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Apr 19, 2014|

Join Scoot & Paul Lagrange as they help with all of your home improvement & repair needs

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Good morning it is just a beautiful Saturday it's going to be a great Easter weekend -- sunrise tomorrow morning at six Tony aid if you're thinking about going to. A sunrise service and it should be very very pleasant maybe just very slightly chilly in the morning. And then Easter parade tomorrow a Crescent City. A classic course this morning so it has been a wonderful weekend so far and the weather is gonna continue here's our WWL pretty jaguar opinion poll this morning. If archaeologists found evidence of Christ's body would that change your faith 82% say no 18% say yes and give your opinion -- going to. If you don't count us get right back with more of your questions about repairs and renovations on the home improvement show. And from Chantilly delaying -- on with Paul Le grange on that BW. -- undergoes an assortment. But on the -- -- about removing. But what reports in recent. Oh with four report. It's. You know -- what -- that'll pick whatever Q. That little old solved that who will -- pretty sure. You served if you're trying to get through the heavy base clinic that's more -- -- it's very difficult. Frequency -- -- decode to insinuate. That does -- you won't get some improvements are however. It may be not knowing how many windows you have an -- and I got a lot more -- with the windows in the wall. But it also -- Carl Stern. May have been. -- -- Polls. So the so this but I would just do Glenn is -- I would. Outlook all the folks. -- -- -- -- Windows connect to -- as an insert they've put into a window that -- with a lot of sound attenuation you probably getting -- operations through Windiz. Your through walls and in May just do a couple select when does this Eric knows that do the rest that wall. The island I -- a system windows it doubled so please stop. But questions. Award this principle that wall and looked at work or who was forced to electric stove while -- on the outside. You can however that the next important part of steps you have to take is when you with a lot of weight on those textures that walls after you insulate. Music you wanna have -- would elderly through promptly -- secured. Hey how -- And that's how trapped needs to connect to your new windows does put in place so that -- in the water leaks that -- you that you put any Sadik you wanna whether it is you know. He notices or. Cedar wood and yet so -- have to put plywood back Olympia. The quotes sources. You repetitions of what would -- -- -- wrapped -- the -- You do because you need a credit rates plane -- -- a uniform praise Leno -- lecture walls so if you just put. The weather we're back on it on topics that there studs with foam insulation -- -- -- -- problems. This year. I'm glad and happy Easter hope you enjoy the weekend from Metairie nick -- on the home improvement show with -- LaGrange and -- W well. Good morning guys. I'm not questioning this have to do with that chain wal. -- -- -- so you know like every 23 years I gotta keep Greenberg. And Monday were little -- has been like fifteen years there haven't -- not guard on their home. So it'll my sort of keeps so exciting so like the bill like that change -- like ten to twelve inches high. And probably about fifty feet in England. Can you give me like some ideas like only deaf that I got a little that we did. And you know that do not need to use rebook without -- -- Lincoln liked him about the real full year. A case of nick you what to do cartridge and wall correct correct do you have a fence there and hill are now locked up front their on the court. OK so here's think about permanent. Country -- walls like this stick -- -- be absolutely certain. You know what your property lines are because if you put that secretary won't someone else's property. It's could be a horrendous project to remove it and relocated. All right let's could be my offers courses make sure you teach -- launch remarked and you know word where you putting it. Most cases. It in in in Metairie you can actually do me a chain ball presuming you know put anything on top of it his stock of the offense has -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- like that. You could do a country chain wal. -- you could be twelve inches above the greater the dart right. You can easily go -- eighteen to twenty inches down below and the -- the shuttle which is but it in on inches I would put rebar in it. -- and then sometimes. Would you if you concern about pitching and -- -- sorting over. You can actually in the middle -- -- below your Dirk arrayed below you grass you can put a perpendicular. Concrete. Great team. To help that we all of these tragedies of this and took over. Okay so you can do that every would probably do that every twenty feet depending one the shape and massaging your backyard. Until what does that every board should I use and also the other question is how far from the slot -- we you'd have to stop. Well. I carry into -- -- second question how far from the sub market stop as it not -- they're not