also our FaceBook page at WWL radio part of a conversation you can join in. It's a blog tonight is titled respect for diversity. And religious freedom. There are some controversies. Over Easter. What controversies in Chicago. Because it atheist group has put up a display. To cover of the Christian Easter display. -- an atheist group put up display that promotes secularism. Right next to an Easter display that promotes christianity. And I guess is no surprise that this is caused controversy. Also Easter falls on April the twentieth this year. April -- For twenty. -- day to celebrate marijuana. Known as -- day. So I did research today because I was never really sure exactly. Why 420. April the twentieth. Became. A day to celebrate marijuana. Especially in places like the University of Colorado in boulder just outside of Denver huge celebration there. In all four also a -- the of the University of California Santa Cruz a huge celebration there but for Tony this Easter Sunday is also. -- day in America. There's a Seattle restaurant that has an advertisement showing Jesus smoking a joint. Promoting buy one get one free. Of the -- of the gods. Which is one of the specialties of this particular restored -- it wrong to use cheeses. It advertise it if you enjoyed our -- comment about anything we talk about tonight our number is 2601870. Toll free 86688. Nines here which seventy. In a text number is 87870. Also tonight we'll talk about the orleans' levees boards reversing a thirty year policy that restricted traffic to one way only. On a major stretch of lake shore drive. Are you glad the opening up to two way traffic down along the lake after all these years and should more be done to promote the use of the New Orleans Lakefront. And what your -- member. But of the lake -- it was a time. I've had been out to the lake fraud on a weekend at a long time. But they're there hasn't really been much to encourage people to to go out here. And it's really a great part of the city is at it you could look at it is a beautiful park. A long Bolick from. Its agreed setting I remember to keep it going out their flying kites. I remember my dad would go -- the art practices. He has his golf she practiced played golf -- and he would he knew that the the release parish let -- -- that it was gonna chase him off. But he was just do it until he got caught so early nervousness is because -- -- always out there pack -- away. At the lake front. Practicing golf and we knew that they were gonna elegantly but he's scary which is played -- totally that he would. But he would leave and then of course for those in my generation we have very fond memories of which or drive going out to the Lakefront. After dates after. After movie year after going out to get something to -- because that's where you would go and make out. And where kids go to day is their place for kids go. And I'm thinking about this earlier. I wonder why parents news -- -- parents knew if you're part of a generation went on to expletive to make out during a date. -- that two parents knew that she went out there they just they just didn't care I mean I can't imagine there being one centralized location. Where a bunch of young people going their cars. And make out today. Without their being a tremendous controversy. So will will talk about our fondest Lakefront memories and are you deliberately short drives are now open in both directions it's from the the and replacing John bridge all the way to Marconi for Marconi to the -- -- harper did the young Harvard career. The beginning I -- to withstand the restaurants there are there they're still doing some work here recorded junior still has that has that blocked off. -- get ready to win 1000 dollars in our nation -- 1000 dollar vacation cash contest it all starts this Monday April 21. But if you're Smart. You can join the WW out cash club right now by texting the word cash. To wait 787. Nobody wanna join the W York cash club because we'll send you text alerts. And let you know exactly when the time -- used to call in to win the 100 pound the 1000 dollars. It's the -- have you they'll cash club you can answer that now become a member by texting the word cash. To wait 7870. Now we never charged for text messages but individual -- text and data rates may -- good luck for short radio intercom. WW well. And you're sort of VW property jaguar opinion poll tonight. If archaeologists. Found evidence. Of Christ's body. Would that change your faith. It is your opinion by going to our web site WWL dot com and will updates and that is we -- a -- throughout our show. I think it's an interesting thing to two to ponder. You know we believe. If if you're a Christian you believe -- or. Your soul leave your body to spear leave your body and -- is to have and goes wherever we go after after we die. But it's believes that Christ's. Entire body. Disappeared. And descended into haven't. But that's according to a story in the Bible. What if archaeologist did find evidence of Christ's body. Would that change your faith at all. Give -- sure thing by going to WWL dot com and you can also join us for your comments 2601870. Toll free 8668890870. In a text number. Is 877. I've screwed it's it's a Friday night it is Good Friday at I found myself -- it was just a beautiful day today. I found myself walking down the street -- aborted -- to wish people happy Good Friday. But I think that's kind of inappropriate I don't think you're supposed to we're supporting happy. Happy Good Friday. In fact it is the beginning of the weekend. And there are a lot of people in