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Apr 19, 2014|

Join Dan Gill as he answers all of your gardening questions with precise expertise.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Good morning in the league they care that you hadn't teacher. Self doubt that she helped pretty in Asia -- -- know that you back dole. April the Prius until we have here India's southeastern Gulf Coast later yet. By Russian model -- will be keeping up next month for the -- Ambien. Just lovely beautiful weather great option need to get guarding not work on strip hardest job done -- credential in labor since regarding projects you're building something opening new to doing a lot landscaping. While means candid dialogue or daytime highs are 70 wait intact or -- they demise in the ninety's you'll be glad you got it done. At a time a couple of Garza held on through -- along -- -- and a tornado. Also get you a question for the next hour. To answer your regarding questions are trees are for algebra over -- long your -- garden -- illegal entrant Hugo ideal. I'll be happy to populate -- 260187. B is the number call is 60187. Zero and a if you. All are viable New Orleans calling area you can -- and called free at 866889. 087. Be -- to 6017. B or 8668890. -- being members to call. All right all of that calling for world all good morning. Yet there and I have watched a couple fortunes. I -- a naval war Austria's about port five years old something's eating all the -- growth -- -- -- caterpillar was the culprit. On that -- haven't gone maybe find. -- -- I'm not much it -- so full of jokes that Chris Paul and mostly it's acceptable and should all caterpillar. That such use on the -- job that -- common corporate. -- -- -- -- that you actually on the -- -- the clipping off a hole a tip of the new growth some hours it is to put up believes. -- -- Do double double on the and I get on some 20 lead on the ground. Well drop as it is okay but it the new broken chewed up engines that. The issue -- deal and no policy Caterpillar's. Other game that and they may be young at this point small little -- big they start off quite small and all the Google are personalized now. -- it airlifted to took charge it's more image in the tree can sustain. Usually horse -- Caterpillar's. Bill she looks so much of the polish industry usually badly game -- -- at all much. And so controlling should be optional. Pure -- Canaccord grows up to be the giants all told border fly. One of the most beautiful apartment of butterflies and a lot of Carter's if that damages and two extreme. Just -- let well enough alone and they'll see most beautiful butterflies. But -- the game which is more than bend and you think it's appropriate for the tree. And the treat the most important consideration here for you is a truce -- -- -- at this registry so. Are going to use -- -- that are alike diet pill or tourists like to stop by a local archer garden center. Until after Brandon would be cheap isn't point you to problem. Our branded -- insecticides day there caring and issued a pro label directions. It's not purely the wallets with Paul and all but there's not small ball. You know BP has -- and actually occurring bacterium. That actually killed caterpillars. Are able Bob as a fruit to bother bees or any other organism I had only -- chemical. Or are you want to mark girl one tree. We felt -- citrus trees in late January early February. I can't leaking is -- general purpose fertilizer or A -- futures for logic you're nurturing Shia. Want to -- person history so you mean for liberation that we do our citrus trees. A spring application or late spring application remain in May. And if you didn't actually January and February you can go -- for allies now she'd like to. And there already Paul thank -- -- opened to a call appreciate that. All right he had a call from Canada or Europe mixture. Or. -- -- -- absolutely now question that senator. Not age well with most of the very. What -- elements to be. So that's -- that -- all those rich and herbal. And ultimately tree and be healthy. Feel. You're in Kenner and all the New Orleans area on the shore -- Egypt where you look theory. But -- -- -- -- -- about. Seven point two all about seven point eight. All muscle tests taken from the trial shall we come back as a major issue that should grow. -- really. And planet like blueberries stringent guarding the art looked at -- In France areas in and he has. A year ago gorgeous in eighties and you are at war and I can feel it at that age so basically. Telling you that you. -- console for being here at its rich -- -- -- real concern that problems that you might be related to nutritional. Issues to -- neutral level. Are having problems -- Can you yeah Berry ran yields shot -- and bad -- Well more. -- they went seeking ways in the is. Due to -- Ultimate -- most common cause. -- That he has to -- is back and that he would go something else like getting him out forms