seeing all the other. On infrastructure that may be a place like go underground piping water -- -- -- then I'm not -- -- and then there. Look -- well it again at its heart communities -- without being there. However that the size of the of the rebar and this is remembered -- I'm not in Jeter in this for you and I -- done in the past has been successful. I you can use of a 38 fraud in -- -- -- -- It and but you gotta get a program and -- a little. You know what I would and how would confer with your neighbors and now we're confer with your municipality. And I'm mature. Went whether it be Jefferson Parish or did definitely. Yup I definitely would. -- -- -- All right thanks so I'm up front yeah that I weekend. And good luck especially with the paperwork and sent tons of paperwork is probably more trouble than the actual project itself now you know I've I realized that what I'm about to say is true. I don't advise it. But it's always easier to say your salaries and ask for permission. From pedestrian and Marie Euro and heavy WL with -- grange. I tell you. Well. -- did con when I tried to. But in that basis I can't believe in this -- how can -- year had a leaky my kitchen comment from underneath distinct. But actually when the public can mean he couldn't find the -- have to -- -- would be concrete. Yet to remove the capping. And he never able to find me with the -- was actually coming from and what -- equals the nine. And we and it will not. And of course. You know politics in mind children. And they paid the woman for the job but now one I have the construction of the applaud you -- -- -- Kitchen. And I need in the area and you're coming. Because they -- their needs and -- that and my utility and he created mole. What's happening means if you -- on them -- Kabila and -- then it would be very high and I'm happy and look around. I noted that from the area that has the K. Word they had to pour concrete in there. But it -- wit and award it was coming now from there. And that's nine. -- -- having to do ninety kissing in the battle -- -- -- of Pakistan I think. Now have a detention area haven't been able to do it and being around in paid to do -- these -- And I noticed that more -- -- -- -- -- the concrete can happen on science and -- the evening. Bill my question he's going according to accompany -- on the hot work like this album because they are great things that the customers think we're all. He the second grade fixed -- not quite involved the year. And I'm running out of time because he shouldn't be you certain amount of time to do it. And I don't know what to do and continue. To have any idea what might be going on continued Rick comment from the contractor from me. -- -- -- and knowing you were going off. I would call the original plumber who fixed that -- and you may find that he is insurance company may cover. The failure -- presuming it was his workmanship. If it's something else that obviously that that would have to be covered by your insurance or by yourself. So public Coke because up plumbers familiar with the repair -- -- with a method they used to repair it. And if it fits his faulty workmanship -- -- that is an -- but -- it is he needs be responsible for making it right. You think that this could be coming from the outside. Because mining cursed the -- casino on the water. Between these two. Apart that house had -- that with a walk walk with me about tickets are on hold that -- And and a winner assignment so that I've been leading the neighbors who is -- -- -- I don't know border. Don't have to do with the pipe outside of something an idea. I'm taking that toward using outside that wall is coming from the -- and it's your concrete -- the year concrete piping it's good to go into the Slavic come up. Right in to the texture while you're your kitchen sick. If that's where they had some. Some some breaks that preached in the -- he certainly can -- inside as well as -- outside into the Dexter far section department. -- Between that walkway. And -- this capacity as a -- you're not to be what is it by area. And I have a look at believe Canterbury top -- And so I don't know you know we've been having and so I don't know but I did notice that any nuclear suspicious to me that something's going known. Since then because -- a kid it was her line calls. -- -- -- -- -- You know spent edit it and if it just came up last night that more electric -- the water pipe and not the brain. Because although we've has some recent rain -- come up that quickly and it and it stopped when you turn one pipe off. It did that that them about the main line. That. That's in the it is indicative that this actually won't supply -- and not rain aren't Maria we hope that helps you are going to recommend a promise from me. Yes -- and if you call my office on Monday morning OK okay and how recommend a few -- where you can contact bringing in number. US military code 9858452148. Thank you very much for your help. Very there's like and a happy Easter if you have a question about wholly appropriate repairs renovations of the -- earlier how she's not exactly sure why it's happening. This is the home improvement show and