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Apr 21, 2014|

Dave talks about soda or whatever, if you'd go to the Boston Marathon, and What is Wrong with People

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Ten minutes after 5 AM it's the early edition of WWL partners on this that when he first of April 2014. -- back to work Monday damn man weekend was soon. She was. The -- it was -- she does a lot of wonderful yeah I did some people I heard they don't -- You know that's the the beautiful beautiful week and not long enough. -- now it's -- wasn't it we are back. -- and so okay I'll be back job welcome back Arnold. Shouldn't terminator five here in new Portland's starting today. And how much she's in the movie that's not real clear that he has in and we know that out and next in the terminated theories as the summer of sequels. Really is taking off here and appease the hard work and on Jurassic Park for now. Five underway. For a movie to go. Back. And I would say we're those are pretty big caliber movie yet and there aren't even more analysts. To would you go to the Boston Marathon. Balance that hey. None of them half marathon -- sure I would. The fear of someone trying something stupid would deter you and the hassle of having to not bring anything with you it's not any clear bag. Would not deterred I think there's security from what I've been able to have read about it and see. Looks pretty impressive. You know -- as someone on the security team. There over the weekend that's probably the safest place. On the plane and -- If it is at the Boston Marathon -- they got cameras. All over the place and personal. Check point by the thousands here at the rules. He still had that one more on -- yeah last week that -- drop. Couple backpack with pressure cookers and confetti. Night. -- -- -- funny your not gonna make a point to what you -- -- to do it. Steel bars. AM Boston Marathon today. And it's a shame that we asked to do this you know. I mean I can remember and I'm sure you do for years and years. Well today's Boston Marathon. You know and we have a piece or two on certain it was kind of exciting and and you'd mention it and now it has a whole different. Thing to -- Like I've cast a -- one year ago the bombings at the Boston on the deadly bombings that injures scores and scores on top of people were killed and people lost limbs. And severely injures. Today they do it again for the first time and cemented to me hey let's go. I'm might just because of all the hassles involved. All of the difficulty in the checkpoint and all of that it's a shame but that's what we've come to him and you look at one of the Super Bowl here and everything people go to you have to walk half. Half -- way to get through checkpoints. And you have to go to the ones in the metal detectors but of course we do that every time we get them airplane. And so it just the right it's it's the world in which we live Yahoo! -- it is. -- saw last folks this morning. Money go to the boss -- Would you go and when anything keep you away from the Boston Marathon whether it's a hassle -- it's them. Threat. You think someone's gonna try to make -- point. Terrorist. Leader homegrown or from overseas. Might do something. If somebody does something. I'm hoping it's a big mistake on the airport. -- caught long term and we'll do carry out in the let's -- -- accident -- has a great race and there are Albert Al. Eligible and available on. Are able to. Celebrate all things great about one of great new boom the world's not alone let alone America's greatest cities Austin's a great great. Thank you David we'll talk to you. In about fifteen minutes more first news here on WWL am FM and a count went to work -- weather look like we'll take a look at that right after this and -- sports Steve Geller. A little golf tournament going on in the Crescent City this week will be -- up what happened over the weekend as well. Thanks for joining us and be in a part of the early edition of WWL first news on this. The and it's Monday morning but we'll get through it together. 5 is it good morning I'm Dave Allen thank you so much for joining us here on the early edition of WW golfers in his unprecedented 7870. Which you go to the Boston Marathon they respond I think I'll stay home watch it on TV buys this -- you don't wanna deal with. But the fear that someone may try to pull off another attack one year after the deadly bombings happened at last year's Boston. Will continue to take your. Text messages and 878 Emmy talk about the more fun stuff coming up as well right now your forecast. It's looking like another warm one this Monday with 82 this afternoon and partly cloudy skies and should be pretty pleasant this evening overnight lows dropping and this sixties. With a few upper fifties north of the -- now watch for some patchy fog early Tuesday morning otherwise partly cloudy skies and a 30% chance for late day shower. Highs tomorrow reach about 81 and we're back to some sunshine on Wednesday with -- the after the net 82 from the Eyewitness News forecast center and -- Clark backed out. A few clouds out there but Tom -- 61 degrees at the airport encounter are warm start Monday morning and cloudy and 54 at the National Weather Service office in -- with 93%. Relative humidity and gave -- -- at the early edition of WWL first news coming up. How much showed. Soft drinks Coke whatever you call it what do you call it how much of that stuff. Do you drink a year do you think I'll tell