or. Ossetia this year billions sugars are reliable resilient are they and they don't like the location where they're into and again. There is secretly in New Orleans and blooming and doing well is growing teaches social -- The blame for the law shall strictly on the PG however. Feel pretty useful fires for world. -- Sort of requires. Correction and portals and that is in your community is the only. Problem. It makes -- is and he has the heart and into the muscle that -- -- The issue achieved in the issue. Or symptoms. Especially in the world shall see at a yellowish in color with dark wearing -- -- them -- has sent them. It's something to a senate by a missile. And even higher ultimately you know bush just collapsing and dying in turning brown. We were looking for issues like popular and that sort of thing happen. -- -- -- The election and -- copper that something that much views. -- is full of fire as well. Even though as copper tubing or opera and canceled they can be either in preparation. For him over the dead in and telling them. Or can we can -- in early corrections and Puerto around the -- as well again. Helped out some but it won't help with -- with the -- church to root -- Okay thank you are all right thanks for -- and to appreciate that it took a little. -- into more hardship coming up after that -- and art show. -- last Saturday after -- and wish them -- -- out there also. Call it'll out there -- weeks ago on an -- lonely time bidders well. And the doctor and and meet the public it answer questions and talk face to face so people keep an ear out. Whatever I'm doing an appearance -- -- -- -- on the short and does she come out and say hello are also much that they. -- an -- muddled up next week. I guard stroll in Portland on him research station and opportunity actual ID on me. Will be coming up next right -- trouble becoming that. A name and research station in open now from and in new. Poor's. This is placed ago it's. Cutting edge science. The research that's going on in -- and escape research -- -- gorgeous beautiful in the year so mark -- for -- many in the second I had him research station. -- highway and 67. Out from behind and then a wonderful. And it walked around and -- be doing a program will launch appliance. And I'll get a jump shot well at that Monica. Calling your name Monica good morning. Good morning thank you so much for my call for crying and calling it -- and -- -- -- We have a house that that you've built construction and we have a little corner areas of like a gruesome. Flowers then and it has formed during it in the rain and it gets a lot of sun and it's surrounded by concrete. And I'm trying to figure out how I can add some good -- to -- and what exactly should I full. -- model might grow. -- -- is in the issue. And you need to improve shall I put it around new construction. Is just horrendously. -- -- -- -- against children as a super foundation triggers that. Available to try to grow anything in so -- you made -- into the base and financial well. And built a race to be right in that area. You can go by your local building supplies Portland picture options for actually building up our -- and it may be I mean these sanctions as high level is just so that area Monica. The -- in the hole or the sorry you're you're gonna. To contain. So -- -- supply place and look at the options. Actually putting him and social structure. It will contain -- the bed and completely -- -- -- in the area and -- -- beautiful -- in the location. Is as easy as we long couple. Laughs but it went to machine -- and things like contenders. Holding him. Scramble blue days in the near street is full transfusion. Is in her freezer full wonderful. Acting cheap tolerant of the beautiful bedding plant and a wide variety of -- And that she can utilize to provide a great spot a full color their -- -- the main challenge once again there's going to be -- -- area up to build a structure around the area. Get to cancel -- when there. -- is -- that you've any room for hours to have enough room. Target group penetration down into its oil -- EU be tempted to ask -- made -- that sort of put in and goes -- statute a poor idea -- -- -- a bad situation. The range does not getting any better. When you do something -- built on that drainage are yet to come. Boat with a raised bed but I would do for you Monica with that one challenge. That field would be a part of in the bed established a -- now we're. Opera mobile a bunch of things there. Clinton ticket this fall in obliged. That you can look at Patrick who has to commercial with a look at the -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- game you'll click on the first point. And that'll bring in my Alicia actually web page in emailed me from there and distinction. Racial intolerance summer bedding plants. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Are -- -- should. -- next joke that morning. Good morning Dana thank you for taking my call and call -- to interact when -- needed to pay and prepared him food and kept. -- everything. -- You know they're degrading -- -- out there I really can't you know to a commercial or endorse any particular boring impersonate sorters and you know I am I prevented from doing that. Barbara I will tell he was important to another I like fuse shell cultural social rather expensive brands you going to be willing to pay for. On the other durable -- wish I am the upper hand from owners -- -- like about -- goes is that a little. Variety of sizes Agnico-Eagle on the line there a list candidate versions there are different fight just because you know look at the strings by hand -- Women and he's always been their hands overall and being able finding intranet should -- or inside as we're -- looking at the -- a left handed grip or that has a rotating blade or something else that feature on a couple of great thing about that -- brand out there a lot to bring brand out their job. I and you can go to Warner Sri -- and never buying and true owner without actually holding an Iranian and working at the -- -- your -- in the pure comparable with that working that -- something. Well Bob my position you've got hold -- and work at. But again if you're looking for more variety stretching tailor made. Do it couldn't buy a paper about -- more trailer and -- urge your hand that you could bring look for a wonderful thank you. So much. -- -- -- Okay jumping circle appreciate that. And Andrea calling from coming -- you are next up -- good. Morning again thank you -- -- sure I quick question. And the new product you know mosquitoes are married. Are coming back now that via letters getting. And I have a quick question that part of the product quotes -- gone I've heard that they spray for a band and they -- -- -- expect put them. It happened at that time that you know and being out. I don't has some information on that and they shouldn't get light material Iliescu there are certain to -- to a particular bulk chemical oil -- They are. Most -- social mechanical -- -- aromatic chemicals also. If so what are relatively nontoxic materials and took -- utilizing those sorts of products so. That's going to look into and -- you'd better be pro active -- is a key issues only are people just argument -- or slightly. They weren't able to do something immediately bean pole at retirement and injected into an irrigation systems so -- boring people that he does want to hide and vegetation during the day in the come out at night. And so inject something into an irrigation system that old way of dealing with them because illustration to come out and spread among orbit and vegetation and flowers and shrubs. So I would strongly recommend -- looking into that I think it's a great idea to do something again being -- -- of Egypt are going to be more effective. Thank you advocate -- and that they get -- Our -- thanks so much appreciate that call in and folks -- time schedule up on the latest news around here in the world chancellor and then make sure you know normal major and good morning good morning thanks for tuning into the Garden Show this morning. We are talking -- -- you have regarding questioned something average it'll help don't be shy about calling it. Ethiopia. Will whatever kind of -- question you might have to Chicago. 187. The is number call outside the local New Orleans calling area you can call in toll free at 866. 889087. BR that's the phone and talk to Eric -- from uptown a year ago. Mourning. Ordered our broken -- That's her own all. Time. I noticed that looming on the year in -- blooming. Didn't illuminating. Portrait. Where -- -- out coming out -- Crowded and everywhere else O -- should have been taking care law a long time ago is accurate -- -- -- below below. You know. We recently -- A huge you know you have every. Cut out for you. Been allowed to grow. Unimpeded for an extended period of time children you know -- into him for -- really -- and they prolonged. -- -- -- -- -- Real quick do this do you beat diamond ball on an edited -- -- something you need dealing with probably over the next a couple of years dole. We're a large group of the missile oil that just can't call it built up over time and struggle shall we be discovered in dug up but the first thing is. -- capped call comically -- the building. And actually my physical removal. Polling that -- -- -- giving him from behind as much you can of the fighting doubling down from the -- cutting pulling this -- all physical control. What you underground level we can't I can't call -- -- few inches above the ground those guys is just brought back and start to grow against Utah. To go he didn't kill those you can order a strike called -- -- -- PR I. -- -- PY all are trying to cloak here. And you point that a lot of pressure circus simple -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Without giving display on in the fingers are -- You can spray -- -- -- -- appear and spray onto the -- in the full orbit and it will be go to the plants are tortured and get down in helped kill a little from soft as well. Which you're still gonna find after cleaning the property off. Early in beautifully and -- -- -- -- call list you are still in the should have called hopping up and popping up and popping up so there's going to be. An ongoing long term effort should be making. Critics gave it begin at least over the next year or two are cleaning up and making sure you deal with anything that return to back. -- -- controversial longer politely -- -- -- changed our -- brush killer brush beak on poison ivy killer. And -- I have written up a nice track sheet on ideally would we be fine to talk about the different herbicides used. The different techniques we -- include neck cut line in and -- the the first trip surfaced spraying of mines and other techniques we can use. And I think maybe you're gonna be achieving your copy of that adamantly -- a worksheet in -- and kind of manual -- to. On dealing with with -- we'd be mines including a terrible camp law. -- -- -- a real intention to get that by. I'll blow -- certainly will it it and we make some progress in terms of holding it and are cutting routes and then and that sort of thing. An -- looking for an effective repellent. And you know we're kind of prepared that it's going to be. I'll call or you'll get your game plan and when you send me an email and I can use this information. Remarks then at the weaker. Good luck with the mayor and you know of course is that ultimately. They are. All right. Ideology. We got a jury shall only in the -- injury or in that department. These security. -- -- I am trying to deal fly that's going to probably would go actually on America as we get lucky and describe it drew a picture. It and grew up should not pompous -- in the growth in the hour that looks like so little -- screen -- And as like church panel that's a little had struggled in the middle of the and that it has announced that lady 68 feet tall. It here on 68 feet tall. And it's not so that's a tall order and our room. The -- here habits that that would go chew him out but probably most of -- maybe -- maybe it was a street. Well so there's an -- war. -- okay we'll just kind of shot me down because it is too. We were looking at a -- butterfly Irish diabetes. As they -- people -- ranch. And obviously you describing isn't -- because answers. Campbell's flu like flowers and you think of a pompous grass stringent -- and they I'm like while -- chicks paddle on that. Is not a grant to be something else you just described and the -- you describe child like IE certainly -- potter characters or Patrick -- viruses R&D IE TE asks. And that's -- you're describing. Would be either. Color or hybrid a cold Katrina. The Katrina -- cars that Katrina is taller. But I advocate for peace -- -- are Fuller range. I'd never seen them you know ultra sixty. So the -- is is bothering me -- -- is applicable law beyond well that would normally think it would be true. But that description certainly it's in the -- shape of the hole which certainly does it's that as well -- go along. And into an Internet search for the IET as. By color BI POL all -- and see if I got lucky and that's the plan. I think that that to stretch and that if you were the most of them were probably the V. All right we'll battle but that. All right Gerri thanks so called on the opposite -- I was blocked -- so I was like all right stay on the regarding questions to excel one extremities -- McCall could orbit aren't sure that that -- we're -- gardening and -- critical -- regarding question. Now is re calling from Metairie. Good morning -- circling and I didn't do great things. Maple treated so much revenue -- some time ago as well start hitting medium well. And it -- should. Put him prior pretty good damage to penetrate. Domain name trunk of the tree died. And the I had to cut cut it off and not knowledgeable man. Is there anything and I can put on it it's like. -- that will. -- -- -- -- a -- -- And I'm not sure I'm following exactly your public cutting something off from the main trunk being paired them. Idaho major cultural part of your tree is still alive and well part of it is dead. But basically you know there's goes no there's no threats or pruning. Or anything that we recommend -- the treat those little need to be left open exposed in the year expose the light. And hopefully the tree is able to heal them squirrel -- strip the bark all foolish trouble kind of treat Al. Maple I didn't feel in a bar called the true street that's probably year and what they're doing is is the little old apartment -- circuit court system. That -- -- a sure rich fluid through their bodies in dislocated right below the barker of the tree. And the schools restricting the bark and getting -- I sure agree liquid. That's like on the inside of the -- that's what they're doing as much as. Are