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04-18 Scoot, Christianity vs. atheism

Apr 19, 2014|

Should a cross in daily plaza in chicago be banned; and/or should the atheist poster promoting their agenda?

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It is Good Friday and we welcome you to our show tonight I get my instinct is to say happy Good Friday but it's the day that Christ died it's of it's a very solemn day on the Christian calendar. In fact I knew somebody and she told me that when she was growing up her mother would not allow radio TV any kind of entertainment on in the house. Anyway do they went to church but they were not allowed I think this is very old school. But they were not allowed to to have any kind of entertainment -- in house or experience any. Aspect of entertainment in the car or in the home on Good Friday. Now I was -- walking around downtown and I can tell you that there were a lot of people who were not following that. That's solemn observation of Good Friday because you. Having a very very good time. So before I get to -- the question that we had. At the end of the last hour oh where Dugard finally come from. Well I'd tell you about a couple of things we're talking about tonight the -- blog tonight is titled respect for diversity and religious freedom it's about a couple of controversies going on. How wonderful surrounds and nineteen foot cross in a ten foot picture of the resurrected Christ. In Chicago's Daley plaza this Easter weekend an atheist group freedom from religion. Has counter of the Christian symbols with an eight foot tall side. It focuses on secularism. One features Thomas Edison with the words in recent. We trust. And the other features a president John Adams with the words keeps state. And religion separate. That's on our website at WW dot com you might totally disagree with me you can read picture -- others -- comments if you like it's also part of our FaceBook conversation at WWL radio. It's down the right hand column on FaceBook right now. And we'll get some of those comments coming up here's our WWL pretty -- opinion poll tonight if archaeologists found evidence of Christ's body would that change your faith. Give us your opinion by going to our web site WW real dot com and we attracted all throughout Russia also Easter this year falls on people with Tony. That's for twenty. Fourth month fortieth day for twenty. Is known as is there one day pot today it's a big date is celebrate smoking marijuana and there are a number of different. Theories as to why 420 is. Is pot -- so we'll we'll talk about that I I I think I found the reason some say it's the police code for smoking marijuana. But apparently those are all just. This day and things that people came to believe but I I I think we have the real reason points. It's. Considered the date is celebrates token on. I'm April 20 every year also there's a Seattle restaurant that has an advertisement showing Jesus smoking a joint and promoting. I'll buy one get one free Berger of the gods. The restaurant is is promoting. Is it wrong to use Jesus. In advertising will talk about that if you -- for comment about anything were. Talking about tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seventy. And text number is 87870. So. The first holy Thursday. Was on passover. Which is after the first full moon after the equinox. On and toward the beginning of spring. But but somebody wanted to know specifically where's the biblical reference to Good Friday it here's here's what I've been -- -- The estimated here that Christ was crucified is AD 33. Or AD 34. Now if you use an astronomical. Equation. Based on the of the lunar crucifixion darkness and eclipse model. Which goes along with apostle Peter's reference to a -- of blind in -- -- money. That points to Friday April 3. AD 33. And it's it for -- because I've really hadn't thought that much about that it until we had that call. We just come to accept Good Friday is as good -- but -- again you know as it is a kid I was always kind of confused as to. As to why the the day Christ was born Christmas Day. Flight that was always. On the same day December the 25. But yet the day Christ was crucified. And today he rose from the dead those were. Different days and it's it's again I understand the equation while I don't really understand the equation but I understand that they use an equation to figure out. -- Good Friday is when Easter falls every year as we know it's it's different. Because that big -- that uses a different date promoted every year because the beginning of the holy Easter season is lent Ash Wednesday the day before morning so that's -- -- -- -- -- Is on a different game every year but it really had thought that much about because we just which is sort of accepted. Here is taxed that -- does Easter Bunny hide her eggs. Because she doesn't want anybody to know she had a rooster as a boy from I cannot possibly answer that question. Now we yeah we talked earlier about why Good Friday is called Good Friday. Because it's really a solemn day. Arguably this is not a good day on the Christian calendar. And the the most widely believed theory seems to be that the -- good at the time. Ways synonymous with the word -- And so played -- there's holy Thursday Good Friday is essentially. Like saying. Holding Friday or or passion or sacred -- so that makes the most sense. One theory is that people thought well it's good did it Christ died because he's gonna rise from the