you a new report out on how many gallons. Of the soft drinks we consume. Each year. Sports time now on WWL or bring in Steve -- what do you call that stuff you know the bubbly stuff that generally is Coke Pepsi soda soda. Not pop now and -- pop a cold drink soft. Not coats and call all them. Gone so. You have depending on what is this Friday root beer. Here on you today Emeka you know kind. They're out and -- this. Guy code. Rupiah sports Stein nepalese youth to -- get a cut about a week and tells what happened this week. Well good morning everyone the NBA playoffs are under way at all game ones of the opening round or in the books. So much for home court advantage as five of the road teams in the eight matchups were winners. Portland beat the rockets won twenty to 120 in overtime in Houston the wizards took down the bulls 102 to 93 in the United Center. The spurs were able to take care of business at home beating the mavericks ninety to 85. And the heat rallied back in the fourth quarter 49 -- 88 win over the bobcats Miami's LeBron James says the team -- was non playoff mode early on in the game. No we all gassed thought we employed two weeks and there -- thought we can do nothing in the long time you know but it playoffs but I can't. We have any rhythm sort you can vote no resume work. Over to the diamond where UT Arlington rally for four runs in the ninth inning and got a five to four walk off win against you well -- yet. -- efforts lost -- nothing to Colorado Springs. Mac -- -- overcame a four stroke deficit to finally finish on top when his chip in on the eighteenth hole gave him a victory at the RBC heritage. -- was -- trucks behind the Luke Donald at the start but made up with seven birdies on his first ten holes. And Rubin hurricane Carter the boxer who was wrongful murder conviction became an international symbol of racial injustice has died at the age of 76. He had been stricken with prostate cancer and passed away in his sleep Carter spent nineteen years imprisoned for three murders in 1966. He was freed in 1985. When his convictions were set aside after years of appeals in public advocacy. Today -- -- on sports talk make or break season which saints players need to get going this year or -- gone and it said in its. The pulmonary show I'm Steve Geller and that your early morning look exports ninety minutes after 5 AM the early edition of WWL Thursday's. The golf tournament here in New Orleans kinda gets going today right is another horse the FB today is a pro am OK -- some of the pros and some of the amateurs who need. Sizable fees yes to get to golf with the professional golfers take the course and the actual tournament starts midweek. Right on Wednesday on Wednesday. And some of the world's top golfers are here. Yet it's going to be interesting to see you know I was -- hoping to -- bubble watch and turn out but it ended up not coming. You know I've just winning the masters I was hoping he would come to -- -- is Eric Yang has been here before that's the thing it's funny if you win the masters often -- like and a back a couple million box them ran his green jacket out the government played just yet. My has just moved into it some time off -- bask in the glows the greens victory -- -- had its. Will talk more about that as we get closer to Wednesday's actual action about the morality tigers have a good weekend -- a yet they ended up taking two out of three game from Ole miss a little bit shaky there in that third game but. The tigers and that come through thanks in large part to their pitching hitting still seems an issue. The tigers' top man -- Vick went over the entire weekend over the weekend but they still still managed to pull out the the series. Victory which is all that matters again. At Talladega Alabama. Yes when -- that -- that will be in not this coming weekend but I believe in. Weakened following and it's in ballot box stadium and that will really determine a lot about what happens in the post season because it's Alan -- and Alabama. Fighting for supremacy in this move we've heard that before dad seems to happen and several sports -- -- -- Steve will -- you -- for some or sports supremacy kimono and but when he prime minister on WWL AM at them and now I'd coming up how much you drink soda cold drinks soda pop. Coke whatever you call it what do you call -- text me 878 Stephanie and about -- with the beverage industries as people up to in terms of consumption. Give me and it would make him less of it 126 on -- Monday morning good morning I'm Dave -- on it comes to. Soft drinks -- pops up every column how many different things people call -- I've gotten text message. Messages and 87870. It says how about carbonated drinks. Another one says soft drink another one says cold pop. -- says -- support different text messages. For different things that people call. The carbonated beverages. That we consume coming up multi how much of it were consuming and what's going on in the industry of soft -- right now but he forecasts. Another mild start this morning with temperatures mainly in the sixties there were climbing up to about 82 this afternoon. And only dropping down to the sixties and maybe few upper fifties overnight tonight but watch out for some late nightfall been arrested Tuesday partly cloudy skies Thursday 830% chance Turkey spotty showers in the afternoon. With -- that 81. Would return to the sunshine on Wednesday with ties back up to 82. From the eyewitness -- forecast -- I'm meteorologist