meant to mischief. They have actually true and so that's an explanation for why they're doing it but it's hard anywhere that they call by stripping the bar racing and leave those open and hope to treat able to heal those -- Well -- not -- isn't going to people -- warming trend loved Diego state they re re yes yes you lead to close are open. Nobody nobody. Nobody has -- -- anymore. I'll make you might seem something I think correctly but it just occasion -- something burning correctly. Does that mean that you should do the wrong thing yourself -- don't think about -- stop using the wound dressings and pruning compound. Back in the eighties and the professionals. Stopped using the wound -- valuation is something at all or something were true for decorative purposes for aesthetic reasons. But it's not helping and healing process and that -- based on careful Linux and very painstaking research that was done defeat these products help and ultimately to all that much but just election -- there's a lot of research as it was just arbitrarily stopped and we discovered back in the eighties -- will dressing or so popular being used. I did not help prevent infections that Budget Committee won't -- into -- were treated. As were not treated and indeed some of these products are actually inhibited the natural healing process the trees are finding -- and so you know in thirty years since we are stopped using those high end professional -- -- -- shall break. I give you the information in and if you see something different definitely. It would mean -- That can financially when that thing is there anything -- can put -- -- to. To kill would have a blog might get into that -- area. I don't know what you probably -- and that -- your -- Well known one to trim and so a lot of the jagged. And economic. Can you -- the main issue is that -- -- and there's nothing about the world that kind of gonna attract folks. So if you wanna spring any kind of insecticides. Over. On a weekly basis forever are you could to keep about what you can't just bring one you know -- over and over again as a spouse wears out. How -- and and lashes out. Typical but if you want to discredit it won't every ten days until -- over some years from now. I you can definitely in this -- only do that however the panel and our ports. Obama won and then. Our guys are great thank you for the call appreciate that exactly -- It was good or the guard Shura -- good morning it was totally artificial on WWL. Binding deal with the issue actually attempt at all to talk to well. Calling from every child. Morning. -- -- pit tanks and euphoria. Little off to a question at a I just get access to a couple accused and William next -- -- and recruit. The term resiliency West Bank. Kind of which city area. Jerry -- saying. Like -- -- sir something similar to that it would. He could play it this time a year but district up or what. High rise to cool feeling -- plant that an awful. Or about October November. And it's going into a -- rough around the corner and may chill it to be focusing on now Libya warm -- grass is growing over the wall is grass so this would be aggression could just -- comma Bermuda. In that -- -- -- my scratchy cover the chicken mole occasionally and kind of established or the year. Some commuters -- pretty vintage. Commuted in. That department committed common Bermuda let's listen to the high common Bermuda and that is seeded. -- -- Common good news Nike holder hold. Beyond Holbrooke. Is as a whole lot of two bit slower you giggling and another arsenal or -- at the on the whole our whole -- the Bermuda seed. -- Germany faster for. Target will all right action payout thank you so much for the call -- fiscal David in here with what you got. April partially in me and pots. Looked ought to out should apply that but you know. That the best place far. And they've gone parsley in particular -- on. So and actually location direction and most of the day. I will be best for them. Baseball being a summer warmth humor. Should -- politically in the warmer yet stat that they should get to be patient be harvesting baseball with the summer partially being a -- trees in her eyes you be most productive and broke the best we have cool temperatures. But as -- started in the ninety's and say you know to partially from the current one -- down some shall partially true the more we don't get in the summer. Chapter is going to be so that shouldn't chizik perennial power. They'll stay in the pot you're roundtable tackles but he shaped signal to actually gets a morning animals -- and that makes -- and -- The amateur and now on you're on you're David. -- corporate policy against. Elect -- flood -- view mirror -- Delphi plant picture to feed and David don't go into treatment. And an equally there. All -- do appreciate you. And we'll be back with more special for you shattered any light on Libya we -- and he's real.

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