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04-18 11pm Scoot, Religion in advertisin, 4:20

Apr 19, 2014|

Is it appropriate to implement the benefits of religion to promote a product in advertising? 4:20 is a euphamism for smoking marijuana and this year Easter falls on 4:20; your thoughts?

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Good evening and welcome back -- show it is a Friday it is the beginning of the weekend and -- every Friday when I'm on the year we always play worker for the weekend by Loverboy but I thought about this today since today Good Friday is supposed to be. A solemn day on the calendar. It would be appropriate to play working for the weekend but it doesn't mean it was she get passed today it doesn't mean that you can't -- a good mood doesn't mean he can't enjoy life. And I would hope that if you're running in the Crescent City classic I would hope that your sleeping right now. You shouldn't be listening to the show were really doing anything get your rest is going to be a beautiful day for the Crescent City classic. And also for the big party that that always follows his IWW a party jaguar opinion poll tonight if archaeologists found evidence of Christ's body. Would that change your faith. Give us your opinion by going to our web site WWL dot com we'll give -- an update on as we continue to -- a poll. A throughout our show and get ready to win 1000 dollars in our nationwide 1000 dollar vacation cash contest. It starts this Monday April 21. But you can be really Smart and join -- WW -- cash club right now. Now why would you join the W -- cash -- Will really give you alerts. So you will be the first to know when it's time to enter the 1000 dollar cash contest. Just yet to do is text the word. Cash to -- 77. Join the WW -- cash club now text word text the -- cash wheat 787. We ever charge for text but individual plain text and data rates may apply and electric sort radio Erica. WWL. Understood what tonight is titled respect for diversity and religious freedom and it's about a controversy that surrounds a nineteen foot cross. And a ten foot picture of the resurrected Christ in Chicago's Daley plaza this Easter weekend. And atheist group freedom from religion has -- the Christian symbols with eight foot tall signs that focus on secularism. What are the signs features a picture of Thomas Jefferson. With the words in recent we trust. And the other signed features president John Adams with the words keep states and religion separate. And foxnews.com gave this controversy to headline the unholy war on Easter. And Fox News is you know what's the network that promoted the war on Christmas which I think is more medium height. -- is reality because nobody took Christmas away from me. A -- liberals are talking about movies that have dealt with some kind of religious theme or spiritual theme that really teach you feel good. I mentioned oh god. I mentioned the legend of a Bagger -- I'm also get a mention Jesus Christ superstar. Which when this came on in the seventies was very controversial the idea of using rock music. With. The story of Jesus. And calling Jesus a superstar like he's a rock star. Many consider that to be blasphemous. Back in the seventies. And looking back on that it was really very -- But my generation the baby boomer generation. I think forgot how rebellious it really wants -- Which is why I continue to the stage to define myself as a hostile witness to the baby boomer generation. My generation can be very very hypocritical. That was that was very very rebellious and outrageous don't don't -- opera Jesus Christ superstar just. Using rock music along with the story of Jesus was considered to be. Blasphemous. In the minds of many people. And yet it was a it was a missed a story and with rock music it was something that the younger people could relate to. And if you haven't if you haven't re dead immigrant you haven't seen that recently that might be something you wanna get a hold of this weekend. If you have any other suggestions are numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. -- early seventy. In a text number is 87870. Here's a Texas group regarding. Literal Bible readers and for warning on Easter. And god said behold. I have giving you every every herb. Bearing seed upon the face of the earth. Genesis 129. OK so there's reference to pot. In the Bible if you interpret it that way. And we'll talk about the origin of 420 YE. I've why did the twentieth day of April 4 month Tony's day for Tony is also considered -- today which this year coincides with the Easter. From Missouri -- your WWL. Partner at the dot com and submit your questions Florio. -- -- Well that's not really what it says. -- That there's things that that I -- and interpret in the Bible I don't know if things it happened exactly the way. The stories in the Bible to pick him. Well I. Understand it promoted partly -- question but look things general are. What -- I -- earlier you know look at port number. And that's why the witness that don't celebrate Christmas one. And another -- incorporated or else. I'll. Yeah I I think there's a good argument to be made for. This is this idea