our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890878. Text it's -- Stephanie I'm -- construction consultant Paul LaGrange and we'll be right back on VW well welcome back to the home improvement show I know it's a beautiful Saturday it's Easter weekend I know you don't wanna do -- thing around your house but. And if you're not gonna do it now maybe have a question about what you think you should do concerning. Job involving your house whether repairs -- renovations. And this is the only approve a show with our construction consultant -- LaGrange with the greens consulting. And also energy and -- solutions offered Terry town -- a year on with poll on WL. -- -- -- -- And it. Hit the chip. Checked -- which -- out. Props to change. Into -- -- It would. By that. Have. Occurred despite -- responsible. For it would buy it brought back there. With. So can you actually hit three pipes that were there with leaking within an excellent. One wish -- -- rejection was. Up 200. Well insured Alfred -- to -- or two. Down through. Yeah I I agree that logic does have the right decision if our our previous -- daughter -- outright. The public. Option. Came to the pop out -- And it didn't. -- at Trinity Church -- Insulate. It. That. Destroyed. Until. It can catch -- Responsible. But. Sure that we. Question. So I'll probably at two. Video kudos kudos to the Palmer give give us his name who has -- And so. I don't want to. Because he's trying to report that. It -- -- Which came to the room which was. The -- of the equipment. -- -- -- As -- top. Of that which. Well that. Story. Yes there will get I'm glad to see that -- your problems resolved and obviously you're saving water and you're saving. Whatever fuel whether it's electricity or gas that was eating out water mostly he says it's great news Colorado thanks a column I can appreciate that. And have a great weekend if you have a question about repairs or renovations or something -- house and you're not exactly sure why it's happening. This is -- home improvement show and our numbers 2601870. -- 38668890. Point 78. At a text number is 877 it's a beautiful Saturday of Easter weekend. I'm -- with -- construction consultant all the Granger were coming right back with more of your questions here's another WWL news update with Jim hands -- welcome back to the home improvement show -- -- -- consulted as -- LaGrange -- grange consulting and that website is LaGrange consulting dot com. And a sister company is energy and comfort solutions -- that website -- ECS dot GS. So what's going on with your house what questions do you have about something that's happening at your house you're not exactly sure why something is happening. You wanna find out maybe who to call to get something done. Quite often you don't know exactly where to turn we can give you that information also if there's a job you're gonna do or -- -- gonna have done and US and information about that. Our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. It's happening at a text numbers 877. From Hammond Ronald year on the home improvement show with Paula grange. Good morning guys. -- morning. A couple of things first. -- -- and -- have been. It's vinyl -- it's an eleven year old house. I was wondering. -- it didn't salute for so long which it's it's kind of warping and it it actually came. Can we -- that you'll awful law. Also wondering. What would be the benefits -- when it replaced all the siding with party. Well certainly our party is a week he liked Tom product compass and it is deciding board vs hollow sounding. You actually get a higher praise value. Well with that Combs you have two choices with the with the synthesis. Product. You can actually buy with -- -- colored finish on that typically has you know very long warranty. -- the second option would be to pay -- yourself and then we don't want you start pinning a product. That's to be something you could have to do every numbered years to keep opinion fresh. So. I I think it's it's that -- a great opportunity for you I think it's also an opportunity that if you wanted to. What you take off that -- -- you can inspect the house -- to make sure it's installed. As per the you know the god wants -- manufacture that product if not you can make some improvements or if you also want to put some additional. Insulation board a continuous insulation -- in the -- out of your house to get some. If you the window that you went that you replace that's a good time to do because -- -- things that. Become exposed and easier to gain access to so you can make those improvements while you're incorporating it missed. Changing the bottles nodding to recent issues -- reports on. Okay so well -- do it that -- -- our legal and that follows two you know. I'm sure -- -- I would lose too much -- Investment house. I would think so no I think that's a good improvement. -- -- in the I wanted to note it is if you -- contractors in the area. That market in touch with Chua an announcement on and on deck and -- York looked around and couldn't find anyone. -- you -- email from -- I give to your and your. Can I called walk law bought LE BAT. And give you marks on number. -- 46690235. And mark I'm happy to 66902350. He'll be happy to