dead and that's good so this is Good Friday because it's good that he died. But. Why would you call Easter good Sunday if that word is that with the recent. I'm also renewed talk tonight about the the origin of Easter egg go to that today in just a few minutes of -- and -- tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. At seventy. At a text -- -- 77. Here's a text you mention Jesus having long hair in First Corinthians 1114. Just not just not. Even nature. Itself teach you. That if a man. As long hair. It is a shame on to him. Do you believe he would have had long hair if god. And adverse written in his word I don't. Why all the depictions of Christ with long hair I never thought that that was a negative thing and again there. And there are a lot of people get upset with me but there are a lot of things in the Bible that. They can be interpreted. In -- realized that the argument is that god guided meant to write the Bible but the point is men wrote. The Bible. And there's a lot of great stuff in the Bible even at a theology teacher and we'll tell me. And the entire class that there are a lot of good stories -- a lot of good things in the Bible to interpret does that mean that you. You think less of the Bible it says simply means that you recognize it as something that can be interpreted and as we know with these debates to come up with so many issues today. There are people who take the Bible literally. But they only take the part they wanna take literally. The only take the Bible literally when it supports their point of view and your opinion on a particular issue. And yet they interpret the Bible when it comes to. Two other things. If you wanna join our shared item numbers 260187. Toll free 8668890. Point seven your text number is 87870. So. There's always been this question about the Easter Reagan it really is it's pretty obvious the Easter egg around Easter time. Now -- still laying eggs but the Easter rate hike is is symbolic of the beginning of spring. Gates. It symbolizes. The resurrection of Christ and egg hatches the resurrection of Christ and it has its origins in a pagan rituals. The decorating of their eggs for Easter and goes back to thirteenth century. The dying -- day eggs I'm actually dying eggs read -- symbolize the blood of Christ. And the Easter egg was also. A result of weren't because at the time so many people gave up eggs for lent. So they had all these eggs and I guess the you know -- you give up something for -- you can't wait for Easter time to come around so you couldn't enjoy it's O. With a lot of people giving updates for lent. The Easter egg would be -- around Easter time became. I'm a very important thing so witnessed this Easter Bunny thing come from. Well one theory of the Easter Bunny is that it comes from pagan rites of spring. And it was brought to the United States in the eighteenth century German settlers border to Pennsylvania. They would set a -- for the bunnies in their garden or their barn. And they waited for. The -- to come on the eve of Easter. And I think there's. Something appropriate about the the fertile time at Easter and things coming back to life and the the very prolific. Bunny as you know rabbits or are very. Very fertile and -- don't have a problem appropriating at all here is a text. That read Cisco for Easter I always go to the Indian hills nudist colony in Slidell. I feel free and liberated. And I guess you are entitled to do that if that's what you wanna do here's another text Jesus was not born in December apple. You know I I now that you mention that I do understand that. And I do -- call that. It's just -- for stating that it's the same day we celebrate his birth but we don't always celebrate the same day. His of his death says it's always a different day from the heiress Rachel Euro discussion of the needing. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And I'm within the body and also outside of the body. I mean there's different -- -- be within a woman there exit represented you know continuation of life and and there's just the little hatching of an. Nominated days. To many symbolic of the resurrection. Are reachable I hope you had a good day today. Thanks for listening to join -- -- rights are numbers 2601878. Toll free 8668890. Point seven. -- number. Is -- 77. So there is -- controversy at the shouldn't be a surprise to anybody but there's the controversy again this year. And there was a controversy last year concerning Easter. And -- blog tonight it is -- diversity. And religious freedom why can't we accept both why can't both sides be more accepting. Of each other. We'll talk about that when we come back. It's Good Friday and we are heading into the weekend tomorrow is the Crescent City classic and if you're running in the Crescent City classic what are you doing up right now. Should -- be sleeping. I'm screwed on this Good Friday as we head into what is going to be a beautiful Easter weekend with spring like temperatures at a very very slight chance of rain only coming on. Easter Sunday is gonna be great tomorrow is very nice today it's going to be great tomorrow or even warmer tomorrow. And Sunday here's an update on -- WWL pretty -- opinion poll tonight -- archaeologists found evidence of Christ's body. Would that change your faith. 