town for the Crescent City classic which is tomorrow weather's going to be cool in the morning but this is going to be a great day for that. And a great day for the big party following that. And so that's going to be to -- a perfect Saturday for the Crescent City classic. A lot of people were just in town for just a spring break at this time of year for New Orleans is very very carotid. But as I was walking around I wanted to wish people don't have the happy Good Friday but it's an -- again I don't think it's -- -- day that you. You wish you wish some -- happy day as I was about to say it. Every Friday on the show we always -- worker for the weekend. By Loverboy has it's what we've been doing good work for the -- -- but I think on Good Friday I think we're not gonna play that. Because. It just goes against. The tone of of Good Friday it while it's okay to be happy. It's OK to have -- in fact it's really interesting there're there're several theories about why Good Friday. It's called Good Friday. And the most plausible reason is really. It's it's it's a good reason and it's a good reason by good Friday's -- -- will will talk about that on the show. Again if you wanna join us tonight with your comments are numbers 2601870. To all free 86688907. In a text number is 87870. If you are just joining us tonight to into the WL and -- and LSU lost to Ole miss by 21 tonight LSU beat Ole miss last night. In a game they went thirteen innings our show is which preempted last night because of the link to that game game three in the LSU Ole -- series is tomorrow afternoon. Pre games at 1 o'clock first pitch at 130. And you'll hear right here on the home of fighting tiger baseball football and basketball. Every WL. From Chapel Hill Texas Howard here in the BWL. Skills were in bail -- -- until this past week drop back and Chapel Hill. Through Putin announced that they have impassioned pleas. Call by Hispanic kids and in the and its Spanish. And it occurred to me talking my body. I don't think my opulence is that the question of state in the Catholic faith is going to be cared for a while Hispanics. They have strong. Patent -- christianity in Catholic faith and guns that were in south of San Antonio in quite a few various and I just want to mention that that. Appeal that the Hispanic will these people and -- -- debate in the capital of the Catholic -- You know what about that seemed happy Good Friday it was -- blessing that. Yet that would be a good way to do it I don't disagree with you about Hispanics and I think obviously there are a lot of people are gonna carry on the face but it is. -- Terry I guess strong a strong -- Catholic faith is -- is very well entrenched in the Hispanic community is something that. I've noticed they're living in San Antonio and also in a Southern California. But -- won't -- -- amid peace and videos in the French Quarter festival participants -- candidate beat that. That you came out improbable sorry there could be an agency of the entrap the back to Texas but it was awesome awesome awesome the books and candidate really Jordan. And still -- on a great Q. By Howard I'm glad you could go to. Heaven I says they have crises to weaken. You know last year I was -- to be in the crawfish eating contest. This year they did Nancy because I was we're such a pitiful contested last year. Because I wasn't interested in -- them -- that the crawfish came for Ross's. They were hot they were delicious so I'm sitting there appealing the -- fish and pulling the -- often and you got these guys like. Travers magical and Fletcher Mac and they're just like in the this got a sense field they're just how that are. Effect Tonya dual channel four. Beat me last year by wide margins -- was -- even contestants are really wasn't insulted that they didn't like me back but. I realize that it's all cooked and boiled and everything but I'm not in the eating thing. So what's that there even though it was a contest where you try to eat as much as you can -- this year that's sitting near peeling. The crawfish and pulling out the day. -- -- -- -- Jeff bopping your poll tonight if archaeologists found evidence of Christ's body would that change your faith. Give us your opinion by going to our web site WW dot com and give an update coming up here in just a moment. And if you and rejoice for the -- tonight our numbers 2601870. Chill free 8668890870. A text a receipt sanity seventy -- scoots on Good Friday on every WL. Bruce Springsteen one of the major -- and Jazz Fest 2014. Which is coming out. Jazz -- tickets go on sale this Monday at the superdome box office. And we got the lineup and all the information about a ticket sales on our web sites right now at WWL. Dot com. Here's our -- and you'll pretty -- opinion poll on the Scotia overnight if archaeologists found evidence of Christ's body would that change your faith. 