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Apr 19, 2014|

Join Scoot & Paul Lagrange as they help with all of your home improvement & repair needs

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

What a beautiful. Easter weekend this is going to be beautiful day today and my son and his girlfriend are visiting from Portland and he. He's in my car right now driving to the Gulf -- she's from the Portland area she's never seen a place like Gulf Shores. Now as beautiful as you organ coast is is there really is something very special about the features that we have here in this part of the country song could be early interest in net. Getting -- -- of all that this is the whole approach -- -- -- with our construction consultant Paul LaGrange with LaGrange consulting and also energy and comfort solutions. This is where we answer your questions about home improvement repairs. Renovations. A job you're gonna do the job could have done maybe you want some direction on include a call to get a certain job done. You know things change -- their homes may be something new is happening with your home it's a boisterous -- do -- whenever you're not exactly sure why it's happening. And you're not exactly sure what to do a -- what's the best way to handle it you -- call our show it to 601870. Toll free 866889070. And a text number is 87870. Also easier buying a home and there are some questions that you might have about. Getting the job done inside that home owners putting value on what needs to be done because quite often something that needs to be done to house your buying. Depends on what you pay and if you have a big job to do than you obviously you pay less so what's it gonna take to get that done. Also if you wanna find some ways to. Get your house ready for sale this is a time of year -- a lot of people were selling. And buying you can call issue with those questions as well and this morning we welcome our construction consultant -- grange good morning call it points to -- Well this would be one of those days when you really would rather not tackle anything at home so even if somebody's record tackle something today. Or tomorrow what's something that they might want to think about doing soon would it comes to homeownership. Well let users. This past week is a good example that I went to my aunt's house in -- a bill yesterday and her -- offense partitioning or backyard from armed raiders are pretty common occurrence everywhere. And her neighbor has some bad -- that was -- on the side of the fence. And it was cold and the moisture along that -- that -- quite a bit because they're blues community if you agree one out it gets really -- and very evasive and -- schools what's what and it's spot. So the neighbor had all the bit too removed and they weren't using a pop -- -- -- -- all the pieces parts -- -- to a trailer. And they just barely -- That the post in in the bottom of the post this kind of cracked. And most of it was it's who was a treaty wouldn't post. Most was due to affected me was sold in an NBA got bumped by every piece of machinery although that probably under very strong. Posted at some commentary to left to it. But it just leaned as opposed to crack at the bottom right of the current level. In this case we had a an area of offense that state went all the time because of the meant to -- against it. We have a very old post a bluish treated. For -- for most of pretty old and you can tell that in the spots where. Dating him the -- do the post or pretty solid so if you have questions oil and fence maintenance how what's best method of removing that one post leaving the fence up and kind of work around that. Give us -- call because -- to be something open to romance house's. And decide if Theres a time of year where people should think about doing those things to get their their home ready for spring it's called springtime cleaning up. You know I'm I'm kind of a neat freak in some ways I always wondered my apartment or my home to be clean year around not just for the springtime. But this is a time of year when a lot of people start focusing on some of the things that they need to do to get their home a fresh and ready for hours springtime. So if you do have a question about something going on with your house. On May be something -- happening you're not exactly sure who to call to get this job done or maybe -- consumer advice who should you call to get a certain thing done. May be somebody is telling you something. And you're not sure that they're telling you the right thing because quite often people called -- show. And they say well you know this this worker told me this story this company told me this is that the right thing. As quite often pollen -- can set you straight on what they're telling you interpret exactly what they're saying and Richard that you're not taken advantage of this is a home improvement show and our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. At seventy at a text number. It's a 77 it is just a beautiful. Beautiful Saturday before Easter agree Easter weekend this morning was a Crescent City classic. And their for a lot of people in town also the Easter parade Estes tomorrow. And it's going to be great weekend to throughout the weekend. Paul I was with with some friends of mine my son and his girlfriend or town from Portland and they have some friends who also just happened to be in New Orleans at this time on. On a vacation and so we roll it together and it was just it was so interesting to answer questions about the French Quarter. And you and I have talked about this before the French Quarter is like 300 years old maybe older that that. The