Clark knocked out. Tom wins 87% relative humidity is partly cloudy and 61 at the airport and -- in Slidell mostly cloudy and 54 degrees -- Dave Cohen at the early edition of WWL first news according to a leading beverage industry newsletter. There was a sizable decline. In soda consumption in the United States as it continues to drop coming up -- how many gallons. Of soft drinks soda pop. -- but every college. At the average American consumes each year may surprise you. Our present tax mandates that needs them it is soft drinks comes from reference to non -- vs hard feelings -- -- which have later. -- Any drink without liquor than would be soft drink so we being. A little too. Specific if we refer to just carbonated beverages as soft drinks. At how many gallons you consume a year it will tell you at least with the industry says coming up here I'm WWL I am -- -- account after the news. CBS news update I'm Dave -- they'll be Boston's strong today with the first running of the marathon since last year's bombings have learned about being in this city. 37 minutes after 5 AM at the early edition of WWL for listeners on this that when he first of April 2014. -- it's mind -- dad it is we'll make it through it together as week. At such a glorious weather week so are just unbelievable. When I listened to and you will find meteorologist. They'll coming up. He beat him -- dot com. -- story -- am fascinated by the LSU -- center looking at the the beverage digest report yeah and it says that in 1998. The average American consumed 51. Gallons of soda when the report calls it soda a year. The industry of the people call -- -- joke. Pop. Up at the breeze words for it did the text messages it's it's different terms used. And according to this digest it's an internal you know -- industry publication. Says Americans are now drinking 44 gallons. Soft drink soda per year that's way down yen down from 51 in 98 to 44. Now. The average cost of a twelve pack has gone up since Stan. And there's been a lot of attention paid. Two people who claim that the soft drinks sodas are the root of -- obesity now or at least -- best it. A very big portion of the presidency so oh. We just drank 51 gallons on -- Americans now we're -- 44 and hopefully no one does that all. Now I see a lot of tea drinking. In this town lots of T brought them yet lots of sugar while yeah yeah they got a sugar and squeeze a -- whatever that any better. You know that's a good question in it's got caffeine it's catcher we were out Saturday night and I know our reports three packets. -- sugar it was a two all three but I was just to get a and I'm not overly sweet. The three packets three packets to get -- Swedish now. I didn't added up to what that works out of this is probably a lot. It's not not a little all right -- -- tedious to witness that making a better in this is does that include TDs carbonated. Yeah he's -- so what is the one place I drink. I countering many sodas soft -- cokes whatever but the one place I always do. I have to will -- -- guests have one of those ridiculously. Large -- I would agree they get that and I get the refills. So hard -- I thought. Yeah you get to fight it -- with a free refills -- At some point ego and -- it back up and even if I don't finish -- -- -- fill it up you know after. Spree now retails for you and Edward. Ever order -- At the -- -- a summit this psychological. Popcorn big giants out. And and the real -- taste -- -- an idea -- I -- right now I get doctor -- -- and putting more money -- for them. If I eat pizza. Then I'll get Coke but Gilani Pete add to that a lot the night due for summaries in the states go together these or other metal and I'll never ask token -- I've -- Now almost never have a doctor pepper mr. -- consummate the movies and Avant -- speaking of the movies. We didn't talk about it on Good Friday for whatever reason -- -- your prediction but I ask you. Off the off and -- what you thought would be number one -- and and I believe you said Rio to -- though I thought it might -- but he -- Captain America continues to vanquish the box up follows. Tramping in ticket sales for the third consecutive week. And beating a formidable commander in Johnny Depp and his the studios the marvel sequel brought in 26 million dollars more. While debt scifi -- transcended. Open weighed down in fourth place. And we its -- now plays a man you against dies but they keep them alive by putting his brain waves into a computer. Anderson so Rio two held on for second place and the religious film heaven is for real which opened on Wednesday. Was in. An hour ago. Thank you David aren't in about twenty minutes more for his Chris Miller joins us with more on the debate getting underway this week. Seven last week that the latest now this week it looks like the debate. Medical marijuana in the Louisiana legislature. Alone and -- let's go live and direct Eyewitness News forecast and it's a good Monday -- Welcome back once again and I'll just -- -- Well eastern yesterday I had weather could not have been nicer to -- outside all weekend now guys soaking up the sun and enjoying. Relatively low humidity. And just halfway you know at that time a year where it's that -- bottle this up we deepen the. That I can remember I nicer Easter -- it seemed like infant and can be a little chilly sometimes seeking you know talking rain storms sometimes for Easter set. -- -- is near perfect conditions oddly from Friday when skies cleared Friday always -- yesterday. No