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4-21 6:15am Tommy, missing Malaysian plane

Apr 21, 2014|

Tommy talks to CBS News Aviation Safety Analyst Mark Rosenker about what we know about the missing Malaysian plane

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I Tommy Tucker 6:17 on this Monday morning in the sixties right now but eventually will go up to the lower eighties but for the most part dry and we're joined right now by -- aviation friend mark rose -- CBS -- aviation safety analyst and they a lot of experience market these things and Tom added that the experts on good morning. Thanks for taking the time this. I was wondering as they talk about the -- mounting for the -- the underwater robots not finding anything for that missing Malaysian flight if anything really has substantially changed since that time the flight went down because they're been some reports of debris and and it really wasn't debris from the plane. Com discourse then not that Corso. Did take us back and recap if you will where we are and is missing Malaysian jetliner. Very very difficult very talented and very frustrated nothing really has changed. Ultimately able to where we have been in we have not found anything and now -- -- -- night mission of the incident 41 submersible. It is unfortunately we have not found a single thing. Now. They've gotten more of the territory which they blocked out as the original possibilities. The aircraft to be only ocean floor. They will be going to their calculations again they may be looking in other spots. But clearly this has been a very disappointing and frustrating at mission. How does is compared to can jump on me how does compared. The search for the missing French airliner took two years of fine. It's really different almost under -- 100%. There. Let's think about it within five days -- actually about some of floating debris. We were able to do and do the calculations necessary. Actually find the aircraft on the ocean floor the problem that we -- with that particular. Investigation. Is that we could bring it definitely certain particular amount of square square miles and even that. Was extremely challenging to be able to get to agree that you really in incredible. Debt series of challenging events that came up including other. And including the ability to get there they're submersible still the right spot. In this particular case we knew about it even though it took two years it was really only twenty when he comes -- real operations. You know it did for those that don't know mark Rezko friend he's a former chairman of the National Transportation Safety Board we're talking about Malaysian flight 370 because. I just think and as I saw reports over the weekend of how much it's costing and how fruitless searches and that other than the prime minister coming out -- him this did this radars. To checkered pattern whatever you call with mark that. This is the only place the jet could have been. But that's kinda like. And it trying to make light of this although one of the most routinely out. Violated rules of golf as a -- ballroom because people will lose their ball -- it will let me drop one right here. And I always drove me crazy because that's the one place you know it isn't so why would leave it yet assailants and all the places it it couldn't possibly be here. Anyway getting back to you that's -- appointment. I just don't know if they've they've been looking in the wrong spots -- place -- the plane could not be after the prime minister says it was only please it could be an outlook and I can't find. Well then -- get to it. Of the that they believed the aircraft that could've been has been searched and may have found not. They've still got another. Of the territory to examine. Let's well hope that deal -- is that. Is we will find some minutes. It's not as they will begin doing calculating necessary to fight alternative positions. That would give them a chance maybe it. At any point you know some people have conspiracy theories about -- at any point would. Passenger compensation coming into extra for families of passengers a compensation for them for whatever reason. They never found a plane. Does that affect. You know on and you know an attorney but you've been on a periphery of this a lot does that affect the way families would be compensated if they -- find anything. And no because the actual -- the Montreal -- in this particular case that governs how much. The airline is going to -- Then of course this afternoon I was at those numbers and they could be anywhere from 15275000. A passenger. And others who kept. That the that the lawyers and not picking up on behalf of the the -- the next of care and that could end up being significantly more because that would be civil suit. When it comes to calm. The U I know you deal in facts and told a satellite you don't deal in some positions are resumptions. Let. Who who do at this point what do you think with all of your experience that that plane had to have gone down in the ocean and that eventually it's gonna be found or. Would you say as a former national. Transportation safety board chairman day I don't know what happened to it until it finds proof. I think I think that -- that particular that is exactly. I have to say as the chairman of the former chairman of the NT yes may we we don't know. In this case. Where the aircraft is we're attempting to find the best knowledge. Usually in -- that data using performance data using the track data. I mean. Basically and I experienced on the group. So down a hall led. Being distilled down means nobody knows. Absolutely. Nobody knows if they knew they would find it. We are attempting to -- locate this aircraft by virtue of mathematical calculations. And what appears to do our best. A possible evidence and every -- now would be it looks like we have to make some different kinds of heroes series. And calculations are going to be able to ultimately find the end. And -- thank you mark I appreciate your time I really do any time.

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