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4-21 9:10am Tommy, racist babies?

Apr 21, 2014|

Tommy talks to Jessica Somerville, an Assistant Professor of Psychology at the University of Washington, about research that says babies display racial bias

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And that you know that because there's -- idea that says fifteen month. Year old babies toddlers and every one column. Sometimes prefer to play with others that look. More like them so. And in my collection uses is racial bias something that were always fighting against it does have anything to do with race or just appearance and it helpless. Sort all of this out. Is com Jessica. Summer feels she's the associate professor of psychology at the University of Washington director of social emotional and cognitive competence at the center for child and and we -- and Jesse your business card must be five by eight. Guy is big title -- but we appreciated it means you know what you're doing and thank you know. Getting up early on the -- on the West Coast to join us so tell me how the study was conducted and what did each -- Clinton didn't he mentioned that. It was their day went by with people like there are other people where. -- Even -- that we have come a lot I know it was. -- but that was built in Britain now with insistently to. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- an opportunity to. Couldn't choose to our viewers she's -- with it. I'm only the argument that it had a systematic and you don't -- -- but there are and there are. I'm probably a little heartburn that you -- on the question that we. In fact they are. On the -- There where for example you wouldn't. -- put it -- the way it. I'm I'm like -- in -- it is quite aware that the commitment that that it is. We find that there are certain. Iron back back back there and insert it here. There -- at -- -- -- out of their individual and individual. This is the first. Learned a great long life. That didn't record their. Asian art. Reclaim. So when I when I first saw this and read this and and -- just confirm what it showed I immediately thought well I've heard adults. That when they perceive somebody to have something that. Either they think the person that they see should not be in entitled to -- shouldn't somehow haven't not that embodies given it to him but. When it triggers jealousy then it seems like race becomes the default. And it might be like oh look at deleted a white guy in in a Mercedes all white guys get chances that we don't have. And as a result. Date date and have -- that we never can only canned or if it's. The other way around if it's a white person in her conquer NEC. An African American person and an older three vehicle than they say. Did he see my tax dollars are paying for that Iraq is finding it interesting that. So first of -- with Sarah unfair even in the adult world perhaps and then go raceway -- And -- you know. He is not calling it that these are starting Q and kind of our current the world. But it that you. I'm not at the you can't read or ethnicity that we -- not I didn't relationship kind of carpet. The world is -- what language occurred in the weeks. We didn't. He's that kind of more -- -- situations like if someone is -- particular there are. -- How different is that as a human being. Have there have been studies so if they do that then if you jealous of somebody for whatever reason he perceives them they have something that you. Should have but don't. Does that mean then that. The the next thing you automatically go to is whether they look like you or not and hey I'm just trying to figure out what drives what you're just because you could say okay that person has a luxury car or -- big home. I should have that but I don't see you dislike him for that first -- in and would you have the same feelings if they look the same color issue or this just like you. -- that question that but there they are giving it. How familiar are a group or not and the war on. Did not issue or is it more mark and the I am. Going under and is that. People. Familiar with respect your opponent those children. Are. Not enough to put the work. -- agree that the that hasn't been mentioned that you kind of like what it is present in their central preferred not there. Take a call here from bill line north sure who says he's a Ph.D. student as a a question about your methodology -- a billion -- -- vote. Question. Your -- I talk about -- they control four. Or Egypt could stroll for. Her actions in the or injured. Here's our families weren't all that haven't -- regular first. Action at all that the child witnesses. On. -- witness brought it out in the light of our. Children that critical for instance com. If you live and calm spot all respect anybody. On the -- for African -- American neighborhood and that's strictly social outlet where -- And it typically all white neighborhood. On -- yours or arsenic next cultural neighborhood that -- but those types of thing. Yeah back. And yeah. Content of their recruitment under. -- That the. Comment. Probably. Spot on that. I would. -- I -- that. I'm not at that more. Empathy. It. -- I'm glad you called and I guess when you say that yes it makes me think. It you know because -- for a long time this country's struggle with race and and it's -- business country lot of places so. Can you evacuate you know -- result there that EF. You assimilate your child or yourself for your family -- one hand you with people of a different color of people don't look like you know every one is saying it. That that will make them more accepting. Of people of different races and when they get older because they get more used to it when they're infants. -- -- -- in the future I'm. I -- is back on. To -- and I'm not. -- And the kind. More of the -- And at. School and you know it comes to their parent and I thought I. When it made you wanna you know a lot dinner and I'm thinking about the people that. A playground at the currency or that I'm you know -- -- -- Wouldn't -- -- in the Clinton caught -- and didn't have one and promote -- Yeah I just weeded out here idea parents craziness the or Nazi color when it comes other people and didn't affect your feelings. About other races now and I guess a question -- Jessica is I don't know if there's any empirical data on this or not but. Doesn't matter what you say -- a more important about what you do because if you if you telling kids constantly you know let it doesn't matter what color somebody is but. Then your friends are all one color would what -- You understand what it what days they did take it what's it take away from that. And what went on the -- here. In here. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You know were. Immediately. It's a hit. Did the other question of who relate to go is you know I think it was a different time when a lot of us grew up then maybe the parents would say something that wasn't. And good -- far beyond being polite and and I know when -- when I was growing up whenever something like that would happen with a distant relative and and well it would make me and announcing my daughter react the same way -- Go just the opposite you know like he has yet teenagers stating some money needle like in the worsening in -- world you can do. Is talk down about the other person because oh it's gonna do I think is drawn close again. Any case like this I just wondered if parents. Use an outdated racial term more or their whole philosophy is that way and then. The teenagers are people that are even younger than children. Feel completely differently will drive them to be less racist even though they -- here in the words and Omar. From relatives. Back -- the -- but you know more when he. Back -- from you that -- group become really important and right there. Kinda let -- -- -- the pain or 100. He'd like they're here but. You know literature and then -- them by -- so I don't. And kind of don't actually -- on. There aren't. Idol is about it and things like flat on the black patent it. Comment might actually -- good epic action they could not long term and not being totally content. Appreciate your time just gotta know in terms of sociology and psychology in and cause and effect some of these things are very hard to prove but I think you've given us some. Some very nice things are good things to think about and led to the timeless. --

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