come removed you're siding. In and repeatedly run would behind it replace it if you have issues with your house trapped repair it. -- and installed -- sounding as well. -- -- Yes he does is there are incidents. I don't have a good weekend thank you to and from New Orleans and Mandy Iran with Paula grange on WWL. K pollen to find out I haven't yet that is still in pretty good shape but it's -- splintered on it actually grandchildren that are allowed. There -- -- at the same material made by stealing him and so by air and wondering if you had any experience at and how they work on. Covering the -- Albert kind of resurfacing at -- -- -- it. Shura amended that probably what you gonna have to do besides the use this to products which BioWare and I've used both -- work well. It you -- all depending on the the type of splinters of the locations splinters you may have to do some preparation to the -- itself. Besides the registration -- meaning. You -- a decent sanding. As so to would read those directions very carefully and how to prepare the attack typically in most cases you know there's there's a cleaning. And even a bright are involved in addition restoring attack but -- fewer concerns specifically about the splinters. I don't want you to try to match expectations. Of what you think that these two products that result -- -- without some additional effort. When you're part about sending the -- dale first. Well I have one more question they talked about Palm Pre feeling some of the you know holes where it's kind of eighteen or something like that. -- there -- specific trying to talking she used to make those coverages before. And also can products once people thicker than the other Sunday is wondering if you had a preference. I actually like -- -- product more with the -- Com and amateur which ones that never actually comparative. Perspective. Let's get back you use your first question is in reference not clocking describe to me that type. Whole outlook should try it. You know that sort. Deteriorate a little bit -- it's -- that is something like that in the city. He'll send her to come and again. You can actually heal and also the product like a pre toting up in the areas and then Cotto -- Yeah I I think I would use and sending in some prepping and then I would use the very product for the pre filling give them before with it. Okay can you put that their product. Vertically on the -- also. Who have never done that calm you know what you could read the manufacturers' practice of never done it for a I don't know. Argument I have a good weekend and happy Easter. If you ever question about home improvements are numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven text numbers 87870. Get ready to win 1000 dollars an -- nationwide 1000 dollar vacation cash contest it starts this Monday April 21. You can be really Smart and join the W York cash club right now. By texting the word cash to wait 7870. That means you're gonna get alerts first. When it's time to enter the 1000 dollar cash contest. Join the WWL cash club right now by texting the word cash to a 7870. We'd ever charge for our text messaging. But individual plan text and -- -- -- of data data rates may apply and good luck for sort radio intercom -- WL. It's Easter weekend and here's our -- WL pretty jaguar opinion poll if archaeologists found evidence of Christ's body would that change your faith. 82% say no 18% say yes give us your opinion by going to WW dot com. Lesson of the Scotia got into an existing discussion about a controversy in Chicago. About their Christian symbols and and son. I'm atheist signs promoting secularism. Once again a controversy around a religious holiday of freedom in America means freedom for all the -- Christians. The -- blog which is still trending on our web -- were -- either agree with or totally disagree with and there's also some very interest economist at the end of the block. He could give as yours as well. It's titled respect for diversity and religious freedom and that's attentively have you well -- -- also on Angela hill did -- really great show the other day. And the -- financially is on today from 6 to 9:6. O'clock she's gonna have the story of Christ. The historical. Scientific evidence. That supports the virgin birth crucifixion. And resurrection. How accurate is that. Story based on historical and scientific evidence. A doctor for public Santo is a phenomenal -- he lectures around the world. That's going to be a -- Angela it's really interesting information on this Easter weekend 6 o'clock tonight presidential here into the WL. From Metairie -- your -- with Paul LaGrange. Good morning mr. LaGrange. I know we're running close to the end of the hour but wanted to get your general thoughts and comments. About when you're building a new house if you used two kinds of insulation. Specifically use the standard baton in the walls but they've used foam in the attic in order to use that as a storage area. Well Alan that's actually time at my home until my house 1212 and appears ago. And -- exterior walls or airtight mean negative I have a good defective air carrier when the exterior. All my bottom playing top place or air