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WWL>Topics>>4-21 6:45am Tommy, does govt serve your interests?

4-21 6:45am Tommy, does govt serve your interests?

Apr 21, 2014|

Tommy talks to Ben Page, a Political Science Professor at Northwestern, about a study he did that shows the US government mainly serves the interests of the rich and powerful

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Make the most of today and analysts and this study. By Princeton and northwestern university's. Has determined in essence this central point that emerges is that economic elites and organized groups. Representing business interest to have substantial. Independent impacts on US government policy. Have substantial independent yet while mass base interest groups an average citizens have little or no independent influences -- Get a taxi comes in and its not worded that eloquently -- sink into the point that says to study for people realize. What's been happening for years let's -- one of the people had made that study band aid shipments of political science at northwestern in Illinois good morning sir -- -- -- Thanks for taking the time this tell me how you conducted the study in how you came about. They -- statement that the United States is turning more into an oligarchy. That a democracy and I guess I should ask you to define oligarchy cars. Well let's start with security we actually. Some -- put -- at home. It's been papers. It went through the use of crisis -- but it is getting. The ordinary citizens in this have no influence business groups and wealthier individuals have quite a bit. That doesn't mean the top 1% of the top 110 of 1% remembered that there. Arm. It's not everything did did studies determine how much it if not everything they run and he is of the substantial things news. I always look at it doctor is well. Well -- people are divided company -- if if they won his 51 and the other has 49 and they both think Obama about what we're about equal but no they go 51 controls everything so is it. Kinda tantamount to that where the the people that the very wealthy interest control the things that matter. Well -- posted that in this community cares that ordinary citizens really have close to zero independent informed. But that the thing we don't really know who's who among people with more. Resources and most of the problems we don't know at the top 20% of their top 1% in the top 110 4%. I think on a fourth of July we think of the founding fathers and and other days in American history and and we think of everybody has a vote everybody has a say in what happens but. How is it now or was it ever that way and how has it changed now and why -- why wouldn't a person like myself have a say in the year what happens. Well I think money has come to play him because -- politics. And that was probably true by the end of the nineteenth century when we begin -- industries and it is. It. Probably -- about -- in the with inequality increasing. Is it a cyclical thing. Throughout the nation's history. I'm I'm not accurate cyclical I think it has to do with that particular her. Economic circumstances. Which are not good right now for the average. So when it comes to borrow money is it. A form moments of bribery or corruption or how wide is the money have such an influence. Well that's a good question I don't think it's bribery and I think if you wanna use the term option if it. Part corrupt system it's not dishonest politicians. Certainly. We get the setup a system in which you couldn't buy the results of elections to a large extent. It's not surprising that -- have a lot of it. And now he's asked how is that is that because of advertising and people want to -- due diligence and as a result I guess I'm asking is the money by anything that people. Don't really. Sign off on in one way or the other through perhaps not voting they're not doing their due diligence -- -- this isn't just set up. So that if you are an independent candidate you know again. Yeah that's right it's it would be possible. It's not possible without either pulling people or having people drop out. You're you're you're right that the other and money can buy a lot of advertising in -- -- Get a crowd of misleading picture that your opponent for example. Which will discourage people. And that's when -- in which really gets swept. They always thought that that. Because of that it affected the way people vote because if you have a big lengthy -- -- one issue is on and about. Guns or abortion or something that really strikes a chord with people that. -- they won't vote. According to what they think is best for the country or how they feel they vote think and Alexi can anybody use this against me in the next election cycle. EA is an excerpt saying it will John Smith favors free bailouts for whom every understand and amassed in her. Irk her her and is that part of the process with the money in part of the problem with a yeah I think that right will -- where can people find out more about the study. Well it is it's kind of traveled quite a -- -- the way in most places you can get linked to the original study. If people haven't mandated it might be good to look at war. You know the quick -- there's there's -- really quick summary of the New York -- block party term capacity in the as a really good on him cutie communications by. -- You can get a sort of wondered two page. Excellent summary of the study. Doctor appreciate your time and hope we talked to you again. Okay thank you --

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