French quarters been around for a long time it has seen a lot of storms and yet it's it's still there. And I go back to thinking about something that you and I've talked about on the show the construction. Pakistan was so phenomenal the way they built things and then is so different from the way they build things today. That there's no I guess it should not be surprised that it's still there and other homes are not there when something bad happens. So you know as technology improves -- which we used different methods to build different projects and they're really. When you look at eight of but district -- communities such as the unit -- In unity you know there are certain some to some massive buildings when it's a -- -- about the structural integrity these buildings. That they could be here for very very you know for many generations to come. And and the methods they put those products together in the quality of the product itself this is very very impressive. If you -- to join us with a question this morning and home improvement show our number is 2601878. Toll free 8668890. Point seven text numbers 87070. Your calls are coming up next on -- WL it's a beautiful Saturday at least -- week in 2014. Here's our WWL pretty -- opinion poll this morning. If archaeologists found evidence of Christ's body would that change your faith. 83% say no it wouldn't 17% say yes it would you can give us your opinion by going to our website WW dot com. Also the -- blog which is a still treading on our web site. Is -- Respect for diversity and religious freedom and it's about a controversy in Chicago between Christians and atheist and that's on our website at WW real dot com be completed. This year -- and a -- -- feel like this Easter weekend a for the by water -- senior on the home improvement show with Paul LaGrange. Pretty. Well good morning -- who. -- My court is. All due out insert. -- It. Yeah kilometers sorry. Which we're up about the why. Why. Don't -- it to. What makes -- first well I'm not associated with will serve in any fast. Coming just. Not even passing conversations. Will service and visit different entity from an aging conference solutions. They use save. So they do. Install some of the solar products. -- -- -- solutions. Provides services. There are some differences but I don't have any association with wheels are. But however living -- your question. I suspect Mason that he was describing this those persons are -- Two inches of a closed cell spray phone. At what where were underneath our homes and we're trying to protected. We need a number of different things alone does go through that checklist for you who want to make sure that that that area -- -- your house is not holding any water when it rains. If it is you need to correct that. Second baseman -- your clothes dryer is not that it underneath euros. We also want to make sure that you don't have any plumbing pipe leaks like an ice maker than maybe trending need to heat your home so wanna keep it tries as much as possible. The other things we want to control and trying to gain. With that it insulation products. Specifically the clothes so product is we want to have a control air. That's thermal mean separating the hot in the colder the inside conditions in outside conditions. The second control ever wonder trying to achieve is a complete -- barrier which the close cellphone does that for you as well. The third control -- we're trying to achieve. Would be a paper harder protect. Water vapor from permeating through that fortunately getting inside -- house. So when you -- to a close so product you need to which -- stick to gain all three of those controllers at this described. -- appreciated thank you I Mason have agreed Easter weekend. From the village on your on the home improvement show with -- LaGrange. Thank you guys. I have a situation I don't -- -- -- -- -- a covered porch. And most -- about fifty feet long extinct life I'll probably. How about forty years old this and that. And one portion of the forged -- to be eroding a car that Michael White dust that can -- -- for that. I hit it in the last six statements and so on. And it's. -- Russian then periodically it just comes back with a white crops like on any ideas are caught in the. So John we what you're describing is is what's called up for -- and after essence is more sure this coming through the bottom of that country that's. It is is because people think a country's border with -- true or not it's nothing but it is a big court sponsor its ports and allows more to trouble through it. And as that more should travel through its picking up some of the some of the pieces parts of the of the all of the components of the country it's actually Lego leaching salt -- speak -- what most people -- to -- so crystals. Initially -- crosses but it looks like. It OK so what we're trying to. Dude John is too slow that they'll profound that from happening. If you have when it rains if you water it it's it's -- along the -- lab went into your house you need to change the flow that water. You do have a positive slope or positive grate away from your house it's awarded -- -- -- against it. If you have dealt spots. You know maybe extend the pollen despotic departed further away from her house. You have sort superstar and it is not drink quickly and imports come over flowing a little bit correct that. So your first lot of defenses source control meaning when it rains to the water away from the home as quickly as effectively as possible. There are. Well is this only happening at the -- torch. So. Here's here's that though the part that. You can do it it works. However it's you your perfecting