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WWL>Topics>>4-21 7:15am Tommy, dress code?

4-21 7:15am Tommy, dress code?

Apr 21, 2014|

Tommy talks to Lizzie Post of the Emily Post Institute about when to dress up and when casual is okay

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Rosie post. A -- of the named post family when it comes to etiquette -- losses coauthor rather of Emily post's etiquette the eighteenth edition is -- to talk to you again. Aren't good morning -- a case should I have said good morning how are you as opposed to good to talk to you again you know -- crane probably thank your critic -- now now it's just I'm so nervous when I talk to you because it and full time. -- article -- tell me tell me about. The dress codes in the way people dress and and you know I think personally my opinion is. Our American culture started to collapse and people stop wearing neckties to movies. -- -- right there are no and noticed a decline but. Man -- of people having a hard time decide what's appropriate to weird -- occasion. Anything we ask. More options and electability now which does make it more difficult don't know what the right thing where your plan. And I think the best thing you can ever deal. Is circling dress an optional because you can always -- -- -- guys. We're attacked at the party now all is wearing -- usual kickoff but it your pocket you know you're a kick out top. Kill -- And I say that lazy because right before you came on the worst thing I've ever seen as somebody at a funeral. In a tank top shorts and flip flops. What. That's. That yeah Irish came that was an interesting interpretation of pinnacle. Of it. How can you do and then and you know one of my things is that. I -- somewhere in shorts and a teacher to work right now because nobody sees me but it. I think when you go to funeral out of respect for the family I don't I don't think it's bad to put time on you know and and maybe a jacket because I see people there and in jeans and T shirts and and other things and yeah. Is there a way that. People can combined -- Italy about the new liberties that we have more or new choices with. Just common sense idea no money indeed dealing here's India over dress always. And that make you feel as uncomfortable. -- -- -- comfortable you know pressure or with the current and cocktail attire that would be overkill obviously. How can. You really need to be able it's. It's situation in the matter is and always seem to shelling out. In the wrong thing I would start calling them host for a short and aren't paying eight. You know I just want to try and -- What you're thinking of wearing -- and people are going to be just yesterday Easter Easter Sunday while it is very broken apart the holiday. They could write about that. There's no -- in Florida back up in California New York has all over the great oak. But I'll let you know what it used to look very casual Easter dinner. You know or ought to Chile and everything. And Eric Holder that he what are you planning on wearing -- -- you know let. My count any middle are expendable. Line that's okay. And to. There -- without my grandmother -- and in -- or slacks and a gesture in there. Com. When when we go to church com in my because I await tee shirts and shorts. And probably did wrong here but we take it -- actually go to church yes we did dressed. You know. Because it was Easter and we went one to be respectful when it comes at church. What's appropriate what's not and keep in mind we him and extremely. Hot and humid climate here -- Very -- and you have to take that into consideration. I institute in particular meaning -- question. I have been to churches where I -- not anywhere in jeans at all. And I have been churches where a person in the tank top and short short -- a lot. So I think this is the incident police abortion. And I think that you really want to. Not allowed your clothing to be something that could distract others from worst thing. Well and even beyond shorts and and just being schedules on people -- -- clothing that. Is a tad provocative in church and you know as I let myself watch and I'm thinking I relish the deal and is now. It's too low carpentry and all they are tight fitting. Very tight fitting -- and really tight you know -- and art to get away from these days it seemed like everything is made out of and back. There. Bottom line how to people know what's appropriate to dress at a funeral go to church -- It just kind of medium it up and and I -- a funeral you know have a second chance and he. Well you know of course aside from from having one of violently and current cable -- and -- -- really injured two can't take a minute before you critical part of the day and think about. -- community whether or greater community or your family community. Event. You know or you're doing for the day. He can take apple to actually think hey wait a second. You know what would be appropriate what would not want and it and then your level of comfort beyond. And we haven't had timely we will next time on casual days it works on people want in. With clothes that they use literally paint house bill -- our house and you know it's not it's not trashy -- that day of community service re you know pick up garbage is an enemy a level of decorum. Absolutely I mean that when it comes to work you're -- about what -- -- client actually did stop by the office and even if you don't. Of client would stop by the -- what does that happen. Which you feel comfortable here where greeting them. -- thank you every time I just got to ask junior and said that you -- Evan jelly beans is that all you had for getting us. To. Get back are you that it's better get them are true -- It's. And that's a -- all. -- great day and a great week in -- again I can't.

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