that these are really more about commercial holidays there about milestones on the calendar which is a very. It's a very human thing to wonder recognized. To certain days and certain times to recognize and celebrate certain things that's that's a very human thing. Right is that they did it become a mature I would call it. -- Well according to. What his celebrated this year he died on the cross today at 3 o'clock. -- My mop it -- it -- and they pretty much cheaper Monday be up that that they knew that when that happened. I don't know -- time liner to the beaches to upper part. -- -- You probably be eight PR a while the other -- not fun. I say you kind of broke up just a little bit their -- budget what would you just saying. What. Got me in -- Pretty -- That is being out a couple of don't have it. But it meant. The most popular. And you're. And I wondered how many people actually believe the Bible -- Why iPod can answer that does some some people take everything very literally and think it happened exactly that way and and and and some people don't you know even if even if the story of the garden of Eden even if it didn't happen exactly that way. I except the story. And the message that -- presents. Even if I'm not sure it happened that way literally. Now I -- I did mention after I saw the movie Noah -- did mention that -- movie no I'm going all of this is just unbelievable. Now following that there's a lot of Bible it's pretty unbelievable. -- and and by the way it's I didn't like it. I just didn't care for it at all and I would not waste my money going to see it. If you want to -- it to -- it but I didn't think it was a very good movie. Our epic that info about the good about going to watch that. -- enough to where. I would I would. To me there. There were his. Too much animation. Too many effects. They were just they're just there they were. There was just something about you it you know what to -- -- it was like the Bible meets -- transformers. And so I -- distracted him from the that the real message of the movie. Right and I note that where political outlook that -- YouTube the Bible says. You read -- but not. To make it on the way you want it to well. I've I've I've realized it Doug I'd I'd understand that it. Again we'd always go back to this argument. About the Bible being written buying by men and guided by despair but the Bible was written by men and one of the estimates that I read. Was that the most recent the Bible was written. And to Christ's life with 75 years after he died so it's every five years after these stories have been told. The Bible was written and maybe west and maybe it was fifty years maybe it was a hundred years but it sure that didn't happen that. Got -- Well that's what we're told. And it would not equipped -- I don't know what are like. I want you haven't agreed Easter weekend. YouTube for sure thanks for listening in Missouri tonight a slight hill John your -- -- WL. Aren't you cute -- it Good Friday. Because you know we I was little conflicted with that today except when it does you know -- it was a beautiful day and I'm -- you know I would say hey happy Good Friday that unknown with him intensely and its lead from -- Well and good news in this Narnia. We're out is -- or -- in portrait for and I. That's one of the theories behind a Good Friday being called Good Friday and it'll researcher on this today. One theory is Good Friday is called Good Friday because Christians believe that something good happen because it's in in dying. -- led to his resurrection. Course -- just that would've known that at the time they were hoping that that's what would happen. But the theory that did most seem to believe is that the word good. Is synonymous with the word hole. And so calling it Good Friday was essentially like calling it wholly Friday in a Christian we have holy Thursday. Absolutely well they can't appoint someone might -- think -- critical on budget. Work forward once scripture in next week goes First Corinthians chapter fifteen. Beginning with -- fifteen it talks about. Corporation in banging it out the right direction because we don't know -- com -- do we have. From mark in our natural nature original intent to do not what I don't want to do what we. We -- on strike. Arm. And so. Our life. If you believe in life after that the people even. Or you're going some more ago where you don't want ago the united resurrection it's key to and that's that. That's a central part of the whole. Whole book otherwise what would -- -- I mean you know he was he was so it was -- key he would not have had to die. To overcome the four or the Rezko. And and now there's one other thing I mean it's central to that you know we don't -- -- with some Easter. Easter it's resurrection day. You might as well in the UU Marco reward the Bible you don't -- net debt. That's my only the other thing and I think this potential about. You mention a number of times are they yet. If you -- -- -- being publicly. What it would -- commandments or symbols of christianity. I don't it it shouldn't think people who were already Christian right. Com. My patent there's nothing they found a body it was seen as well