the bush can be in the top of the country. The bush has -- giving the -- in the country. But it you know prevent -- from coming up -- put a two part epoxy. Floor patched -- coat the entire -- over the top -- that. That country covered patio and prevent that from happening. There are not talking about the Epoch to eat and eat or proxy Spain you -- You see folks redo their Raj with a light rays put the lakes are. That's not what I'm talking about -- -- talk about a two part oxy. Floor patched that you would hire someone similar to installer installs right now. In and they would crawl and no one. And then it would probably one puts on to finish on top of it. To make sure it's it's it's not slippery that he has traction and that that what you can probably in interest. Giant Easter weekend. For battery Paula -- on the home improvement show with LaGrange. All the rhetoric. An attitude changed. On. And back -- it probably that -- Shingles. And debating whether. Should own up to them or I should -- -- -- -- Who can you describe to meet the style -- isn't hitting -- Typos that he approved following a round. Oh. A square rectangle fairly simplistic. While. Paula you you have one of those homes where he met a roof would be that expensive to do. It in and out saying -- that expensive as it is a relative you know terminology from the standpoint when you compare York. You're hip -- following around to the a home that has a lot of different. Pitch -- was pitches and valleys and offsets and ups and fails those homes are very experts to do with the metal product. In New York case a -- product is could be more expensive than ACO -- asphalt shingle. However it won't be a premium cost the -- of the -- and the truth is he's really straightforward which is to your advantage. So really this point the deciding factor is -- the cost budget because of metal -- is more expensive however -- last a lot longer. So their forward here you know if you if you look at -- useful life and asphalt -- and that investment that return investment. And you also look at the return investment useful life of metal roof and beautify the moderates could -- -- the better so this is a long term house for you. Where you looking to do it so when you silly peachy you know higher -- value. Then maybe something you would consider. One thing I would I would ask you to do is make sure you find an installer. In understands hey I live in Metairie live in a hurricane zone would ever refuse install it's gotta withstand today's new standards. Of you know 12240. Mama or 32 -- win. From a you know being removed and and and whose -- -- event. Should. Epic has been. It cannot -- install -- I would because that also gives an opt in to inspect the existing roof -- so if you have any spots that needs some attention due to rotted because you can address that. It also gives an opportunity that if that existing roof decking is not fastened to a secure Welch -- rafters you can -- nail it. That also allows you to use a better upgrade it. A delay in the roof on the limit -- something else you may consider -- this would be true poll for whether you go with metal. Or the asphalt shingle roof is in todays technology there is what's called cool roof. Products those cool roof products you can get medium. And dog -- -- reflects some of the repeat he from the sun back into the embassy here yet it doesn't get as hot. And so we've if you upgrade new republic strongly consider that. Because that that would give because -- an engine efficiency proven disposed. His new roof. -- -- Have a good weekend if you wanna join us for your question about home improvement repair store renovations a job you're gonna do or -- -- and information about a job that needs to be done by somebody else. Our numbers 26018. Stephanie. Toll free 8668890. Point seven get a text number is 87870. We to a more of your calls and more of your text coming up and there's always something new and our website at WWL dot com today was the Allstate Sugar Bowl. Crescent City classic and amazing -- it would tens of thousands of people show up for that. We've got information and data and web site also archbishop Gregory -- Has his Easter message to the community and we share that with you our web site. Garland has a very interesting blog very compelling who pays for paradise lost where a company's. Or you and still trending -- -- Blog about -- calls to fire Monty. I would -- the coach of the pelicans on or unfair. And also I wrote a blog about essentially it's about to freedom in America means freedom for all not just Christians in its title. Respect for diversity and religious freedom all of that -- more on our website at WW real dot com. We'll be back with more of your questions on the -- prove -- show here's -- WWL news updates -- -- Jim Hansen welcome back to the home improvement show on this beautiful Easter weekend and let's get right back to more of your questions from bill chase pat -- -- with Paula grange. That -- -- -- Lima -- brains -- good morning I have a question about a job that we just finished -- we have a patio. Put on our roof. I mean on our back patio roof. And it's not the typical final it's actually -- into the -- Two questions. They simply get nailed the trusses to the roof they didn't open up the loop -- -- -- just nailed it and and then the hurricane -- they only put the hurricane clips on the bottom truck is about the -- war. -- is that sufficient for a 130 mile an hour wind. I'm probably not pat. Describe to -- this size of the the overhang -- -- ago why does it. -- -- -- One -- probably 24 feet wide by thirty feet he. The post the outside posted a secure those to the concrete