matter what you were doing whether -- involved hunting eggs her bunny hopping right or did you read. It was great to react or as it is that's. Whether kids. You can yeah you know today it's gonna be very similar to yes they are actual -- yes it was 82 U. It's a couple little bit yesterday and some think pretty close to that again today but the difference is that may feel just a little bit more humid a big difference but it may. Little luckier for those that this -- -- but no rain at all today no rain is really not expected today tomorrow we will see some showers and may be few thunderstorms as our next step how weak front moves in on Tuesday -- -- Tuesday afternoon and eat -- about a 30% chance for some spotty rains are not likely but possible. And it makes him right along that front this is not a strong front that not talking. Severe storms and -- heavy rain and that sort of thing and it's really gonna bring much cooler weather will be a little bit dryer on Wednesday. But we're still going to be in -- low eighties on Wednesday that not cooling down much behind it and right now likely on Wednesday and hope we can clear out with the drier air Wednesday we're staying dry Thursday and then for the first week and it Jazz Fest right now. Al Gore with low to mid eighties -- a 1020% rain -- it's Friday Saturday Sunday great. Whether to go to the fairgrounds drive whether to -- accuse the Zurich classic right system golf great whether it is about anything all this week's really complain it's it's. Look pretty quiet percent chance of rain tomorrow and other than that the highest rate -- excellent I'd like it. I love it wants the more. Remember your promise. -- you went to. I mean -- for -- you -- weapons that out now okay. I've just asked him because -- -- to overcome a Captain America minute ago and now I'm Miss America and Miss America is asking of Pennsylvania school district to reconsider. After punish disputed who asked her problems. During a question and answer portion of an assembly at the school. Yeah Miss America posted a statement and the organization's FaceBook page saying that she contacted central York -- one Pennsylvania. -- officials to rethink a three day school suspension. After eighteen year old Patrick. FA RVE yet and OK and -- it's far observes Bob razor. Neighbors in them and one of those we've -- anyway the eighteen year old says that you she says that. He. Cannot go to the dance because of -- travel schedule but would have gone. Tall. And school officials say they knew that this -- year. Intended to ask Miss America to prom and warned him not to -- when he needed anyway that's -- -- suspected he was told no. Apparently and they said he cause disruption because the fellow students went crazy. He apologized for disrupting the event. Here's the thing you know it's always easier to ask forgiveness than permission so maybe they say that you could occur -- I think word got out even. I've been quiet got no word got out names -- folks at the school filed it now don't do it but here's the real thing -- really wanna go to prom with Miss America. Apparently he hit it to the point -- promise you a deal with someone that you really like -- -- open that he can get a little romantic and the very close time and slow dances together and you know maybe there's a kiss and all that who knows what else but. Well I think that exact why he -- the American. People celebrities go to prom went back I think I -- it -- extremely unlikely that they're gonna I'll get accused. -- -- -- -- -- either way because that they say you know in the celebrity looks you know standoffish and -- in and night out they think -- yes. And that's really awkward you know last time the celebrities a good bit older than it hurts you nationally right. It's just it's awkward all it's a bad situation either way I feel I really actually feel -- -- the slippery when and that. Circumstance you know because it just it doesn't it just doesn't work out and it's cool like TI yeah. It's just at. Work -- I think if you ask a celebrity go to prom with you probably do belong in the people file. Just because it just doesn't make any sand rise there's no way that's gonna lead the romance in your back in the live happily ever after with the celebrity host and promptly I mean you know if you guys. Likely they're -- to show up for a few minutes maybe for some photo ops -- -- it's not like they're gonna. Hang out with -- all night on an enemy of the bride and limo and then go to the after party. Way and how would -- your thinking you know they don't really wanna be the year that they feel like they have to be there I don't -- seem awkward. -- all cordoned off -- think I. Years or awkward enough not to add the and it's -- local. He had asked you to -- Laura but now writes that you know an awkward but that I probably would have to -- now just because I'm 32 you and I probably -- -- cancer. Yeah I don't even notice all these -- doesn't. My -- down alive and direct from the acting as important -- that Steve Geller when I go to prom but we are gonna sports coming up after this. And we have gotten a few text messages from national Matt and -- area reporting a loud noise around 5 AM where. Checking with local authorities so far no one is reporting anything but we are checking with local authorities to find out if there was anything happen. Just to see what people felt and or heard of that coming up here on WW. Sports time now for that we welcome -- Steve Geller it is