audiences. Sorry you did not try to keep -- -- and so oriented Fordham road I don't think in the her answers into neat thing Chapman like too many things that and other people like to know -- jesus' resurrection is revealed to me. I mean on 100%. Real. But down. The people who were not Christians. Young people. Christ tell everybody in here they're ready. Do they utilized in cure while public symbols of christianity. Strictly form atop the weight bottles or whether or or or or change. Change affordably it's an absolute truth. The end it's to people who haven't had achieved its. To welcome Christians. Group paid the price is up for him. And that's the thing about a moment ago symbols of christianity. And amendments that senator senator went on through Canada were taken too -- tax. But he wanted to wish you a bullet in the. Safety John and Derek got bush here as well. -- -- -- -- I do understand all the controversy that surrounds all this and I guess the the main point did it I've wanted to make is dead. The media is going to magnify. Any potential controversy for its own. Benefits because the media benefits. From controversy. And you see one side of an issue and the other side of an issue they're usually extreme examples. And this happened earlier today. -- foxnews.com. Concerning the the the atheists. Messages and also their Christian symbols in the Chicago Daley plaza. So what we we had this conflict it is quite often. On initiated or maybe that initiated but he certainly is exaggerated by the media. -- we got a lot to talk about including the origin of four Tony why is the twentieth day of April for Tony white said. Marijuana day which this year is also Easter day. We'll be right back -- more of the -- show under -- well. This was so one of the very controversial songs from the rock opera Jesus Christ superstar and and in the seventies. If on element and I don't know how to Lothian. And she's singing this is -- -- and I believe in the in the play singing to Jesus. -- are singing about Jesus I don't know how to Lothian. And people interpreted that to her saying how she saying I don't know how to make love to him. Now she's just saying I don't know how to love him and yet that was so missed interpreted. I'm screwed on this Good Friday evening as we head into Easter weekend together is a very spirited conversation. And our FaceBook page at WWL. Radio which is about the risk of blog respect for diversity. And religious freedom and it's about this controversy surrounding. -- nineteen foot cross in a ten -- picture of the resurrected Christ in Chicago's Daley plaza over Easter weekend the atheist group freedom from religion. As -- of the Christian symbols with eight foot tall signs focusing on secularism. I got a text here that says says scoot just an observation. Every time we talk about the secular display Chicago -- saint Thomas Jefferson and president Adams. Every time you say you call Adams president did not Jefferson. And I do that because that's the information that I got. A bouts. But the the atheist group freedom from religion. And referred to these have to a political figures as they referred Thomas Jefferson. And I believe they refer to president John -- that's the impression that says that that I got from -- but anyway that the blog is also on our website at WW real dot com and out. Get to on a comment about that in just a few minutes. Now also we've been talking about movies that dealt with religion or spirituality that it made you feel good that might be good for people to watch this weekend. If you -- feel good about religion or. Being spiritual. Oh god the passion of Christ the legend of Bagger Vance in Jesus Christ superstar couple ones that have been mentioned. And as you and give us a movie -- numbers 2601870. Or toll free 866889. Series every tax is 87870. Here's an update on our WWL pretty jaguar opinion poll. If archaeologists found evidence of Christ's body would that change your faith. 81% say no 19% say yes give us your opinion by going to WWL dot com. Easter coincides with the days that marijuana is celebrated. April 20 every year for twenty. Guy is a day when marijuana is celebrated. I remember where piracy on the here in Denver and it was always a huge celebration and inevitably sometimes it got out of control. -- this was -- -- the university Colorado the campus in Boulder, Colorado. Which is boulder is. Situated about ten -- 25 miles to the west of reality. In relation to a in relation to Denver also I believe at the University of California Santa Cruz they have a big. A four -- celebration but it is something that happens everywhere and we've we've had this celebrations here so. This year pot -- marijuana David -- to celebrate their one coincides with the Easter. Now some have said that before Tony refers to the police code. For smoking marijuana in progress. And locals heard it was some at one point in San Rafael California in the late seventies. One story is locals heard the police call. And then they started using expression for Tony when referring to pot saying things like let's go for twenty dude. But apparently has nothing to do with the police code. They actually what I found