slab. They secured with since screws with the metal. He is and it's eight by a heater would come. OK so the the metal brackets were dead in the concrete slab and they put the ball in the post in the came back which screws through the practice into the does seem to post yet. Okay and how's the top of the post secured to the roof framing where mom grew big group. Look at with balls OK and each one of the rafters thwart the patting itself. Is that secured to. That the the framing with fellow -- ties. On shore. How would have liked that they really tied into the existing roof. But because that they could have easily cut the roof -- off. And addictive type intuit can't leave without two QBs and additional. Connection. You know that you're relying. On the fasteners and some weight obviously that. That enclosure that that patio covered sitting atop the existing race. In it in today's world of construction in today's preventive maintenance. Or appointments but preventive. Products we use to mitigate -- risk. You know we kind of got a much better job than what you describing of course I'm -- -- hear what you're describing. And sometimes when equipment in situations like conspiracy of the things that were done that. Certainly couldn't you know movement in the you know in the spectrum of a closer complies for wind mitigation. As so. I didn't take pictures the whole process so I was pregnant I email them to used. Absolutely and we email addresses Paul at LaGrange consulting got to come -- -- Pickett thank you happy that quartet champions is actually typed it up -- here is a Texan -- a piece of fascia I think that's what it is. A fell off my house to do like caller roofer or citing company to replace it. Typically it's a -- company it would replace. A presentation in this that is which codes that you dig into. Here is a Texan reads I want to remove the water boards and then get rid of the pink bat insulation. Then I -- spray foam the walls or use rock wool insulation and then replace the boards. With party board is this a reasonable project I'm trying to. Make that side of the house a little more sound proof. Allow the question okay so. With -- the method they're doing is a removed the existing citing. They're there insulating in the walls if they applaud -- putting a new siding and of course with that comes the connection of your window and door openings in that wall to. You're plywood in your house trapped in the you're siding. Here's the part of the of attacks that are among clear about skewed views. When he said he would do it for reducing sound attenuation Orson -- -- so proofing. -- the depends on what their -- would sales which frequencies. Specifically. They're trying to address because there's some frequencies. The political right through that -- about which you have the art of frequencies where it would attenuated or decrease. That the sound is it goes to wall. So architecture if you Omar and Texas -- give us a call in let's talk specifically about what sound you're trying to address. If you're -- stay witness and if you have a question of routes your your home something going on and his stars. Think it is happening at your house or not picture of exactly sure why it's happening or. Maybe one -- do some renovation job you're gonna do her job gonna have done if you want some answers to questions so we've got a four a at 2601870. Told 38668890. Point seven text numbers 87070. Is a text of -- please don't forget the wheelchair athletes. In the Crescent City classic this morning athlete Greg Nickels did superb yes those are indeed amazing amazing. Athletes. This is the home improvement show and we'll be right back on -- hero Jazz Fest tickets go on sale Monday we've got the information on our website at WW real dot com and also you can win tickets. To this just amazing festival with Eric Clapton Christina Aguilera Bruce Springsteen's. I'm Robert Plant Santana Robin thick fish shattering the list goes on and all you can win tickets from us. -- -- WL it's easy listen to Tommy Tucker weekday mornings at 840. Listen to Garland Robinette weekday afternoons at 1242. -- chance to call in and wind or you can go to WWL radio FaceBook page. And there's another way to win there and we're gonna randomly select ten lucky winners midnight Thursday April 24 happy fasting from all of us. At WWL. From the applause -- year old home improvement show with Paula grange. Good morning LaGrange. Questions he is back in 2000. Construct that -- -- -- And ready to change the way the system that could have been having a little bit issues with question out and current like. On long on almost hesitate. To remove all the moisture on the agency's system should not have an exchange -- -- there. OK so Ruben. Primarily our exploration systems to a few things force the two things they most you think about is they removed temperature and also remove moisture. So proper sizing. And decide if -- systems crucial to overall corporate remorse control inside your home. And that's the -- Morse patrol while your conditions operating and running however when you build a high energy efficient home. You need supplemental did you get a fine. And like -- my house I've built a 1212 years ago it's it's considered -- high performance house. It's towards energy efficiency in York while he's concerned and in the spring in the fall Tom. My recognition or heater does not operated at all because they're culpable temperature wise it's -- my house. -- I still have internal moisture that I'm generating that it would reading for cooking or cleaning. We have in the sometimes in the winter we you know got a outdoor pets or plants and saw the house the -- generating and contributing to the internal moisture. But I can do 12 things -- can use a supplemental demon of far removed them moisture and keep the temperature fairly constant. Or I can't turn my air conditioner on and purposely. We reduce the temperature inside my house to remove moisture. I don't like the second minute a new people who use that method but it gets too cold in the home and it is not very energy efficient to do that. And there are going to be some times when it stuck around long enough to remove the moisture. So but he supplemental the humidifier. Is part of the equation. For removing internal moisture what you do not need to operate your recognition system. Does that. Is the -- runny nose now love in -- It does however it's a lot cheaper the -- the demon a -- is supposed to -- -- your recognition system. At the humidifier or an average on a home that is considered high performance and tested and verified. Of you know the way the envelope in the dock system and windows and everything we're all put together. Higher on average -- me. It's been awhile since have done the calculations with the recent utility cost. With electric cost but it didn't -- years back and and I've I use anywhere from 25 to thirty dollars a year to operate but the human afar. Not a lot of money. Inside the body's side is like the what was separate living room. Area and as -- one because. -- -- When I would go well prices it calculation on what you can someone would come in. My home and give me an idea what what -- -- -- -- That that's that's correct and this could be an important concept of making sure that individual that HTC install -- that dealer is criticize your recognition system remote -- A manual -- calculation. With that menu. HTC dealers could be able to determine how much outside air needs to come into your house. And also which is the violation part of it and how much supplement -- do you -- define you need so those are all done with actor ACC a taco calculations specifically the manual achievement. How do you. Air conditioning all of that later it's been great with an -- not yet public some of these -- -- -- school -- Change our objectives as -- -- really don't and the problem is that there in June the latest technology offered you know today. -- -- applause is that correct -- yeah. So -- How suggest you call 23 these guys that them that could recommend in these folks are in critical places. That understand. High performance understated or quality comfort proper design engineering. It's -- most importantly the execution the installation. Sometimes week week. The problems that I see in the field. It's not that the in they purchased the wrong piece work type of equipment the unions all of very well these guys to at all Graco -- across the board. So public call Michael Nash and Nash heating and air. Are there right. I would edit it'd take a break -- I've got to get a break but if you hold on to Japan and paper ready and he had another question so we're gonna put on hold it will come back -- right after the break. I'm still -- construction consultant Paul LaGrange will be right back with more of the home improvement show on WW well this is the home improvement show on this beautiful Saturday have Easter weekend let's wrap up with -- -- Placer -- you -- Japan you -- your paper ready. -- US information for Ruben and and and at the quick question -- -- -- -- that you're asking for recommendations at three HTC deals that understand improper design and installation. Four -- forms houses I'll contact Michael -- heating and -- heating and air. A contact clay Albers. At Albers heating and -- In the third will be John Burkhardt at Burkhardt heating and air you can look up altered those guys Nash Albers Burkhardt Morlon. Act the last question would be -- Opted out almost there fourteen years. Should I did he the ducks as the mama in Arctic cat committee and it created well mold mildew whatever you know dot. Check it at the cleaned out and oppose those guys really do an effective job. That it's you know that going in. Claim that they created because I don't really understand why you would know whether it's been effectively clean on either side. Rubin do you have flexible stalker Richard doc. I have rigid duck in the retreated up the problem is the rigid -- is. Below the ceiling of the house living here at I haven't changed our own the only route out so I. But below that box everything apart -- and so I'm happy no we have -- -- dot org and you know you you're captive. -- the -- -- -- -- yes my question is do they do an effective job is coming at the it clean feeling. It it depends on the size in the shape. Of the dock with the -- can do it effectively and not and you know there are some folks actually do this with a camera and take -- videotape of which she received before after and actually doing the planning process. -- it's just -- heart one of those folks that has that technology so that you can verify that it stuck -- -- If it's dirty it's not a bad idea if you have -- don't view reflects that you couldn't do it the such shipments -- It's certainly a possibility list are -- -- open option -- thanks for your call if you're -- say witness we've got to take a break to the -- -- coming right back with more of your questions. This is the home improvement show I'm -- -- construction consultant Paul LaGrange Mort you're -- -- your calls are next. It's a WWL party jaguar opinion poll. If archaeologists found evidence of Christ's body would that change your faith give us your opinion by going to WW well not come. Gave me an update on that -- we -- at all throughout the show this morning on every WL.