Monday morning. Great weekend for everything even sports and some great stuff coming up this week -- that and more we say hello Steve Taylor. And good morning happy Monday everybody plenty of game one surprises in the opening round of the NBA playoffs. LaMarcus Aldridge scored a franchise playoff record 46 points. And Damian Miller 31 including the go ahead free throws in overtime. To lift the Portland Trail Blazers to a 122. To 120 victory over the Houston Rockets. The wizards went into Chicago and beat the bulls 1021093. Washington head coach Randy Wittman says his ball club release that things up after halftime I told. Guys we know we got to give back to the fight you know we got out of the fight. That's what these games are now you know there's soon closer as a cowardly and I saw the second half we didn't never lose that lynch. The Miami Heat were able to take care of business at home winning 99 to 88 over the Charlotte Bobcats and Tim Duncan scored 27 points to lift the spurs past the mavericks ninety to 85. In baseball you'll -- yet surrendered a three run lead in the ninth inning and lost five to four to UT Arlington. This -- -- to nothing by Colorado Springs Matt -- overcame a four stroke deficit to finish on top. Which is stunning chip in on the eighteenth hole giving him. A victory at the RBC heritage culture was four shots behind Luke Donald at the start but made that up with seven birdies on his first ten -- And the man known as hurricane has died at the age of 76 the boxer Rubin Carter passed away in his sleep after suffering from prostate cancer. He spent nineteen years in prison for three murders at a tavern in Paterson, New Jersey back in 1966. Carter was freed finally in 1985 with convictions were set aside after years of appeals in public advocacy his ordeal in the alleged racial motivations behind it. -- publicized in Bob Dylan's 1975. Song hurricane several books and a 1999. Film starring Denzel Washington. -- on sports talk make or break season which saints players need to get going this year or. Yet gone. Then at seven it's the pulmonary show I'm Steve Geller with your early morning. Monday look at sports I had 53 gave -- on Steve -- is -- to highlight that it's Monday just keep reminding us it's Monday. It's all right though it were very -- loan. There were making it through it's it's a beautiful weather we don't have an out of hoping that this weekend that we had. Continues on for Jazz Fest that we don't get any kind of marine Sodom right now it's looking good for the first week anchor so there is looking good for the Zurich classic look and did for jazz -- looking good for anything you want to do outside this weekend. And think they're probably looking pretty good for LSU baseball is a took two victory in the early weekend's series -- things that way before Easter and then they have -- mid week contests. And then. Another SEC contest what Mississippi State aid and then Arkansas. Look and on the SEC schedule -- a case of yet to land Tuesday and Tennessee this week. Our nights that's the following weekend. May ninth tenth and eleventh that they take on -- Don't weekend after that may second third and fourth -- -- Texas and a OK so it's not it's in three weeks we get -- -- and Alabama at Tennessee and Texas man then Alabama did you watch any of the NBA playoffs. I had a little bit of -- on yesterday while doing some of the cooking and preparing. And got to see the spurs. Gave the end of the spurs game which was great you think this -- now -- definitely room for Tim dunk because I think he's going to be retiring after this season going to be -- is that you know after retirement shifted back about fifteen -- no problem with more sports here on WWL I am FM and dot com. 555 to -- if your forecast here on the early edition of WWL first news. A pretty quiet start the new workweek with partly cloudy skies around today and a little warmer than the weekend look for -- later on average about 82. Tonight dropping down into the low sixties may be few upper fifties north of the -- with partly cloudy skies and -- some patchy fog by early tomorrow morning. And for the arrested Tuesday it will go save 30% chance of a few spotty showers with highs around 81. And back to some sunshine on Wednesday keeping those highs in the low eighties from the eyewitnesses forecast center I'm meteorologist Clark Alcatel. We are getting text messages from a variety of areas of people who heard some describe it as a boom others as a staying others just as a loud noise one person says I heard the loud boom and up or Algiers close to regret now. Another presence as I heard a huge bang it was at 448. I work at the on the river right by the convention center and marked the time as as I live. In Marrero and I heard a loud boom to. So we're trying to track down the source of the loud boom also text messages from shell match. Bureau. Other places people hurt them than just before 5 AM. Loud boom. One person described it as an explosion. As one of them like to them one of the person says the house should. So if you heard it let us know and where -- checking with authorities. So far now cut no confirmations of -- source of that. I know in the past we do you have sometimes the fighter jets sonic boom as there are coming -- going. From the naval air station connected via a lot of refineries over the Iraq and speculate but we're gonna try to find out for you have a great Monday --

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