and doing research about this today. Is the reference of fort wanting. The reason fortunately became. Marijuana to a pot today actually goes back to 1971. And some students. At San Rafael high school in California. They were called the wall knows. And they were called the -- those because of where they hung out. And they would meet every day after school. At 420. And so from that in 1971. It's been traced back to that for Tony as she did refer to as. -- celebrate pot and -- celebrated not only in this country but also around the world there have been. There had been other theories not only is that the police called but there have been theories about it's a number of active ingredients actually -- chemicals and pod. It's Hitler's birthday. It's a tee time in Amsterdam so you know on a lot of fun a lot of different theories that apparently goes back to these students known as to the Waldo is. In San Rafael. California -- -- high school in 1971 who would -- for twenty after school every day. I to smoked pot now if they were in high school in 1971 did their part of the baby boomer generation today. And so is smoking pot at school. Is nothing new. It doesn't mean that you she had supported or encourage it but it's not something that's new to a new young generation and quite often I find the baby boomer generation looking at a young generation is if everything they do is new and that's not really the case. There's a Seattle fast food restaurant. That is I've drawn some criticism because they sent out advertisements to their customers via email. They chose an image of Jesus Christ. I'm holding a marijuana cigarette. And a cheeseburger. The restaurant is -- laboratory. And they sent this out to promote buy one get one free on Sunday April 20 -- day for Tony. Which is also Easter Sunday they're promoting the they're promoting the burger which is known as. The -- of the gods. And if you buy one you get one free aunts and they got Jesus holding a joint. And cheeseburger. And there's a caption coming from Jesus that says when I get back all I want is a -- of the gods. Now like psychotic chocolate dad because I think it's rather creative and to some degree humorist. But I -- I wonder if it's appropriate to to use Jesus soared to use guide. In advertising. And you know I've often talked about this with the Christian angles commercials. I've they're using god suggesting that only guide. Did god what you call Christian angles to find your match that you can find God's match for you by calling Christian Ingles. And I I think is that something. Miss a thing a little and not rights at the wrong with with the using god to endorse. Your product or in this case I -- am I I think this -- for Tony -- Buy one get one free diverted because that Jesus in the marijuana cigarette -- -- I think that's funny. But it's I I do overall have a problem with. With using god or Christ to promote your product and you know recently in the show we've talked about this in there's a blog on this -- page at WW dot com about this. -- the politicians that it brought on on Christian moral values. And it's been a big controversy here in Louisiana with representative fans McAllister. Who was caught by surveillance video on making out with a merry congressional staffer and governor Jindal. And others have called for him to resign including also the the leader of the that the chairman of the Republican Party in Louisiana. Calling for him to resign I don't think he should resign he did something that he he should have done. But the problem with with politicians who run on these Christian moral values is. We've learned quite often that it's just a reason to get people to vote for. Because they really don't always live out those values. If you go to campaign to -- I'm gonna bring my Christian values into the office with me behind that are I'm -- are allow my. Christian beliefs. To. To helping make decisions as I represent the people. That sounds really good. But when you think about all of the the things that go one in the process of politics. I think you're really kind of stretching it. To relate. Troop Christian beliefs. With the process of politics. Because the two don't always go together it doesn't mean that you can't be a Christian a politician. Doesn't departures to -- politicians -- and christianity. I just. I just think it's it's it's wrong for politicians to to use it as a ploy and and they do. They use it as a ploy to get people to vote for and people buy -- -- I -- that's why they use it so voters should be Smart enough to realize that. Don't buy into that. Don't buy into the politicians. That are too quick to say hey I'm a Christian which really suggest that you're better than your other candidate morally and quite often. That does not prove to be the case. If you what did you and Russia with a comic tonight our numbers 2601872. All 38668890. X seventy. And a text numbers 877. Also be that they were talking about a politicians using their Christian moral values in a campaign. I received a couple phone calls and attacks from different people on the show. Saying that they had done business. With businesses that use the the Christian fish. In their