82% say no 18%. Say yes give us your opinion by going to our web site -- -- W well dot com. Freedom in America means freedom for all not just freedom for Christians. Controversy surrounds a nineteen foot cross in a ten foot picture of the resurrected Christ in Chicago's Daley plaza this Easter weekend. An atheist group freedom from religion. Has count of the Christian symbols with eight foot tall signs that focus on secularist. One of the signs features a picture of Thomas Jefferson with the words in reason we trust. The at a site features president John Adams with the words. Keep state and religion separate. Foxnews.com. Gave -- a controversial headline to this controversy. The unholy war on Easter and Fox News promote the idea that there's -- -- Christmas we talked about them children Christmas and a relief because -- Christmas. It's more media hype that it is a real war because. Nobody can take Christmas or the Christmas spirits away from you when nobody's really trying to. Christians. Should have a right to acknowledge their faith during Easter week. Or any time for that matter and atheist have a right to promote secularism. Freedom should not discriminate against either side as a Christian and an American. I'm a little bit conflicted over this controversy. I respect the expression of Christian faith during religious traditions like Easter. But as an American I also respect. Freedom of expression when it comes to views that are different from mine. We talk about this often on the show the news media benefits. From controversy. Even without the media coverage of the atheist countering. Christian views during Easter week in Chicago. There would be reaction. But the news media magnifies the controversy by finding gas to represent the situation in black and white terms pitting one against the other. Encouraging US audience member. To take sides. If you if you allow yourself to get upset. With the religious controversy. You really need to realize that. The news media is often motivated to -- a controversy for the very purpose of defining two distinct sides to get your attention to get you riled up. And when you become emotional. You develop an emotional bond with. That particular story. I'm coming from that particular media outlet. It's also important for us to step back and not allow the news media group brainwashed. Into thinking that. The expression of atheist views is robbing us of Christian faith or anything for that matter. If media coverage of atheist views in the face on Easter. Does impact your faith and I would suggested maybe your faith is not a strong issue. If you thought it Wallace. I think it's also fair to point out that atheist who wish to exercise their rights to freedom of expression. Should be respectful of Christians and other religions. And at the same time Christian should be respectful of the views. They disagree with. Flooding atheist views during Easter week might be considered a lack of respect for Christians. But it doesn't really hurt your christianity at all. In fact if you're Christian and you see an atheist sign. What does that duty. It makes you even think. More about your Christian faith. So the fear that did that atheist are. Our recruiting people all the time -- eight if he's represented on a lot of people in this country. And they have a right to not believe in what you believe in and there's there's just no widespread belief that. An atheist who are called godless people by many. There's no evidence that they're the ones out committing crimes there's no evidence that a disproportionate number of atheist around killing people and because they don't believe in god they're -- I know atheists. And they're really good people. They don't believe I believe. And I don't not believe what they turned hopefully that's the right way to put it but I've I've respect them. But just always remembered that when it comes to something like Christmas or Easter and controversy. The media will always be dear to magnify. The issue magnified the controversy for the purpose of getting ratings. And if you get too riled up over it. It's step back and realize that you allow the media to do that. Mean I celebrate America's diversity and I appreciate our individual freedoms. But we should also have respect for wonderful religious traditions without people getting all upset. Last year the heritage elementary school in Madison Alabama. Removed the word Easter from all Easter related activities. And it sounds like something that happens around christmastime. Easter eggs at the heritage elementary school in Alabama. Easter eggs were simply referred to as eggs. And Easter Bunny could not be called the Easter Bunny but could be simply called. The -- The school principal lady Davenport instructed her staff to no longer use the word Easter. Because it might be insensitive to others. Davenport said kids love the -- And we just make sure they don't say the Easter Bunny. So they don't infringe on the rights of others because people relate the Easter Bunny to religion. A bunny is a bunny and a rabbit is a rabbit while those are words coming from a school principal I know how did you get to be approachable with that kind of wisdom. The attacks on celebrating Christmas of Halloween or or Easter in in recent years I think just remind us that. That these these debates are relieved. Senseless it and they they they shouldn't be such controversial debates. The atheist. Should appreciate that in this country we have a tradition. We have a Christmas tradition we have an Easter tradition there's a following tradition. And two to make such a big deal about. Having something not. Not recognize the symbolism of the holidays -- I think his. It is absurd. Because it doesn't change the atheist and it also doesn't change. Christians. So Easter and Christmas are both religious holidays with pagan roots. So we really. We really find ourselves if you're Christian you might find yourself. Supporting. The pagan symbols that -- come to symbolize these religious holidays of Easter and Christmas. I got a text -- just a moment ago about their Good Friday Easter -- Christmas had no biblical foundation. They are manmade holidays primarily for economic benefit. And it's kind of hard to argue with that. Sure. There's a time to celebrate in this -- There's meaning in celebrating the birth of Christ if you're Christian there is meaning in it. Celebrating the resurrection Christ on Easter if you're Christian. But. If we think about. The money that is generated and the distraction. That surrounds. Easter and Christmas for example. It's hard to make an argument that these have not turned into. Materialistic. Commercial politics. So. We shouldn't get that upset that and that there's there's there's controversy and and again I think we need to go back and remember that it doesn't change who we are. Accepting diversity in America. Should not mean that we dismissed traditions. That are part of the fabric of society. Celebrating Christmas or Easter this weekend doesn't take anybody's rights. Of being an atheist away. And an atheist shouldn't worry about. The rights of Christians to display Easter or Christmas things. During those holidays. And I guess the real point is nobody is denied their religious rights as a result of some religious based celebration. And the the celebration of Christian beliefs in schools or anywhere for that matter in public. Doesn't really force religious beliefs on anybody else. Mean I I I I I can't imagine somebody. Walking by eight in Chicago. Walking by the the nineteen foot cross. And the -- -- ten foot out the -- for picture. Of the resurrected Christ and if there an atheist going oh my god I can't stand to see this this is somehow affecting my life. It doesn't affect your life. It doesn't. It shouldn't. Just -- the symbol of something should not necessarily cause you to change your mind. Now maybe there's something deep inside that you're not totally totally committed to being an atheist and maybe something would give you an idea that you you. Your pre disposed to change and so you do change but. That the presence of something whether it's an atheist slogan or sign. Or whether it's. Something that's Christian. It we should be able to have that without controversy. And yet -- always seems to be great controversy this time of year. And it started with Christmas and now it seems to be even growing to Easter but let's also remember. We always talk about this our show. That the media benefits from controversy and if you watched the media operate. They go out of their way as a collective group. To instill controversy. And they find one side and the other side to extremes. Rarely. Rarely. Do you have somebody in the middle single we should be able to accept both of these things. And maybe in some ways. In that way to show was different. The scoop like tonight is -- respect for diversity and religious freedom is on our website at WWL dot com got a very very interesting comment from -- on that. And I'll share that with you also it's part of our FaceBook conversation which is it WWL radio. Here's comet from on Nicole actually Nicole writes a very long comment on our FaceBook page which is down the right -- -- -- -- derivative -- radio. -- says as an atheist. I can say that I not offended by nativity scenes crosses or any other religious symbols. Though the idea of holding an ancient Rome and execution device as sacred seems creepy to me. The thing years a lot of atheist. And liberals misinterpret. The First Amendment. When she goes on from there and you can read at a funeral or face the patient and you could comment on net. I hear is another comment on our FaceBook page. Wait I didn't and Christian missionaries forced their religion on cultures. And even still today pushing down people's throats are Christian persecution. Is a myth. Here is another comment no one has spanned kids from preying on their own in school remember that that is true. Nobody. As preventing kids from praying in school. Now the Supreme Court ruling that led to so much controversy in this country. Simply. Prohibits the school. As a representative of the government from leading the prayer. But kids can't pray in your kids can -- And I love to talk about this site I just I think it's illogical. To think that. Saying a prayer at the beginning of the school day. Is the one thing that's going to save the world that -- scoring -- Changed the course of America. That these kids who are bad would not be dead today if only they would have said that prayer the beginning of school. I'm sure there are a lot of mass murderers. Who were old enough to have been in school when they had to say a prayer at the beginning of school. It's not lead to believe that. They're saying a prior to beginning of the school day is the one thing that's gonna keep you from being violent now it is soccer hurt but again. What prayer with the school lead so why have the school lead it. It's apparent. Teach your kids to pray and do it -- -- -- they wanna do it at school that would do before test retires at Piccadilly. School can't stop them. From a rare -- here on WWL and good evening and I hope you're