80% say no. 20% say yes. And I would have to agree -- this hole it wouldn't change my faith. At all surprised that to 20% of people's they would change their that would change their faith because the story in the Bible is that Christ. Body. His entire body physical body and spiritual body send it to happen. But says we believe there are -- police our bodies so if archaeologist did find evidence of Christ's body with that change your faith. Sure opinion by going to our website WW real dot com circuit pull through our shoot I'd give you an update. In just a few minutes and here's a text that reads says please explain how we would know if the body was in fact Jesus is -- Well you know Jesus had long hair. And I think it would take I think they've got here from his brush the brush that she's issues that I think that that's they would they would use the DNA to to match them all month. On the -- blog tonight on our website at WW dot com also on our FaceBook page at WW radio is titled. A respect for diversity and religious freedom. A freedom in America actually means freedom for ball. And not just Christians and there's a controversy once again. Concerning a religious holidays a foxnews.com. Did a video and indeed the video interview date. They gave the controversy to headline the unholy war on Easter. West Fox News that promoted it has been promoting the idea that there's a war on Christmas which we've dealt with on the -- who will be talking about it. If you want if you want to read you can read the blog and you are you might totally agree with me you might totally disagree with me. You can read it -- with -- others and a division comics if you like it's also part of our FaceBook conversation. At WW radio -- -- with those comments. Coming up also be thinking about a movie. That dealt with religion. That made you feel really collect. Just if you're really really good feeling what movie that deal with religion. Major feel really good. And maybe once in a movie that was. Exactly. A religious movie but it was a movie that -- you really feel good lead in to deal with religion we'll talk about that on the showed. So I was wondering why Good Friday is called Good Friday. And I was walking around today and I saw people is a beautiful day and and I saw people on the street and instead of saying excuse me. It disappointed a timely issue say excuse me and you wanna say happy Easter or I wanted my my instinct was to say happy Good Friday. But I thought this is the day that Christ was crucified. This is the day he die it. So why would it be called happy group I guess it's not really happy that mr. Obama kind of a solemn time like yes. And then the resurrection Sunday that he is on a great celebration perhaps arguably the the most joyous day on the Christian calendar. But there are there are a few theories about why Good Friday is called Good Friday one of the theories years. Good Friday is called Good Friday because Christians believe that there's something very good. About Jesus suffering and dying for our sins. And then rising from the dead. And in the celebration of Easter tecumseh with Easter coming up it's good they Christ died on this Friday. And so that's why it's called Good Friday that's one theory. Another theory is that the good in Good Friday derives from dot. -- Friday. Becomes Good Friday not many people think that that's that's very credible. But it seems as if the most credible. Explanation. I'm in theory behind. The term Good Friday on this the date that that Christ died. Is that in those times. The word good. Was interchangeable with the work hole. Good and holy essentially the same thing so -- Good Friday it's almost like saying holy Friday British you know there's only Thursday. It's a Good Friday is essentially. Holy day. Have always been surprised in the Catholic churches -- such an important date on the calendar. Have always had surprised that good parties that holy day of obligation although church which is indeed very partisan. If you are -- as for the comment about it -- were talking about tonight's our numbers 2601870. -- -- 3866889. Is early seventy. Or text number. Is it 7870. This is the -- show on Good Friday and we'll be right back on WWL. It's Good Friday -- -- beginning of the weekend tomorrow is the Crescent City classic. And Sunday shirt this year falls on April the twentieth 424. -- the -- -- marijuana. A Seattle restaurant has an advertisement showing Jesus smoking a joint. Promoting buy one get one free of the -- of the gods the restaurant is promoting will talk about that coming up in the next hour. And also. Maybe we have now found the origin. Of the term for twenty and wife for twenty has become putt table talk about that in the next hour. On this crucial for New Orleans John welcome to WWL. Hey John. -- -- Reports about what it is good. Luck because and it went. Yet I had. Good Friday or just they -- the fact that it falls. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It's on video that they will become. Law. John you know are far I'll find out if somebody knows -- certainly call our show and and let us know I'm not exactly sure how Good Friday started as something that we've always known and accepted. As far as. Deals with their -- celestial calendar and everybody Easter falls it's always been interesting to me that the day Christ was born. Is the same day every year but today he died a fluctuates from year to year. If you -- arguably got to hear about that you know all of the Bible is the Bible you know about the Bible it is day said that. The patriots of their that you didn't use their. Followed the traditional policy -- that the console what's the hold out of the ballpark school. Eat each evening you don't final good parties and yet there -- quite expected have been ultra lucrative big plate -- evident that that's not a bad it is scriptural. All of you know restrict and give Christians. Give it. John I've gone glad to call if anybody if anybody wants to respond to that. Weird -- I don't I'll I'll find out we'll talk about that coming up for the next hour what is the origin of Good Friday. Also tonight's on the show we'll talk about what movie. Dealt with religion. That really makes you feel good. I'm -- we'll be right back with more on this Good Friday evening -- -- well.