advertising. And they were anything but Christian. Didn't pay their bills or just the way they were treated they were anything but Christian so. Some people are using that. Just for money. Or just for forgetting. To be elected for example I think there's something wrong with -- here's a text as long as the ad is not disrespectful I think it's OK to use god in advertisements. But did -- say you could use him. I think it's an interesting question is it OK to use god. Jesus son of god is it OK to use Jesus in it in your -- Are you coming to to make money. Because you can't I mean you could ask them. But I don't know what to sign would be that they need. They would say it's actually okay. I -- is comment. To the blog on our website at WWL dot com about. Diversity and being respectful of everybody's freedom. -- so the atheists. Put up a symbol next to the Christian symbol. And the media is the year to make news that it. Both have a right to express their beliefs the media perpetrated and makes it bigger than it really used in so many cases. In the case of -- Davenport. Sounds like one person imposed their bigger bullies or non beliefs on many others I'd like to -- the rest of that story. Why did the parents just a stand quietly by and except for taking Easter. Out of Easter I doubt it we just need to use a little common sense and realize. Win we're being manipulated. And it -- at least I I totally agree with that. Mean quite often we are manipulated into a frenzy. When it comes to a lot of different things whether it's a controversy about Christmas controversy about Easter Christian symbols up. Just think about your own faith. If you don't -- Christian symbols somewhere. Does that make you less of a believer does that make you less faithful less of -- Christian. And if you see an atheist if you see references to. Atheists. Or total secularism. Does that make you less of a believer. If it did I would suggest that your faith is not that strong to begin with. It would be nice if both sides would be respectful to each other. I it would be nice if atheist didn't feel the need to pick Easter or Christmas. Too. -- -- Non beliefs. Because. Christians are trying to. As far as I know they're not trying to actively. Most Christians are not trying to actively. Convert everybody. So if you're an atheist I don't see how a Christian symbol should be offensive -- -- Got a comment on our FaceBook page earlier from an atheist he said that. Nativity scenes and crosses and Christian symbols. Don't -- her at all. And as a Christian I'm not offended by any atheist. And promotion of secularism that doesn't it doesn't offend -- don't agree with that but it I don't it's not my belief. Nine I'm not offended by -- I think we're too quick to be offended by everything. This is Cisco show if you wanna join us tonight -- numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven. Text number 877. And we'll be right back on this Good Friday evening under the WL. It's Good Friday evening at least for the next. 1415. Minutes and then we'll be the Saturday before Easter and so I'm sure if you're burning across city classic tomorrow you're not still await. I would hope not anyway although a lot of people is treated like a big party. You know I think the that the fastest runners and up to the finish line before the the the people toward the back of the Crescent City connection. Heavy that -- city on classic and even made it to the beginning. I don't I don't know how many people will be there this year but it seems like it's somewhere between. -- thirty and 50000 people and there are a lot of people in town it's going to be a beautiful day for the -- classic a tomorrow. -- around Easter why is there Rabbani. And what's the deal with ethics we'll talk about that coming up here just a moment. Here's an update on -- W a pretty general opinion -- if archaeologists found evidence of Christ's body would that change your faith. 82% say no. 18% say yes it would give us your opinion by going to our website WW real dot com and John we welcome you dispute shared my good evening. Yeah. I would say John. -- go out and I don't agree that it is at the -- -- -- need is in Galicia where the -- he -- and that if the figures and being the unity of the arena. Wanted to play that. And when -- -- to. Chuckling about is the ultimate -- Ago. That I'd chuckled do but I'm happy you know I think he would. I I feel guilty that I snookered over it -- and then then it then and -- the phrase that goes along with -- -- Jesus saying when I come back. All I want is a border of the -- that's like it would Jesus comes back that's the one thing the was. -- -- everything else I want that burger. I it's it's it's creative but I I have a little problem with using god in Jesus senior advertising as if they say you could use them to endorse your product. Yeah I think it outrage at the you bring up the great voice I agree with the the point. And I YouTube or -- -- is are going but I appreciate your liberties than that. All right John thanks so let's let's -- another -- sometime. All right thanks. So why do we have any strength why -- we have the Easter Bunny what does all this have to