having a good Easter weekend. Beside him on him or. Should we compromise all day. With atheists. Went hey we're in God's. The pool said it is -- There is no god. -- who said god said that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I understand that but because everyone has had the right to their own opinion. But when a word of god contradict your opinion. Then Hewitt -- Because the war Scottish true not not a man's opinion. But maintain that contradicts God's word is in there. Parents are you take the Bible literally. Well. Army. All Christians should take the Bible literally no they don't want mean if -- Well I had a -- -- priest to teach me a style theology class it loyal and he said the Bible has some -- great stories -- he wasn't being disrespectful but. Mean the idea. You know when you when you when you think about the metaphysical aspect of many if things in the Bible those are really great story startled but he didn't necessarily exactly happened that way. Well the Bible says that the Bible itself -- written by the spirit of god it came point holy men of god. And god then it didn't minutemen I can it be an hour. -- interpreted that spirit correct. Note note notice spirit itself told man with a right. There's what the Bible says. Treatments which you've been in that you're certainly free to believe that -- what -- this. Wow what is an easy spot these so much why -- why would. Illinois it doesn't bother to. It doesn't because he has the right result opinion and I'm -- I'm not gonna pop out and -- opinion now. Well you don't have to and they don't have to bow down to -- side. When it when it comes to the controversy about the news the daily -- Chicago to cross and the pictures are resurrected Christ and and atheists putting out. A couple of saying stance. Promotes secularism. I mean that doesn't hurt anybody doesn't. Well. It's not the true. You know people want to believe it while it's -- at him but yeah I mean it was just real quick legislators don't develop the year. Based upon -- page -- never seen rapidly and -- no all right. Did you obviously Christmas. Santa Claus Ryder insulated. Usually does the double or did. That is toward the double digit people's model apple would -- at all what Christmas is about and what -- -- ball. Ballots which you believe. When don't believe. No item number Christian monopoly which you'll case. Mean I don't I bicycle if you and join our show the -- tonight. Our numbers 260187. And so now Santa Claus. Is satanic. Santa Claus in a slate is the work of the dabbled. I'm gonna give -- big -- MG. Our number is 2601870. Tool free 8668890. Point seven. A text -- -- 7870. -- -- WWL pretty -- opinion poll tonight if archaeologists found evidence of Christ's body would that change your faith. Give us your opinion by going to BWL dot com. Easter Bunny eggs the work of Satan. SOB thinking about it Easter morning I'm scoot yeah it's Good Friday and we'll be back into the WL. Welcome back to the -- show it is Good Friday in the beginning of Easter weekend weather is going to be sensational. -- hope you plan to get out and enjoy it. Here's an update on our WWL party general opinion poll tonight if archaeologists found evidence of Christ's body would that change your faith. 83% say no and 17%. Say yes give us your opinion like going to WW don't count. And also this group blog is about respect for diversity and religious freedom coming up a little bit later in the show we'll talk about how Easter falls on 420. People with Tony. For -- is. -- -- So -- that stories at the police code for smoking marijuana in progress lot of theories about it. I found one that seems to be the most widely expected respected theory about why he. On the fourth of a -- the twentieth of April 4 month. For forty is a day to celebrate -- -- will talk about that also talk about the controversy involving -- a restaurant in Seattle that has an advertisement sent to its its customers. Which Jesus smoking a joint. Now promoting buying the -- of the guys switch their review by one you get beat you went for checkers are shooting of British reports of the -- interesting last caller. Which talking about the and the eggs in the Easter Bunny and all of that and as cynical as all of that is the work of the devil. And I guess that would bring new meaning to the term. Double takes. Here's a text -- it's illogical. Advocating a public crucifixion display. And be against Muslims having a mosque near 9/11 site considering. The atrocities Christian of by Christian missionaries. I would agree with that. And I think it's totally unfair how they are so many people in this country who. Just. Completely criticize. Almost. -- -- to -- that's like criticizing all Christians for the actions of a some Christians and it just not only does it not make sense. But it's it's it's anti American to be that way. That's just not congruent with the spirit. Of America and yet there are so many people who work content with that. And I would think that may be this this weekend this time of year if you are Christian and if you had a lot of hate in your hard. And if you have. Didn't judge medal of Jews or Muslims or anybody else for that matter atheist. That may be do you search your heart. I realize that there are a lot of Christians who don't follow the Pope you can be a Catholic and Christian. But you can be a Christian and not Catholic so there is division within many different Christian faiths. But even the Pope said recently caused a controversy