sealed. Home I have a continuous insulation board around the outside of my plywood -- So I'm actually getting robust continuous uninterrupted. And insulation board behind my month in the year. And I got to write it appears to inciting brick Stucco. Into the inside -- cavity is a properly installed. And faced fob request that. Amnesty properly installed no impressions no voids -- missing spots in -- in full contact with the accent does she rock. Which is the surface it's insulating. If you do that picture while assembly he performed very very well it doesn't have to be spray foam. The problem with that is -- when does it like it just described it except the folks like myself. And our value of -- -- less back when properly installed does the same or they're used properly installed -- cells brief home. So or values -- about it all comes down to execution. Having that extra while assembly combined with a truly. Properly installed and -- it -- -- assembly. Work's phenomenal. Like -- -- I didn't vote nephews go he can be done when you find someone takes the care and has the knowledge to do it right. Are you sure that the the humidifier would be needed is that sort of part of the package situation closed with a date the man. I highly suggest you do with the humidifier for two reasons. As an outdoor air make -- -- the bringing your outside there you want to filter do you modify inside your home. Secondly you can indeed if you if a high performance house. You can do need a supplemental DB to far in the spring and in the fall you knock it needed in the middle of winter when things are very very try. You knock -- needed win and home. When in the summertime when your commission running all the time the coach -- she's doing that for you you will need it. Is that the humidifier. For the purpose of internal moisture removal in the spring and also in the fall. Already well thank you very much for Europe comments I appreciate. All right -- it's called and happy Easter weekend if you have a quick question force our numbers 2601870. To all free 8668890870. And a text number is they said the 87. -- your attacks and more of your questions are coming up next on -- with our construction consultant Paul LaGrange. This it's -- home improvement show. Deborah bureau it's the Saturday of Easter weekend and a beautiful day this is a home improvement show and from -- CN GF you're on with Paula grange -- every WL. I'm a deliberate -- there -- questions for you. -- The -- want to apply. Like a creek home. All of a sudden build my own home or have you know subcontracted companies build. And they're. I'm going to be pink hair -- And now trying to figure out. About the quality. Of the two army might agree on you -- And quit forward would be better for many use the current -- -- US specifically about -- homes. Or you or or that type of approach but because I I have bidding green homes and that they're done well. It's it's been a number years as a business out of but I have actually I have customers who -- -- and build their home. And I've been there to do some performance testing worn in -- efficiency and and I was quite impressed with the with the quality. Uncertain about the -- on the takes to keep the project. Under -- complete. However the I haven't seen anything wrong with the creek home. It's you do have more flexibility with a custom builder. -- you can design things exactly you wanted. You can which make change orders you have more flexibility of the changes. With green homes. You -- have as much flexibility but you do have some flexibility it's it's a good product. In I would not be. Now I don't think out I would have any issues with him recommending you feel like they're playing you like to change that you can make. For -- to your home. I don't know if this could be that much of a difference to go to a custom home builder in what -- look for very specific. Product that pretty does not offer. Popular and well. Appreciate that and will as far as like out in -- bank -- Is that more wise to do. You know we're pretty -- -- you know get some aren't. I don't think -- -- make much of a difference did you know it cash cash today really as far as I'm concerned does doesn't make a difference. I think you wanna take those monies and put it in a escrow account and whether it's for a custom home -- or for Creighton and as those. Those percents of complete construction is complete a certain stage. You were hiring independent Specter has -- expected to verify that at home was who has completed -- that. 20% or 4% to 6% completes -- stage in order to release those funds from the escrow account to pay that builder. All of accurate -- that mark. I really appreciate the input. All right Jeff night -- weekend. A Paula -- is our construction consulted every Saturday on the home improvement show. He's with LaGrange consulting and -- phone number is 9858452148. That website is LaGrange consulting dot com sister company is energy and comfort solutions website is EC has died GS phone numbers 98559041. A 67 Paul. Happy Easter and we'll see you next week. Happiness and yet that's what they John -- studio producer have Easter get out and enjoy the day I'm scoots -- Orleans.