do with with the Easter. Well as far as I know the Easter Bunny -- straight these are these are symbols of Easter they've really began with pagan rituals. The Hague as symbolizes. Spring it symbolizes the resurrection of Christ the -- of the aid. And I guess it could also be argued that eggs 3%. Of fertility. The decorating of the eggs off for Easter goes back to at least the thirteenth century. And dying to -- symbolizes the blood of Christ. The Easter egg is also. -- a result of of of lent because during these these early times. A lot of families gave up eggs for Lance. And so as you know if you give up something for lent your very very eager to indulge. Once you can once it's. It's over. So I I guess the exit stacked up as well because people weren't eating and then chickens were still. While letting them so I've found that an interesting that do the eggs were. Actually a symbolic of of the end of land because people gave up except for -- As for the Easter Bunny is concerned one theory is that the bunny comes from the pagan rites of spring. Any dates back to the eighteenth century in the United States brought here by German settlers to Pennsylvania. They would prepare -- -- for the bunny in their garden or their barn. And they would wait for the the bunny to arrive on the eve. A Easter before Easter day and that's when the but the bunny comes the same time sent Nicklaus country are you wake up and Easter morning there that the baskets there. But you know I mean a lot of people are -- a little confused about. About Easter in lol why is that bunny the symbol in Boise and the simple. It really evil surround the that pagan ritual of the rites of spring in the beginning of the -- well the resurrection is is coming at a time when. When things are coming back to life literally. And figuratively. Now the big question it's. What's the origin of peeps. I will talk about that when we come back this dispute show it is and Good Friday evening. And we'll be right back into the WL. -- -- -- It is going to be a spectacular. Weekend. You know there are a lot of people planning crawfish -- sort of mired cents a -- is a girlfriend from Portland and they're going to be at their crawfish boil it is mom says parents house and that the -- girl I'm going out with her sister in Denham springs is having a big crawfish boil. And I I thought about this relationship between a crawfish and an Easter. And religion in general. And it occurred to me the other day. I got some crawfish and I was at home reading and they were hot they were delicious and at one point I just said. God these are good so it just it made me think about it than you think about god. -- share this with you dear. There's in nine singing in her her full -- outfit dancing. This is on the Italian version of the TV shows the voice. A nine. Singing in her have it. Listen to the song that she singing. And I did. I saw the video that earlier and I wanted to share of the audio with you it's really funny I mean she is going at it. She's he's got a good voice but she's she's she's dancing practicing in nine -- full haven't. Our girls just wanna have fun I mean you know nuns can have fun once in awhile as well. I here's a final update RW a project opinion poll tonight if archaeologists found evidence of Christ's body with that change your faith. An overwhelming 82% said no and just 18%. Said yes. So we've talked about the origin of eggs we talked about the origin of the Easter Bunny. What about the origin of keeps. The marshmallow wheat sugar coated. Candies it well sort of looking like little chickens and now -- bunnies and other kinds of the creatures. Well these marshmallow candies -- peeps. They were actually created in a candy company by a Russian immigrant named Sam bomb. I'm Sam openness the factory in the too early twentieth century in Brooklyn. Before he moved his operations to Bethlehem Pennsylvania. In 1932. So there's the origin of peeps. I don't know what it is about those things but -- I find them to be. Quite tasty. The -- blog tonight has been title respect for diversity and religious freedom and it's about to controversy surrounding. Easter once again this is nothing new but let's just always remember that the media in general. -- will present two very extreme sides of every case. And rarely is there somebody in the middle to say okay -- decide as -- point and that -- as a point. Because it's all about conflict. The more conflict and that the more compelling it's supposed to be and that's not the media's fault. That's our fault for responding to that. And wanting that we try to do on this show is if there is something understand about both sides. We try to bring it out. One thing Jack Harris our studio producer tonight's once again -- -- -- a great time be with the night only tonight LSU lost to Ole miss five to one. -- she won last night in game that partly preempted our entire show. They beetle is of that series is tied it one game apiece. The third game is tomorrow afternoon a pre game begins at 1 o'clock first pitches at 130 yogurt right here on WWL. Have a great evening enjoy a beautiful Easter weekend. And happy Easter I'm scoots bloody New Orleans.