when he said this. That he believes the needed atheist. It will go to -- I'm maybe not every -- but he believes it atheist there's a path to get to heaven. For even those who don't believe in god or don't believe in Jesus and I realized -- that causes a lot of people to absolutely freak out and go crazy. -- Look up the word faith. And that's what you have in the Bible. You have faith in the Bible you have faith in in your religion. Look at the word faith and see how it's can see how it applies. Also. Let's talk about movies. They dealt with religion. That made you feel good. What was a movie that stands out in your mind that really made you feel good. -- maybe he wasn't specifically about religion but what movie really make you feel good. Our numbers 2601878. Toll free 8668890. Point seven or -- a receipt 7870. If you are interested in. The -- historical and scientific evidence. That surround the virgin birth the crucifixion and the resurrection mean is -- historical and scientific evidence. We're gonna run a best of Angela and that includes the story of Christ this is going to be tomorrow from six to nine. Six tonight at night the story of Christ is there historical and scientific evidence to support the virgin birth crucifixion and resurrection. Don't miss doctor referred Thomas and he lectures around the world he is a phenomenal. Very very interesting person with a very interesting insights and I believe that one of the things that he said. Is if Jesus had been flawed to the way he wise. There's a strong possibility that he would have been dead. Before he would have gotten up on the cross before -- plea would be dead before they even put him on the cross. So again when it comes to the Bible it's okay to to say that we have we have faith. But maybe there's some things that we don't absolutely no for certain. In your mind you might know that for certain but not everybody knows them for certain. And it's gonna be part of the best of -- very very interesting and very compelling that's a -- like from six to nine here on WWL. And if are you -- join us tonight -- numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven. At a text numbers 877. Also a lot of really interesting. Comments on our FaceBook page here about the -- blog respect for diversity and religious freedom. Here's a comment from Charlie. For some reason Christians can't figure out. That non believers don't play by the same rules for instance I ate meat today because it's Friday. Just like I eat eat meat every day. But post a picture and Christians. Are sure to call you out. Well here's a response to Charlie's a post from Rubin who post Charles. I respect I respect your decision to choose. What -- you want I eat all the -- you want today post a picture. Doesn't bother me in fact I hope you enjoyed your meat. On this Good Friday. You being a non believer doesn't bother me at all did someone call you out for eating meat today. For those of you who. Didn't meet meet today. I mean let's be honest about this. We live in New Orleans. Louisiana. Mississippi. Think about the seafood that we use to substitute meet. We're not talking about -- fish sticks were talking about incredibly. Tasty. Wonderful. Seafood. Amazing seafood. Eat if you want. But don't act like that some kind of big sacrifice so we need -- today we had a crawfish boil. Mean again honestly that's not much of a sacrifice so I think we should be honest enough that it. Admit that in fact forcing you to eat meat might have been more to sacrificed and been eating crawfish. And I love the way the archbishop I declared alligators seafood so people can eat alligator meat. I'm scoots it is Good Friday and we'll be right back on WL. It's Good Friday and I I really have attempted to all day today and on the air tonight -- -- -- to say happy Good Friday happy. Using happy Easter happy Easter weekend I don't think this is a day where you say happy good fights very solid day and it. On the Christian calendar or -- -- about movies that are dealt with Christmas they've done -- that had dealt with religion that made me feel good. I think about are really simple movie guess it was in the 70. God star George burns and John Denver. I thought that was -- -- phenomenal a movie that really made me feel good about religion and it was something that. It was a movie about. About being spiritual. It was a movie about god but it wasn't about a specific religion. Simulating firmly to rent this weekend and that's appeals for you talk about if you -- recommend a movie. That somebody should win if they want to feel good about religion this weekend what movie would be good movie to -- I think oh god. With John Denver. And did George Burns would do would be great movie -- -- rent. Again it's it's a great movie about religion. Without bringing all the different religions in two it's a movie about it about god and spirituality without bringing the different religions into it which is something that. A cause is just so much controversy. Also there's -- there there's a movie that really was not about religion but it really made me feel good and it did have religious overtones. As one of my favorite movies the legend of Bagger Vance. With Matt Damon and Will Smith. I just thought that movie just had such a great. Spiritual. And religious message. If you enjoy pressure I read your comment on numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. -- early seventy. Texas a 78 cent adding this is the -- -- will be right back on WWL.